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Sorry, i cleared it out now. ^^; x.X first time that my pm box was full ^^; Anyways i've gotten some written but had to stop and finish my presentation. ONce i get done with this paper i'll work some mroe on my story x.X I think the teachers love to pile stuff on us durign break.


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Re-read your story, Gabi. I'm really sorry, I rated your double battle as a single and you really do deserve more stamps than that in any case. I really don't know what came over me there at all. I'd say 22 is far more appropriate now you've shown me the criteria for rating battles. Can we put this down to me being the newb staff member and having learned from this particular mistake? ^^;;
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Oh! I didn't mean to have you re-rate it. I thought my story had missed something. Well, it's no news that I'm the worst critic of my own work. Thank you, Ade. And don't worry, it was hard for me to come up with a rating system that could apply to all the stories, so if I were to re-rate the old battles from 2001/2002, I would probably give more stamps to most of them.
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I'm going to need an extension for this scenario. >_<

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No problem, Karin. You can have it.
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“Now, 99!”


“Anzu! Watch out!”


I was sitting on a park bench in one of Caledor’s many parks, watching Anzu, Kiva, 99, and Mercandos engage in a mock double battle. 99 and Mercandos had just unleashed their devastating Fireworks, an attack that involved the combination of Hidden Power and Thunderbolt. The attack in general was very hard to avoid or resist due to its long reach and type combination, but Kiva and Anzu were having a very good go at it.

“Anzu! Try your own Hidden Power!”

“You got it!”

“Quick, Merc, get out of the way!”

ZAP! “Aiaiaiai! …Ow… that smarts…”

“Hah! Take that, guys! Stick a fork in him, he’s done!”

“Hrrrgh… It’s not over yet! Watch… THIS!”

“No, Merc, not Metronome! You remember what happened last time…”

“I don’t care!”

“Hah! You call that powerful? That was only Splash!”

The spirits of all of my Pokemon had lifted considerably since the incident with the Crimson Blade. Kiva and Anzu, who normally trained only by themselves, had even deigned to play a match with Mercandos and 99. Groove Guy, a Sudowoodo, and Lady Bow, a Gastly, were sitting (or in Lady Bow’s case, hovering) next to me, watching intently. Groove Guy’s leg was tapping – he almost always had some unheard rhythm running through his mind, which probably explained his almost obsessive love of dancing. Lady Bow, on the other hand, was almost unmoving, except for the occasional blink. She usually acted very formal and proper, except when pulling the odd prank, and seemed to want to live up to the nickname I had given her. Lady Bow had even gone so far as to ask for some White Juice so she could resemble her namesake from the video game “Paper Mario”. At any rate, these six were the only Pokemon that came with me to the park – the other seven had opted to stay back near Sector Alpha.

“Now! Confusion!”

“Ah! Kiva! No!”

“It’s… up to you, Anzu…”

“Finish it, 99!”

“You got it!” KerZAP!

“AAH! No!”

“Heh, game and set. Winners: 99 and Mercandos! Good game, guys!”

As Merc and 99 walked over to Kiva and Anzu, I tossed a few Super Potions their way. Merc caught them and sprayed them onto the fallen comrades, and almost immediately, they sprang back to their feet. Kiva began to congratulate Mercandos and 99 on a good match, while Anzu nodded in assent. I made a mental note to tell Merc and 99 later that Fireworks would be illegal in real matches; I did not want my Pokemon getting kicked out of the Battle Tower over something as trivial as an attack.


“Sir! We have located the target!”

“Excellent. However, upon further inspection, the target is in too crowded of a location. We want as few witnesses as possible. Hold until the target moves to a more secluded area.”


“At any rate, are all the preparations done?”

“Yessir. We have all of the required equipment and everyone is in the appropriate position.”

“Good. The boss will reward us for this.”


All of my Pokemon crowded around me as I stood up and stretched. “Hey guys, who’s up for a little walk?” I asked. Everyone agreed, except for Lady Bow, who claimed that she’d “rather float,” so we set off. Mercandos led us through the park, saying that he had been in this park on a number of occasions before I adopted him, and that he knew a really great place to eat the lunch I had packed.

“Wait ‘till you see it, guys,” Merc grinned. “It’s surrounded by trees, but you can still see the sky and soak up the sun. It’s full of lush green grass, and there are beautiful flowers and shrubs everywhere. And best of all, I don’t think anyone else knows about it! Nobody would be bothering us.”

“You must be careful with that, Merc,” Kiva said quietly. “Sometimes having people around is a good thing.”

Merc turned to stare at her. “Hold on. You, Miss Antisocial-to-anyone-outside-our-team-except-for-Tsunami, are telling me that having people around is a good thing? Wow, and here I thought I knew you.” He turned back around and continued walking.

“There are a lot of things people don’t know about me…” Kiva mumbled under her breath, but Mercandos didn’t hear her.


After about a half hour of walking, during which 99 regaled to us the best operating system to work with from the inside (none of us were taking him too seriously, as none of us could go inside a computer), Merc presented to us his “little slice of heaven,” as he started to call it. As soon as we saw it, we could immediately see why Merc was so worked up over this place: it was everything he had said it was and more. There were birds chirping from the branches of the trees, the flowers were fragrant but not obtrusive enough to be annoying, even the shrubs had plump, fresh berries on them. Mercandos sighed.

“Ah, I have such good memories of here,” he smiled. “Every so often, the people in charge of the adoption center would let us go out to this park to run around and play together. Even before you adopted us, Jeff, 99 and I stuck together.” Merc grinned again with a contended look on his face and fell back onto the grass.

“Heh, Merc, remember when that Misdreavus was out here with us and she ended up scaring off all the birds?” 99 asked.

“Ah yeah, good times, good times.”

“I must admit, guys,” Anzu began, “that this place is pretty good.” Kiva nodded. I sat down and pulled off my backpack.

“Who wants lunch?” I asked, reaching into my pack. It was at that moment that the world became very loud and very grey very fast. I could hear my Pokemon coughing.

“Hack… cough… what’s up with this smoke…? This… wheeze… isn’t a smoke bomb, is it?” 99 wheezed. “Merc, you… hack… okay?”

There was silence. “Merc?” 99 choked out again. Again, nobody answered him. Then I heard Lady Bow from above the smoke.

“Jeff! There is a whole squad of men in red! They have Mercandos!” My eyes widened and I dashed toward what I hoped would lead me out of the smog, pausing to grab my pack. When I cleared the smoke, I saw what Lady Bow had been describing: Several Crimson Blades were retreating into the trees, and one had grabbed Merc, unconscious, by the arm. I called Lady Bow down and pulled a TM from my bag.

“Use this on whatever Blade you find and bring him back here,” I told her. She nodded, and the TM burst open in a shower of dust. She flew off.

***Lady Bow***

The dust enveloped me, and I could feel a new power coursing through my blood. I flew off in pursuit of the Crimson Blade members, and before long, I could make out a bright red suit through the dense undergrowth. It helped not actually having to avoid the trees as they did. I quickened my pace to match the Blade nearest me. I flew in front of him and decided to try out the new power. I accessed the unfamiliar power flowing me, and suddenly my face contorted itself into a horrible, leering grin. The Blade stopped in his tracks with a look of sheer horror on his face. His black greasy hair fell into his eyes, but he made no move to brush it away.

“You and I,” I said through the sneer, “are going back to my trainer.”

I could not fault the Blade on his courage, for indeed, through his fear he managed to stutter, “Wh… wh… who’s going to make me?”

“I am,” I stated simply. Deep within me, a far more familiar power began to swell. And in a mere moment, the Sludge Bomb was hovering just past my mouth. “If you do not wish to be on the receiving end of this poisonous sludge, I suggest you do as I say.”

The Blade tried to say something, but his mouth, paralyzed by terror, would not cooperate. He just nodded and began to walk in the direction from which we had come.


I was about to start breaking through the forest myself, when a very scared Crimson Blade stumbled through the trees, followed by a very smug Lady Bow. She disintegrated the Sludge Bomb she had been holding, but not before forcing the Blade to me.

“Y…y…you won’t leave this place alive!” cried the Blade as soon as Lady Bow dropped the bomb. He reached for a holster strapped around his waist. I snapped my fingers. Immediately, 99 and Anzu began to crackle with electric energy, Lady Bow charged another Sludge Bomb, Kiva started to summon water, and Groove Guy picked up a medium-sized boulder that happened to be conveniently sitting near where we were.

“I suggest you don’t do that,” I hissed. His hand froze, and then began to retreat from the holster. “Now,” I continued, “we’re going to play a little game called ‘pain management.’ For every question you don’t answer, you get to manage some pain.” The Blade gulped. “Where are your partners taking Mercandos?”

“Oh… is… is that what you’re calling her now…” the Blade mumbled. A flag went up in my mind. Mercandos could be described as several things, but female was not one of them. Nevertheless, I continued to listen to the Blade.

“My comrades are taking your Mr. Mime to a storehouse we have here in Caledor… I’m not allowed to tell you where, though…”

My Pokemon inched closer. “I think we’re long past the point of whether or not you’re allowed to do something,” I replied. “Now spill it!”

“Look, I’m sorry, but I just can’t!” the Blade cried. “I… I… I… can get you there though…”

“How?” I asked. I narrowed my eyes and the Blade recoiled.

“If… If I can get a Pokemon here to Teleport, I can get you there…”

“Do it. But try anything funny…” I gestured to my team.

“Okay! Okay!” The Blade tried his hardest to regain his composure. He rolled his sleeve up, revealing a small wrist communicator. He began to speak into it. “R-791 to base… I have hostages here; need transportation to stock house SB-140, Caledor…” He stopped talking and put his ear to the watch. A muffled voice spoke out of it, too quietly for us to hear. He started to speak again. “Roger. That estimated arrival is accepted.” He rolled his sleeve back down. “The transportation will be here in a few minutes. When they get here, um… you… you need to act like hostages.”

“Fine,” I muttered. “While we’re waiting, why don’t you tell me why your team is after Mercandos?”

The Blade nodded shakily. “A while back, Mr. DiAnnio had a Mr. Mime named Amethyst. Much like his Reaper, he was trying to twist her into a malevolent Pokemon, but she resisted. He kept her for a while, despite her repeated attempts to escape, over which time she more likely than not learned dangerous secrets about the inner workings of the Blades. However, at one point, Mr. DiAnnio, in one of his less sane fits, slammed her head in a door and kicked her out into a thunderstorm. We then gained intelligence that she had been adopted by another trainer. While Mr. DiAnnio did not care, some of his higher underlings decided that it would be a good idea to try and get Amethyst back, before she revealed anything.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And this relates to Mercandos how…?”

The Blade but his hand to his forehead. “Gah, are you dense!” Lady Bow moved closer with her Sludge Bomb. “R… r… right, Mercandos. We have reason to believe that your Mr. Mime and Amethyst are one and the same.”

I raised my other eyebrow. “Buddy, you dropped the ball. Mercandos is not Amethyst, by any stretch of the imagination. First of all, Mercandos is MALE.”

The Blade went white. “Oh crap… the higher-ups will not be happy…”

I squinted at him. “I’d stop worrying about what your superiors are going to do and instead worry about what I’m going to do to you if Mercandos doesn’t get back to me. Where is that transportation anyway?”

As if to answer my question, a bright flash lit up the area and when it subsided, a Gengar stood near the Blade. “These the hostages?” it asked in a gruff voice.

“Y… yes,” the Blade responded. The Gengar floated into the air and raised its arms.

“Prepare for imminent Teleportation,” the Gengar continued. A green aura surrounded me, my party, and the Blade, and then the world disappeared.


When I was able to see again, I found myself standing in the doorway of a run-down, dirty building in one of the shadier parts of Caledor. The Blade was nowhere to be seen; presumably he had taken the first opportunity he had to split. Also, I noticed, all of my Pokemon were now in their Pokeballs. I sent them out again, and the forms of 99, Kiva, Anzu, Lady Bow, and Groove Guy appeared, looking rather startled.

“Okay, guys,” I whispered, “We’re in one of the Blades’ storage facilities. As such, the place is likely swarming with Blades. So stay stealthy, okay?” Everyone nodded. “Good. Now, I want 99 to come with me. Kiva and Anzu, go check out the second floor; Groove Guy and Lady Bow, the basement. Clear?” Everyone nodded again and we split up. Kiva, Anzu, Groove Guy, and Lady Bow all went for the staircase, while 99 and I walked toward the door on the other side of the room.

As soon as we entered the new room, we could tell that this place wasn’t used very often. I could see their point for not using a warehouse smack dab in the center of the town of Dragon Tamers headquarters, but I was expecting more activity than what I saw. Boxes and crates were strewn across the floor, dusty and cracked with age. Cobwebs hung from almost every available surface, and the only light filtered through a window colored brown with dirt. Then I heard a voice.

“No… no… not again…” a frail voice called out from behind a crate. I silently moved over towards the source, 99 following in my wake. I peeked over the edge, and an aged and feeble Meowth met my eyes; it was asleep and obviously having a nightmare. Its fur was covered in lacerations and burns; it had apparently been mistreated for quite some time. I stepped back and, to my horror, accidentally stepped on a piece of wood. It cracked, very loudly, under my feet. The Meowth jolted awake, screaming.

“NO! Don’t hurt me again!” It froze, turned to me, and blinked. “Now there’s…” it wheezed, “a face I haven’t seen in ages.”

“I’m sorry?” I asked. “You know me?”

“I should say so…” the Meowth groaned. “And I’m glad… that I got to see you again before I… passed on.” It lowered its head. “I’m shocked, though… that you don’t remember me, Jeff.” It paused. “Or… should I say… Bluesy?”

A shiver ran down my spine. “…You can’t be… Jake?!”

“In the… flesh.”

Tears started to form in my eyes. “But how… how are you here? Who’s been hurting you?”

“Remember that day I disappeared? Some strange men were… in the valley that day, looking for… what did they say? ... A location for a new base. They saw me and I saw them… rather than have me risk their cover, they kidnapped me. And I was never able to escape from them. They beat me so much… I can barely move…”

I picked up Jake and hugged him. “Don’t worry, Jake, I’m here for you. I’ll help you get out of here.”

Jake grinned slightly. “Thanks, Jeff…. But I’m afraid I won’t be here for you much longer. Look… see where I was sleeping?” I looked down at the ground, and there was a Pokemon egg sitting there. “I want you to take that egg. I found it in this storehouse not too long ago – presumably, it was lifted from a breeding center. I would not be able to take care of it.” I knelt down and picked up the egg. Its heat radiated outwards from it, creating a pleasant warmth against my hands. Jake climbed from my arms back to the ground.

“Why are you staying here?” I asked quietly, although I feared I already knew the answer. “You can come with me, and…” The tears began to fall down my face.

“Jeff, I appreciate the offer…. But I can’t. My time is almost up… look at me. Just… stay the good-natured boy I once knew, okay? And… take… care of the… egg…” Jake went limp and did not say any more. Outside, thunder rumbled and it began to pour rain. I knelt by him and began to weep even more openly, not just for a friend, but for the best friend I had ever had.


After about an hour, I stood back up. The tears were still running down my face, but I was able to move. I picked up the egg, and to my surprise, it was wiggling. The eggshell began to fracture and pieces of it began to fall off. Soon, most of the egg was gone, and staring up at me from my hands was a small Meowth, with black fur and yellow eyes. It mewed and tried to lick my arm.

I smiled through the tears and looked out the window, where the storm still was unleashing itself against Caledor. Then a name hit me. “Raini… Raini the Meowth…”

***Groove Guy***

Lady Bow and I descended the stairs. The darkness rose against us like the ocean would rise against the beach, and a smell that could only be described as pure evil assaulted us. I felt the wall, found a switch, and flipped it. As soon as the light went on, we could see why this place felt wrong.

It was an old Pokemon genetics lab.

Obviously it had fallen out of use some time ago, but some of the equipment was still alive and sparking. Tubes full of an unknown liquid lined the wall. There were even a few cages still stacked against the wall. Then we heard a noise that chilled us to the bone. Footsteps. We turned to hide, but the door on the opposite side of the room burst open, revealing a man in a dull red lab coat. He wore red sunglasses, had a small goatee, and had a mop of spiky red hair. He immediately spotted us.

“Intruders, hmm? I bet there are more of you than just a Gastly and a Sudowoodo. I’d better go head off any other attempts.” He pushed his glasses back up his nose and left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Lady Bow and I glanced at each other. Suddenly, the door burst open again, and the man reentered.

“Thought I was done with you, eh?” he asked. “Hmmm… what would be the best way to dispose of you…?” He snapped his fingers and pulled a Pokeball from inside one of his pockets. It, like the rest of him, was colored entirely red. “This’ll do. Skarred! Let’s go!” He tossed the Pokeball to the ground and from it appeared a massive, glistening Skarmory. “Skarred! You know what to do!” The metal bird nodded, and the man in red left the room. The Skarmory flew over to us and hissed.

Lady Bow glared at it. She flew at it, but the Skarmory merely extended a wing, knocking the ghost back and effectively knocking her unconscious. I squinted at it.

“How dare you do that to my friend?” I growled. The Skarmory only leered, and then jumped at me.

***Battle! Groove Guy (level 5 Sudowoodo) versus the Blade Scientist’s Skarred (level 5 Skarmory)!***

I nimbly sidestepped it as it flew past me. It landed again and glared at me. I continued to move my feet, glad that all of my dancing had finally come in handy. Skarred extended its wings again and swooped once more. Just like the first time, I sidestepped it. It landed and hissed. I grinned at it in an effort to make it even more blinded by rage.

“I’m feeling the rhythm~! ♪” I hummed, which served to make Skarred even more angry. It opened its mouth and shot several spikes at me, but due to its rage, it missed with a lot of them. I skirted aside the few spikes that were shot near me. “All of your moves are in slow motion… ♪” I hummed again. The Skarmory fumed, and this time, it flew straight at me with such speed that I couldn’t dodge. It slammed its wing into me, and I tumbled backwards into a pile of crates. The Skarmory sneered.

I picked myself up out of the boxes and glowered at the bird. “So, you do have some fight in you…” I mumbled. I outstretched my arms and a purple aura enveloped them. A series of purple orbs, each about half the size of my own green orbs, appeared in my hands. I began to juggle them in the air. “Well, then, let’s see how you like this!” I began to chuck the orbs at Skarmory. They splattered into sludgy ooze on contact, but Skarmory didn’t even flinch; instead it only grinned.

“You fool,” it hissed. “I’m steel. That was a poison attack. Don’t you know anything?” Before I could answer, it opened its mouth again and shot a volley of stars at me. I tried to jump out of the way, but the stars followed my movements and rammed into me. Each star didn’t hurt very much, but combined, they packed a punch. “Eh heh heh heh heh…” it laughed. “How do you like that Swift? Stylish? Cool?”

“Heh, you’re a showman,” I growled. “You’re not the only showman here, though… I guess I have to… pick up the rhythm! ♪” I backed up to the crates I fell over earlier and picked one of them up. After holding it over my head for a moment, I hurled it at Skarred. It didn’t react fast enough, and the crate busted open on contact. From it spilled several unusual items, including what looked like a couple of laser guns, a few cartons of eggs, and about a dozen Pokeballs. I paused and looked at the assortment… I had known that the Blades weren’t exactly the most mentally stable of groups and this scientist probably wasn’t all sane either, but this was just weird.

I returned my attention to Skarred, who was sparking in a most unpleasant manner. Before I could do anything, it zapped me with an electric bolt. “Heh… I guess you can’t handle my Hidden Power, huh?” Then, much like the Hidden Power had, an idea struck me. I outstretched my arms again, and this time, bright white energy began to flow from Skarred to me. “Hey! What are you doing?” it yelled.

I merely grinned. “I’m gonna make you feel the rhythm, too… ♪” I began to charge electrical energy. The Skarmory looked at me with an odd expression on its face.

“How… are you using electric attacks? …Wait. No. You can’t have used Mimic?” it asked. I did not respond; instead, I just released the electrical energy stored inside me. It flew towards Skarred in one bolt and struck heavily, like the lightning striking outside. Skarred fell over, sizzling, only saying, “No… how could you land such a powerful blow on me… you’re just a Sudowoodo… I have the advantage…”

I walked over and stood in front of it. “At the risk of sounding clichéd, that is the power of my rhythm.” I moved back and grabbed Lady Bow the best I could, and then started walking back upstairs.

***Battle over! Groove Guy wins and grows to level 6!***


After a long search, 99, Raini, and I still could not find Mercandos. We did, however, stumble across a storeroom of TMs; Raini accidentally opened a Hidden Power TM and gained herself a Psychic Hidden Power attack. I picked up one for myself: I figured a Dragon Claw TM would come in handy at some point. We decided to stumble back to the lobby and await the rest of my team. To my surprise, Groove Guy was already there, waiting with an unconscious Lady Bow. I pulled open my bag, withdrew a Revive, and sprayed it on Lady Bow; she instantly jumped back to consciousness. I asked Groove Guy what had happened.

“There was this weird scientist guy dressed all in red – I’m not entirely certain he was sane – and he made us fight this Skarmory while he went off to ward off the ‘other intruders,’ as he said. We won, though.” Content not to say any more, Groove Guy just stood there and hummed, rocking back and forth.

At that moment, Kiva and Anzu ran into the room as well. Anzu walked up to me. “Jeff, we found this crazy weird red science dude upstairs! We tried to get some information out of him, but all he said was that the Blades with Merc were long gone.”

I cursed under my breath. “Let’s go, guys,” I started, “We need to get back to Sector Alpha and find out where we might find other Blade bases.” The team nodded in agreement, and we took off running.
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I stood in the Jungle Deforestation Agency, my legs turning to jelly as I tried to take in the fact that my uncle was a Crimson Blade. I knew that Team Rocket was evil, and I knew that I couldn’t really take anything that he said to be true (for sure), regardless of whether he was my relative or not. I hadn’t even met him before, so for all I knew, he could’ve been lying to me. It was a plausible explanation seeing as he was probably the type of person who would toy around with people emotions without really caring about what the results would be. But for now, I just needed to get my head straight – It’d be best if I figured out what I would do if he was my uncle, and what I would do if I wasn’t. Although, it wasn’t as simple as that… So I went with my instincts and ran furiously after him. I couldn’t see him any more since he’d disappeared into the thick foliage ahead of me, but I was desperate to catch him. I couldn’t just let him go like that.

I pretty much forced my legs to stop being all jelly-like, cause it’s not very easy to run on wobbly limbs (even if they are lime flavoured). But just as I was just getting into the swing of moving my body properly again after the initial shock, Amethyst yelled at me. I heard her voice echo through the trees before stopping. I turned round and slowly walked back towards her, confused as to why she stopped me, and also a bit frustrated that she was keeping me from giving chase. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“He… he’s…” she stuttered.
“He’s what?” Maria inquired eagerly. She wasn’t terribly sure what was going on right now, so she was intrigued as to what Amethyst was about to say. At least, that’s what it looked like, anyway.
“He’s evil. I don’t care if he’s related to you or not… he is. He’s one of Armand’s little groupies. Granted, he’s not as evil as Armand is, but that doesn’t mean he’s some sort of saint.”
“Who’s Armand?” I hadn’t heard of him before Amethyst spoke of him when shouting at Alexander.
“Oh, right. I’m assuming he’s the leader of these Crimson Blades. Anyway, he’s a bloodthirsty creep who trained pokemon to be evil. Remember I mentioned twisted pokemon earlier? He’s a pro at doing that…” Amethyst gulped as she tried to continue. I could see that there wasn’t a chance I was going to catch up to Alexander now, so I sat down by Amethyst and put arm around her to give her some support.
“Well, you see Chris, when I was young… Me and Valerie – you know, the Bagon I mentioned to Alexander? – were caught in a thunderstorm. You might not think that sounds too bad but it was, I assure you. The rains were really heavy – We could barely see each other, never mind see anything a few metres away. We were really good friends… Although, poor thing, she was really prone to breaking down, since she was depressed. But anyway, we kinda got waterlogged, and we both just conked out from the horrific weather conditions. It was too much to stand. When we woke up, we were in the cold and our heads were on this rock hard concrete floor… And that… was…” Amethyst tried to hold back her tears as she tried in vain to keep talking. I didn’t force her to continue her story.

It was quite a while before Amethyst was ready to continue speaking. I wasn’t surprised; it took me a while to take in what she was saying, even though it wasn’t very much right now. Then, as gradually as she had stopped, she started explaining her story again.

“Well, we were on this concrete floor… And when I opened my eyes, I saw shadows dancing about on the ceiling. I sat up – I really ached, so I tried to tense my muscles a bit. Then I saw a figure sitting by this fireplace at the other end of the room, but I couldn’t really see him very well. Of course, it got easier when he walked over to me. That was the start of the abuse, really. He walked over to me, and he really creeped me out. He kept speaking really quietly and he kept glancing at Valerie. And he… oh God… no, I don’t want to go into details about that. But after time, I learned that we’d been abducted as part of Team Rocket’s illegal training scheme. It was only a small sector of Team Rocket which knew of it, and I constantly tried to escape from it – They tried to twist us, hurt us, and abuse us. It was horrible. And whenever I defied what they tried to get me to do, or whenever I tried to escape, they always laughed in my face and made it even worse for me.”

“The most awful thing was when they constantly made fun of the fact that I’m a female Mr. Mime… They wouldn’t let it go. That’s why I’m so touchy about it even today… I kept telling them it wasn’t my fault, but they wouldn’t listen. On about the fourth occasion that I tried to run away, the Team Rockets called in this guy who I’d never seen before. And then he spoke to me. It was… despicable. He had the most chilling voice I could ever have imagined. And he said… he said… this… “My name’s Armand. And you know what, hun? You’re completely screwing up my little training scheme I have here, aren’t you? And we can’t have that, can we? You’re here to be trained into the best that you can be, not to argue with authority.” Immediately after that, he took out his hand, grabbed my skull, and hurled me across the room. Valerie had just walked up behind him and saw me just in time; she burst into tears as I crashed onto the ground. I was bleeding, and all that was in my mind was this big swirl of events that I couldn’t differentiate between. It stopped me from attempting any more escapades for a while. But when I become more and more aware of what Armand and his followers were doing to Val… I couldn’t not escape. I tried to get her to come with me, but of course, she’d never do that. She was too afraid of what they’d do to her.”

“So, again and again and again I tried to escape and my plans were always foiled by one of the Rocket’s or one of the DiAnnio’s. But it was just too much for me to bear. I got sick of it all. I tried to escape every day, and even though Armand decided to abuse me after every attempt, I still tried whenever I could. And I kept getting further and further away from Valerie… I mean, as a friend. She was really unstable emotionally, and therefore extremely vulnerable to what the Rockets – or the Blades – wanted to do to her. Eventually, Armand kicked me out. He grabbed me, slammed my head in a door, practically crushing my skull, and then threw me out in a thunderstorm. “I’m leaving you as I found you,” he roared. “I found you in a thunderstorm and that’s how you’ll be abandoned. You’re completely idiotic and moronic – You can’t realise power and wealth when it comes to you. You’re going to amount to nothing. You’re not going to be anything. You’ll die without me. Valerie didn’t do this and you’ll see what she’ll be like in the future. She’ll be a hell of a lot stronger and more powerful than you’ll EVER even DREAM of being!” And then he slammed the door. He hated me, and I despised him. He was the dirtiest man alive, with the most twisted mind I’d ever heard of. He scared me and disgusted me… and I hope that Valerie realised that at some stage…”

Nearer the end of her explanation, she kept talking quicker and quicker to finish the whole thing as fast as she possibly could. There were still some questions unanswered, but I didn’t want to ask her right away; it would be a lot easier for her if she told me gradually what was happening. Of course, Maria heard it all too, and didn’t say a word. Given that she’d heard Imarad’s past story as well, I wondered if she was thinking about how lucky she was, even though this was the third team that she was a part of. I knew that she’d loved Connor as her trainer, but I hadn’t heard from him in quite a while, unfortunately. I reached out my arm which wasn’t supporting Amethyst to indicate I wanted her to come over to me. “Don’t worry, love,” I said to her. “I don’t know of the whereabouts of your father, but I’m good friends with your mother’s trainer. You want to see her at the next chance you can?” Maria nodded slowly, her eyes telling me that she was thinking deeply about something or other.

For a while I just sat there, with Amethyst curled up in one of my arms, crying, and Maria nestled in the other, having a nap. It had taken me a while to realise she’d fallen asleep, but I did notice eventually. It was long after I came to that realisation that I asked Amethyst to look for Maria’s pokeball so that I could return her. She dried her tears a bit before going into my backpack and seeing the pokeball; she handed it to me and I returned the sleeping dragon. I then stood up and stretched, before zipping up my backpack and then standing up. I stretched – my body felt a bit achy after having sat down for quite so long – and then put my bag on. Amethyst walked over to my side and we both began to walk again without even having to discuss it.

“You know how you found yourself in that room with the concrete floor?” I asked her after we’d been walking for about 10 minutes. I had assumed she’d calmed down a little by now.
“Yes, I do. It was a horrible place,” she said.
“It sounds like it. Although, you never mentioned where – or what – it was.”
“…Oh, right, I see what you mean. Well, it was the basement of Armand’s building.”
“He had his own building?”
“Yes. He had to pester Giovanni to give him it, and normally Giovanni wouldn’t have granted his wish, but he persuaded him that he was going to use it for devising plans to make Team Rocket rich.”
“And did he?” I inquired.
“Of course he didn’t. Well, he kinda did. But it wasn’t its main purpose. If you entered through the main door, then yes, it did look like a hut for making plans and stuff. But there was a door in the kitchen which was always locked to the members of Team Rocket who didn’t know of Armand’s illegal training. That door lead to the basement, where Valerie and I were kept, and that was where we were both trained and treated badly.”
“I see...” I mumbled, helpfully.
“In retrospect, I wasn’t actually kept there for all that long. It was only a few months. But even so, that was enough to traumatise me. I don’t want to go into the details of what the Rockets who were part of the scheme did to me. But I can tell you for sure that Alexander was bad. Really bad. He was the one who had the job of “taking care” of me… And he was the worst at making fun of my gender and species contradiction…”
“It really does sound horrible,” I told her, not really sure how to react to hearing what she’d been through.
“After that, I stayed in the wild for as long as I could, if only to get of the way I was traumatised by Armand’s treatment. I was on the verge of being twisted by him, but just… not quite. And then I spent about 2 years in the wild trying to get over what Armand had done to me in the space of about 2 months. He’s a great trainer, but in the wrong way. Anyway, when I felt I was ready… and when I felt I couldn’t go on in the wild for any longer… I found the Dragon Tamers Adoption Centre. I felt I was over what Armand had done, but I wasn’t sure. So you remember when you first adopted me? ...That was why I was reclusive. I felt I was over my past, but I wasn’t quite. I needed 2 years of doing no training, no socialising, nothing like that. I needed to focus and I needed to get over my traumatised state and that’s the only way I knew of doing it.”

Amethyst kept pausing in the middle of what she was saying and she constantly gulped whenever she did say things. I could relate, in a way; I hadn’t been treated roughly, but I’d been kept in a small space for the majority of my life, and I needed time to adjust to becoming independent. It wasn’t the same thing, but it was kind of similar. As Amethyst and I walked on, I started to think about Alexander again. Was he really my uncle? And if he was, would he know what my dad – his brother – would be? And what about my Mum? If they were alive, why did they leave me in an orphanage? Where were they living now? It was all a bit much to comprehend, but before my mind got too jumbled up about the whole thing, Amethyst spoke and made me break out of my thought.

“Where are we going?” She asked, puzzled.
“Oh, right. Well, we were going to go to find the Bellsprout and the Smeargle, and then I wanted to find Alexander, but I don’t know where either of them are, so I’m not that sure really,” I told her.
“I think finding Alexander again would be more important, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do,” I agreed. “Although I’m not sure how we’re going to track him down.”
“Neither am I,” admitted Amethyst, “but we could always ask somebody. You know, like you go up to someone to ask directions when you’re lost.”
“That’s a good idea, I guess, but the nearest thing to here which happens to even be alive is in the forest,” I muttered.
“And why does that matter? We’re right beside it.”
“I guess you’re right. Okay, lets go in and find someone to ask,” I said, before going back in. Looking around myself, the first creature I saw was a Bellossom, so I went over to her and asked her if she’d seen him.
“Excuse me? Yeah, um, hi. I was wondering if you’d seen a human pass by here. He’s tall, and he’s wearing crimson clothes.”
“Oh, well, darling, I saw this figure who was wearing a gorgeous scarlet two-piece! The top he was wearing was perfectly cut – simply divine! And his trousers were fabulous! They really showed off his knees!”
I raised an eyebrow. I could see that this might be a bit difficult. I mean, when Bellossom’s start talking about human knees being an attractive feature, something was probably up.
“Well, that’s nice,” I said to her.
“Oh, ISN’T it?! It really was a marvellous get-up; such a wonderful shade of red! It was probably more of a crimson than a scarlet, actually – Which is great, because crimson is the new black!!”
“So I’ve heard,” I said. I hadn’t really, but I didn’t want to say that. “Um, so did you see where he went?”
“Just where you came in, actually! He just kept walking straight ahead through the fields outside of here, as far as I saw.”
“Okay, thank you,” I said as graciously as I could. Throughout the conversation Amethyst had just been looking at the camp Bellossom with awe. I muttered something under my breath to her to make her stop it, and thankfully the Bellossom didn’t hear me.

Amethyst and I walked out of the forest and into the open fields once more, desperately relying on the Bellossom’s information. I walked on ahead of Amethyst rather unintentionally and then stopped to let her catch up once I realised that was what I was doing. When she caught up with me, she asked me when we were going to sort out the Bellsprout and Smeargle fiasco. It wasn’t on my mind at the moment, and to be perfectly honest, I was rather more intent on getting more information on the Crimson Blades and, most importantly, my family. At first it didn’t matter much to me but the feeling of wanting to know where they were was growing and growing, and I couldn’t prevent that emotion from building.

“I don’t know. We’ll get around to it if it’s still a problem after I’ve found out what I really want to find out. I would rather leave it to another trainer for now, or maybe even leave it to themselves to sort out.”
“Okay then, but I can honestly tell you that I’m not too keen on meeting up with those guys again… It may be a little much,” Amethyst said, anxiously.
“I’m aware of that, but we’ll just have to sort that out when the time comes.”

After that, we didn’t really say all that much to each other. I guess it was just because we didn’t really know how to start up a conversation after having spoken about Amethyst’s dark past. I wanted to tell her that everything was behind her and that she could forget about it all, but she couldn’t. Especially since my uncle – my dad’s own brother – treated her as nothing more than common muck when she was younger. I knew it couldn’t be easy for her, given that her current trainer had a fairly direct connection to somebody she despised so much… But I was sure that she knew that I’d never cause her any harm. I’m not that type of person. I wouldn’t treat a pokemon badly, and I had never thought that anybody who was related to me would either, but I guess I had found myself gravely mistaken in that respect.

It was about an hour before Amethyst spoke to me again. “I’m tired,” she said, emotionlessly. “Can we rest?”
“Yeah, of course,” I said, as my feet were beginning to hurt too. It’d been a while since we’d had any sort of idea where Alexander had actually been headed.
“I haven’t told you everything about what happened to me in the past. I can’t. Not yet. Once I grow more powerful and closer to you then I may be able to, but not yet. We’ve hardly even trained together, never mind spoken to each other all that often, and I just can’t bring myself around to give you every little detail about what happened…”
“That’s ok, really, it is. I mean, you went through a lot and you gave me a good gist of what you were feeling. That’s enough for me,” I explained, trying my best to put on the warmest possible smile.
“Good,” she said bluntly. “I’m not over it. I like to think I am… but I’m not. All those thoughts of Armand and Valerie and all the others… It pangs a nerve in my brain which I can’t prevent right now.”
“Then don’t think of them,” I said, in an almost instructional tone. “You don’t need to at this moment in time, anyway.”
“I know, but given the situation we’re in right now, it’s hard not to. It wasn’t that long ago that we met Alex. And you obviously wanted to catch up with him.”
“Yes, I did, but it’s not essential. I’m sure we’ll bump into the Crimson Blades again soon enough.”
“Probably, given that we managed to meet Alexander in the most obscure of places. But I can’t help feeling that they’re planning something.”
“Oh, they must be. They were members of Team Rocket. I doubt they’ve changed that much.”

Amethyst nodded before closing her eyes and dozing off. It was a nice enough day, and although it was only early afternoon, I can see why she was tired. It’d been a tough day so far, anyway. Gently letting her slide off my arm and onto the grass, I got up and stretched as she slept, and then I took a look around myself. I could still see the Jungle Deforestation Agency, although it was a fair distance away. I could also see some wild pokemon; a few Pidgey’s, one or two Spearow and an Ekans as well. It was coming towards my feet. It was quite far away, but I could clearly see the purple shape coming up through the grass. Raising my eyebrow, I stood on my tiptoes and peered over to where the purple object was appearing from. And then I saw that it wasn’t a normal wild Ekans at all… it was a Rattata. Not too dangerous, then.

I sat down again with Amethyst in a light sleep by my side, letting the sun beat down on me. Pity I didn’t have anything to treat my skin – it was probably going to end up burning due to the exposure to the sunlight – but I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel like doing anything much. Everything was so quiet and relaxing… Before the Rattata came up to my feet and bit one of my toes. “Ow!” I exclaimed before the Rattata backed off a few steps. I glared at it, my foot hurting from the bite. It looked back at me too, funnily enough. But there was something weird about its eyes… they weren’t the normal red colour. They were a very light orange; almost yellow, in fact. I tapped Amethyst, who had been woken up by my previous yell, and made her sit up. I then whispered into her ear – “Do you see anything weird about that Rattata?” Rubbing her eyes, she focused and looked closer at the purple rat. Then her eyes widened. “Itai?!” she gasped, seemingly taken aback.

“Who?” I asked. Probably a stupid question, given that it was obviously the Rattata she was referring to.
“It’s… it’s Itai…” she gasped again.
“…Amethyst? You? God,” Itai remarked, seemingly repulsed. “You’re looking manlier by the second.”

And suddenly all of Amethyst’s original shock turned into passionate anger.

“You couldn’t even go one minute without making a cruel remark, could you?”
“’Fraid not,” the Rattata giggled.
“So how’re the Crimson Blades? I assume you’ve still been entrusted with them.”
“What?” I asked, sheepishly. Amethyst turned to me.
“Itai was owned by Alexander’s best friend, Brosnan, who was never that bad to me in comparison to the other Blades. Itai, however, was still a little bastard. He learned nothing from Brosnan; everything he learned was from the crude remarks of Alexander’s and the lazy and unenthusiastic actions of Brosnan. The only remotely active thing Brosnan ever did was get up and find Itai once he’d been let loose in the testing laboratory. Armand nicked him for doing some experiments and that’s how he got those eyes.”
“Aww, I think you’re being just a little harsh to me, aren’tcha? I wasn’t THAT bad.”
“I still hated you though. You know fine well.”
“Understandable. With that mixture of estrogen and testosterone, then there’s no wonder you were a moody cow.”

Amethyst didn’t say a thing to that. She just glared at Itai.

“Want to fight?” Itai inquired.
“You guessed?” Amethyst hissed, angrily.

Amethyst the female Mr Mime [Lv 5] vs. Itai the male Rattata [Lv 15]

I watched from the sidelines as Amethyst partook in the battle. It wasn’t really a matter of gaining experience, I don’t think; I think she was more intent on beating the crap out of the incredibly rude Rattata she’d seemingly had a grudge with for a long long time. She knew what she was doing, so I didn’t bother trying to interfere. Plus, letting her fight by herself would give her future experience…

The match started off with Itai running at a blisteringly fast pace straight at Amethyst, crashing into her and knocking her back a few feet. She was thrown onto her back by the impact, but she righted herself and immediately sent forth a Thunderbolt attack straight at her opponent. Unfortunately, the electricity completely missed Itai as he swung himself to the right and smirked. Then, he held his body back before shooting up towards Amethyst again, smashing against her torso with yet another Quick Attack, making her fly back with the force of the collision. Gasping, she righted herself again before muttering “What level are you anyway?” It sounded like a rhetorical question, but Itai answered anyway. “15! Brosnan told me.” Amethyst just glared at him as she tried to think up some sort of decent comeback.

“Oh, so he actually got up off his arse and did something for a change?” she laughed, making Itai rather irritated. “He wasn’t that bad,” the Rattata remarked, before hurling himself forward at full force towards Amethyst, his sharp and strong teeth bared. I was just about to shout a command to Amethyst but she said “I’m one step ahead of you” just before I managed. As Itai was merely centimetres away from Amethyst’s face, her Psychic abilities came into play and she flung her opponent backwards with the sheer strength of her mind. “You’ll pay for everything you’ve ever said to me,” she shouted as she pulled Itai’s tail simply by moving her eyes. Itai just squealed comically, and yet it seemed like some sort of warning.

“Shut up, you shemale!” came the cry from the shallow and prejudiced Itai as he broke free from Amethyst’s grip. He enveloped himself in flames; then he let loose a blazing barrage which covered Amethyst’s entire body. It was immensely hot and given the weather it was even worse. Once he finished his Flame Wheel, Amethyst was burnt. But she was determined not to let Itai take the glory, simply because of his attitude. “Take THIS!” came the clichéd cry from Amethyst as she unleashed a massive blast of electrical energy straight at him. It was too sudden for him to avoid and too powerful for him to counter; he took the Thunderbolt full on, and luckily, it was enough to knock him straight out.

Amethyst won! She grew to level 7!

I didn’t care about the condition of Itai; he had REALLY gone too far with his insults towards Amethyst, even though he wasn’t the worst pokemon I’d heard before. His arrogant attitude was just too much. Once I’d reached Amethyst, though, she was not in a good state. “My skin… it’s really sore.”
“You’ve been badly burned… you were completely enveloped in those flames…”
“I don’t want to relive it. Return me. Please?”

I did as she asked, because given her state, I didn’t want to keep her out in the hot sunlight. Once she’d been returned, Itai mumbled. “I’ve… got…. Brosnan… news…”
“News for me?” I asked him.
“No… news for him,” he groaned, still experiencing the aftershocks from the Thunderbolt.
“Oh… About what?” I inquired.
“What about her?” I didn’t want him badmouthing her or anything like that.
“Not your… business…” he explained.
“Oh. Fine.”

I was feeling highly tempted to just leave the ignorant Rattata lying there on the ground, but I couldn’t help but wonder as to what the news he needed to tell his trainer was. Presumably Brosnan still was his trainer. But it was either one hell of a coincidence that Itai and Amethyst met up again so soon after our encounter with another Crimson Blade and another battle, or somebody was after us. Or at the very least, in need of contacting us. I didn’t want to think about that, but given the fact I’d just met my uncle and had my pokemon battle with a lifelong enemy… Well, I didn’t want to rule it out.

I had ended up losing myself in thought again whilst Itai continued to try and recover. I didn’t really care as to how he even got here given his arrogance and bad attitude, and I didn’t really want to associate with somebody who treated Amethyst so crudely. Nevertheless, I ended up turning my attention to him again. “What are you doi-“ And then just as soon as I’d started talking, I stopped again, because I’d heard a roar. A very, very loud one. Coming from above. I was afraid to look up. But I did it anyway, my hand shielding my eyes from the sunlight.

The roaring was getting nearer and nearer until I could see the silhouette of whatever it was coming closer. I tried my best to make out what it was, but it was hard. That is, until it came closer. THEN I could make out what it happened to be. It was a Salamence. And it was breathing fire. Why? I couldn’t tell. It didn’t seem to be achieving anything. But I could see a figure on the Salamence’s back… I couldn’t distinguish who it was, though. But there was definitely somebody. And I had a sinking feeling in my heart that it might have been something to do with the Crimson Blades ruckus which I had inevitably ended up in.

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I'm hopin i won't need it, but i think i'm gonna ask for one just in case. Extension please. Hopefully i'll get this paper and the battles finished soon ^^


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I'll need an extension too. I have a bad case of writer's block.

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Extensions granted to Amy and Shonta. I'll try sitting down and doing some rating tonight so bear with me, Jeff and Chris. Meanwhile, here's my RBG.
As she walked through the endless plains of northern Caledor Rhiannon had plenty of time to reflect on why she always seemed so insistent on making things harder for herself than they absolutely had to be. Take now, for instance. She had a mission in mind. She had an idea of her destination. Hell, she even knew closer locations than she was at the minute that would have been child's play to warp to. So why was she being so stubborn about making this some sort of great pilgrimage? Maybe it was the guilt of being unable to stop Reaper during the Salamence's last vicious assault on Ulthuan. Yes, that must have been it. She had always been powerless against Reaper. She could exploit Rhiannon's weaknesses better than any other. Hell, last time they had clashed the Salamence had somehow worked out how to trigger Rhiannon's shifts in personality. No, she couldn't have helped. So why did she still feel like she ought to have done?
"I haven't seen you around these parts before." It was a fact of life that wherever there was civilisation there would be members of the more intelligent pokémon races trying to recreate the wonders of the city in an almost comical manner. In this particular case the Jolteon had stumbled across an imitation snack bar, a chirpy-looking Mr. Mime sat behind a roughly hewn stone counter and a cheery fire crackling behind him. Rhiannon looked around. The place was located in the middle of a small copse of trees. Just enough shelter to protect from the elements, open enough to allow for a grand view of all around. Sat at the counter were a motley collection of sullen pokémon – a Poochyena, a Pikachu and a Magmar to be exact. "Then again, we get all sorts here. Can I get you anything, Miss? Our suppliers just got a fresh batch of stuff in from the city."
"If you have any tea or chocolate that'd be lovely," Rhiannon nodded. "Failing that whatever you recommend. We just need to stop for a break."
"Oh, travelling are you? Going anywhere nice?"
"Yvresse, if you must know. We've an old friend there we've been meaning to visit for a long time."
"Nice. Bit of a way though, isn't it?" The Mr. Mime rummaged behind his counter before pulling out a bottle triumphantly. "Sorry. We've no actual tea, but will iced tea do?"
"That'd be great." The resourcefulness of these wild pokémon never ceased to amaze Rhiannon. Those cast out from the city life often went to ridiculous lengths to recapture it. She had seen many such wonders in her time. Old pets of lifeguards who spent their lives still patrolling beaches. Partners of successful businessmen who made a cushy life for themselves trading resources between areas. And no doubt this Mr. Mime had once been the partner of a café owner at one time. "Yes, we know Yvresse is quite a way away. We had plenty of options when it came to getting there. We just felt like doing things the ward way." Rhiannon took a lick at the bowl that was placed out before her and tried hard to stop herself from making a face. Funny how a few months of being fed by Sindel suddenly made cheap, commercial nonsense like bottled iced tea taste rather bland. This wasn't a patch on the hand-made iced tea the Alakazam would make her on those rare occasions when Sindel hadn't taken on too much at once and was stressing about it. Still, it was better than nothing and the Jolteon had been forced to exist on far worse in the past.
"Well, fair enough. You just took me a little by surprise, is all. Your species isn't exactly a common sight in the wild, you know. Eevees make great pets, their evolutions make great fighters and all... thought most of you guys had been snapped up by humans ages ago."
"We had," Rhiannon smiled mirthlessly. "We have a home we could go back to if we so chose. WE... well, we have to do something first."
"Ah, a runaway, eh?" the Mr. Mime chuckled. His mirth stopped, however, when he noticed the look in Rhiannon's eye. That look that was a combination of sorrow and determination. That look that could have broken the hearts of all who gazed upon it.
"No," Rhiannon finally mouthed after bending her head to take another lap at her iced tea. "We could never do that. Our problems, no matter how grim, we face. No, we move because we can help someone for once. We move because those we care about will fall unless we do something. Now if you'll excuse us..." Here the Jolteon finished her drink and bowed politely to the Mr. Mime. "...we really must be pressing on. Many thanks for the drink." With this Rhiannon padded her way silently out of the copse to press onwards. She knew where she was going. And she was pretty confident in her speed. With a decent amount of luck she would be in Yvresse by the following nightfall.

Sadly luck seemed to be in short supply on that particular evening. Rhiannon had hardly made ten minutes headway through the scrubland when a voice stopped her in her tracks.
"Hey." Cautiously the Jolteon turned her head to see the Poochyena who had been in the pseudo snack bar regarding her with a curiously innocent expression. "You going so soon?"
"We have business to attend to," Rhiannon snorted, turning away from the Dark type again for a moment and then thinking better of it and returning her attention to the little pokémon. "Why did you follow us?"
"Dunno," the Poochyena shrugged. "There's something about you, I guess. You seem the sort who has loads of adventures." Rhiannon shook her head in bemusement. Was this creature for real?
"That's one way of putting it, we suppose," she conceded finally.
"Yeah. Anyway, it's really boring around here. There's nothing to do, nowhere to go, just hanging around that stupid little place every day... I heard you were heading to Yvresse, is that right?"
"Correct. And we're in a hurry."
"What are you gonna do when you get there?" Although Rhiannon was trying very hard to walk away from the Poochyena he simply didn't seem to be able to take a hint! He simply strolled over after her, through the ever-darkening grasses. The only way she was going to lose him was to break into a full sprint, it seemed. And as much as it galled the Jolteon to admit it, it was kind of nice to be able to talk to somebody, even a relatively simple creature such as this. For now she could afford to humour him.
"Save the realm, we're hoping," she finally said. "Our friends are threatened, and we have a plan to save them. A risky one, but our best option at this time." Now Rhiannon was talking mostly for her own benefit. "Certainly he's less than trustworthy but we're fast running out of options."
"Who is?"
"An old... acquaintance."
"Oh." Finally the Poochyena fell silent and for a moment Rhiannon became convinced that he had given up on doggedly following her. But a cursory glance towards her rear told otherwise. He was still there, alright! Just apparently lost in thought, his big eyes furrowed in something approaching a frown. "What's your name?" he finally asked.
"Rhiannon. And yours?"
"I'm called Saul. Nice to meet you, Rhiannon!" The Poochyena beamed in a manner that was impossible to dislike. No matter how irritating his sudden interest might have been.
"The pleasure's all ours," the Jolteon bowed politely. "Now if you'll excuse us..."
"Why do you do that?"
"Do what?" Rhiannon was momentarily thrown.
"Talk about yourself like you're a group. It's weird." Rhiannon chuckled to herself. If nothing else she had to admire this creature's honesty!
"We're weirder than we let on, you know," she chuckled. "Do you not have a home to be going to, by the way?"
"Nope. I go where I please," Saul beamed. "Right now I think I might like to go to Yvresse. I've never been there before."
"Any particular reason?"
"Nope!" the Poochyena beamed in a manner that wouldn't have looked out of place on Megan. "Other than I want to see somewhere new, you're going somewhere new and... heck, you're interesting and really pretty as well. That's good enough for me."
"We're not going to get rid of you, are we?" Rhiannon sighed, admitting defeat. "Short of taking off at full speed, that is. Fine. If you're so determined to come with us then you should consider the fact we'll be needing to bed down for the night soon. You're a local, wild pokémon. Surely you know of some place sheltered that we can rest?" Sure, Rhiannon had never really needed shelter, at least not from predators. The only ones higher on the food chain than her, after all, were Reaper and Abbadon. But that didn't stop her from craving at least a little comfort.
"Oh, sure! I can show you just the place! Follow me!" Saul took off with a decided spring in his step, leaving Rhiannon to simply shake her head in mock despair. She had originally hoped that this was going to be a simple task. But who was she kidding? In this life nothing was simple. She just had to deal with the setbacks as best as she could, that was all.

As it happened Saul's idea of shelter was far more comfortable than Rhiannon had been expecting. The Poochyena had let her further and further away from Sector Alpha, so far from the path she was familiar with that the Jolteon did end up wondering if her new travelling companion had a clue what he was doing. Fortunately once his plan became apparent she found herself grateful for his assistance. For he had led her to what appeared to be a small shack in the middle of the grasslands. A small wooden affair that, whilst it had obviously seen better days, was clearly going to provide a far better place to rest than any cave or copse or other random nook or cranny that could be used to curl up in.
"This is abandoned, we take it?" Rhiannon asked, circling the shack several times to make sure it posed no threat to her. Paranoid? Maybe. But when you had a past as eventful as Rhiannon's you couldn't afford to leave anything to chance. The skeletons in the closet had a rather nasty habit of coming back to life again. The whole business with Reaper was proof enough of that.
"Sure thing! Been empty for as long as I can remember. Nowadays the local pokémon just use it to crash in if they need somewhere to stay that's a little secure or warm, you know? Come on, it's quite safe. Look, I'll show you if you like." Without so much as pausing to check if Rhiannon was okay with this plan Saul pushed the wooden door open with his nose. The shack, mercifully, was deserted. Inside it was a remarkably cozy little place, in fact it reminded Rhiannon of the wooden shacks in the Blizzard Room of the Unicorn Games training grounds. Only messier, obviously. The little rug in front of the empty fireplace was threadbare and dirty. The windows set into the wooden framework of the building were filthy and covered in cobwebs. The bed in the far end of the little livng space had clearly not been made in years. And everything was in a total state of disarray. Evidently this place had been lotted a long time ago. But at least it was shelter. Compared to the trials of life in the wild this was the equivalent of a four star hotel. "See?" Saul beamed.
"We have to admit, we're impressed." Rhiannon slowly paced inside, looking all about her with suspicion. "Do you suppose the water and gas supply still works?" The Jolteon's eyes had alighted upon a tiny kitchen unit in one corner. Not much, just a sink and an antiquated stove. But if they worked... well, things were going to be looking up for the pokémon, weren't they?
"Dunno. Don't really know how to check to be honest," Saul admitted sheepishly. "Neither of us can work taps and dials and stuff anyway, can we?"
"You'd be surprised." Carefully Rhiannon hopped up onto the side and cast her remarkable powers out to the rusty taps. For a moment nothing happened. And then they turned, complaining noisily at first but soon getting used to their operation after the first few seconds. With this came the most welcome sound of gushing water. "Excellent!" A broad smile crossed Rhiannon's face. "You just wait here for a second, okay? I gotta go pick up some stuff. If we're gonna be here for a while we might as well enjoy ourselves, right?"

As it turned out Rhiannon had returned with a small wicker basket loaded with goodies. Chocolates and cakes and berries frosted with sugar, sausages and poultry slices and freshly baked pasties. And teabags, or course. Plenty of teabags, plus a little tin kettle to boil water in. It was enough to bring tears to Saul's eyes, the Poochyena being so used to a life in the wild he had forgotten all about such treats.
"How did you get all this?" he asked, awestruck.
"I had to nip back home for a second and they insisted," Rhiannon grinned sheepishly, neglecting to mention that all aside from Tsuyoi had been asleep at the time and she had been forced to pretty much steal the food, the giant demon wolf not really doing much to stop her aside from comment 'it really does take the fun away from a test of your survival skills when you can just teleport back home every time you run out of teabags, doesn't it?'. So the two tucked in to a feast to commemorate what would probably be one of their only chances to truly relax on their journey. Saul seemed to gorge himself on anything that presented itself, whereas Rhiannon showed typical lack of restraint when it came to anything that contained even the slightest particle of sugar. And tea, of course. The Jolteon had been sure to bring a good supply of peppermint tea and others that didn't require milk. Sure, the stove didn't work but it was no big deal to conjure up a small fire and boil water over that.
"It's my Hidden Power," Rhiannon had explained in response to the odd look Saul had given her when she had pulled that particular stunt. Of course it was nothing of the sort. Her Hidden Power was of the Grass type, just like her brother's. But it was a far easier explanation that getting into the particulars of why she could use sorcery. Besides, the Poochyena seemed satisfied with that. And so the two ate and drank until late into the night, all cares and worries gone, at least for a few hours.
"Why you staring out of the window?" By now it was two in the morning and both pokémon were getting especially drowsy. Well, Saul was, at any rate. Rhiannon could and often did stay up for days at a time without feeling any adverse affects.
"Just looking at the stars," Rhiannon smiled at her friend before returning her gaze back to the clear night sky. "They're so pretty, don't you think? Like diamonds glittering up in the sky. And yet they're so far out of reach. We can try and try all we like to grasp at them and we'll never manage it." The Jolteon smiled a sad smile,a tear forming in her eye. "It's heartbreaking to have something that beautiful so far out of your reach. Something that you can see every day if you want to but you can't actually grasp and hold close to you as much as you long to. I like to think that the stars might the the souls of those close to us, you know, and they're watching down on us and giving us their protection. But... but sometimes I wonder if the stars long to be down here as much as we long to be up in the skies with them, you know? I guess we'll never know, will we, Saul?" No response. "Saul?" Rhiannon turned to see the Poochyena asleep on the cold wooden floor, snoring quietly with a look of blissful ignorance upon his face. "Heh. Poor Saul. Guess I kept you up too late, didn't I?" Quickly she hopped down from her position perched in front of the window, grabbed a tattered blanket and carefully dragged it over the slumbering body of her new friend. "Night night, Saul. We'll play some more in the morning. Sleep well." Quickly the Jolteon bent over and kissed the forehead of her companion before heading back to her stargazing. True, life could sometimes deal you some bad hands. But it could also deal some good ones, too. You just had to take it as it came.

"Rhiannon! Rhiannon, wake up!" A near hysterical voice dragged the Jolteon from the depths of her subconsciousness. She had been having such a nice dream, too! A dream of a time long ago, when all there was to worry about in the world was whether she could avoid the attempts of her two brothers to pounce on her, when her entire world was a single cramped room and a handful of family members. In some ways she preferred that life. Sure, she had been a helpless pup back then, whereas nowadays very few had more potential to carve their own destiny, but it was the sheer simplicity of life as a normal pokémon that she missed. No getting dragged into large-scale battles between supernatural forces. No having to make decisions over life and death that should have been left to the fickle Gods that watched over the land. No having to trek halfway across Ulthuan in order to gain the help of a creature she wasn't even sure she could bring herself to trust. And no getting her heart broken. Again and again and again. "Rhiannon!" Again that plaintive wail that finally forced her to open her eyes. Groggily she looked down to find the blanket underneath her head was wet with tears. "Come here, quick!"
"What is it, Saul?" The Jolteon quickly rose from her prone position, any traces of emotion still within her quickly suppressed until a better time to unleash them arose. Quickly she trotted over to where her Poochyena friend was hopping up and down at the window, clearly agitated. "What's wrong?" Cautiously she propped her front limbs up against the wall and raised her head to get a better look at what was going on in the outside world. And discovered a sight that sickened her to the core. A small group of jeering pokémon all crowded round a small bundle of reddish-brown fur, repeatedly booting it backwards and forwards between them. A sudden rage flared up within Rhiannon as she watched this appalling spectacle. How could any pokémon be so cruel to another?
"Rhiannon, they're really hurting that Eevee out there!" Saul cried. "Rhiannon, what are we gonna do?" The Poochyena turned to his companion. His eyes widened in surprise. "Rhiannon?" The Jolteon seemed to have already disappeared.

"That's quite enough of that." Rhiannon regarded the small group of pokémon with contempt, looking each irritated creature directly in the eye and noting with no small satisfaction that not a single one could hold her gaze for more than a second. It was a motley crew, all things told. A Machop, an Electabuzz, a Kadabra and a Castform. None seemed too thrilled with this latest interruption to their sick little game. "Don't you think you've made whatever moronic point you were trying to make?"
"Shut up!" The Electabuzz suddenly yelled angrily. "This is none of your business!"
"We're making it our business. Don't you think there's been enough violence lately?" Rhiannon's eyes narrowed. "We've a proposition for you. Leave now and..."
"And what?"
"...and you're guaranteed to go in one piece." Rhiannon's eyes narrowed, a fire in her eyes that very few in the past had ever lived to describe. The last time she had felt this angry... well, she didn't like to think about that much. It was the source of one of her more profound regrets, another soul-destroying moment that had helped to ease her transition from pokémon to devil. The Electabuzz wasn't to know any of this, however. Maybe if it had it would have given up there and then. As it was it just stared at her with a mix of amusement and disbelief.
"Well, don't you like to talk tough?" it smirked finally. "Yang, teach her a lesson."
"Certainly." The Kadabra stepped forward, it's eyes glowing brightly. Suddenly a bright beam of pure white energy shot forth from its eyes and struck Rhiannon hard. Only there was no loud crash. There was no collision of any sort. The Psybeam attack just seemed to sink straight into the Jolteon's skin. "What?" the Psychic type gasped in shock.
"Oh, it gets better, believe me." A dark substance began to waft from beneath Rhiannon's paws, spreading up wards and outward until it was a large cloud of ethereal smog shooting towards the Kadabra. A cloud of fog that was taking a barely-defined shape, a wisping ghost of a Sandslash charging straight for the pokémon.
"For my Lady!" a cry was heard from somewhere in the distance. And then the apparation pounced, its shadowy form seeming to leap directly into the Kadabra. The pokémon staggered backwards, obviously in shock. It teetered backwards and forwards for a few agonising seconds. And then it fell face down on the ground, unconscious. There was a collective gasp from the other pokémon in the group who, for some strange reason, seemed to have forgotten all about the Eevee they had been tormenting. Slowly they began to back away from Rhiannon, who by now seemed to be emanating a faint green smoke.
"Now. We repeat. Leave now and we will let you go unharmed."
"Screw you!" the Electabuzz screamed. "Canon, destroy her before she pulls another trick like that!" At this point the Castform slowly floated its way over towards Rhiannon. The Jolteon's eyes narrowed. So they were that determined to pick a fight, were they? Well, a fight she was more than happy to give to them.

FIGHT!!! L10 Jolteon v L10 Castform!

"Well then." Rhiannon glared at the strange-looking pokémon in front of her. Of course it was going to be child's play to defeat the likes of this. But she wanted to make an example of this one. It wasn't going to be allowed the mercy of a one hit knockout. "We know how your type operates."
"So?" the Castform sniffed haughtily.
"So then get on with your climate changing," Rhiannon replied icily. "We'd like you to have at least a slight chance, after all."
"You won't be so cocky once I've ground you to a pulp!" the little creature roared with surprising ferocity considering its size. It glared at Rhiannon for a moment, seemingly lost in concentration. All of a sudden the skies above the two pokémon began to clear, the sun shining brightly down upon the combatants. And as the first rays of the morning sun touched the Castform a most peculiar thing happened. The odd little pokémon seemed to alter somehow, a slight frill surrounding its head that made its face look something like the sun and its colouration shifting accordingly. In all honestly the pokémon looked rather ridiculous in Rhiannon's eyes. "Now prepare for the beating of your life!" Suddenly the little creature spat out a quite impressively-sized ball of flame in Rhiannon's direction. A textbook Ember that would have caught most regular opponents full on even though the Jolteon had very little problem in sidestepping the attack. "Take this! And this! And this!" Again and again the Castform spat out Ember attacks. Again and again Rhiannon nimbly dodged. The two pokémon were locked in this loop for quite some time, a bizarre dance where victory would only go to the one who completed the steps to perfection. Or to the one who tired of this game first.
"We have better things to be doing than wasting our times on the likes of you!" Rhiannon roared suddenly, planting all four paws on the ground and taking the full impact of her opponent's next attack. Just for show, obviously. When you were once a general in a demonic army intimidation tended to come naturally. "Is that the best you can do?"
"What???" The Castform seemed rather flustered. It had at least expected its attack to bother Rhiannon a little!
"As we suspected. You're weak. All bullies are weak. They just mask their weakness behind intimidation. But you've gravely slipped up this time. Allow us to demonstrate what true power really is!" Electrical sparks began to gather around the Jolteon, her yellow fur jutting out even more than usual as the static within her body grew to even greater levels than normal. And with a load cry of anger Rhiannon expelled all of this energy in a ferocious Thunderbolt that flew straight at the Castform and passed into its body, causing the pokémon to scream out loud in pain as the electrical attack did its damage. Things didn't look good for the little pokémon at all.

"Why that little..." The Electabuzz on the sidelines, clearly the self-appointed leader of the ever dwindling mob, was beside himself with fury. He knew in his heart of hearts that he should have just left when he was first given the chance. No normal pokémon made offers such as that! But no, he had stayed. And his group would have to see this through to the end. "We'll show her! Hogan, get in there and help!" No response from the Machop of the group. "H...Hogan???" The Electabuzz turned to see a scared-looking Machop fallen on his back and encased totally in a block of ice, a small Eevee perched upon the ice washing itself without a care in the world.
"Oh, you finally noticed, did you?" Finally the Eevee paused to regard the Electabuzz with contempt. "He's only been that way since the start of the battle. Oh, and by the way, it really is poor form to jump a pokémon like that just because they won't play along with your stupidity."
"You shut your mouth now, or I'll..." The Eevee's eyes flashed green for a moment and all of a sudden the Electric type found himself being tripped by ridiculously growing blades of grass that snaked around his ankles like vines.
"You'll what?" it asked with genuine curiosity. "Fall on your face? I'm sorry, forgive me for not quaking in my boots."
"That does it!" the Electabuzz yelled, leaping to his feet. "I'll..." A pale blue flash in the eyes of the Eevee this time. And this time the Electabuzz found himself having to stop short just a fraction away from the point of a jagged spear of ice whose tip was aimed directly at his throat. "W...what are you?"
"Now now, that's the wrong question! Try again!" By now the Eevee had made its way to the tip of the bizarre ice structure and was peering down at its opponent critically.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that question's too easy. I'm an Eevee. Next!"
"Alright already! Who are you?"
"Better! See, it's so much easier if you play along. They call me Enigma," the Eevee smirked. "And you've really picked the wrong pokémon to bully, buster." The eyes were now glowing a bright red. The Electabuzz had no idea what the colour coding meant. But whatever it was he was quite certain it wasn't going to be beneficial in any way.

Back in an area all of ten seconds away from where Enigma was teaching a hapless fool a lesson, Rhiannon was doing some instructing of her own. The poor Castform couldn't seem to land a single hit on her. No matter which of its forms it tried, no matter which attacks it threw at her, nothing seemed to slow Rhiannon down at all. By now it was more tired from sheer exertion than from any punishment the Jolteon had dished out! In fact on that score Rhiannon was hardly really trying. Her Thunderbolt had done enough damage on its own. Another half decent hit would have probably taken her opponent out. And that would never have done. Not if she wanted to teach it a proper lesson.
"How does it feel?" she snarled as she avoided yet another attempt at an Ember. "To know you're being toyed with? To know that you're just going to get hurt in the end? Is it fun?"
"Shut up!" The Castform was practically in tears by now. Rhiannon certainly knew her psychological warfare! "I didn't think, okay? I didn't think! I'm sorry! Just leave me alone!"
"That was all we wanted to hear. Now go." Rhiannon finally ground to a halt and fixed her opponent with a curious expression upon her face. "We've had more than enough of violence for one day and you are nothing but a distraction anyway." For a moment it appeared as if the Castform really was going to leave. But then it seemed to think better of it, whirling around and spitting another Ember in the Jolteon's direction.
"SUCKER!!!" it yelled vehemently as it spat out the ball of flame.
"You still don't get it, do you?" Rhiannon sighed, shaking her head sadly as she hopped nimbly out of the way with apparent ease. "We suppose there's no hope for you then. So be it. This battle ends now!" Again the air around Rhiannon seemed to crackle with electrical energy. And again that energy built up into what eventually became a huge arc of lightning that snaked towards the Castform and struck it with devastating accuracy. The odd pokémon gave a startled cry of pain and dropped straight out of the sky, this latest assault too much for its body to take. Rhiannon's peculiar brand of justice, it seemed, had won the day.

Rhiannon wins!
Rhiannon grew to L11!

"Nicely done, my Lady," A sincerely approving voice greeted Rhiannon as she stepped away from the battle with an odd mixture of satisfaction and revulsion. A chill shuddered down the Jolteon's spine. How many creatures on this planet referred to her as Lady? Very few. And even fewer who would use the term so deliberately. Slowly she turned, half expecting to see some old phantom from her past staring her in the face. But all she was greeted with was the sight of a small Eevee with a bright red ruff of fur perched upon the unconscious body of an Electabuzz without a care in the world. Which in some ways was possibly even worse. "Don't you remember me, Rhiannon? The secret lab? Your Gastly friend was a pretty good battler, you know. If I hadn't been trying to lose I'd have probably had to use my full strength to fend him off." At this point the Eevee hopped over to Rhiannon and beamed perkily into her face.
"Enigma, wasn't it?" Finally the penny dropped! "What are you doing here?"
"I've just as much right to be here as you have!" the Eevee chuckled. "I was just passing through and got into a bit of a scrape with the local ruffians. Terrible business."
"I noticed. What did you mean by calling me 'my Lady' though?"
"Well..." Here Enigma sidled even closed to Rhiannon so that the Eevee's voice could be heard quite clearly even though it had dropped to a sly whisper. "Who hasn't heard of Lady Rhiannon, eh? My mutations are very handy and all but they're not a patch on the gifts you've been given, are they?" Rhiannon gave a start at these words, backing away from the Eevee rather quickly.
"What do you know?" she gasped.
"Enough," came the suitably mysterious reply.
"Hey! Rhiannon!" The Jolteon was saved from any further conversation by Saul, who by now was scampering over to the two pokémon with a look of wonder in his eyes. "Wow, you were awesome! I wish I were as strong as you! Do you think you could teach me how to fight like that? Do you? Do you?" The Poochyena finally ground to a halt near Rhiannon and then looked backwards and forwards between Rhiannon and Enigma, neither of whom seemed to be able to break away from the gaze of the other. "Hey, is this a friend of yours?"
"I... don't know," Rhiannon finally replied truthfully. "Are you?"
"Well I'm not not your enemy, let's look at it that way," Enigma chuckled, tipping Rhiannon a wink. "Truth is we're just passing acquaintances. But I'd rather like to change that. It's a long way to Yvresse, especially if you plan on walking all the way. Especially the way you two were headed. As it happens, though, I might know of a short cut that would shave about two days off your journey time. It depends on whether you'd mind having me as a travelling companion, though."
"Why?" Rhiannon eyed the Eevee with suspicion. "Why would you help us?"
"Boredom I guess," Enigma yawned by way of reply. "Anyway, if you don't accept then you'll never find out, will you?"
"I don't suppose we've much of a choice, have we?" Rhiannon sighed. "You remind me of one of my teammates with that really hard to follow logic. So much so that I know you're only going to tail us anyway even if I say no, so I guess that means you're in."
"Thanks," Enigma nodded gratefully. "Although I like to think I'm not quite as erratic as your Raichu friend is."
"How do you know so much about things you've never been involved in?" Rhiannon asked.
"Comes with the territory," Enigma shrugged.
"And your territory is..?"
"Ah. Well that, Rhiannon..." Here the Eevee paused for added drama. " a secret. Come on. Let's get moving. If we press we can be at the Yvresse borders by tomorrow evening." Without so much as asking if this was okay Enigma made as if to start moving. Leaving Rhiannon and Saul looking and feeling very confused and wondering just what they were letting themselves in for.
Right. Now time to order another RBG for Rhi from... ooh, I think the Nature Protection Agency this time. *pays 7 stamps*
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Jeff gets 12 stamps for hit story, and Chris gets 14 for his. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy. I rated them yesterday on the bus. Amethyst's story reminded me a lot of my Pidgeot's. I'm sorry they've both had to deal with such torments. And that Bellossom was really weird! As for Jeff... Jake's sudden appearance and just as sudden death was quite surprising. Maybe all a bit too sudden. Groove Guy's battle was funny.

Ok, here are your stamps.

Chris: ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢

Ade, Rhi will battle a Houndour. I'll read your battle as soon as I can. Now I'm starting to wish I hadn't got a job. >_< I hope I can still manage to write at least one story for every 5 you write.
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Heh, thanks, Gabi. I can not write emotional scenes to save my life, but I have found out that writing for Groove Guy is very fun indeed.
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Any idea when the current scenario will end? I'm just wondering because I'm sure some writing would do myself some good and gain a few Levels on my Adopted Pokemon. I would like an extension for the current scenario just in case it does end soon because I'm going to get started on writing my little story for the current scenario.

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I'm thinking it'll be up a coupla weeks yet... for a start there's been so many extension requests it seems silly to change until we've a few more battles in, and of course there is the fact that I'm only halfway through writing the next installment of this campaign. :O
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Here's Athena's RBG - She's my Swablu

I watched the Salamence fly overhead with the mysterious passenger on its back. It was impossible to tell whether it was a grown person, never mind the gender of the person or whether it actually wanted to be there or not. Regardless, whoever it was on there didn’t appear to care as to what was going on underneath them. It was as if they were carefree, just letting the Salamence carry them to… well, wherever. The Salamence looked pretty vicious and was constantly exhaling flames, but whether it had been told to do so was a completely different story. Was it interesting? I don’t know. It seemed pretty random, but I wasn’t one to look deeply into things I didn’t have a clue about.

Oh, dear, I had ended up daydreaming again. I was always doing that, and I never meant it. Second time I’d done it in the space of about 15 minutes, though, and given the length of time I tended to daydream for, that was quite an achievement. This time, though, I was broken out of my trance by a groaning Itai. “Uuuurgh,” he said, helpfully. I looked at him, still finding it difficult to dig up any sort of sympathy for him. After all, he deserved what he got, and even more so because it was one of my pokemon who deserved the pain. I wasn’t exactly going to feel sympathy towards a pokemon that I wanted to defeat, now was I? And it didn’t help that the trainer of the said pokemon happened to be evil. Well, presumably.

“Mooorgh,” Itai whined. I raised an eyebrow at him. “I don’t feel well.”
“I don’t much care, to be honest.” I was being honest. I didn’t care at all. It was his fault for starting it. Amethyst hadn’t even been looking for a fight.
“Have you got any food?”
“Surely if you’re not feeling well then the last thing you’d be looking for is food? Wouldn’t that just make you feel even worse? I don’t think you’re really thinking this whole ‘I’m ill’ thing through…”
“Have you got any paracetamol, then?”
“Yes, I think so. But I’m not one to give my painkillers to genetically modified rats.”
“Well, it’s not my fault that I was experimented on.”
“Wasn’t it? The impression I got is that you wandered into the lab of your own accord.”
“Well, I did,” admitted Itai. “But I didn’t WANT to be experimented on.”
“And did any of the others?” I inquired.
“Er… Uuurgh, I’m sick!”
“Oh, hush.”

I was more into daydreaming than I was with talking to a rat that I didn’t like much and didn’t really want to talk to in the first place. At least, today seemed like a daydreamy day. I ignored the groans that Itai put on because they weren’t believable enough. At least, not believable enough for my liking. I knew he was hurting, but he could’ve at least made it sound convincing and not like a pile of silly crap. I shook my head before making my way across the fields again. I had taken a longer break than I’d intended, given the battle and the daydreaming and all… it was nice to get some rest, though. And I think I’d needed to daydream to get Alexander off my mind. I mean, why did I meet him today? And suddenly Itai? Why were so many people from Amethyst’s past returning?

….Oops. I’d meant not to end up thinking about these serious things too much, especially when I knew I’d end up asking questions about it all, and if I were to do that, I would need Amethyst, and she was resting. I needed to get something to take things off my mind, something to make me all light-headed and unaware of what serious things there were hanging around in my head. I thought for a moment. And then it struck me – Athena! Of course! The most airy-fairy Swablu that you ever could meet, right in my backpack. That was lucky. She’d be the perfect antidote to my current affliction.

I stopped walking, took my backpack off and raked through the cluster of balls until I dug out Athena’s. “There it is!” I said to myself relatively cheerfully, before holding the ball out in the palm of my hand and depressing the button. Athena suddenly burst out in a flash of red light. “Ohhhh!” she cried, stretching her wings and shaking her talons. “It feels nice to be out in the fresh air again!”
“Yes, yes It does,” I agreed.
“Well of course YOU’D say that, you’ve been in the fresh air for aaaaages.”
“That’s true, although I did just bear witness to a pretty intense battle.”
“Did you really? Who did it involve?”
“Amethyst-“ Athena squealed with excitement when I said her name – “and a Rattata she knew from the past.”
“From the past? What?”
“Oh, yeah, you don’t know. Well, I’ll tell you about her past some other time. For now, though, how about we talk about brownies?”
“Chocolate ones?” she asked me.
“Of course chocolate brownies, what other brownie do you know of in Ulthuan?”
“Well I don’t know, I just thought it sounded like a name you might give to a group of young girls who did lots of activities together and stuff…”
“Where on earth did you get that idea?” I asked her, slightly bewildered.
“You make it sound so far fetched! It’s not that unlikely!”
“I guess not, but brownies? Why would anyone call them that? Why not, like, “cookies” or “flapjacks” or something?”
“Well you see” – and I could see that this could go on for a while – “flapjacks wouldn’t work because Jack is a boys name and henceforth it would just be a silly name for a group of girls, and they would SELL cookies so if they WERE cookies they’d end up selling themselves because since they’re only small they probably wouldn’t know any better and then they’d end up being owned by some random old lady.”
“Oh, of course,” I replied, not really understanding where Athena got any connection from.
“It’s perfectly obvious really… Have you noticed how old people smell weird?” she suddenly chirped, making quite a sharp conversation change.
“Not really,” I mumbled, raising my eyebrow again.
“You know, old ladies smell funny! I don’t know what it is, but they have this old people smell! Have you never noticed it whilst we’ve been at your grandma’s house?”
“…we’ve never been to my grandma’s house, Athena.” I honestly didn’t have a clue where she got THAT from.
“Oh, you know! That big old place with the weird stairs!”
“That really narrows it down.”
“You know I’m not good with descriptions! But I’m sure you know where I mean!”
“I’m not…” She’d completely lost me.
“The stairs! They went up!” she squealed.
“I don’t know if you know this, but going up is quite a common occurrence with stairs…”
“Ugh! You really know nothing do you?!”
“Evidently not. Hey, is that Caledor’s Nature Protection Agency there?”
“I don’t know! Why would I know?” she asked me, fairly accusingly.
“Well, I thought you might’ve seen that sign there… saying “Caledor’s Nature Protection Agency…”
“Oh! I’m not sure, we might be at the Universal Adoption Centre.”
“Oh. Well, that’s possibility.”
“Yes it is! So do you think it is?”
“I’m not sure, really. But I’m fairly sure it’s the Nature Protection Agency. Y’know, cause of the whole sign thing…”
“Yes, but it could be an optical illusion. You never know, it might be Unicorn’s Gate for all you know, or it could even be the Dragon’s Guild!”
“You know about the Dragon’s Guild?” I asked, confused. How did she know about it?
“That lady mentioned it. Whasserface. You know. That one.”
“Again, thanks for your amazing powers at being specific. Do you mean… Amy, maybe? Gabi? Soo?”
“Gabi! Well, I think. Soo’s with that Ade man and Amy’s the one who’s sneezing all the time because of those allergies.”
“Yeah, you’re thinking of Gabi. I must say, I’m impressed that you didn’t go off on one during that explanation.”
“Go off on one? How would I do that? Can you go off on two?”
“Well I suppo-“
“What about three? Would that just be silly? Or would it just take a long time? Does it even matter how many you go off on just so long as you don’t tire yourself so that you fall asleep halfway through or end up starving yourself because you’re just talking too much? What do you think?”
“Well, to be honest, I’ve never really thought about it…” I said, drifting off as I finished saying it.
“You never ponder over these things!” Athena remarked indignantly before fluttering up high into the sky.
“Athena? Athena! Could you come down please?”
“Oh! Sorry!” Athena cried, before dive-bombing into me, knocking me straight over due to the impact and the surprise. “Hello!” she cried, before promptly falling asleep. I shook her. “Athena? Athena!” It wasn’t really working. I poked her. Didn’t wake her up. Poked her again.
“Ow!” Athena cried, before pecking my finger.
“What was that for?” I mused, before holding my finger and pouting as I saw she’d broken the skin. “Look what you did!”
“I’m sorry...” Athena whined, before bursting into tears. I just looked at her.
“Don’t cry Athena. You’re taking this too seriously. Look, I’ve got a plaster, see? And here I am, wrapping the plaster around my finger…”
“Yay! You’re not dying!” Athena piped up as she realised she hadn’t killed me.
“No, I’m very much living,” I smiled, as Athena zipped up into the air again. As I got up again, I tried to call over to Athena to get her to follow me… But she didn’t show any signs of listening. I just walked away myself until she realised I was going, and then she followed. I grinned and said “You noticed me, then.”

I said something else too, but I can’t remember what that was. I don’t think Athena can remember either, given that she was the one who didn’t bother replying to it anyway, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything of any importance. Actually, now that I think about it, it was probably something to do with why we happened to be walking about outsider Caledor’s Nature Protection Agency. We didn’t really have any business to do there… We just seemed to be walking down a fence with a few pokemon inside, probably not wanting to be seen. It looked as if the Nature Protection Agency was just one humungous enclosure, really, but I couldn’t see many pokemon from the outskirts. They probably don’t like it when people look in.

Athena ended up drifting away in front of me as we were walking along rather aimlessly. It was nice feeling carefree, but I couldn’t help feeling that there was somebody following. I had constantly been turning round but I never saw anybody there, so I didn’t really think anything about it… But now it was getting a bit creepy. I turned round once more when my heart lurched due to suspense… and nobody. It was kind of freaky. So I asked Athena if she’d been feeling it too. “No! But there is a Cyndaquil following you!” she replied. I turned round, and sure enough, there was a Cyndaquil there. How it got there, I’m not too sure, since I’d not seen it before… But it was there alright. It seemed a bit annoyed with Athena, though, as if she’d ruined his little game. As a result, he blew a few blasts of flame at her. She chirped a little before clicking on to the fact that she was actually being challenged to a battle… Athena’s always like that. Ever cheerful, never aware.

Athena the female Swablu [Lv 9] vs. Male Cyndaquil [Lv 9]

“Why are you attacking me?!” Athena whined. “I’m not going to battle me until you say!”
“I was following you guys and then you blew my cover! Why would you do that? Why? Why? Why?!”
“I didn’t realise you’d been trying to hide! You weren’t being very subtle, especially since I’d seen you for quite a while!”
“Oh, shush. You still blew it for me! Now are you gonna battle me, or what?”
“I don’t really want to, but…”
“Oh, just go for it,” I said to her. It was more of a command, really, but I figured she’d understand since she really wanted to be an Altaria.
“Well, I…” she stuttered.
“Just do it!” I yelled as the Cyndaquil lunged towards Athena in a furious rage.

Athena dodged the attack at the very last minute, but it was incredibly close. I didn’t know what had spurned the Cyndaquil to be quite as angry as that, so as Athena kept herself aloft, I tried to figure it out. Suddenly, the Cyndaquil threw himself at her again. “What’s he doing?!” cried Athena, narrowly missing his immense leap once more. I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn’t think of any move that would make a pokemon behave so recklessly. Other than maybe… Rage, or possibly… Thrash. Thrash? That made sense. Suddenly, I heard a squawk and I snapped out of the trance I’d been in before. I saw that Athena’d just received a slash to her belly, and she was bleeding.

“Help!” she whined, although that was a rather inappropriate thing to cry, as she didn’t really need help – just commands. Nevertheless I didn’t delay on the little things and I gave Athena her first order… “Aerial Ace!” I shouted to her. “Ok!” she squealed, not really cottoning on to the fact that it makes more sense to attack rather than acknowledge an order. Regardless, she timed her moment perfectly and dive-bombed towards her opponent in much the same way as she had done so before to me, although this time, it was vicious, and not playful. She swerved her body as soon as she neared the Cyndaquil, slashing his nose with her beak. Then she flew back up again, breathing heavily, awaiting my next order.

“Ok, Athena… fly up high – use Sunny Day!”
“But… but won’t he just get powered up by that?” she inquired, anxiously.
“He shouldn’t do,” I explained, “I don’t think he’s at a high enough level to have any fire attacks. Now just do it!”

Athena nodded before spiralling upwards, chirping in a somewhat mechanical and yet flowing voice. As she did so, the clouds which had previously been surrounding the sun departed and let the sunlight flow down onto the grass. The Cyndaquil narrowed his eyes as the sunlight streamed down, trying to focus on Athena properly by the looks of things. It couldn’t have been easy to see an opponent who’s flying when the sun’s really bright… But hey, that wasn’t a bad thing for us in this case! “Athena, I don’t know how effective this’ll be, but… Solarbeam!”

Athena looked relatively taken aback, and then I realised that she’d never used it before. “Don’t worry about it – you’ll be fine! I don’t think he can see exactly where you are so he won’t be able to dodge, hopefully,” I yelled, rather more loudly than I needed to. Athena looked a bit wary but gave a sign of understanding nevertheless, and then took up to… well, about 4 metres from the ground, before soaking in the sunlight. Then, after a short while, she started to glow and she unleashed an immense blast of greenish energy. It was quite surprising that she could produce such an attack from such a small beak, but she managed it. It went on for quite a while, too…

Once she finished it, I immediately looked at the Cyndaquil. It still had some puff left, but it was looking really pretty stressed and it wasn’t going to last much longer. Regardless, he managed to create a blob of blackish smokiness in front of himself by extracting the dirt and grime from the air into one small mass of matter. How he did it, I don’t know, but I wasn’t bothered about that; he tossed it into the air and it burst all over Athena who hadn’t known what to do. Coughing, Athena tried to flap her wings to get the smoke away; unfortunately she’d been flapping it in my direction so I had to run to the other side of the arena before continuing to give Athena orders.

The Cyndaquil was grinning by the time I’d gotten away from the smoke, but it was still looking tired and lacking energy. I paused for a second before telling Athena to use another Aerial Ace; after all, it’d worked well the first time. She paused briefly, making the Cyndaquil stop smiling for a second, before suddenly shooting down at him and slashing him with her beak again. It was successful enough to bring him down, and he twirled in a circle before falling over backwards, unconscious.

“Wooooooooooo!” came the cheerful cry from Athena.

Athena won! She grew to level 10! She learned Body Slam as her free TM move!

I ran over to Athena as she cheered triumphantly due to her win. “Happy, are we?” I grinned as she fluttered about. “Well, not we. I am, though!” she cried before wincing and falling out of the air; she would’ve landed on the ground had I not grasped her beforehand. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked.
“The slash on my belly, it’s really sorry…”
“It’s really sorry?” I asked her, confused.
“Oh, woops. No. It’s sore,” she explained.
“Well, I think that should be fixed if I return you… You’ve got Natural Cure, right? So it should fix itself if you give it time – Will you be ok in your pokeball?”
“Yeah, I will.”

I gave a half-hearted smile as I held out her pokeball and watched her get sucked in. It’s sometimes relatively annoying having her air-headedness getting the better of her and annoying me, but she was fun to have around, so I felt a bit disappointed having to return her. It was for the best, though, I guess. Mumbling, I glanced at the Cyndaquil. It didn’t seem to be that good yet. I picked him up and then lowered him over the fence of the Nature Protection Agency. The agency was really big… Of course, this was only a tiny bit of it. There was the main building, and then that building owned a space of land to care for orphaned pokemon and such… And it was all surrounded by a fence. It was quite a nice place, actually, but I made the decision to just explore the open land. The land which was owned by the agencies and the centres and stuff… but wasn’t, like, restricted.

Ugh. I’d been daydreaming again. After I’d put the Cyndaquil into the boundaries of the agency – and apologising to it as well, just out of respect – I went back over to my backpack, which was still open after I’d put Athena in. I really needed to get a new one… This one was getting old and tatty, with all my stuff just shoved in there in a heap. There were these new bags which were on the market, and they had compartment for all your stuff – pokeballs, potions, TMs, you name it, it had a compartment for it. But for now, I had to make do with my heap of 15 disorganised pokeballs. Raking through them, I eventually found the one I was looking for – Maria’s. I dunno why her, in particular… But I chose her anyway. She was nice company, and a good antidote to Athena’s silly personality, really.

I closed my bag, put it on my back again, and released Maria. I smiled when she materialized. She smiled back once she saw me, although it was a bit of a surprise for her. “Hi,” she said, calmly. “’Ello,” I said, before starting to walk. Maria hurriedly flew beside me. “Where are we going?” she asked me.
“We’re going home for a bit, Maria. I want to pick up some stuff and buy a new backpack in Sector Alpha. I’ll bet these bloody Crimson Blades’ll be the driving force behind us having to leave home again, but for now… Just want a bit of quiet time, you know?”

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Credit goes to Yukitsukai for the avatar - Thanks Kimmi.
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