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Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Karin! Hi, Amy!
Lady Vulpix G: You are there, right?
Lady Vulpix G: I'm all alone with 2 names without their owners. :'(
TLKsNala98: hi
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, hi. :-) Good, I was about to say "there's no one next to me".
Charizard04621: hi
Charizard04621: x_X
Lady Vulpix G: Ok, now we can talk.
Charizard04621: yeah, sorry
Lady Vulpix G: No problem.
Lady Vulpix G: Well, as you may have noticed, several people have been asking for us to add new TMs to the Reward Center.
Lady Vulpix G: What do you think?
Charizard04621: hmm
Charizard04621: yeah, I think they couldn't hurt.
Lady Vulpix G: I'll check Connor's PM to see which ones he suggested.
TLKsNala98: its fine with mew
Lady Vulpix G: And with you?
Charizard04621: ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Or do you do what Mew says? ;-)
TLKsNala98: me* XD
Charizard04621: lol
Charizard04621: Mew is cute ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Yes.I
Lady Vulpix G: That I stands for "I think both Connor and Steve suggested Dragon Dance".
Charizard04621: hmm, Dragon Dance is a good TM
Charizard04621: how many TMs are we looking to add?
Lady Vulpix G: I don't know. I think it would be nice to add some of types we don't currently have. Maybe 4 or 5. Not many because we'd have to make compatibility lists for them.
Charizard04621: yeah
Charizard04621: Wait, what do we have?
Lady Vulpix G: Ember, Water Gun, Thunder Shock, Powdered Snow, Slash, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hidden Power, icy Wind, Bubblebeam, Flame Wheel, Giga Drain, Shockwave, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Muddy Water, Recover, Moonlight, Morning Sun,
Lady Vulpix G: Synthesis, Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Hydro Pump.
Charizard04621: I think we should have more Grass moves. Like Razor Leaf, or something.
Charizard04621: We have plenty of water, fire, and ice, but only Giga Drain and Solarbeam for grass.
Lady Vulpix G: True. I'll check some Pokedexes for Grass moves.
Charizard04621: Hmm, we also seem to have mainly elemental attacks...
Charizard04621: What about physical, like Rock or Steel? Ancientpower's a nice move, for example...
Charizard04621: I dunno
Charizard04621: but we do have tons of elemental attacks and only like Slash as a physical
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, that's what I meant when I suggested adding moves of types we don't currently have.
Charizard04621: ah
Lady Vulpix G: Lol! Look at Azure Heights' description of Petal Dance: "attacker goes nuts".
Charizard04621: I think Ancientpower would be good.
Charizard04621: Haha
Charizard04621: Azure is funny
Charizard04621: their PBS is even funnier
Charizard04621: It has a badass Wigglytuff with a skull and crossbones on its belly
Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
Charizard04621: It looks cute ^_^ Evil Wiggwy.
Charizard04621: Wiggwy! :D
Lady Vulpix G: Ancientpower seems to fit the 15 stamps category.
Lady Vulpix G: With Icy Wind, Bubblebeam, Flame Wheel, Giga Drain and Shock Wave.
Charizard04621: Hmm, sounds good to me.
TLKsNala98: and me as weel
TLKsNala98: well*
Lady Vulpix G: Good. :-)
Lady Vulpix G: Now, the question is...
Lady Vulpix G: Who can learn it?
Charizard04621: Hmm, question.
Charizard04621: If you have an Ancientpower TM...
Charizard04621: And a pokémon who only learns it by breeding (Chikorita)
Charizard04621: Can you teach it the TM, or not?
Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
Charizard04621: Okay.
Charizard04621: In that case, there are a couple of pokémon who can learn it... a good number.
Charizard04621: The question is, then, only if we want to add any to the list.
Charizard04621: Nidoking doesn't learn Ancientpower, for example, while Donphan can.
Lady Vulpix G: Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Corsola, Charmander, Diglett, Exeggcute, Cubone, Chikorita, Totodile, Wooper, Dunsparce, Swinub, Phanpy, Larvitar, Kecleon, Baltoy, Corphish, Mawile, Relicanth, Lileep, Anorith.
Lady Vulpix G: That's the list of those who can learn it by level or breeding.
Charizard04621: Okay.
Charizard04621: That's a nice-sized list.
Charizard04621: Do we really need to add more?
Lady Vulpix G: Maybe not.
Charizard04621: Although I find it odd that Corphish can learn it and Rhydon can't.
Charizard04621: O_o
Charizard04621: Dunsparce learns it while some Rock types don't.
Charizard04621: Weird, huh?
Lady Vulpix G: Even Exeggcute.
Charizard04621: Yeah
Charizard04621: Chikorita I can see
Lady Vulpix G: Well, we could add Rhydon (maybe Rhyhorn?), to the list.
Charizard04621: Meganium knows Earthquake
Charizard04621: Well, there are things like Rhydon, Golem, Onix, etc.
Charizard04621: Maybe we can just make it available to all Rock types.
Charizard04621: in which case Aggron would gain it, too.
Lady Vulpix G: All? I'm not sure. But Rhyhorn and Onix doo look like they should be able to learn it.
Charizard04621: yeah
Charizard04621: Rhyhorn and Onix make sense
Charizard04621: hmm... connection
Charizard04621: Most of these pokémon (not all) learn Earthquake in one form or the other
Lady Vulpix G: True.
Charizard04621: but that can't be our guideline, seeing as Blissey and such know Earthquake.
Charizard04621: Ancientpower Blissey would be wrong.
Charizard04621: ^_^;
Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
Charizard04621: Anyway, maybe we can add Rhydon and Onix to the list.
Charizard04621: Though we don't have to, I think.
Lady Vulpix G: Amy?
TLKsNala98: sounds fine to me
Lady Vulpix G: What sounds fine? Adding them or not adding them?
Lady Vulpix G: Suspense...
Charizard04621: hehe
TLKsNala98: adding them
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, ok. :-)
TLKsNala98: sorry printer ran out of paper ^^;;
Charizard04621: >.<
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, sorry.
TLKsNala98: Seems Flare has a tendency for sons ^^
TLKsNala98: this is her second one
Lady Vulpix G: Just like Dixie has a tendency for twins.
Charizard04621: ^^;
TLKsNala98: third if you consider the one that was released back into the wild ^^;;
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, yes.
Lady Vulpix G: Well, Lagi had 5 daughters and then 1 son. Rainbow had 5 sons and then 1 daughter.
Charizard04621: ^_^
TLKsNala98: now if only i can come up with a decent looking black reinged vulpix sprite ^^
TLKsNala98: i have the white juice
Lady Vulpix G: Sadly, most of the people who took Lagi's children have left the board or aren't training them. I've only seen Mercury around lately, and sometimes Zephyr.
TLKsNala98: all i need is 27 more ccps before i can get the ringed juice for him
Lady Vulpix G: :-)
Charizard04621: aww...
Lady Vulpix G: Any TMs other than Ancientpower?
Charizard04621: Hmm... Maybe a strong Flying move.
Lady Vulpix G: Like Aerial Ace?
Charizard04621: There's already Aeroblast in Expedia, so maybe something else.
Charizard04621: Yes!
Charizard04621: Aerial Ace is good.
Lady Vulpix G: :-)
Lady Vulpix G: It has the same Base Power, so it could go in the same category.
Charizard04621: yeah.
Lady Vulpix G: O_O Charmander can learn it!
Lady Vulpix G: It's already a TM in R/S, so we don't have to create a new compatibility list.
Charizard04621: yeah
Charizard04621: the use of Aerial Ace, unlike what's implied by its name, only requires some sort of sharp appendage
Charizard04621: For birds, it's a beak
Charizard04621: Absol has a scythe on its head, Charmander has claws
Lady Vulpix G: Oh!
Charizard04621: Armaldo can learn it
Charizard04621: Armaldo has a beak
Charizard04621: Sadly, Flygon can't learn it.
Charizard04621: It would be such a nice move.
Lady Vulpix G: And what does Butterfree have?
Lady Vulpix G: Because they can learn it too.
Charizard04621: Butterfree might apply it with a part of their body while reinforcing the physical blow with telekinesis.
Lady Vulpix G: Interesting theory. ^_^
Charizard04621: Since they are very physically incapable, it wouldn't be surprising if that's the case
Charizard04621: Imagine Slowbro swinging an Iron Shellder Tail, for example.
Charizard04621: You'd think they'd need some help with that, and since they're psychics, why not use telekinesis? ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Well, I'm not sure, but I think the iron Shellder could hurt more.
Charizard04621: imagine being hit by an iron Shellder.
Charizard04621: O_o;
Charizard04621: a big iron Shellder.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
Lady Vulpix G: Hey, how about Acid for the 8 stamps category?
Lady Vulpix G: We have few cheap TMs.
Lady Vulpix G: And no poison ones.
Charizard04621: Hmm.
Charizard04621: Yeah, good idea.
TLKsNala98: back sorry ^^;;
Lady Vulpix G: No problem, welcome back.
TLKsNala98: thanks
Lady Vulpix G: What do you think about Acid, Amy?
TLKsNala98: sounds good to me
Charizard04621: ^_^
Charizard04621: I'd suggest Earthquake, but that can be learned as a free TM.
Lady Vulpix G: Who will be able to learn Acid? So far there's only Ekans, Oddish, Bellsprout, Tentacool, Cacnea and Lileep.
Lady Vulpix G: We could add the ones who learn Acid Armor.
Charizard04621: yeah.
TLKsNala98: yeah
Charizard04621: Vaporeon learns Sludge Bomb, doesn't it?
Charizard04621: If it does, Acid shouldn't be out of its reach.
Lady Vulpix G: Vaporeon learns Acid Armor and Toxic too.
Charizard04621: Yeah, I was thinking about Acid Armor when I said that
TLKsNala98: Kovus unique in that he came with acid armor
TLKsNala98: ^^;;
Charizard04621: Acid Armor for Vaporeon is sort of different
Lady Vulpix G: True.
Charizard04621: It "melts" into water
Lady Vulpix G: But they also learn Toxic.
Charizard04621: Yeah, but so do Eevees. ^_^;
Lady Vulpix G: Don't tell me. I've had enough seeing tsunami do that.
Lady Vulpix G: *Tsunami
Charizard04621: hehe
Charizard04621: Imagine talking to him one minute and having him disappear the next.
Charizard04621: ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and he likes playing tricks on other pokemon.
Charizard04621: hehe.
Charizard04621: Fun when you're a Vaporeon in water.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes. :-D
Lady Vulpix G: He loves the swimming pool at the Eevee House and the springs of Glacier Peak.
Lady Vulpix G: And having friendly fights with Hero and Caledor, but that's another story.
Charizard04621: hehe
Lady Vulpix G: Ok, so are we adding Vaporeon, Slugma, Gulpin and Grimer?
Charizard04621: Yeah.
TLKsNala98: sounds good ^^
Lady Vulpix G: Good. We already have 3 new TMs! ^-^
Charizard04621: yay
Charizard04621: :D
TLKsNala98: ^^
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Charizard04621 entró al chat.
Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back.
TLKsNala98: wb
Charizard04621: thanks
Charizard04621: ^^
Lady Vulpix G: I've been to ummmm and back again.
Charizard04621: hehe
Lady Vulpix G: Learned about the Suzie effect.
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, some people have also been asking for Crunch.
Charizard04621: hmm
Charizard04621: I guess that would be a nice addition
Charizard04621: Crunch is awesome ^_^
Charizard04621: I should think things that learn Bite that don't get Crunch should also get Crunch.
TLKsNala98: I agree that crucnh is a good mood
Charizard04621: I believe Sneasel learns Bite, but not Crunch... Same with Charizard
Lady Vulpix G: In that case I wouldn't like to see what a bad mood could do.
Charizard04621: hehe
Charizard04621: Amy and I commiserate... Our typing is cursed
Charizard04621: ^_^
Charizard04621: i don't want to count the amount of times my typos have made a simple statement barely intelligible.
TLKsNala98: ^^;; opps typo of the day there
Charizard04621: ^^
Lady Vulpix G: It's ok, I'm not counting them. i just point out the ones that look funny, but if it bothers you, I'll stop doing it.
Lady Vulpix G: *I
TLKsNala98: it doesn't bother me
Charizard04621: lol, typos are evil
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, good. :-)
TLKsNala98: i get a kick out of it expecially
TLKsNala98: the ones i don't notive like that one
TLKsNala98: ^^;;
Charizard04621: ^^
Lady Vulpix G: Girafarig, Onix, Houndour, Larvitar, Growlithe, Rhyhorn, Totodile, Snubbull, Teddiursa, Nidoran F, Treecko, Poochyena, Carvanha, Trapinch, Electrike, Snorunt, Mawile, Huntail, Seviper, Bagon.
Lady Vulpix G: That's the original list.
Charizard04621: Yeah
Charizard04621: there are some who learn Bite who don't get Crunch (like I mentioned)
Lady Vulpix G: Charmander, Squirtle, Rattata, Ekans, Zubat, Meowth, Kangaskhan, Gyarados, Eevee, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Dunsparce, Sneasel, Swinub, Stantler, Absol.
Charizard04621: If we were to add compatabilities, I'd go with those
Charizard04621: Stantler learns Bite? O_o
Charizard04621: SWINUB learns Bite?
Charizard04621: Squirtle...?
Charizard04621: o_O;;;;
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and so does Dunsparce again.
Charizard04621: yeah
Charizard04621: and Omanyte...
Charizard04621: erm, okay ^_^;;
Charizard04621: weird, huh?
Charizard04621: but anyway, yeah, going with what I said, I'd think that those who get bite get Crunch, since it's just basically a powerup
Lady Vulpix G: That sounds ok. Amy?
TLKsNala98: yep[ sounds good to me as well
Charizard04621: ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: How much would it cost? 30 stamps?
Charizard04621: Hmm.
Lady Vulpix G: That's how much Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Muddy Water cost.
Charizard04621: Oh.
Charizard04621: Crunch could be a little cheaper, I think.
Charizard04621: maybe 25.
Lady Vulpix G: Ok. But then we're making a new category.
Charizard04621: oh.
Charizard04621: darn, then never mind.
Charizard04621: ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: We could add a new TM to it, so that we don't have a category for only 1 TM.
Charizard04621: well, we could move Muddy Water down.
Lady Vulpix G: But it has the same Base Power as the others.
Charizard04621: 95?
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and also 30% chance of having a side effect.
Charizard04621: Weird, I thought it was closer to 60.
Charizard04621: OHH!
Charizard04621: I was thinking about Mud Shot.
Lady Vulpix G: Oh.
Charizard04621: My Swampert had it.
Charizard04621: Hmm, let's see... a move to add to the Crunch category...
Charizard04621: we're lacking Dragon types, but you can already get Dragon Claw as a free TM. Shadow Ball is the same way.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, I was thinking exactly that. And practically everyone already has Shadow Ball.
Lady Vulpix G: And Extrasensory?
TLKsNala98: extrasensory maybe?
TLKsNala98: XD
Charizard04621: ^_^;
Lady Vulpix G: GMTA.
TLKsNala98: ^^
Lady Vulpix G: So far the wole list is composed of Stantler, Nuzleaf, Spoink and Whishmur.
Lady Vulpix G: *whole
Charizard04621: hehe
Charizard04621: unfortunately, I have no idea what Extrasensory is, or how it is performed
Lady Vulpix G: Oh.
Charizard04621: Wishmur is sensitive to noise... but that's all I can pull out of it
Charizard04621: the others don't have any extraordinary sensitivity
Charizard04621: So I'm not sure what to do with that move. ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Stantler can use Psychic and Hypnosis.
Charizard04621: yeah
TLKsNala98: i still don't understansd haw shiftry gets it ^^;;
Charizard04621: On a side note, Grasswhistle is a cool move.
Lady Vulpix G: Strangely, according to my Pokedex, it doesn't. But Nuzleaf does.
TLKsNala98: nuz leaf*
Lady Vulpix G: It induces sleep.
Charizard04621: yup.
Lady Vulpix G: There are many moves that do that.
Charizard04621: I like the sound of it.
Charizard04621: Grasswhistle ^_^
Lady Vulpix G: Oh, yes. :-D
Lady Vulpix G: Leaf blade sounds good too, but the downside is DPDK wanted it.
Charizard04621: oh, Leaf Blade is awesome.
Charizard04621: Even better than Razor Leaf.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, because it's stronger.
Charizard04621: And more accurate.
Charizard04621: I wonder why aragornbird chose to challenge Lune to a Battle Tower battle? interesting.
Lady Vulpix G: But there was this conversation which went like this.
Lady Vulpix G: -Would it be possible to incorporate Leaf Blade to the Reward Center or addnew compatibilities for it? -Not for now. -Oh. If you were to sell it, would it be possible for it to be compatible with all pokemon who can learn Razor Leaf
Lady Vulpix G: *?
Charizard04621: :\
Lady Vulpix G: And he's always like that.
TLKsNala98: yeah
Charizard04621: yeah
Charizard04621: Yesterday I was obviously not feeling so great, and he kept bugging me about a Signature Move for ASB.
Charizard04621: Even after I told him I wasn't feeling so great.
Lady Vulpix G: -_-
TLKsNala98: and even after i decided to give my extreme sped tm he was still tryignt o get me to give it to him X.x and a X.X at that
Charizard04621: Yeah, and can you believe he's 20 years old?
Charizard04621: It's like he never matured past a certain age...
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, I know.
Lady Vulpix G: Like... 6?
Charizard04621: x_X;
Charizard04621: He's so annoying.
Lady Vulpix G: Yes, that's why I nominated him for the Torment trophy.
Lady Vulpix G: But no one has seconded that nomination yet.
Charizard04621: I don't want to second it, because he will Torment me with questions about why I seconded it.
Lady Vulpix G: He didn't seem to notice that I nominated him.
Charizard04621: I don't like giving him reasons to Torment me. :\
Charizard04621: If humans could learn pokémon moves, he'd have that one.
Charizard04621: >_<
Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
TLKsNala98: XD