(14:18:25) Lady Vulpix G: Hi!
(14:18:45) ManachuBoy: Hiya! How're things going?
(14:20:54) Lady Vulpix G: Good. I've just posted a really weird Battle Range story. I hope it's not TOO weird, but I needed to tie some loose neds.
(14:21:02) Lady Vulpix G: *ends
(14:21:38) Lady Vulpix G: Namely that place where I went to during the interlude and after the ambush by the Dark Cloak.
(14:21:45) ManachuBoy: C'mon, you're talking to Rhiannon's trainer, how weird could it possibly be? :o
(14:22:44) Lady Vulpix G: Good point. I guess you'll have to check it out then. :-D
(14:23:34) ManachuBoy: btw, Gabi, can you send over a copy of our last AIM conversation coz I realise I didn't save it. >.<
(14:23:57) Lady Vulpix G: I'm on GAIM, I can't send files.
(14:24:31) Lady Vulpix G: Do you have an e-mail?
(14:25:04) ManachuBoy: Yeah, I was gonna suggest that. sooade@btinternet.com
(14:25:20) Lady Vulpix G: Thanks. I'll send it there.
(14:26:11) ManachuBoy: Thanks a lot.
(14:26:34) ManachuBoy: Whereabouts were we with the sotry, anyways? Might as well carry on for a while, right?
(14:26:38) ManachuBoy: *story
(14:27:38) Lady Vulpix G: Oh, sure! That would be great. Even if I have less than an hour left (unless I skip my tai chi class, which might be worth it).
(14:27:49) Lady Vulpix G: Sent.
(14:28:59) ManachuBoy: Hey, don't worry about missing things on my account, I'll prolly be on AIM quite a lot now coz Soo's gone to spend some time with her family before we move to London in a couple of weeks and I have more free time than ever.
(14:30:05) Lady Vulpix G: Oh!
(14:30:17) Lady Vulpix G: But I'll still be busy. It's not Summer here. :-/
(14:31:45) ManachuBoy: Heh, we're practically finished tho, I think we can have the entire thing wrapped up over the next week or so.
(14:32:16) Lady Vulpix G: That would be nice.
(14:33:00) Lady Vulpix G: So, shall we try? (Edit the source code and replace all the
(1 by
(1 for better viewing.
(14:33:07) Lady Vulpix G: *)
(14:33:37) Lady Vulpix G: Stupid GAIM parsed my BR tag.
(14:35:26) ManachuBoy: Okay, I'm with it now.
(14:36:25) ManachuBoy: Marius: I do have something approaching an idea, although it would be tremendously risky
(14:36:58) Lady Vulpix G: Me: Not that anything else wouldn't be. What is it?
(14:38:24) ManachuBoy: Marius: Well we can't actually reach the gemstone owing to the battle between Tsuyoi and that demon taking up the entirity of the room, so as much as it pains me to rely too heavily upon the supernatural, maybe we utilise your stone once again, Gabi.
(14:38:39) ManachuBoy: Marius: Only this time we allow Kirei to touch it.
(14:39:21) ManachuBoy: Marius: If I'm right, this should boost her alreadt disturbing luck tremendously and show us the way to end this.
(14:39:26) ManachuBoy: *already
(14:40:08) Lady Vulpix G: Gabi: That sounds a lot like my old tremendously risky plan. I think it's worth a shot.
(14:41:34) Lady Vulpix G: Ventura: Your tremendously risky plan was aimed at liberating the possessed pokemon, but right now I'll say anything that has a chance of working is worth trying.
(14:42:22) ManachuBoy: Tsuyoi: *fending off random blasts of energy* I'm all for anything that ends this, I've grown bored with this ridiculous exercise session.
(14:43:42) Lady Vulpix G: Gabi: If we didn't need him to focus on the battle, I'd reply to that comment. So, where's Kirei?
(14:44:44) ManachuBoy: Kirei: Umm... here, though I don't much like the way we're saying 'were's Kirei' all of a sudden...
(14:44:51) ManachuBoy: *where's
(14:45:40) Lady Vulpix G: Me: Sorry, with all this commotion I can hardly keep track on everyone.
(14:45:49) Lady Vulpix G: *of
(14:46:39) ManachuBoy: Kirei: *sighs* Not quite what I meant, but I guess I can;t shirk from responsibility forever... what do you want me for?
(14:47:58) Lady Vulpix G: Would you accept to touch the glowing stone and see what happens? Nothing bad should turn out of it, at worst we'd be left just like we are.
(14:49:27) ManachuBoy: Kirei: *flinches* Uhh... I dunno... I know what that does and... and... I'm not sure, it could make things worse, half the time my powers think far more in the long term than I do and it might hurt us! *takes a step back*
(14:50:30) Lady Vulpix G: Me: If it helps us in the long term it means we won't die in the mean time. Sorry to put it so bluntly.
(14:50:36) Lady Vulpix G: *meantime
(14:52:10) ManachuBoy: Kirei: But... but... *Soo wanders over and whispers something into her ear that I'll let Soo decide upon when I write this part up myself* *Kirei sighs* Alright, guess I've no choice, have I?
(14:53:22) Lady Vulpix G: Me: If we have other choices, I don't know what they are. But I believe it should turn out alright.
(14:54:06) ManachuBoy: Well... okay...let's give this a go, then. *wanders over to touch the stone&
(14:57:21) ManachuBoy: *as Kirei touches the stone Tsuyoi is knocked into the pedestal holding the pearl, knocking it over and making it roll over to where everyone else is stood*
(14:58:10) ManachuBoy: Demon: Uh? Wait, don't you even think... *is grabbed by Tsuyoi and engaged in a ferocious grapple*
(14:58:45) ManachuBoy: Tsuyoi: I can't keep this up forever! Destroy that thing, now, or you'll have me to answer to!
(15:02:12) Lady Vulpix G: Ventura: Destroying the sphere would destroy the demon?
(15:03:18) Lady Vulpix G: Lagi: Maybe. He's linked to it somehow. The question is how to destroy it without touching it.
(15:03:32) ManachuBoy: Tsuyoi: (with a remarkably patronising tone considering he's being pushed to his very limits at the moment) Well I think we've already discovered the two are linked, what do you expect?
(15:04:27) Lady Vulpix G: Me: It could work the other way around if it turns out to be not the source of his powers but what's been holding him.
(15:05:28) ManachuBoy: Rhi: Look, look, we have to do something, hwat other option is there?
(15:07:41) Lady Vulpix G: Ventura: Finding a greater power and channeling it to get rid of the demon once and for all. There's a big power locked in this room. If we manage to tap into it and combine it with ours and focus it on the pearl, maybe we can purify it -and the forest- again.
(15:08:25) Lady Vulpix G: Me: Sounds good. Does that theory have any bases?
(15:08:48) Lady Vulpix G: Ventura: Everything I say does. Now shall we stop arguing and focus for once?
(15:09:22) ManachuBoy: Sindel: There is a great power within here, I can feel it too. But how can we tap into that?
(15:11:56) Lady Vulpix G: Lagi: Maybe I can help with that. At least I can feel its nature, and since many of you have psychic abilities, you could link us all so that you can all feel what I do.
(15:14:39) Lady Vulpix G: Ventura: Can I skip it this time? I'm not feeling too well and I may hinder you more than I'd help.
(15:15:42) ManachuBoy: Rhi: *pausing and shaking her head* We feel that we may be able to assist here. Trust us, we have a few abilities that can help.
(15:18:09) Lady Vulpix G: *I look at Ventura and Rhiannon in confusion for a moment.* Ok, I trust that you all know what you're doing. I can join you if the little power I have can help.
(15:19:51) ManachuBoy: Rhi: You must channel this though us. Please. This could be the only way, since your friend is busy fighting the demon. *braces herself, the gem in her forehead opens up*