Ulthuan Map
The kingdoms of Ulthuan are ruled by a collection of princes, princesses and mages, above all of whom preside the King and Queen.  The relationship between these rulers and the princes of Ulthuan is not as simply as the titles would suggest.  The kingship is not hereditary and the King and Queen maintain separate courts.

the Queen of Ulthuan is always the Queen of Avelorn.  Her realm is the site of principle shrine of the Earth Mother and she is regarded as the spiritual leader of the whole realm.  The position of Phoenix King is elective.  He is chosen from among the Princes of Ulthuan on the death of the previous Phoenix King and crowned at the massive pyramind Shrine of Asuryan located on an island in the Sea of Dreams, ouside the borders of any kingdom.
Naturally, since having their ruler become the Phoenix King enhances the prestige of a kingdom, the selection of the new ruler of Ulthuan is a process fraught with diplomatic manoeuvring as the interests of various political factions have to be juggled.

Since the king controls the foreign policy of Ulthuan the character of various Phoenix Kings defines periods of history.  An isolationist king means that the land of Ulthuan can turn in on itself for a thousand years or more.  The current king, Finubar the Seafarer, is from the trading state of Eataine which accounts for Ulthuan's renewed and vigorous interest in distant lands.  Since most foreigners know only of the Phoenix King and the pre-eminence of Eataine they tend to assume that Ulthuan is a far more homogeneous bloc than in fact it is.
Inner Kingdoms
Outer Kingdoms