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Lady Vulpix
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And I wish I was better at writing action scenes. I can take months to get a single battle done and still not get it to be as good as most I've read about, like yours. But I do my best. I think writing this fic is an interesting challenge. I may have dug my own grave with the whole "twelve must confront twelve" idea, but I'll do my best to make it worth reading. Thanks a lot for keeping up, and for your comments and your support.
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Oh, you don't need to thank me. I should be thanking you for continuing to write. ^_^

Anyway, I make it a mission for me to post something about every chapter, because it irks me when many people enjoy someone's work but nobody makes any comments. How can a writer know who lurks around her stories if they are all silent? How can she know what was liked or disliked? Comments are a vital part of active writing, I believe, and sometimes it's nice encouragement for a writer to see that people really are reading and reacting to the stories.

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