The Griffon Games II
The moon's deathly figure reflects its pale light onto the field. Thousands had died. Their cause is righteous, however still the price was terrible. From inside this mighty citadel, the survivors peered through to the other end of the canyon pass. Exhausted from battle, however obligated to stay, the soldiers ponderously awaited another wave of enemy troops. As the night slipped away, the steadfast warriors remained  ever vigilant and ready. Their stone will parallels against that of the mountains, the mountains that they had fought to secure. After three days of anticipation, scouts return. It seems seventy days and nights of persistent warfare have finally paid off. The celebration began.

The great fortress Griffon Gate was once a mighty, impenetrable beckon of order and control. Whole armies assaulted it, only to be vanquished. It could not be starved out, for the mighty Annuli Mountains protected its flanks. Supplies would come en masse from Avelorn at almost the same rate as enemies from the Shadowlands. Caledor the Conqueror had established this in his reign as Phoenix King. All those hundreds of years ago, it has not once been captured by any foe. This however is a thing of the past, for a revolution without blood or treason threatened its way of life.

As your large fortified caravan makes its way through untouched wilderness, the great crag overlooking the keep is visible. In the reign of the peaceful king Aethis, another type of army assaulted that mountain. This army was made up of a thousand artisans and sculptors. A full five hundred feet in the air, a mighty Griffon was carved. Its beauty and inspiring demeanor is unfortunately shadowed by hundreds of iron rods at its base. From these rods, Alith Anar captured hundreds of Druchii Warriors and had them nailed to the mountain. Their screams were terrible, however Alith Anar forced his entire command to listen to them. For these screams were not half of that their women and children had wailed during the Sundering.

In this new day and age, this darkness is reflected in a cold, rock stadium built in the middle of the surrounding mountains. The journey from the safe citadel to this arena is short, however still very full of danger. The arena overlooks the citadel and is perfectly level with the beauty of the enormous Griffon  carved from the cold rock to reflect upon the cold blood of our past.

Opening Round