Caledor is a lightly populated, mountainous realm.  In elder days several of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthuan came from here and the kingdom enjoyed a power far beyond its sparse population would suggest.  The reason for this can be summed up in one word - Dragons.
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In order to protect this land, the great warrior Caledor Dragontamer, who the realm is named after, organized an underground network of fortified cities.  During a civil war known as the Sundering, the system was lost and abandoned.  However in the light of a new era, it was recalled to life beyond its past glories.  We must be cautious, since many forces threaten the stability of the realm.
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From Darkness I cry to you the tears you shed for us
are the blood of mankind
O Isha
Here I stand on the last shore a sword in my hand
Ulthuan shall never fall!

- Swordmasters of Hoeth -
Whe may rise and fall but in the end
we'll meet our fates together

- Creed (One) -
Games Workshop Ltd. 1997
All Rights Reserved