Acabas de entrar al chat "Chat 22091753651679401640."
Lady Vulpix G: Random number chat?
TLKsNala98: yeah
TLKsNala98: didn't feel like creating a name
TLKsNala98: anyway what happened was stupid
Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, I agree.
TLKsNala98: i'll copy and paste here what Danny told me
TLKsNala98: whcih is bascially the same i heard from jay
Lady Vulpix G: Jay said Suzie demodded him because he'd entered a chat with 5 users.
TLKsNala98: TLKsNala98: i heard a little somethign about what happened, coudl you clue me in more xxAipom of Doom: with Jay being demodded?
Link Ocarina2002: i have the chat which Zak sent me
Lady Vulpix G: Suzie told me to ask someone else because she was too busy.
Link Ocarina2002: i want him remodded
Lady Vulpix G: So do I.
TLKsNala98: me three
Link Ocarina2002: he can be banned from ummmm for all i care but not from modship
Link Ocarina2002: is Suzie still on?
TLKsNala98: TLKsNala98: yesTLKsNala98: i've heard some but i'm still confuzz;ledAipom of Doom: He has like 30 AIM names
TLKsNala98: Aipom of Doom: So what he did this morning was bring them all into the chat at once, thus blocking others from enterring
TLKsNala98: Aipom of Doom: Suzie was one of the ones that couldn't get in, she said he was breaking the chat, and demodded him
TLKsNala98: Aipom of Doom: And that's about it
TLKsNala98: X.x
Link Ocarina2002: did she honestly think he did it on purpose?
TLKsNala98: who knows
TLKsNala98: i think she banned steve once during the booter fiasco but i'm not positive
TLKsNala98: but he got unbanned xx
TLKsNala98: i can't remember the exzact details on that since it was a whiel backl
Link Ocarina2002: ok, i read the chat that it was agreed upon other people in the chat to demod him
Lady Vulpix G: Suzie has done some good things, but with this I think she has abused her power.
Link Ocarina2002: people that don't go to PCG
Link Ocarina2002: i'm inviting her
TLKsNala98: should we invite hre in her and tell her that all three of us want him remodded
TLKsNala98: XD
TLKsNala98: GMTA
Lady Vulpix G: If they don't go to PCG, they shouldn't decide what happens in PCG.
Lady Vulpix G: Indeed.
TLKsNala98: I agree on htat
LittlePikachuTPM entró al chat.
Lady Vulpix G: I was checking if she was on.
TLKsNala98: hi
Link Ocarina2002: hey
LittlePikachuTPM: NO
LittlePikachuTPM: What?
LittlePikachuTPM: Hi
Link Ocarina2002: we'd prefer that you not invite anyone else
LittlePikachuTPM: Let me guess, this is about Jay? ;o
Link Ocarina2002: we had a talk and we've decided that we want Jay back. although he has violated ummmm, that doesn't give anyone the right to punish him on TPM. he messed around with the chat in a fun way, not intending to hurt anyone and i can see
LittlePikachuTPM: So did Hunter. No one had any objection to him being banned.
Link Ocarina2002: how you would be pissed but honestly, why should he be demodded for that? unlike Hunter, Jay didn't do his prank on purpose
Lady Vulpix G: That wasn't the reason why Hunter was banned.
Link Ocarina2002: you could've banned him from ummmm
Lady Vulpix G: Hunter flamed and booted people.
LittlePikachuTPM: Hunter was banned for abusing Ummmm and messing it up for everyone.
Link Ocarina2002: multiple times
LittlePikachuTPM: Jay messed it up for everyone just the same
LittlePikachuTPM: He was banned after the first time.
Link Ocarina2002: Jay did it once and i doubted her would do it again
Link Ocarina2002: he*
Link Ocarina2002: O_o
TLKsNala98: and none of us were here to give our opinion. I had no clue abotu what happened till i got back here at martin
Link Ocarina2002: even so, the people that agreed with you that he should be banned are people that don't even go to PCG, where he does his work. he was a great mod and one instance in ummmm shouldn't make him banned
Lady Vulpix G: Same here. I didn't know about it until Jay told me and you didn't even want to give me an explanation.
LittlePikachuTPM: This wasn't really a decision which required mod input.
Link Ocarina2002: even still, no one told us until we saw the vacancy
Link Ocarina2002: i don't see why he should be banned from TPM though. not once has he spammed or done anything wrong to the boards and it's quite unfair that someone is banned because they did something wrong inn a chatroom
LittlePikachuTPM: I'm gonna tell you what I've just told everyone else about this.
Lady Vulpix G: Jay has done a lot of good things on PCG. He shouldn't lose his job over something so stupid.
TLKsNala98: I afree
TLKsNala98: agree*
TLKsNala98: X.x
LittlePikachuTPM: Ummmm is the official AIM chatroom of TPM. If you screw around in there like Hunter did, you're likely to have action taken on TPM
TLKsNala98: where wasn't it said that \Hunter did it multiple times
Lady Vulpix G: Jay didn't do what Hunter did, and you gave Hunter plenty more opportunities.
TLKsNala98: and wasn't this time Jay's first
Link Ocarina2002: i disagree on that. where on TPM did anyone say ummmm is the official chatroom? quite a few members who don't go the room but do go to PCG will be quite confused and pissed about this
LittlePikachuTPM: People have said it quite a few times, Becca
LittlePikachuTPM: And it's been decided within the members of the chat many, many times.
Lady Vulpix G: I know people who have been to ummmm and never to TPM.
Link Ocarina2002: there are a lot of members who don't go to ummmm but do go to TPM, which is the majority
Lady Vulpix G: If someone who wasn't from TPM of them entered ummmm with multiple accounts, what would you do?
LittlePikachuTPM: Nothing, since there's actually nothing I can do.
Link Ocarina2002: if you make a poll and ask if Jay should be demodded because of this, i think people would think its wrong
Lady Vulpix G: We could start a petition.
LittlePikachuTPM: People agreed that it was right at the time.
LittlePikachuTPM: Trust me, a petition will get you no where.
Link Ocarina2002: and really, it's the people's board, not a dictatorship
Lady Vulpix G: People who don't go to PCG and hardly know him.
Link Ocarina2002: indeed
TLKsNala98: yep
Link Ocarina2002: unless the mass majority agrees, it's not the people's board
LittlePikachuTPM: When was the last time Kevin asked for the popular opinion, honestly?
Lady Vulpix G: When was the last time Kevin did anything?
LittlePikachuTPM: Point.
Link Ocarina2002: yeah
Link Ocarina2002: so you'd rather listen to 10 people rather than the people who actually go to PCG?
LittlePikachuTPM: Anyway, I was intending to remod him, but it seems he has some sort of personal hate grudge about me anyway which he's had prior to these events, so I doubt I'll bother
Link Ocarina2002: you said "it seems". why don't you ask him yourself?
Lady Vulpix G: You can't expect him not to get mad at this.
LittlePikachuTPM: Prior to these events
Lady Vulpix G: And knowing Jay, if you provoke him, he will explode. You can get him to say he's hated you since he was born if you hurt him enough. That wouldn't prove anything.
LittlePikachuTPM: He had me blocked yesterday for reasons I don't know.
TLKsNala98: i think we've all been on his bad side at least once
Link Ocarina2002: Suzie, Jay is a part of PCG. without him, we lost a valuable member of TPM and of the mods
Lady Vulpix G: He blocks everyone when he's in a bad mood.
TLKsNala98: true even me
LittlePikachuTPM: No one else was blocked.
TLKsNala98: and i talk to him just abotu every day hes on
Lady Vulpix G: Same here.
Link Ocarina2002: he gets pissed off all the time at Gabi and me but he eases up after a day. i'm just like him
LittlePikachuTPM: It was in chat and he was like "Oh, I can't see what Suzie's saying. She's a bitch" etc
LittlePikachuTPM: And I honestly can't remember even talking to him as of late
Lady Vulpix G: He had me on his 'hate list' once, but I talked to him later and things went back to normal.
TLKsNala98: once he was upset with me
TLKsNala98: becasue i didn't reply to a pm of his before he becaem a mod
Link Ocarina2002: everyone gets mad at each other for no reasons at all but i doubt he would hold a grudge for a long time
Lady Vulpix G: I agree with Becca.
TLKsNala98: it was late at night and i didn't have time to reply but have ti explainged the situation... no problems/. I agree with becca as well
Link Ocarina2002: he called me a bitch once also but i didn't let it get to me that much
Link Ocarina2002: so he was an ass at that time. i knew he would get over it though
LittlePikachuTPM: And this is someone you want as an authority member on the board? Someone who hates and goes into a strop because his PM wasn't replied to instantly?
Lady Vulpix G: He has mood swings, but he's a good person and has always done a great job as a mod.
Lady Vulpix G: i think that's what counts.
Lady Vulpix G: *I
TLKsNala98: that was a while back. no more problems since and anyway i read it and didn' reply a mitake on my part
Link Ocarina2002: we want him as an authority member because he provides leadership and does a great job at what he does
TLKsNala98: yeah. he hasd been a great mod.
TLKsNala98: and hes good at the places he works
Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
Link Ocarina2002: he hasn't been mad at me since when i first became a mod. it's been smooth since then
TLKsNala98: and no problems with me either
LittlePikachuTPM: And the final point on why he shouldn't be remodded
TLKsNala98: in fact it was after he became mod that we became friends now he is one of my best friend son tpm
LittlePikachuTPM: He's decided to leave.
Lady Vulpix G: He thought about leaving.
Lady Vulpix G: But he's decided to stay.
Link Ocarina2002: everyone thinks about leaving but hardly anyone does
Link Ocarina2002: i'm sure you've thought about it at least once, Suzie
TLKsNala98: i know i thought about it when i got kicked out of the pta program but i decided to stay then when i was sick and having to go to the gastrologist i thought about it though i todl no one and i decided to stay
LittlePikachuTPM: I think about it all the time. Mainly because I have an entire board to run and people have no gratitude whatsoever about the fact that I put in hours of work every day and try to make it an enjoyable place for everyone
Lady Vulpix G: I thought about leaving when the Battle Range and the Eevee House were closed, but I decided it was worth trying to sort things out.
Lady Vulpix G: If you have a good memory, you'll recall me saying you've dome lots of great things.
TLKsNala98: anbd you have
TLKsNala98: and*
Lady Vulpix G: Even brought the board back when Kevin neglected it.
LittlePikachuTPM: You know Kevin has never once said thank you.
Lady Vulpix G: And I think a message was sent to you from many TPMers thanking you for all the things you do, right?
LittlePikachuTPM: The nicest thing he ever said to me is "You're inactive" because I once went to sleep.
Link Ocarina2002: now that i think about it, i wouldn't have been surprised
LittlePikachuTPM: And I've been thinking about packing it in lately.
Link Ocarina2002: well, everyone at the board appreciates your work. without you, TPM would be dead now
TLKsNala98: I appreciate what you do.
Link Ocarina2002: surviving for 4 years is a big accomplishment
Lady Vulpix G: You've been doing a great job as an admin, and we want you to stay. That doesn't mean we'll agree with you on everything.
LittlePikachuTPM: But then I'm pretty sure there'd be no TPM for anyone and I don't want to do that because I know there are a few people who still like it and aren't just there to cause trouble
Lady Vulpix G: I agree on that.
Link Ocarina2002: all in all, no one wants to cause trouble. people screw up and do things by accident but few purposely make the board bad
Lady Vulpix G: And Jay isn't one of them.
Link Ocarina2002: yes
TLKsNala98: i agre
TLKsNala98: agree*
Link Ocarina2002: *sighs* does anyone beside me have bad circulation?
Lady Vulpix G: Sometimes.
TLKsNala98: ?
Link Ocarina2002: my hands and feet are freezing
Link Ocarina2002: it usually happens when i go on the computer :\
TLKsNala98: then i guess i do ^^;;
LittlePikachuTPM: I do, Becca
LittlePikachuTPM: I have to have the heating on full on the hands/feet mode when I'm driving
LittlePikachuTPM: It totlaly bakes anyone else in the car though :P
Link Ocarina2002: i have to put my hands between my legs so they can stay warm
TLKsNala98: it doesn't help that my roommate and eeyone i'm kin to is hot natured
TLKsNala98: they freeze me to death all the time
Lady Vulpix G: My hands and feet always get cold, but cold doesn't bother me much. I do have low blood pressure often, though.
TLKsNala98: Luckily i have normal to slightly below normal blood pressure
TLKsNala98: thats good considering both my parents are on medication for high blood pressure
Link Ocarina2002: i like the summer more than winter. winter sucks but the snow is nice
TLKsNala98: xx
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, I wish there was snow here.
LittlePikachuTPM: I hate having to wait for busses for hours in the cold
Lady Vulpix G: I hate waiting for busses for hours. period.
Lady Vulpix G: *P
LittlePikachuTPM: Naturally, but it's worse when it's cold
Lady Vulpix G: So, about Jay... Will you remod him?
LittlePikachuTPM: Hrm...
Lady Vulpix G: Please?
TLKsNala98: please
LittlePikachuTPM: Damnit, where's the TPMBot when I need to make admin decisions...
Link Ocarina2002: triple please?
Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
TLKsNala98: with sugar on top
Link Ocarina2002: damn, late
Lady Vulpix G: I can imitate it.
LittlePikachuTPM: I hate you guys, you're all so sweet ;_;
Link Ocarina2002: lol
Lady Vulpix G: O:-)
Link Ocarina2002: aren't we? O:-)
TLKsNala98: O:-)
Lady Vulpix G: GMTA again.
Link Ocarina2002: perhaps if he does it again, then you could demod him
Link Ocarina2002: i can't stand the silence!!!
Link Ocarina2002: btw Gabi, what does GMTA mean?
TLKsNala98: great minds think alike
TLKsNala98: though i'm not Gabi
Link Ocarina2002: ok, thanks
Lady Vulpix G: But that's what it means.
TLKsNala98: ^^
Lady Vulpix G: Thanks for covering me for the 2nd time, Amy.
TLKsNala98: XD no problemo
TLKsNala98: what are freinds for
Lady Vulpix G: Much more than that, actually, but that's a nice feature. :-)
Link Ocarina2002: i know this is off topic but is Soo really reffing an EH race?
Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
Link Ocarina2002: ok :o
Lady Vulpix G: Is any of you at ummmm?
TLKsNala98: nope
Link Ocarina2002: i am, unless i shouldn't be in there
Lady Vulpix G: Why shouldn't you?
Link Ocarina2002: i dunno
Link Ocarina2002: anyway, how are you doing Suzie?
LittlePikachuTPM: I just burnt my leg
Link Ocarina2002: O-o
Link Ocarina2002: how?
TLKsNala98: ouch
TLKsNala98: how? Hope it feels better
LittlePikachuTPM: On my hair straighteners
TLKsNala98: can you put cool water on it
TLKsNala98: or aloe vera
TLKsNala98: those are what i do when i help. of course my mom killed my aloe vera plant xxx
TLKsNala98: X.X*
LittlePikachuTPM: I'll try that later. I'm suprised I haven't burnt my ear tonight though, usually that's the first to go
TLKsNala98: need to find another ^^
TLKsNala98: its best fromt he plant but i guess lotion wll work thats what my mom has been using sine her black thumb kille dmy plant ^^;;
TLKsNala98: anyway, i never use rollers or a straighter because i know if i tried knowing my luck i'd get 2nd degree burns xx
TLKsNala98: somehw
Lady Vulpix G: :-(
Lady Vulpix G: I have lots of Aloe Vera plants.
Lady Vulpix G: If you plant 2, you'll have a dozen in a month.
Link Ocarina2002: we'd like to know if you've come to a decision yet, Suzie
LittlePikachuTPM: I have initiated a decision.
Lady Vulpix G: Initiated?
Link Ocarina2002: oh god --;
Link Ocarina2002: please tell me he's temporary
LittlePikachuTPM: Ozzy 4 lyf
Link Ocarina2002: Suzie, Andrew has no PCG experience whatsoever
Lady Vulpix G: Suzie, you know Andy can't stand 2 of us.
TLKsNala98: oy
Lady Vulpix G: Plus he knows nothing about PCG.
LittlePikachuTPM: You guys must learn when I'm joking!
Lady Vulpix G: *Sighs.*
Link Ocarina2002: i know but it's kinda hard to tell ><
Lady Vulpix G: I must admit I never understood English humor, sorry.
Lady Vulpix G: Except for Ade's.
Link Ocarina2002: XD
LittlePikachuTPM: My humou is on a level of it's own.
TLKsNala98: ^^;;
LittlePikachuTPM: r
Lady Vulpix G: Thanks. :-)
Link Ocarina2002: thank you very much, Suzie
TLKsNala98: thanks you tons
TLKsNala98: thank*
LittlePikachuTPM: Just don't let me catch you guys stealing apples from Mr.Bobbins' farm again.
Link Ocarina2002: ok O:-)
Lady Vulpix G: *Thumbs up.*
TLKsNala98: *nodds*