AmberTPM: Hi!
BugsyTPM: hiya!
BugsyTPM: do i kknow you
BugsyTPM: ?
AmberTPM: You'd better.
BugsyTPM: sorry!!
BugsyTPM: I'm not sure! Who are you?
AmberTPM: Look at my Info.
BugsyTPM: oh!!! hehe
BugsyTPM: Hi Amber
AmberTPM: Hi, Soo. :-)
BugsyTPM: how are you doing?
AmberTPM: Good. It's the first time I get to talk to a human on AIM. I was in ummmm a few times, but no one talked.
AmberTPM: I talked to Thunderblast a little before.
BugsyTPM: Aww! yeah nobody talked to me in there earlier
BugsyTPM: I want to make Kassandra an account but I don't know hopw
AmberTPM: Oh, it's easy. Or at least I think it is. Gabi got me an account at the AIM website.
BugsyTPM: Ooh! I have made an account, but I don't know how to sign onto it!!
BugsyTPM: I wish Gabi was my trainer, she's smart!
AmberTPM: I'll tell her you said that. She'll be happy. :-)
BugsyTPM: :-)
AmberTPM: I'm getting better at typing. I may nt even have to ask Marius for help.
BugsyTPM: Marius is clever, isnt he
AmberTPM: Ok, I meant 'not' there.
AmberTPM: Yes, he is.
BugsyTPM: I think he is in love with my Charmander
AmberTPM: I think I'd get lost if he and Gabi had a long conversation in front of me.
BugsyTPM: ooh!!!
AmberTPM: Didn't Kass have a boyfriend?
BugsyTPM: Yeah, she did
BugsyTPM: but... I think he left!
AmberTPM: Oh, I hate when they do that!
BugsyTPM: Yeah :/
AmberTPM: Did he leave Ulthuan?
BugsyTPM: I'm not sure :/
BugsyTPM: They might still be boyfriend and girlfriend! Who knows?
AmberTPM: I once had a boyfriend too, but his trainer left and he went with him.
AmberTPM: I've been single since then.
BugsyTPM: Oh! Who was he
AmberTPM: Volvagia.
BugsyTPM: Whose pokemon was that!
BugsyTPM: ?
BugsyTPM: and what kind of pokemon?
AmberTPM: We were both Charmeleons when we started dating. Then we both evolved at about the same time.
BugsyTPM: That's very romantic!
BugsyTPM: I don't think Kassandra will be a Charmeleon for a while
AmberTPM: Yes, it was all very romantic while it lasted. But I guess kit wasn't meant to be.
AmberTPM: *it
AmberTPM: Our flame burned too bright, and consumed itself too fast.
BugsyTPM: :-(
BugsyTPM: Whose pokemoin was he?
AmberTPM: His trainer was Alex.
AmberTPM: Who knows? I may end up dating Flame. He's nice and he seems to like being with me.
AmberTPM: Though we haven't talked about it yet.
BugsyTPM: I hope my ponyta will find a nice boyfriend sometimes
BugsyTPM: she is too picky!
AmberTPM: Oh, I heard she liked someone.
BugsyTPM: Yeah, but he was a human called Alan, and I don't think he returns her love
AmberTPM: Oh, sorry to hear that. That's a... difficult situation.
BugsyTPM: Yeah, it is! But there's a Flareon who likes Chartreuse, although I don't think she likes him
BugsyTPM: I think she might one day though
AmberTPM: Oh. I hope everything turns out well.
BugsyTPM: Thanks! I'm sure there will be lots of confusion before it does, though
BugsyTPM: I'm sorry about Kassandra
BugsyTPM: She's very hyperactive
AmberTPM: It's ok. She's kind of funny. Though I'm not used to having 2 conversations at once. I don't know hyow Gabi manages to have up to 7 at the same time.
BugsyTPM: Yeah, I'm not sure either! I can only manage a few
AmberTPM: Maybe it comes with being a computer scientist.
BugsyTPM: Maybe...
BugsyTPM: I think it's because she
BugsyTPM: She's good at doing many things at once
AmberTPM: Yes, but she messed up sometimes for doing too many things. We have to help her sometimes.
BugsyTPM: It's good taht you help her out
AmberTPM: Thanks. Like now I'm helping her with her latest Dragon's Guild report.
AmberTPM: We're trying to write a list of common rumors about pokemon, and find out how much is tr7ue and ho0w much is just a myth.
AmberTPM: *true and how.
BugsyTPM: Oh! what sort of things?
AmberTPM: Well, we've only just got started with it. But, for example, you must have heard about Ninetales living 1000 years (Hero said he was going to try, but I seriously doubt it).
BugsyTPM: Wow - I hadn't heard that!
BugsyTPM: I heard a rumour that fire pokemon were MADE of fire! I think that one is true
AmberTPM: Hmm... As far as I can tell, the only part of me that is made of fire it the flame on my tail.
AmberTPM: I don't think the Guild would accept that rumior.
BugsyTPM: My ponyta has fire instead of hair
BugsyTPM: So I think she
AmberTPM: Yes, that's true.
BugsyTPM: is made of fire
BugsyTPM: That's a good rumour, isn't it
BugsyTPM: Oh! Also, I heard a rumour that Ade's Umbreon was really a girl!
AmberTPM: No, that must be because many call him Milly, and they say that's a girl name.
BugsyTPM: I was the first one to call him that, did you know that
BugsyTPM: I've seen him battle! He battles like a girl
AmberTPM: I've seen him battle at the uUnicorn Games.
BugsyTPM: Me too!! He's not as good as Kassandra
AmberTPM: Now you're starting to talk like her.
BugsyTPM: Yeah, it's probably because she's on my lap right now
BugsyTPM: She's infectious!
AmberTPM: Oh!
BugsyTPM: I always carry her around
AmberTPM: Yes, I've seen you do that.
BugsyTPM: Otherwise it would be hard to know where she was!
AmberTPM: She likes running away?
BugsyTPM: Yeah, all the time - she likes causing trouble
AmberTPM: Sounds like a friend of mine. Though he's a lot older than her, he has no excuse.
BugsyTPM: Who's your friend?
AmberTPM: Hero. He ran away last time we went to the Training Grounds and made Sylvan nd ventura miss a chance of training at the Jungle Room.
AmberTPM: But we're going back there soon.
BugsyTPM: Oh! I've seen Hero before
BugsyTPM: Did you know I have got a minun and plusle?
BugsyTPM: You're not allowed to tell Gabi about them though!
AmberTPM: Why not?
BugsyTPM: I think she would report me to the police for having them! Since she is in authority
AmberTPM: She's not like that. She'd never report you without talking to you first. And I don't think nyou'd do anything bad enough for her to want to report you to the police.
BugsyTPM: That's good! They're supposed to be in a laboratory you know!
BugsyTPM: But they
BugsyTPM: 'They're really very good
AmberTPM: What do you mean. Did you steal them?
BugsyTPM: No! I didn't steal them, they escaped and didn;t want to go back to captivity because the scientists wanted to run tests on them and probably kill them
AmberTPM: Oh! That's horrible! I understand you, then, and I'm sure gabi would as well.
BugsyTPM: Oh that's good. Maybe I'll show them to her some time then. They're still a bit frightened
AmberTPM: I understand.
BugsyTPM: I've got a Raichu who is going to help them learn some attacks, in case anyone tries to take them away
AmberTPM: That's a good idea. We're looking for a lab that performs experiments on pokemon. But I think that has sunk to our bottom priority with the Games and all.
BugsyTPM: I'm not sure Yuki and Kaguya could tell you where the lab is, since they escaped on a van
AmberTPM: Oh. Those are their names?
BugsyTPM: Yeah, Yuki is a japanese word for snow
BugsyTPM: and Kaguya is from a fairy story
AmberTPM: Oh, I think I've heard about that story.
AmberTPM: She was a celestial princess or something like that.
AmberTPM: Right?
BugsyTPM: Yeah, I think she might have been a snow princess in some stories
AmberTPM: Oh.
BugsyTPM: I didn't name them though, they already had those names before
AmberTPM: I saw a movie in which there was a demon named Kaguya too.
BugsyTPM: It's a nice name!
BugsyTPM: Do you watch movies at the eevee house
BugsyTPM: ?
AmberTPM: Sometimes.
AmberTPM: Though I don't get the chance to go there much lately.
BugsyTPM: I go there sometimes, but I need to go again
AmberTPM: I'd like to go again too. Even if the punching bag in there brings me memories I'm still not to comfortable with.
BugsyTPM: I saw a rainbow hair vulpix in there before talking to Marius!
AmberTPM: Oh, yes, that's Sinopa. Amy found her at Team Rocket's latest base.
AmberTPM: The poor Vulpix was in a cage.
BugsyTPM: Oh! that's terrible!
AmberTPM: Yes. I'm glad she's found a good trainer now.
BugsyTPM: Amy has quite a lot of pokemon, doesn't she?
AmberTPM: Yes, I think she does. I've been with her team a lot, but I can't seem to keep track on it. It's changed a lot since I first met them.
BugsyTPM: She gave me my Raichu
AmberTPM: Oh! Then i guess I know him too.
BugsyTPM: He's called Sparky
AmberTPM: Yes, I've seen him a few times. We haven't talked, though.
BugsyTPM: He's nice. I think he'll be happy on my team
AmberTPM: I hope he is. If he has the patience to put up with Kass's hyperactivity, I'm sure he'll be fine.
BugsyTPM: Yeah, he seems quite patient to me
AmberTPM: That's good to hear.
BugsyTPM: Oh, I have to go for a while now
BugsyTPM: *drags Kassandra away*
AmberTPM: Hehe. Ok, see you soon. It was nice talking to you.