KassandraTPM: Hi Amber - I hope you're not after Marius! Because... uh... no reason!
AmberTPM: Don't worry, I'm not.
AmberTPM: Hi, Kass. I'm glad you managed to log in.
KassandraTPM: Good because he's a silly worm anyway
KassandraTPM: yeah!! Soo was being stupid, she's a unicorn brain
AmberTPM: You've been saying that about everyone lately.
KassandraTPM: I saw a unicorn at the unicorn games, he was a real dweeb!! i think he had a fake horn though
AmberTPM: Are you sure it was not a Rapidash?
KassandraTPM: No!! It was a UNICORN!
KassandraTPM: It was a prize for the winner! I think - but I'm sure its horn is fake
KassandraTPM: Soo's prize was better, because Skyla can carry me fast!
KassandraTPM: So I don't need to evolve to be faster than my father!
KassandraTPM: Do you know who my father is?? He's VERY strong!
AmberTPM: I've heard a lot about him.
KassandraTPM: I'm stronger than he is! Did you know that's why he let Soo take care of me?
AmberTPM: No. Why did he?
KassandraTPM: That's why, unicorn brain! because I'm stronger than he is!!
KassandraTPM: So he thought I should probably get a NORMAL upbringing, beacuse I'm just too strong to be in the wild!
AmberTPM: There are strong pokemon in the wild too.
KassandraTPM: I'm probably stronger than you, Amber. In fact I know I am! Are you scared of me?
KassandraTPM: Did you know I WON then unicorn games?? I was on TV as well!
AmberTPM: I saw you. You did well, but if you keep talking to everyone like that you may get in trouble.
KassandraTPM: WHY is that!!!!?
AmberTPM: Because not everyone is patient.
KassandraTPM: Does it mean that they're scared of me because I'm so strong?
KassandraTPM: I can understand that really.
KassandraTPM: What level are you, Amber?
AmberTPM: Oh, I haven't checked a pokedex for a while. I'm not into training battles, so when I do battle there's too much at stake to take a look at my level.
KassandraTPM: That's quite silly! I know what level I am - I'm level 48 now, but
I'll probably be level 50 before tomorrow.

AmberTPM: But I must be around level 50 or so. I've always been close to Sylvan, Caledor and Ventura in level.
KassandraTPM: I'm also the only Charmander who knows water gun! I bet you don't know it!
KassandraTPM: Yeah, I'm about the same level as you!
AmberTPM: I heard you knew Fly too.
KassandraTPM: That's true - I do know Fly! Are you jealous
KassandraTPM: ?
AmberTPM: I know Fly too.
KassandraTPM: Wow! That's good, we should have a race one day!
KassandraTPM: I bet you didn't know it as a Charmander though, did you?
AmberTPM: No. But my son Alucard will probably learn it before he evolves into a Charizard.
KassandraTPM: I think Alucard is a silly name!!!! He sounds like a big unicorn brain!!!
AmberTPM: His trainer gave him his name.
AmberTPM: I don't know what it stands for, but I HEARD THERE WERE MANY VAMPIRES WITH THAT NAME In games and stories.
AmberTPM: Sorry, I guess my claw hit the Caps Lock key accidentally.
KassandraTPM: Is he a vampire then? I think that's disgusting!! Drinking blood! Why do you let your son do that?
AmberTPM: No, he doesn't drink blood.
KassandraTPM: That's good!
KassandraTPM: Do you think he'd like to battle me sometime?
AmberTPM: He does battle rather fiercely, though. I guess he did not inherit the family curse.
KassandraTPM: I would probably win, but if he's nice I'll teach him Nightshade!
AmberTPM: Maybe. Ypu can ask him.
KassandraTPM: Ooh, I will next time I see him!
KassandraTPM: Did you know I can use Nightshade?
AmberTPM: No, I didn't.
KassandraTPM: I can also use Sing!
KassandraTPM: I used that in the unicorn games, and that's probably why I won!
AmberTPM: If you keep practising you can end up singing quite well.
KassandraTPM: Oh! Can you use sing as well?
AmberTPM: No, I'm not good at it. I can sing a little, but I don't have a nice voice.
AmberTPM: My voice sounded better when I was a Charmander.
KassandraTPM: I have a great voice! Everybody tells me so, but I don't like to show off.
KassandraTPM: La lalalalalaLAAAA!!
KassandraTPM: See? You're probably going to fall asleep if I carry on, because singing can be a powerful attack!
AmberTPM: Well, if you sing on AIM a lot, others might fall asleep from reading it. If that counts.
KassandraTPM: Maybe! But that would be silly!
KassandraTPM: Shall I teach you Drill Peck? It's a good move to use in battle!"
KassandraTPM: I can use it very well.
KassandraTPM: Did you know I could use Aeroblast?
AmberTPM: Okay.
KassandraTPM: Would you like to learn it?
KassandraTPM: I'm not sure you'd be able to though, it's quite difficult really
AmberTPM: I think I could learn it if I tried. My wings are big enough.
KassandraTPM: You don't need wings to do Aeroblast!
KassandraTPM: You probably need to be a unicorn though! hahahaAHAHHAHAAHA!!!
AmberTPM: Then everything's fine. You said I as a unicorn.
KassandraTPM: ARE you a UNICORN?! HAHAHAAHA You probably are a unicorn brain! I think you have a FAKE HORN like that unicorn at the games
KassandraTPM: Who stuck a horn on your head???
AmberTPM: From what I've read on this copnversation, you did.
KassandraTPM: I didn't!! I did that once to Chartreuse though! HAHAHAHA
KassandraTPM: She is such a unicorn brain!
KassandraTPM: Do you know Chartreuse??
AmberTPM: Not personally, but I've seen her cheer for you at the Unicorn Games.
KassandraTPM: Yeah, she's funny! But she was probably too busy thinking about Alan to cheer for me very well
KassandraTPM: I always jump on her head, you know!
AmberTPM: Oh.
KassandraTPM: I could evolve to a Charizard if I wanted!
AmberTPM: I'm sure you can.
KassandraTPM: I don't want to though!!
KassandraTPM: Soo said I have to stay a Charmander so she can carry me
AmberTPM: Hehe. Sometimes Water Angel misses being carried around. She's tyoo big for that now.
KassandraTPM: Water Angel is a funny name!!!!!
KassandraTPM: Is she really an angel?
AmberTPM: No, someone at the Guild gave her that name.
KassandraTPM: I'm glad my name isn't Water Angel!
AmberTPM: It wouldn't suit you.
KassandraTPM: My dad gave me my name. Do you know who he is? He's a really strong Charizard but I'm stronger!
AmberTPM: We've been through this before.
KassandraTPM: HAVE WE!!!! How funny!!!!
KassandraTPM: I think you are a UNICORN BRAIN!
KassandraTPM: Ade is going to be home soon! That's Soo's fiancÚ! And he has a lot of rubbish pokemon
AmberTPM: I know him and his team. We've met many times.
KassandraTPM: Oh!!1 hahaha!! Don't you think he's a bit silly?
AmberTPM: No comment.
KassandraTPM: He used to be Kirei's trainer, but she's got a lot stronger since she left his rubbish team!
KassandraTPM: He's a nice boy though!!! But he's got rubbish pokemon, like MILLY and THINGY and MARIUS who is a worm!!!!
AmberTPM: Marius is quite an amazing pokemon, in my opinion. And none of the two most precocious I've ever met.
AmberTPM: The other is also a Dratini.
KassandraTPM: WHO is that?? I think you must fancy Marius, because you talk about him so much!
AmberTPM: That's Elwing Starspray, who won a dangerous battle minuts after being born.
KassandraTPM: Hahaha!! I won a battle before I was even born, which is better!
AmberTPM: Really? How was that?
KassandraTPM: I've won loads that way!!!
KassandraTPM: I'm sure you've heard about me on TV, I'm quite famous you know
KassandraTPM: by.............ee.......
AmberTPM: Bye, Kass.