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Lady Vulpix
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What happened inside the temple in Templa Taure

<Caledor's POV>

"Whoa, now is it me or is this like some kind of spooky video game temple thing?," Becks exclaimed. "Got any ideas where we go to get the sword of absolute destruction, Caledor?"
We had just split from the rest of the group and were already making jokes. Just the way I liked it.
"Sword of absolute destruction? Who wants that? The armoire of invincibility would be funnier," I retorted, reminding him of a web comic we'd once seen.
"Oh yeah! You're right! We need the armoire of invincibility!"
Becks began to sing the armoire theme, and I joined him for the last verse. "Flying through space! Having adventures! Armoire, armoire! Of invincibilitaaay!"
I burst into laughter. It was so ridiculous it was catchy!
"Right, so what direction to we go in, do you suppose?," Becks finally asked. "Backwards, forwards or straight though the ceiling?"
"Hmm...," I analyzed the options. "As interesting as the ceiling may sound, it would be quite painful in either of the 2 ways I'm thinking we could achieve that. We've already been backwards, so we're only left with one choice for now."
"Of course! We go... yeah, forwards. I suppose 'through the wall' is pout of the question, too, huh?"
"Right, I'd only expect Bolovayr to do that."
"Good point! Okay. We go forwards then." He walked ahead of me until he came across a door. "Shall we check this one, then?"
"I don't see why not. Though I must admit there's not much I can see right now. Maybe I should shed some light on the situation once we make sure no one's waiting on the other side of this door."

We pushed the door open and what we found was... best described by Beckham's words.
"Okaaay... so here we have a big gigantic room and I can just see all the robed maniacs sitting here worshipping their gods, but then again they always said I had an overactive imagination. Or was that overactive mouth?"
"No, that would be Tsunami. By the way, I have the feeling he's probably talking about me right now."
"Hey, I know that feeling, we all think Milliardo's talking about us! You know, that Umbreon gives a bad name to his species."
"Doesn't his species already have a bad name?," I pointed out. "I mean, Kovu's great, but all the others I've met or heard of were less than friendly."
"My point exactly, my friend! He's cool and all but he loves to take the mickey, either you ignore him or get upset, coz he's too good at what he does, which is being a smart-aleck."
"I infinitely prefer being good at lifting up the mood."
"Hell yeah! I don't see why we can't be a little silly, just coz everyone else is on a downer!," Beckham smiled.

I looked around. The place was still too dark for us to find anything, so I decided to go on with my plan.
"Ok, lights on!," I announced, letting my golden glow come out. "This ability's handy too, I must admit it."
"So... Umm... I guess this is where we go ''what are we supposed to do now?'."
"Do you happen to know my line too?"
"Wish I did!," he exclaimed, staring around the room. "I guess this is where we have a look around, right?"
"That depends. Are we looking for a pool full of Gyarados, a burger bar or just anything useful-bar-informative?"
I couldn't help it. It was one of those jokes that just had to be repeated given the right timing.
"If only we were looking for the burger bar, I think we're after the pool of Gyarados really, although I think that isn't as tasty, somehow."
"I wouldn't try eating it. In any case, I don't think we'll find it in this room. Unless someone's gone into a hell of a work hiding it." Then I thought for a moment... "Who are we kidding? We know who will find it, don't we? I may be an Espeon, but I'm not the impossibly lucky one."
"Hmm, I'm not too sure," Becks reflected, "Kirei is really wierd with that, what happens now we'll probably only realise as being lucky next month!"
"Ok, then we still have a chance. Hmm... Do you think changing the light from golden to purple could help me detect something?"
"Well it's worth a shot! Hey, can you... no, that's got nothing to do with anything, even I can see that!"
"Well I was about to ask if you can do any other colours on top of that."
"Yes, I can do blue and red too. I don think they'll help us much, though. I once used red to look threatening, but I ended up looking funny. Especially because my threat had something to do with the wrath of an electric willow."
"Ah well. The thing about creatures like us, you see, is we can't look threatening even if we try. Might as well just not try and put everyone off guard."
"You're right. The surprise factor is something I can usually make use of."
"Yeah, same here. Although the last couple of battles I've had, I've ran up against the same pok?mon and the surprise factor's wearing off a bit. At least I think it is."
"Yes, it doesn't work when your opponent already knows you. In those cases you have to do something drastic like... thinking."
"OMG, that's never been my strong point! Umm... so what happens when you think about fighting your opponent and you decide you don't really want to fight at all?"
"That depends on the situation. Sometimes you can call it off, but sometimes you just have to do what you can. Hey, I'm starting to sound like Tsunami when he was giving me battling tips at the Blizzard Room!"
"Uh oh, never a good thing! Sorry, I think I sounded like I actually thought about something for a second there!"
"Well, thinking's not always bad," I chuckled. "Only when you're serious about it."
"You're so totally right. So let's get on with being not serious about thinking and searching this room at the same time, shall we?"

We didn't find anything useful in the end, but at least we had some fun. And inside a haunted temple! How many can say the same?


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