Dragon's Guild chat

Lady Vulpix G: Now, about the Dragon's Guild...
Lady Vulpix G: What shall we do?
ManachuBoy: Ah yeah, I was just about to ask you if you had any ideas on that score.
Lady Vulpix G: Well, let me gather what's left of my brains at this time...
ManachuBoy: I think the Guild topic needs reopening, but prolly with a few changes to stop it from just being a long quoting session like it was originally
Lady Vulpix G: Speaking of which, what are you doing up at THAT time?
ManachuBoy: Hey, it's weekend. I don't have to get up until about ten in the morning. ^_^
Wolf1998us: ^^; its only 8pm here
Lady Vulpix G: I was thinking along the lines of quoting + discussing + a little roleplay.
Wolf1998us: or rather close to it ^^;
Lady Vulpix G: 3 hours later for me than for you, and 3 hours later for Ade than for me.
ManachuBoy: Yanno, Gabi, you're about the only person I talk to on AIM who actually really notices my owl-like sleeping habits. :O
ManachuBoy: But I digress. Yeah, incorporating other aspects into the Guild is something of a must.
Lady Vulpix G: XD I wouldn't be so sure about it, but I do notice them.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, what I'm not sure about is how to organize it.
Lady Vulpix G: I mean how to run it.
ManachuBoy: Hmm... let me ramble slightly here as ideas pop into my head. I'm all for keeping the 'give us a quote or what have you to join' thing, just for tradition's sake.
Lady Vulpix G: Hehe.
ManachuBoy: One thing we need more time to think about is how the different ranks might affect what you can do in the Guild.
ManachuBoy: Coz the having different departments thing seems like a good idea really.
ManachuBoy: Prolly would influence the rp-ing aspect you mentioned more than anything
Lady Vulpix G: Then people could choose a specialization .
Lady Vulpix G: And the places Scott mentioned in his post could be actual places within the building,
Lady Vulpix G: which we can mention in our roleplay.
Lady Vulpix G: As for the ranks, I don't know what the would be, nor who would give them out.
Lady Vulpix G: I know I'm a universal scholar, because that was the last rank Scott gave me.
ManachuBoy: Yeah, ranks are gonna take a little thinking about.
Lady Vulpix G: Maybe we can get along with the game and ranks may just come up...
Lady Vulpix G: I don't know, that's always been the hardest part for me.
Lady Vulpix G: The part I thought I'd never do.
ManachuBoy: I was also thinking we could have, like, a weekly discussion, whereby people could discuss a relevant DT-related topic each week.
Lady Vulpix G: Could be, as long as I don't have to pick all the topics.
ManachuBoy: No, obviously not.
Lady Vulpix G: DT/DG/Ulthuan/Pokemon in general, maybe.
ManachuBoy: Actually there's an immediate ranking right there - whomever the Guild's workers are.
Lady Vulpix G: Hmm?
Wolf1998us: gotta go
Wolf1998us: x.X to the store
ManachuBoy: Oh, okay. See ya, Amy
Lady Vulpix G: See you!
Wolf1998us: ok c ya
Wolf1998us: be back later maybe
Wolf1998us: if not talk to ya tomrorow
Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
Wolf1998us left the room.
ManachuBoy left the room.

ManachuBoy: Well it stands to reason whomever is actually working in the topic
would have a pretty high rank just to distinguish them from 'regular' members. So there's one layer of rankings right there.
Lady Vulpix G: Ah, right.
Lady Vulpix G: There would also be the NPCs with whatever ranks they have.
Lady Vulpix G: Maybe universal scholar could be the worker rank.
ManachuBoy: Yeah, not necessarily a bad idea.
Lady Vulpix G: Then you and I could start with that rank and see if more are incorporated on the way.
ManachuBoy: Uh huh. Actually, there's a way of doing things. Take the base ranks for the specialisations and add more as and when required.
Lady Vulpix G: Good idea. :-) -->
Lady Vulpix G: Who/when should post it?
ManachuBoy: Well I think give it another brainstorming session or two... I mean, we're getting the bare bones here but I think we should flesh it out a bit before actually starting.
ManachuBoy: For instance, how do you envision the RPing aspect working?
Lady Vulpix G: It would be easier if more people had been in the Hayto club, but it could be a bit like the Eevee House. Each of us describes what heppens and we interact.
ManachuBoy: Aye. I think also have the different areas to play in, maybe the discussion of the week could be held in one area, we could have the library area where we can ask each other questions for research purposes... maybe another section with games or something. I can see it also having a bit of a multi-area feel to it, bit like Goldenrod Tower.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, that's what I said about the areas Scott mentioned being places where we can be.
ManachuBoy: Yeah. Hmm... well the next logical question is what the areas are, but leave that with me, I'll sleep on it.
Lady Vulpix G: Did't Scott mention them in his post?
ManachuBoy: Yeah, that's true, actually, then in that case it's the uses for each area that need work.
ManachuBoy: I already mentioned the library being a possible information trading ground... as to the other areas, hmm...
Lady Vulpix G: Hmm.
ManachuBoy: The Lords Hall can be transformed into the place where anyone can hold discussions.
ManachuBoy: I'm also thinking the barracks might kinda be a fun place to RP all the training the pokémon must do in between scenarios or Battle Tower matches, what do you think?
Lady Vulpix G: Good idea.
ManachuBoy: You got any other thoughts? Especially with what to do with the lab area, coz I'm kinda stumped as to that one...
Lady Vulpix G: Well, the lab is bound to appear in the stories soon, but there could be other places where we can conduct research without messing with the laws of nature.
ManachuBoy: Yeah, good point. I suspect the original lab is about to go the way of absolute lawlessness purty soon anyway, 'specially when the big top-secret research project is let loose, so maybe from this point if we want more areas we add them on.