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Lady Vulpix
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Okay, Jeff, you have the extension. though I wonder why you've felt the need to ask for one as soon as the scenario was posted.

Maza will battle a Machop.
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Amy: Nice story! The Transforming Seviper was a novel opponent. I'd like to see how this ends if you and Gabi have the time to finish it. Take 13 stamps.
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Lady Vulpix
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And you take 21, Ade!
Comments: Alto may have a twisted way of thinking but he does have a point about fanatism. It was interesting to see him and Rhiannon back together, and so was the meeting with Lord Absol. You're right about him getting a little more human, though he's still scary. And you remembered the cage! Well, I did mention it on TL, but I didn't think you'd make a reference to it. I have at least one pokemon who would never want to train in that room. Not unless he was in a "desperate times call for desperate measures" mood which WA would soon snap him out of for his own good. All in all, good story. Just don't think that being busy will turn you into the average office guy with 2.4 children; I can understand your feeling, and the need to go back to the things you really enjoy, but no amount of work can change who you are.
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Here we are, my RBG for Maza and Trezzatura. I give you Popple and Rookie.


“Hey! Cool! Look at this! Check it out! Super!” A broad grin plastered across his face, Jeff excitedly rushed from shelf to shelf of Pokemon merchandise, picking up each item in turn and scrutinizing it closely. Maza noticed the salesclerks glaring at Jeff, sighed, and Teleported next to him as he examined a particularly large Leaf Stone.

“Err… Jeff…” Maza said quietly. Jeff swung his head toward the Abra. “Maybe you ought to, um, try to calm down a touch?”

Jeff blushed. “Ah, sorry, Maza. It’s just a little overwhelming.”

Maza frowned slightly. “What’s overwhelming?”

Jeff leaned closer to him. “This is actually my first time in a department store. There’s so much neat stuff here!”

“That’s can’t be right,” Maza muttered. “Surely you’ve been in one before…”

“Nope. Happy-Happy Village didn’t have any.”

Maza let that sink in. He thought it was almost unheard of these days for a town not to have even a small department store, to cater to the needs of the average consumer at the same time as the Pokemon trainer. “Well then, where did you get your training supplies?”

“We had to order them from out of town. Mom and Dad were the only serious trainers in town, rest their souls, so there was never really much of a call for a Pokemart.”

“Okay, but what about this: You’ve been in Caledor for some three months, and you never went into a department store?”

“No, I guess not. I never needed to.” That was all Maza was going to get out of Jeff, as another piece of merchandise grabbed his attention and put it in a headlock.

Eventually, he limited himself to two items and walked over to the service counter. After apologizing profusely for his behavior, he set the items on the counter. “I’d like a Pokemon Collar, if you’d be so kind, and the TM variety pack.”

“Okay, your total comes to 55 stamps,” the cashier replied in an annoyingly perky voice.

Jeff dug through his pocket and pulled out a pile of stamps. “…53, 54, 55. There you go.”

“Thank you very much! Here is your receipt, and here is your purchase. Have a nice day.” Jeff grabbed the paper bag filled with his items, and he and his Pokemon left the department store.

“Hey, guys, let’s see what TMs we got.” Jeff sat down on a bench near the store and rummaged through the bag. Kurtzwick and Maza sat down beside him, while Trezzatura remained hovering in front. Jeff pulled out the pack of TMs and opened it, revealing seven small gray cubes with labels on them. “Hmmm… let’s see… here’s Blaze Kick. Can’t Kadabra learn that, Maza?”

He nodded. “In addition to the elemental punches, they can also learn the elemental kick, as it were.”

“Excellent. Well, when you evolve, you can get that one.” Jeff turned back to the TMs. “Conversion, Mega Drain, Swift, Dragon Claw, Endeavor, and Dizzy Punch. An interesting assortment. Combine these with the Conversion 2 and Rock Slide TMs we got from Gabi, the Belly Drum TM we got from Amy, and the Doom Desire TM we got from Chris, and we have a nice little stable of moves here.” He smiled and reached into the bag again. “And before I forget, this is for you, Trezzatura. I know you don’t like knowing only Take Down, so I thought I’d try to help.” He pulled out the collar. “This collar is supposed to strengthen your attack power… although I’m not entirely certain how it works. Even though you can’t use any other moves, at least you can use Take Down to more effect.”

“Hey, thanks, Jeff!” Trezzatura said. He levitated the collar over to himself and strapped in on. “Hm. I don’t feel any different…”

“Maybe it only works when you’re actually using the attack,” Maza suggested.

“That’s probably true,” started Trezzatura, but he was quickly interrupted as something small and pink quickly flashed past them. “What was that?” he wondered out loud.

“I don’t know,” said Jeff, “but we’re in downtown Caledor. I’m thinking pretty much nothing is too unexpected here.” He glanced to his side, and a look of shock quickly crossed his face. “Hey! Where’d the TM box go?!”


In a different part of Caledor, down a cramped and shady alleyway, a small figure chuckled to itself. “Heh heh heh… That fool never knew what hit him…” He dug through the box next to him. “Eh? What kinda crap is this? These moves are awful! I mean, come on, Conversion?! What a stupid trainer! Blast!” He frowned. “Rookie! Come here!”

A few moments passed, but nobody showed up.

“Gah, what a bloated idiot…” the figure growled. “I bet he’s got himself stuck in a trash can or something. Boo! Blast!” Fuming, he kicked the case of TMs, but not so hard as to scatter them. “Oh well. I suppose I can sell them…”

Suddenly, a flash lit up the alley and an Abra appeared out of thin air. He quickly scanned the alleyway, finally letting his eyes rest on the shady figure.

“Wh-who are you?!” the figure asked shakily, then regained a little composure. “You’ve got some nerve to bust in on this operation, see?”

The Abra ignored this. “I’ve found ‘em, Jeff!” he called, and Teleported away again.

“Well, that was strange,” the figure mumbled to himself. “Maybe I oughta blow this joint…” He thought about this for a moment, nodded his head resolutely, and picked up the box. Before he could get any further, however, another flash lit up the alley, and the Abra appeared again, accompanied by a Beldum, a Dratini, and a brown-haired teen wearing a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and thick metallic boots.

The teen’s glasses glinted as he turned on the figure. “So, you’re the thief, huh?” He grinned. “I can’t say you’re a terribly effective one. You didn’t go very far away after stealing from me, did you?” He walked out of the alley and gestured down the road; the bench where he had been sitting mere minutes earlier was clearly visible.

The figure fumed again. “How dare you say that?! I am Popple, the world’s best shadow thief!” He stepped into the light and growled.

Jeff doubled over laughing. “No! You’re a Skitty?! I can’t believe it!” It was true. The small figure of Popple was indeed identical of the kitten Pokemon.

Kurtzwick opted to ignore Jeff and slithered up to the Skitty. “There is no way I am letting this stand.”

“Tough luck, chump! I’m not giving back the TMs!”

“What? No! That’s not what I’m talking about. You called yourself the ‘world’s best shadow thief’!” Kurtzwick glowered. “I’m sorry to say that the title of ‘best thief’ already belongs to me!”

“Fool! Watch this!” With that, Popple disappeared. Kurtzwick considered this for a moment, and then glanced around, anxiously.

“Hey! Where’d it go?!” Kurtzwick turned to look at Trezzatura, who was frantically looking around for his Pokemon Collar. “I can’t have lost it already!”

“Heh heh heh… see? Popple can steal anything!” Kurtzwick turned back to face the Skitty, who was visible again and now wearing the collar.

“I’m sorry, what did you steal?” Kurtzwick asked smugly.

“Don’t be an idiot, idiot! You know very well that I stole your friend’s collar, see?” Popple chuckled, and then felt his neck. The collar wasn’t there. “Wha-what?” He looked to Kurtzwick, who was holding the collar. “How did a palooka like you manage to out-steal me?!” Popple screeched, his eyes narrowed.

Kurtzwick laughed. “I told you. I’m the best thief there is. It’s perfect. People don’t notice me, so I can steal stuff from beneath their noses!”

Popple grit his teeth. “Oh yeah? Let’s see how you like this!” He glowed white, and charged at Kurtzwick. The impact knocked Kurtzwick back several feet, and he didn’t get up.

Jeff knelt to Kurtzwick. “Maza, Trezzatura, you know what to do! I’ll take care of Kurtzwick!”

Maza nodded, while Trezzatura put the collar back on and sighed. They advanced on Popple.

“2 on 1, eh?” Popple muttered not a little nervously. “I don’t like those odds, see?” He glanced around. “Rookie! ROOKIE! Get over here!”

“Yes, boss!” Maza and Trezzatura looked around for the source of the voice. Suddenly, something large fell to the ground from the roof of one of the buildings. When Maza and Trezzatura moved to inspect it, it sprung up and took a place beside Popple in the light, revealing itself to be a Lickitung.

“Took you long enough, see? Now let’s show these palookas what for!” Popple growled.

“Yes, boss!” Rookie repeated.

Battle time! Maza and Trezzatura versus Popple and Rookie!
Maza – “It’s time to win!”
Trezzatura – “If I must…”
Popple – “Rookie, time to squash these two drips, see?”
Rookie – “Yes, boss!”

What am I doing? Trezzatura thought suddenly. I’m not a battler! I shouldn’t be here! He shook a little, but rammed the Lickitung with his Take Down. He noticed with a little satisfaction that his Take Down seemed a little stronger, presumably from the collar. Still, he couldn’t shake the feelings of fear and dread from his head.

As if reading his mind (which, in all honestly, was entirely possible), Maza turned to the Beldum. “Look, Trezz, you’ll do fine! We’ll knock out these guys fast, and then we can help Jeff with Kurtzwick. Thankfully, these guys don’t look too tough.”

The Lickitung fumed. “How dare you talk that way about the great Popple?!” he snarled, before the Skitty cut in.

“Stuff it, Rookie!” he hissed. The Lickitung blushed, but said nothing. “Anyway, how dare you talk like that about me, see?!” Maza and Trezzatura exchanged glances, before Maza lit his fist on fire and smacked Popple in the face. The cat leapt back and hissed.

“You won’t attack the great Popple while I’m around!” howled Rookie. His fists began to glow a faint brown, and similarly-colored orbs began to float around him. After a few moments, the orbs began to twist and shift into a form not unlike small sledgehammers. Rookie grabbed a few of these and hurled them at Maza. Maza easily Teleported out of the way, but it was worth noting that the Hidden Power cracked the pavement wherever it hit.

Popple recovered from the Fire Punch, and jumped back in front of Rookie. He pulled a giant generic burlap sack from out of seemingly nowhere and sneered, before diving into the sack. A moment later, he popped back out, clutching a handful of something gold. He began to hurl them at Trezzatura, who moved to avoid them. However, after a few of the coins hit him, he realized they didn’t hurt that much. Popple had obviously come to the same conclusion, because he fumed and switched targets. Maza, however, easily Teleported out of the way again. He launched himself again at Popple, this time using Ice Punch. Rookie moved to use his Hidden Power again, but…

“Huurgh,” Rookie moaned. He clutched his stomach.

“Rookie, you bloated idiot, get your head back in the game, see?” Popple yelled.

“Ugh… b-but boss… something about these two… makes my gut flare up something fierce!”

“What are you talking about?!” Popple grimaced, and then yelled again, “Get back to fighting!”

Rookie stepped back into his position beside Popple. He reared back and groaned, right before releasing a massive stream of fire straight at Trezzatura. Maza quickly grabbed the Beldum and Teleported out of harm’s way.

Rookie looked shocked. “Whoa!” he mumbled. “That was spicy!” But he quickly regained his composure, grinning snidely.

Meanwhile, Maza started thinking to himself. Let’s see… If I use that attack, he uses that and I follow it up with this… His eyes widened in comprehension, and he called Trezzatura over. “Look, Trezz, I start with this attack, right? You follow it with that, and I finish it off! Sound good?” Trezzatura, a little reluctantly, nodded. “Good! Then let’s go!” Maza ducked under another sledgehammer, then jumped onto Trezzatura’s back. The two of them disappeared. Popple and Rookie glanced around, cautiously, before Maza and Trezzatura reappeared with a ‘ping’ high in the sky. Maza let Trezzatura go, and the two of them barreled down towards the thieves. Trezzatura slammed into Rookie with Take Down, the impact sending the two of them scattering in opposite directions. Maza encased his fist in ice and smacked Popple, the speed from the drop upping the attack’s effect. Both Maza and Trezzatura regained their positions opposite Popple and Rookie. Popple looked stunned.

“Rookie, they’ve got us on the ropes, see?” Popple hissed. “We can’t take another attack like that! We’ve got to use… that!”

Rookie looked petrified. “Boss, no! Not that! We won’t pull it off!”

Popple glowered at him. “Just do it, Rookie!” Rookie nodded and grabbed Popple by the scruff of the neck. He breathed a little fire on the cat, and began to spin him around in circles over his head.

Trezzatura just stood there, dumbfounded. These guys are psychos! They’ll hurt themselves to win! This line of thought was rudely interrupted as Trezzatura received a flaming cat delivered directly at his face. Popple limped back to Rookie’s side.

“D-did you see that?” Popple said weakly. “Th-that was our combination attack!” He coughed up a bit of soot and glanced at Trezzatura, who was still reeling. He sneered. “W-what’s the matter? You too sc-scared to attack me back?”

Something snapped in Trezzatura’s mind. He glared at the cat. “You did NOT just call me a coward.” Popple backed up a few steps.

“H-hey, what are you doing?!” he cried as Trezzatura advanced on him. “I didn’t mean it! Honestly, I didn’t, see?”

I AM NOT A COWARD!” Trezzatura yelled before plowing into Popple with easily his most powerful Take Down yet. Popple flew backwards and fell into a trash can. Rookie watched this, then turned back to Trezzatura with a fearful look in his eye.

“I-I won’t back down!” Rookie mumbled. His fist started glowing white, and as Trezzatura flew in for another Take Down, Rookie Mega Punched him back into another wall. Trezzatura, however, wasn’t fazed by this, as he rebounded off the wall and back into Rookie. Rookie fell back as well, knocking into the trash can Popple was currently being unconscious in. “I… I’m sorry, boss…” grunted Rookie before falling into the realm of unconsciousness as well.

Battle over! Maza grew to level 12! Trezzatura grew to level 12!

Trezzatura turned to see Maza, Jeff, and Kurtzwick all staring at him with their jaws dropped. He blushed. “Well, I… don’t like being called a coward…” he mumbled.


Jeff, Maza, Trezzatura, and Kurtzwick burst into the side door to the barracks, Jeff holding his retrieved box of TMs. The rest of his team gathered around as Jeff set the TMs on the floor, as well as the rest of the TMs he owned, saying that whoever wanted a TM could have one. Groove Guy picked one up first, taking the TM for Rock Slide and heading for the back of the room. Eventually, most of the other TMs got picked up, too – Previsiona picked up Conversion and Conversion 2, Bobbery grabbed Belly Drum, Lady Bow got Mega Drain, and Raini grabbed Swift. The TMs left - Dragon Claw, Doom Desire, Endeavor, Blaze Kick, and Dizzy Punch – Jeff said he had special plans for. One by one, the Pokemon opened their TMs, learned their new moves, and went back to everyday life.


“Soon, Marilyn. Soon.”

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