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What happened inside the temple in Templa Taure

<Amber's POV>

"I'm so glad I've found you!," my mother told me as soon as we split up from the rest of the group. "Even if it wasn't under the best circumstances."
"So am I," I said to her. "All this time I've been wondering how you and dad were doing."
"Oh, nothing has changed much," she replied. "But we're still together and that's what matters. That, and knowing that you're well."
She then looked at me and smiled.
"Amber's a nice name. I guess Little Cherry doesn't suit you anymore."
"I guess it doesn't," I laughed. "Though I'm actually still the same; just bigger. I've had a few problems because of that, but I wouldn't change who I am for anything."
"Oh, dear! I was hoping you wouldn't have fallen under the family curse."
"Don't worry, I'm fine. I have a nice life and I love the things I do. You should have seen everything my friends and I have done!"
"Well, that's great to hear. And what about the matters of the heart? Has your beautiful soul found a companion?"
"It did... For a while."
I looked down at the thought of Volvagia.
"Oh... Sorry."
"No it's ok. It's been a while already. And it was great while it lasted. We just didn't have as much in common as you and dad have, even if we belonged to the same species. Most of the time he was trying to prove the world how strong he was, but when he saw me he changed completely... He became shy and would often smile without knowing what to say. I had to be the first one to express my feelings, and our love shone bright for a few months. I guess it shone so bright it ended up burning itself out, since he didn't hesitate to go after his trainer when he decided to leave Ulthuan. He didn't even show up to say goodbye..."
"Don't you think he might have not known how to say goodbye to you? By the way you describe him, he may have been afraid to show how vulnerable he really was, and to make his decision even harder. I bet he's still regretting not having seen you one more time."
A tear rolled down my cheek. I thought I had got over it already. Apparently I hadn't.
"Anyway, he's gone now. Hard decision or not, he made his choice and will have to live with it. I still have a great life to move on with. I have amazing friends and the most understanding trainer. I consider her my friend too. She's busy most of the time, but as soon as she gets home the first thing she does is have some tea with me, or dinner if it's late, and we sometimes spend hours talking. Then in the mornings we work on our Dragon's Guild report together..."
"Dragon's Guild report? Sorry, you lost me there."
"Oh. I've become sort of a researcher lately. It all started over a year ago, when Gabi was appointed to write a report about the Charmander line and she thought it would be a good idea for me to help her. We ended up realizing we worked great together, and I found pleasure in writing and telling the world what I knew about pokemon and life in general, so now we're a team, writing reports for the Dragon's Guild. Even if the Guild won't officially recognize a pokemon as the co-author, Gabi always gives me credit."
"I see. You live quite an unusual life for a Charizard, but who am I to talk about that? If it's what you enjoy, then it's the best you can do."
"It is," I assured. "The first lesson I've learnt from you is to follow what my heart wants; and I'm really glad you were there to teach me that."
"I'm really glad I could do something good for you. I was afraid growing up with someone like me would only make you more vulnerable."
"No way! I'm all the stronger for it. Those who close themselves to their emotions only get to live an empty life. They may not notice their own suffering, but they can never be happy either. As I said before, I wouldn't change the way I am for anything. Besides, it was my sensitivity that got Gabi to ask me to write with her in the first place, and it has also earned me wonderful friends. Like Sylvan."
"The Venusaur?"
"Yes. She was a Bulbasaur when I met her, and she was really scared of having any kind of physical confrontations, so I stood up for her until she gained enough confidence to stand up for herself. From then on, we've been inseparable; we're always there for each other when either of us needs help, and we've enjoyed many good moments together. And that was even before we realized we'd grown up in the same place!"
"Wow, what an amazing coincidence!"
"Tell me about it! Now when we find those Gyarados, we'll find them where the real strength lies."
"Your father will be really proud of you when he sees you."

We hugged. It had been years since I'd last felt a hug from my mother, but I hadn't forgotten their warmth, the love she put into them. Some researchers had said that hugs helped increase the defenses against diseases, but they didn't know half of it. It had been my mother's love and care what had given me the confidence to confront any obstacles I might ever encounter... what had helped me get this far and would help me go further. It had been her and my father, for the few times I'd seen him. I really wanted him to see me now. I wanted to tell him that he'd been right all along. Well... I would soon. No matter what dangers we might find in the way, we were going to rescue him.


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