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Author Pokemon Zoo Battle Tower: GS mode tutorial
Lady Vulpix
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First of all, you need to get the pokemon's stats.
You do that with the Stats Calculator. Don't change the last option unless you were told that the pokemon has a specific stat higher than average (like Hero's and Spider's Speed).

For example, these are Rocket's stats:
HP: 66
Attack: 43
Defense: 41
Speed: 46
Special Attack: 39
Special Defense: 39

And these are Blaze's stats:
HP: 57
Attack: 47
Defense: 37
Speed: 48
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 40

Step 2 on next post.


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Lady Vulpix
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Step 2: calculate the damage.

The fastest pokemon attacks first (in this case Blaze). If both pokemon have the same speed, you'll have to roll the dice before each turn to determine who will attack first each time.
You'll need the Damage Calculator to see how much damage the attacks will do.

The damage calculator has the following fields, which you have to fill in:

Level: the attacking pokemon's level. (16 for Blaze and 17 for Rocket).
Attack or Special: the attacking stat (either Attack or Special Attack depending on the move; you can find out which stat a move uses by looking at here).
Power: the base power of the attack. You can find the base powers and other info on all attacks on the following pages: Smogon, Bulbapedia.
Defense or Special: Defense or Special Defense (once more depending on the attack) of the pokemon who's being attacked.
STAB?: means "is the attack the same type as the pokemon who's using it?"
Type modifiers: the effectiveness of the attack depending on the type.

Then click on the button.

Example: Blaze using Flamethrower on Rocket.

Level: 16
Attack or Special: Blaze's Special Attack, which is 40
Power: the base power of Flamethrower is 95.
Defense or Special: Rocket's Special Defense, which is 39
STAB?: YES. Blaze is a fire pokemon and Flamethrower is a fire move.
Type modifiers: 1. Fire moves have normal effectiveness against Pidgeots.

The calculator will give you 4 important numbers. Write down the min. and max. for Critical and Non-Critical. You'll need them for step 3.

In the example, it says the attack will do between 21 and 25 damage if it's Non-Critical, and between 36 and 43 damage if it's critical.

Step 3 (last step) on next post.

If either of the Pokemon have undergone stat modifications, do not change the value of the Attack or Defense field to reflect them. Instead, use the respective stat modification combos (this is to ensure that Critical Hits are calculated correctly).

Important move-specific notes:
Fling has a base power of only 10 regardless of which berry is used.
For Natural Gift, a Berry gives a 60 BP Poison attack, a Gold Berry gives a 60 BP Psychic attack, a Mint Berry gives a 60 BP Water attack, and a Miracle Berry gives a 60 BP Flying attack.
Hidden Power has a base power of 70.
Return and Frustration depend on the attacking Pokemon. If those moves are to be used, consult with the trainers first.
The Battle Tower is a building, so while battling inside, Nature Power turns into Tri-Attack, Secret Power can inflict paralysis and Camouflage turns the user into a Normal type.
In order to use Last Resort, a Pokemon needs to have used at least 6 different moves, or all his/her other moves if they are fewer than 6.
The attack drop from a Burn is ignored when Facade is used.
Electric types cannot be paralyzed, Fire types cannot be burnt, Ice types cannot be Frozen, and neither Poison nor Steel types can be poisoned.
If a Pokemon is frozen, there is a 20% chance of it defrosting each round. If frozen, a Pokemon can still use Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, Flare Blitz, Fusion Flare, Scald, and Steam Eruption to defrost themselves and attack in the same action.
Pokemon can't be frozen if Safeguard or Misty Terrain is in effect (in the case of the latter, the Pokemon has to be on the ground).
A Substitute cannot protect the user from the following moves: Attract, Conversion 2, Curse, Destiny Bond, Disable, Encore, Foresight, Grudge, Guard Swap, Haze, Heart Swap, Imprison, Miracle Eye, Odor Sleuth, Perish Song, Psych Up, Roar, Role Play, Skill Swap, Spite, Taunt, Torment, Whirlwind, all sound-based moves, and moves used by Pokemon who have the Infiltrator ability.
If a Substitute is broken by a multi-strike move (e.g. Double Slap), subsequent hits on that turn from that move can damage the Pokemon that used Substitute.
A Substitute can block the Attack drop from the ability Intimidate, but it cannot block the evasion decrease from Defog.
Transform does not work if the opponent is behind a Substitute.
Grass type Pokemon are immune to Leech Seed, and powder/spore moves.
Sand-Attack can hit Flying type Pokémon.
Toxic has a 100% chance to hit when used by a Poison-type Pokémon
Conversion changes the user into the type of one of its moves. The type is selected by the trainer, but only once per battle. If Conversion is used more than once within the same battle, it will always change the user into the same type.


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Lady Vulpix
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Step 3: the dice.

We use the dice to determine all the random events, like Critical Hits, actual damage, misses, flinching, status changes, etc.

The possible effects and their probabilities depend on the moves being used, and can also be found on the moves pages.

Use the online dice or the randomizer to get the results.

Examples on using the dice:

Let's say a move has x% accuracy. Use the 100-sided dice. If you get a number between 1 and x it hits, if you get a number between x+1 and 100 it misses.

Same for status changes and flinching. For example, flamethrower has a 10% chance of burning. So, you roll the 100-sided dice and if you get 1-10 then it burns, else it doesn't.

Critical Hits: most attacks have 6.25% chance of CH. There are 2 ways to determine if an attack Critical-Hits. You can use the one you like best.
#1: use the 100-sided dice. 1-6: it's CH. 8-100: it's not. 7: roll again and if you get 1-25 then it's CH, else it's not.
#2: roll the 16-sided dice. If you get 1, then it's CH. Else it's not. (Special conditions apply. See the Critical Hits page.)

Actual damage: here's where you use the numbers the Damage Calculator gave you. Use whatever dice fits your need to get a random value between the min. and the max. you got.

Following the Flamethrower example, if it's non-critical (21-25 damage) you can use the 6-sided dice. If you get 1-5, you add 20 to the result and that's the damage the attack does. If you get 6, you roll again.
Note: if a pokemon uses Metronome, use the Metronome Randomizer to determine which attack comes out.
If a pokemon is told to attack an opponent in a 2-on-2 battle, and this opponent faints before the attack takes place, the original target's partner will be attacked instead. Read this document for more information on how moves work on 2-on-2 battles, how traits affect pokemon and which moves require physical contact.

Some notes about items:
There are several items that can be used by a pokemon during a battle. This is how they work:

  • Elemental shields: in effect throughout the whole battle. They absorb 30% of the damage done by attacks of their respective type.
  • Attack-type enhancers: the ones found in the GB/GBC/GBA games. They're in effect throughout the whole battle and increase the power of attacks of their respective type by 10%.
  • Specific enhancers: they affect one of the stats of their user for the whole battle, and/or protect it from a certain effect.
  • Keys: in effect throughout the whole battle. Check the Reward Center for info on how they work.
  • Status dice/coins: they can be used once per battle, at the same time as their user makes its move. There's an option for rolling a status die here, while the effect of the coins can be found at the Reward Center. In a 2-on-2 battle, these items affect one chosen opponent.
  • Stat modification dice: they can be used in the same way as status dice. When one of these is used, you can get the result with this calculator. In a 2-on-2 battle, the user must choose one opponent to aim the die at. The die will affect either that opponent or the user, according to the result.
  • Berries: they work just as in the games. Healing berries (regular and gold berries) are used when their bearer's HP goes below half its maximum. Each berry can be used only once and is consumed as soon as it's activated.
  • Healing herbs: they can be used once instead of a move, and are consumed immediately.
  • Sacred ashes: they can be used once per battle, instead of a move.
  • Other items: there are some other items around, most of them dating from before the Reward Center was created. If such an item is going to be used, ask its owner how it works and confirm it with the opponent.

Those were all the basics of GS mode. You can find further details on the useful references page. If you need anything else, you can find it on sites like Pokemon Dungeon, Ultimate Pokemon Center, Ultimate Pokemon Network and others, or you can ask me. I'll always be glad to help.

Important note: check this link for reminders of what NOT to do when reffing a battle.
If, while reffing, you notice you've made a mistake, don't panic. Just notify the trainers and let them decide whether to go on with the battle or restart the round (or the battle, if necessary).


˜˜Lady VulpiX˜˜

Posts: 4795 | From: Buenos Aires, Argentina | Registered: Oct 2000  |  IP: Logged

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