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(21:08:15) FireKatKid entered the room.
(21:08:15) Ramsey6587 entered the room.
(21:08:15) blair chan entered the room.
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(21:08:17) FireKatKid: >.>, run boy run...
(21:08:25) Lady Vulpix G: Hi! Err... interesting chat name.
(21:08:25) Ramsey6587: I'm a lazy ninja
(21:08:32) Ramsey6587: I teleport instead of run :3
(21:08:38) coreoftheproblem: We have someone else.
(21:08:41) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:08:44) blair chan: *waves*
(21:08:50) Lady Vulpix G: *Waves back.*
(21:08:53) Ramsey6587: Xpature her and question her!
(21:08:57) Ramsey6587: She might be a spy!
(21:09:02) Ramsey6587: *capture too!
(21:09:10) blair chan: *cheers* another girl in here!
(21:09:12) FireKatKid: heh
(21:09:13) Lady Vulpix G: I'm no spy, but feel free to question me.
(21:09:14) blair chan: right?
(21:09:16) coreoftheproblem: *captures Ramsey and questions 'her'.* Oops, got mistaken.
(21:09:19) FireKatKid: yeah, it's Gabi
(21:09:22) Ramsey6587: >:[
(21:09:25) blair chan: yes!
(21:09:27) Lady Vulpix G: Answering questions is my job. At least on the DMFA forum.
(21:09:29) Ramsey6587: Oh hey!
(21:09:34) Ramsey6587: >.>
(21:09:38) Lady Vulpix G: Hi.
(21:09:41) FireKatKid: heh
(21:09:51) FireKatKid: Gabbeh the fox :3
(21:09:55) Ramsey6587: So I can't capture you?
(21:09:56) Lady Vulpix G: Yep. :-D
(21:09:57) Ramsey6587: :[
(21:10:01) Lady Vulpix G: Nope. :-P
(21:10:20) ThorinDP2: my is Ramsey the Nice's punching bag? ^.^
(21:10:25) Lady Vulpix G: Unless you want to capture me in paint.
(21:10:25) Ramsey6587: Thems smileys will burn in hell if its the last thing I do >:[
(21:10:27) FireKatKid: ummm.. yes :P
(21:10:29) blair chan: yes he is.
(21:10:39) FireKatKid: officially now. XD
(21:10:39) Ramsey6587: Nuh uh!
(21:10:40) blair chan: and so is FKK! *pokes FKK*
(21:10:44) FireKatKid: nuh uh! :O
(21:10:45) coreoftheproblem: Usually FKK is my punching bag.
(21:10:51) Ramsey6587: FKK is the long haired one!
(21:10:52) coreoftheproblem: Well, not precisely 'punching'.
(21:10:52) FireKatKid: ¬.¬,
(21:10:56) Ramsey6587: XD
(21:10:58) coreoftheproblem: As anybody knows :3
(21:11:04) Ramsey6587: Yup.. It's the long hair >:3
(21:11:05) coreoftheproblem: <--- Janus, teh evil of evils and all that
(21:11:15) Lady Vulpix G: Ramsey's hell is filled with smilies. :-)8-)O:-);-):-D:-P
(21:11:23) Ramsey6587: <-----Ramsey, teh lazy of lazies :3
(21:11:26) Ramsey6587: Bah!
(21:11:26) coreoftheproblem: :-*
(21:11:30) Ramsey6587: >.<
(21:11:37) FireKatKid: XD
(21:11:41) Ramsey6587: >:[
(21:11:58) Lady Vulpix G: <- Gabi, the colorful all-purpose fox.
(21:12:16) FireKatKid: with the greenness on the nogginness :o
(21:12:28) blair chan: Panda, the corner dweller with an umbrella.
(21:12:30) Janus: For some reason, I'm sure there should be only one AP Fox.
(21:12:35) Janus: Are you lot like Highlanders at all?
(21:12:36) ThorinDP2: <- Siirenias, the less-useful fox
(21:12:41) Lady Vulpix G: Too late for that, Janus.
(21:12:42) FireKatKid: well... her and Azlan are stand ins :3
(21:13:04) Lady Vulpix G: No, the only thing we have in common with them is that we don't stay down.
(21:13:21) Janus: Unlike FKK.... no, wait. He goes down.
(21:13:33) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:13:51) FireKatKid: -.-
(21:14:12) ThorinDP2: *rolls around, being rather useless*
(21:14:19) FireKatKid: hush, or i'll draw the "snuggle" pic of you and you know who. XD
(21:14:20) ThorinDP2: *cleans his tail*
(21:14:35) blair chan: *curls up on tire*
(21:14:52) Ramsey6587: *Takes tire form panda*
(21:14:58) Ramsey6587: You threw it at me so its mine!
(21:15:02) blair chan: noooooooooooo! T.T
(21:15:07) Ramsey6587: *curls up in HIS tire*
(21:15:08) FireKatKid: o.O
(21:15:11) blair chan: i threw it at FKK, too!
(21:15:14) Lady Vulpix G: FKK has been turned into a mow and a yappity and is still around.
(21:15:15) Lady Vulpix G: He doesn't strike me as the kind who would go down easily.
(21:15:19) Ramsey6587: Well I'm bigger than FKK!
(21:15:20) Janus: *curls Abel up in Ramsey's tire*
(21:15:22) FireKatKid: heh
(21:15:23) blair chan: *steals tire back and beats Ramsey*
(21:15:41) blair chan: mean!
(21:15:42) Ramsey6587: Wait...Panda did me a favor :3
(21:15:57) blair chan: --;; in the process of doing something for myself.
(21:16:15) FireKatKid: XD boy did that fail badly...
(21:16:31) Ramsey6587: >.>
(21:16:31) blair chan: --
(21:16:32) Janus: Gabi: Just leave him near me and he goes down quite often and with great vigour.
(21:16:42) Janus: Don't you, FKK? =D
(21:16:51) Ramsey6587: Geez FKK you've been busy :3
(21:16:52) FireKatKid: not a chance : I
(21:17:23) ThorinDP2: ....
(21:17:25) ThorinDP2: YAOI!
(21:17:28) FireKatKid: -.-,
(21:17:36) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:17:40) Ramsey6587: YURI!!!!
(21:17:47) blair chan: --;
(21:17:52) Janus: FKK GOT IT ON WITH FA'LINA!
(21:17:54) Janus: ......wait.
(21:17:58) Janus: What the hell am I thinking?
(21:17:59) Ramsey6587: WOO!
(21:18:02) FireKatKid: *whispers to panda* let's kill em all... >.>, except gabi.
(21:18:04) Ramsey6587: GO FKK!!!
(21:18:15) Ramsey6587: YOU DA MAN X3
(21:18:27) blair chan: ok! *beats everyone except Gabi and Janus* sorry, he's my superior.
(21:18:34) Demon Mage Zedd entered the room.
(21:18:36) ThorinDP2: owowowowow
(21:18:38) Janus: And how.
(21:18:42) FireKatKid: hmm. >.> even if i am, that has nothing to do with Fa'Lina. XD
(21:18:54) JousterLich entered the room.
(21:18:55) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:18:57) FireKatKid: ack!
(21:18:59) blair chan: i ment Janus!
(21:18:59) ThorinDP2: *hides on panda's upper back*
(21:19:02) FireKatKid: demon helper!
(21:19:19) blair chan: he's been shonenizing and such far longer than me.
(21:19:27) FireKatKid: yeah, that's cause he's older :P
(21:19:31) JousterLich: *hids himself in Panda's lower back*
(21:19:37) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:19:38) blair chan: eek!
(21:19:47) Janus: Thanks for making me feel ancient, FKK
(21:19:48) blair chan: i've got people on my back!
(21:19:58) Ramsey6587: Heh...:3
(21:19:58) Demon Mage Zedd: *splodes*
(21:19:58) ThorinDP2: no you don't!
(21:19:58) Janus: *dons trenchcoat and does the lecherous old man™ grin*
(21:20:03) FireKatKid: hehe.
(21:20:06) JousterLich: *cracks up*
(21:20:06) blair chan: ..everyone but Nirfy's older than me...
(21:20:10) FireKatKid: Janus is a dirty old man XD
(21:20:21) Ramsey6587: Yesh he is
(21:20:28) blair chan: XD
(21:20:38) Ramsey6587: FKK would know
(21:20:41) Janus: Random age check!
(21:20:47) Ramsey6587: He knows all about Janus :3
(21:20:47) ThorinDP2: 18
(21:20:50) blair chan: 16
(21:20:50) FireKatKid: only from what he's done to poor Jouster. :P
(21:20:52) Demon Mage Zedd: *humps the dirty old man*
(21:20:53) Ramsey6587: 17!
(21:20:57) FireKatKid: 19 :o
(21:20:57) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:21:00) Demon Mage Zedd: 22
(21:21:06) Janus: HAH!
(21:21:11) FireKatKid: oh yeah... zedd's older than janus
(21:21:12) blair chan: toldja
(21:21:13) Janus: <-- isn't the oldest.
(21:21:19) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:21:20) Janus: <--- is still the far more suave, subtle, and charming.
(21:21:30) FireKatKid: no janus, you're still a fogey :P
(21:21:32) ***ThorinDP2 is still hiding
(21:21:35) Janus: 21
(21:21:37) Ramsey6587: I wouldn't say that :o
(21:21:47) blair chan: why are you hiding on mah back?!
(21:21:49) JousterLich: Ah. FKK wants them young, eh?
(21:21:53) blair chan: *dies*
(21:21:57) FireKatKid: -.- i don't want them at all XD
(21:22:04) Janus: Nice shot, Jouster. X3
(21:22:08) Lady Vulpix G: You do know suave means soft, right?
(21:22:22) JousterLich: Soft, yet passionate. :)
(21:22:26) Demon Mage Zedd: *hands everyone candy machine guns*
(21:22:31) Lady Vulpix G: 25, by the way.
(21:22:33) FireKatKid: :O
(21:22:41) FireKatKid: that was to the candy guns, not you gabi XD
(21:22:46) Janus: suave: Smoothly agreeable and courteous.
(21:22:48) Ramsey6587: :O
(21:22:51) Janus: </>
(21:22:52) blair chan: i feel so young...
(21:22:59) Ramsey6587: I'm just tall >.>
(21:23:00) FireKatKid: are. o.O
(21:23:06) blair chan: --;
(21:23:10) Lady Vulpix G: Suave is a Spanish word.
(21:23:20) Demon Mage Zedd: I'm a giant bozo! ><
(21:23:22) FireKatKid: heh. el suaveo :P
(21:23:36) ThorinDP2: zorro means fox X3
(21:24:07) Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
(21:24:10) Janus: *is a ~smooth~ criminal then*
(21:24:17) Lady Vulpix G: But I'm zorra, because I'm a female fox.
(21:24:22) FireKatKid: hmm.
(21:24:24) blair chan: ^^
(21:24:31) Lady Vulpix G: Soy una zorra todo propósito.
(21:24:37) Demon Mage Zedd: Hello..Cupid called and wants his heart back
(21:24:37) Ramsey6587: I wonder if there are any songs about ninjas?...
(21:24:39) FireKatKid: ....i see...
(21:24:54) Janus: AP Foxes are always full of random tidbits, aren't they?
(21:25:00) FireKatKid: sure ramsey, goemon mystical ninja
(21:25:04) FireKatKid: :P
(21:25:08) blair chan: there are always songs about ninjas!
(21:25:08) JousterLich: Not all they're full of, Janus. :)
(21:25:09) Ramsey6587: you gots a link?
(21:25:17) Lady Vulpix G: And the TMNT theme song. :-P
(21:25:23) Demon Mage Zedd: Don't mention that ninjas name again KK!
(21:25:26) blair chan: have you never heard shinobi vs. leaf ninjas?
(21:25:29) FireKatKid: nah, just the dvd. look up any of his games....and yeah, how do i keep forgetting the turtles? x.x
(21:25:29) Janus: Touche', Jouster.
(21:25:35) blair chan: *ninja
(21:25:48) Janus: *has one of the Goemon games for the old N64*
(21:25:55) Janus: *totally marked out for the random Giant Robot*
(21:26:42) FireKatKid: *whimpers cause he wants both the n64 goemon games* x.x, stupid stores always being out..
(21:27:00) Ramsey6587: Could always try ebay or sumpin
(21:27:14) FireKatKid: eh... too expensive. i just gotta save ma $$
(21:27:24) FireKatKid: and hopefully have the money when the stores have em
(21:27:43) Ramsey6587: I finally found mah original version of xenogears :3
(21:27:47) Janus: It's like... "this is Japan! We gotta have a giant robot!"
(21:27:52) FireKatKid: heh. good game.. never played it though
(21:27:55) Janus: ...ahahahahaha
(21:27:58) FireKatKid: and duh Janus...
(21:28:05) FireKatKid: :P
(21:28:21) Janus: Ramsey: Someone offered me an original version of Xenogears if I'd write them a Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru story.
(21:28:26) Janus: I never got around to it, sadly.
(21:28:46) Demon Mage Zedd: *plays Akiyoshida8-)
(21:28:52) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:29:01) Ramsey6587: That woulda easily been worth it
(21:29:03) FireKatKid: lol
(21:29:08) JousterLich: Hey Janus
(21:29:10) Ramsey6587: writing a story for the game of course
(21:29:14) JousterLich: Ramsey's saying it's ok to write shonen. ;)
(21:29:21) JousterLich: You heard it from him directly
(21:29:23) JousterLich: [19:29] Ramsey: That woulda easily been worth it
(21:29:23) FireKatKid: hmm
(21:29:25) Janus: That I have.
(21:29:29) Ramsey6587: Original xenogears is hella hard to fiond
(21:29:35) Janus: We must immortalise this moment.
(21:29:39) Ramsey6587: *find even
(21:29:40) FireKatKid: not really.. here at least it isn't >.>
(21:29:45) Janus: *sandwiches FKK and Ramsey together*
(21:29:49) Ramsey6587: >.<
(21:29:54) FireKatKid: ack! *kicks ramsey away* x.x,
(21:30:00) Ramsey6587: *ice blasts FKK* offa meh >:[
(21:30:08) blair chan: 0.o
(21:30:25) FireKatKid: fine by me! >.>, *hides behind madame APF* :3
(21:30:28) Janus: *twitches fingers over keyboard*
(21:30:37) Lady Vulpix G: *Waves tail.*
(21:30:39) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:30:49) Janus: Who to do, who To Do...
(21:30:53) Ramsey6587: Nobody here that is safe to hide behind
(21:30:56) FireKatKid: hmm >.>
(21:31:04) Ramsey6587: cept gabi and she is occupied so to speak
(21:31:20) Ramsey6587: *points at FKK*
(21:31:26) blair chan: *snickers* i love it when nothing happens to e. *curled up on tire*
(21:31:26) Ramsey6587: *with his FINGER >:[*
(21:31:28) blair chan: *me
(21:31:39) FireKatKid: <.<,
(21:32:09) FireKatKid: *tosses rocks at ramsey* :3
(21:32:22) Ramsey6587: *throws stick at FKK* :o
(21:32:32) blair chan: *yawns*
(21:32:34) Demon Mage Zedd: *eats stick and rock*
(21:32:39) FireKatKid: *blinks*
(21:32:52) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:32:58) ThorinDP2: *sings Carn Evil 9: First Impression badly*
(21:33:16) Demon Mage Zedd: Needs salt
(21:33:26) FireKatKid: umm... i wouldn't say that word XD
(21:33:44) Ramsey6587: XD
(21:33:52) Ramsey6587: He's on a sodium diet >.>
(21:34:01) Demon Mage Zedd: Who is?
(21:34:03) Lady Vulpix G: Zedd.
(21:34:06) Ramsey6587: no one >.>
(21:34:14) Lady Vulpix G: AKA you.
(21:34:16) FireKatKid: heh
(21:34:33) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:34:33) ThorinDP2: *throws chunks of salt*
(21:34:39) FireKatKid: heh. pay more attention dog. :P
(21:34:39) Janus: *steals all salt*
(21:34:40) Demon Mage Zedd: I'm am on no damn diet!
(21:34:42) Janus: Mmmmm, salt. :3
(21:34:54) FireKatKid: janus, you like that taste too much.. XD
(21:35:02) Janus: Yes. I do. And?
(21:35:04) ThorinDP2: a diet is what you eat
(21:35:12) Ramsey6587: FKK has lotsa salt on him
(21:35:13) ThorinDP2: your diet appears to be twigs and rocks
(21:35:16) FireKatKid: you may get sick?
(21:35:19) FireKatKid: >.>
(21:35:22) Ramsey6587: Mebbe thats why Janus likes you so much FKK
(21:35:23) ThorinDP2: is FKK a saltlick?
(21:35:25) Janus: It's an acquired taste, as you've no doubt discovered from Abel.
(21:35:27) Lady Vulpix G: I'm waiting for my noodle soup to cool down a little so I can eat it.
(21:35:30) Demon Mage Zedd: I'm on a see food diet
(21:35:34) FireKatKid: heh.
(21:35:39) Ramsey6587: XD
(21:35:44) blair chan: X3
(21:35:53) Lady Vulpix G: See food? What does that mean? You only eat what you can see?
(21:35:57) FireKatKid: if i'm a salt lick, then i'm putting a no licking sign on me.x.x,
(21:36:03) Ramsey6587: uh oh
(21:36:05) Janus: *licks FKK*
(21:36:08) Janus: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, salty.
(21:36:10) Ramsey6587: You did it FKK
(21:36:14) FireKatKid: >.<,
(21:36:16) Ramsey6587: *hides*
(21:36:25) Ramsey6587: *behind gabi*
(21:36:29) Ramsey6587: Protect meh!
(21:36:40) Lady Vulpix G: But FKK's already here!
(21:36:43) Janus: *kidnaps FKK and uses him as a salt lick*
(21:36:54) FireKatKid: ack! someone get the tinfoil! x.x,
(21:37:04) Lady Vulpix G: No! Bad Janus! No cookie!
(21:37:10) Lady Vulpix G: Hmm... on second thought...
(21:37:15) Janus: *kidnaps Ramsey and uses him as Abel's boy-toy* :3
(21:37:15) FireKatKid: o.O
(21:37:16) Demon Mage Zedd: *wraps foil all over his naked body*
(21:37:16) Lady Vulpix G: Do you want a cookie?
(21:37:37) Ramsey6587: *commits honorable suicide*
(21:37:40) Janus: Actually... *turns that around* Ramsey can be the salt lick and FKK can be the boy toy.
(21:37:46) ThorinDP2: hail! kneel before the Prince of Tin Foil!
(21:37:50) FireKatKid: gah! i dun think so!
(21:37:52) Janus: You mean... Seppuku, Ramsey? >D
(21:37:54) Ramsey6587: *and changes sepukkus meaning back to suicide related*
(21:37:56) JousterLich: Sorry Janus
(21:38:04) JousterLich: I think I trained FKK to only like me
(21:38:07) JousterLich: He's not ready to be a boy toy yet
(21:38:14) FireKatKid: beh?
(21:38:14) Lady Vulpix G: *Gives Janus a finished mow cookie.*
(21:38:20) Demon Mage Zedd: I AM FOIL MAN!
(21:38:24) Ramsey6587: Look!
(21:38:29) Ramsey6587: *points at Zedd*
(21:38:32) Ramsey6587: He's shiney!
(21:38:35) Lady Vulpix G: Aluminum foil?
(21:38:38) Janus: mmm, cookie. *gnaw*
(21:38:39) Demon Mage Zedd: Yes
(21:38:44) Ramsey6587: heh
(21:38:48) Lady Vulpix G: Whoo! Shiny!
(21:38:59) Ramsey6587: Don't mow cookies have glue in em?
(21:39:00) ThorinDP2: *bounces about*
(21:39:01) Janus: Jouster: Got a time period on when he'll be ready? He did get jumped by Abel a few times
(21:39:06) FireKatKid: hehehe. don't tell him that :3
(21:39:23) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:39:28) FireKatKid: so soon janus' mouth will hopefully be glued shut o.O
(21:39:32) JousterLich: Well... I dunno. He enjoys being with me so much... and of course, we have to factor in how long it took you to break me
(21:39:37) Lady Vulpix G: Hehe, gotcha, Janus! Your mouth will be stuck permanently now.
(21:39:49) Ramsey6587: w00t!
(21:39:50) JousterLich: Hopefully within the next week though
(21:39:51) FireKatKid: -.-, you're just made of hollow bones jouster. that's why you broke :3
(21:39:56) Demon Mage Zedd: *shakes his shiney ass at KK
(21:40:00) FireKatKid: >.<,
(21:40:00) Lady Vulpix G: Unless you know any magical spells that can remove Krazy Glue, because no physical means can.
(21:40:02) ThorinDP2: siney!
(21:40:04) JousterLich: Maybe you can 'fill' them with something, FKK
(21:40:06) blair chan: anehwho! i gotta go. *steals corner and runs* bai!
(21:40:07) JousterLich: ;)
(21:40:13) FireKatKid: heh bye panda
(21:40:14) Janus: *shrugs and cracks open a can of Diet Acid.... erm...Coke... and pours it over the glue* You were saying, Gabi?
(21:40:17) Lady Vulpix G: And well done, FKK. Someone DOES pay attention! ^_^
(21:40:18) blair chan left the room.
(21:40:29) FireKatKid: *sighs* darn you coke!
(21:40:37) Janus: The diet variety is kller.
(21:40:45) Janus: I can drink it on an empty stomach, too.
(21:40:57) FireKatKid: diet coke is evil. >.>
(21:41:08) Lady Vulpix G: On whose empty stomach?
(21:41:16) Lady Vulpix G: If I may ask.
(21:41:19) Janus: Then again, for Jouster to break, it took the realisation that Amber was asking me for shonen.
(21:41:21) FireKatKid: *blinks*
(21:41:32) Janus: Anyone's. Preferably a bishou's.
(21:41:45) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:41:48) Lady Vulpix G: Ah, I'm safe.
(21:41:51) Demon Mage Zedd: *tosses a C2' Coke at Janus's head*
(21:41:56) Ramsey6587: Then Jouster has a weak mind!
(21:42:05) FireKatKid: *looks at gabi and crosses his arms* lucky.... -.-,
(21:42:09) JousterLich: Weak mind Ramsey... but I've been told I'm quite strong in bed. ;)
(21:42:14) FireKatKid: XD
(21:42:19) JousterLich: Wanna see?
(21:42:21) Ramsey6587: tmi :o
(21:42:23) JousterLich: I can prove your statement. ;)
(21:42:29) Lady Vulpix G: Has Abel said that?
(21:42:31) Ramsey6587: TMI!!!!
(21:42:34) Janus: Not that i'm biased or anything... I could drink it on your stomach if you want, Gabi :3
(21:42:38) JousterLich: No, FKK did, actually
(21:42:45) FireKatKid: musta been some other FKK :P
(21:42:55) ThorinDP2: *rolls around, listening to Emmerson, Lake and Palmer in his head*
(21:43:35) Demon Mage Zedd: *it rains diet pepsi*
(21:43:39) FireKatKid: o.O
(21:43:53) JousterLich: *it also rains white secretions*
(21:43:55) ThorinDP2: you're making me all wet and sticky
(21:44:04) ThorinDP2: I hate you, for making me say that :-P
(21:44:04) Ramsey6587: >.<
(21:44:08) FireKatKid: *hides under an umbrella* >.>
(21:44:18) ThorinDP2: cursed....
(21:44:20) ThorinDP2: ewwwww
(21:44:22) Ramsey6587: *hides under rock*
(21:44:33) Lady Vulpix G: *Hides under an umbrella under SludgeMaster 6000.*
(21:44:34) JousterLich: Heh, see Ramsey?
(21:44:39) JousterLich: You thought it was a rock
(21:44:42) JousterLich: It's that hard
(21:44:50) ThorinDP2: O.O
(21:44:51) ThorinDP2: *pop*
(21:44:53) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:44:55) ThorinDP2: ._.
(21:45:05) Ramsey6587: *teleports away*
(21:45:07) ThorinDP2: ,_,
(21:45:14) Lady Vulpix G: Jouster is hallucinating. What did Janus give him?
(21:45:18) Janus: God, having minions is awesome.
(21:45:23) FireKatKid: >.>, a very bad shot?
(21:45:28) Ramsey6587: I need minions......
(21:45:32) JousterLich: Actually, his shooting is dead-on
(21:45:36) Ramsey6587: hmmmmm.........
(21:45:39) JousterLich: He almost never 'misses'
(21:45:45) Janus: Gabi, did you hear my offer? :3
(21:45:45) FireKatKid: i meant shot as in injection, jouster. XD
(21:45:55) Janus: Oh, I'm even better at 'injecting'.
(21:45:57) JousterLich: Nah, he prefers other methods of injecting
(21:45:58) Ramsey6587: *hands FKK a dollar* there go distract Janus and Jouster
(21:46:00) Lady Vulpix G: You made me an offer?
(21:46:02) Ramsey6587: I command it minion!
(21:46:13) Janus: " Not that i'm biased or anything... I could drink it on your stomach if you want, Gabi :3"
(21:46:15) Janus: X3
(21:46:19) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:46:20) JousterLich: Do you see what I see, Janus? Ramsey's handing FKK money
(21:46:21) FireKatKid: ...*looks at the dollar, pockets it, and runs away from jouster, janus, abel, dan, and any others of THEM*
(21:46:24) JousterLich: Guess what they're doing? :D
(21:46:31) Lady Vulpix G: Ah, I didn't think that was an offer. No, thanks.
(21:46:43) Ramsey6587: Hes distracting you by running away!
(21:46:43) Demon Mage Zedd: *it rains money*
(21:46:45) Ramsey6587: Look!
(21:46:53) Lady Vulpix G: Dan?
(21:46:57) FireKatKid: don't ask... -.-,
(21:47:02) ThorinDP2: ow! OW!
(21:47:07) ThorinDP2: damn half dollars
(21:47:09) JousterLich: *it rains bishous*
(21:47:17) Janus: It's raining men!
(21:47:20) FireKatKid: that'd hurt.... >.>,
(21:47:23) ThorinDP2: eeeek1 o.o
(21:47:23) Ramsey6587: uh ooh
(21:47:31) Janus: *busts a move, and a few cherries while he's at it*
(21:47:42) Ramsey6587: :o
(21:47:43) Demon Mage Zedd: *steals all the bishis and hides em in a closet*
(21:47:46) ThorinDP2: *.*
(21:47:49) Ramsey6587: *does the macarena*
(21:47:54) FireKatKid: >.>
(21:47:55) Ramsey6587: Ha everyone hates that dance!
(21:47:59) Ramsey6587: Ph3@r meh!
(21:48:02) FireKatKid: yes...yes they do XD
(21:48:05) JousterLich: *hides everyone else inside the same closet*
(21:48:12) JousterLich: *locks the door*
(21:48:15) JousterLich: Have fun you all. :)
(21:48:16) Ramsey6587: *teleports out of the closet*
(21:48:19) Ramsey6587: :3
(21:48:19) Janus: I thought that was 'licks the door'
(21:48:22) Janus: Not that Jouster minds that
(21:48:23) FireKatKid: *digs out of the closet*
(21:48:26) JousterLich: Not at all. :)
(21:48:38) JousterLich: *jumps into FKK's hole*
(21:48:44) Lady Vulpix G: Why would anyone lick a door?
(21:48:44) Ramsey6587: >:[
(21:48:49) FireKatKid: *blocks the path behind him with dirt* :3
(21:48:51) Ramsey6587: poor FKK
(21:49:08) JousterLich: *notices FKK was facing him. Hence, the path behind him is the way out*
(21:49:09) ThorinDP2: *licks the lock*
(21:49:16) JousterLich: Ooh... Guess you really do like being with me. :)
(21:49:20) FireKatKid: yeah, suuuure jouster. why would i turn around in there? XD
(21:49:29) JousterLich: To offer a better position?
(21:49:39) FireKatKid: maybe for escaping. but not for you. XD
(21:49:52) JousterLich: Well... I dunno your reasons
(21:50:12) Demon Mage Zedd: BUTTT HOOOLLLEEE!!! *pulls an ace ventura*
(21:50:13) Dboy2029 entered the room.
(21:50:14) FireKatKid: and now you do :3 *digs out the ground and hides safely*
(21:50:19) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, DBoy!
(21:50:20) JousterLich: (You do realize I was OUTSIDE the closet)
(21:50:27) Dboy2029: Hey hey hey!
(21:50:47) Ramsey6587: yo
(21:50:52) Ramsey6587: dboywheeler right?
(21:50:55) Dboy2029: Yep!
(21:50:57) Lady Vulpix G: Before you do anything here, let me warn you: watch out for Janus and Jouster.
(21:51:01) FireKatKid: (then how did you crawl in the tunnel after i got out? "digs OUT of the closet")
(21:51:03) ThorinDP2: *uses logic to manipulate physics, and is now on the outside of the door*
(21:51:13) Dboy2029: I've met Janus. I even watch him on DeviantArt!
(21:51:15) ThorinDP2: yaaaaay
(21:51:28) JousterLich: (I jumped into the escape hole when it caved in, of course)
(21:51:38) FireKatKid: (suuuuure)
(21:51:42) Janus: *punishes the use of logic by pushing Thorin into Abel's room and locking the door8
(21:51:59) FireKatKid: amazing how many rooms just pop up in here... o.O
(21:52:06) Dboy2029: Hey, Janus! Remember the two fan characters I made? I've finally made a name for the half-fae boy: Thomas!
(21:52:12) Ramsey6587: *akward silence*
(21:52:20) Lady Vulpix G: They appear to defy logic, FKK.
(21:52:23) JousterLich: They aren't the only thing 'popping up' in here, FKK
(21:52:27) JousterLich: :3
(21:52:35) FireKatKid: what? we have gophers?
(21:52:39) ThorinDP2: ...
(21:52:40) FireKatKid: O:3
(21:52:45) ThorinDP2: what IS abel?
(21:52:53) Lady Vulpix G: A feline incubus.
(21:52:56) FireKatKid: an incubus. *shudder* an evil one >.<
(21:52:59) ThorinDP2: ohhhhh.
(21:52:59) JousterLich: Well... the things that I'm thinking of do tend to dig around. ;)
(21:53:02) FireKatKid: well... "ebil"
(21:53:05) Dboy2029: I've made two fan DMFA/Mab's Land characters.
(21:53:06) ThorinDP2: *turns on the light*
(21:53:11) Janus: Of the most androgynous type.
(21:53:14) ThorinDP2: innocense if my best defense.
(21:53:20) Dboy2029: Um, gang?
(21:53:26) Janus: It won't be when I'm done with you. Or shoudl that be when Abel's done...
(21:53:27) Lady Vulpix G: I thought it was spellt 'innocence'.
(21:53:33) FireKatKid: *reflacts light and goes invisible* :3 ...*or something like that*
(21:53:37) ThorinDP2: btw; neat, Dboy
(21:53:50) Lady Vulpix G: *spelt
(21:54:03) Dboy2029: Yeah. One of them is an Amazon feline named Lina. Yep, I'm granting Dan his wish by creating an Amazon character!
(21:54:09) FireKatKid: lol probably
(21:54:24) Lady Vulpix G: :-)
(21:54:25) FireKatKid: he hasn't been looking lately though. must be janus' doing..... -.-,
(21:54:38) Dboy2029: The other is a half-fae kitty named Tommy.
(21:55:09) Lady Vulpix G: How are they DMFA characters?
(21:55:15) Ramsey6587: who?
(21:55:19) FireKatKid: FAN DMFA characters, Gabi :P
(21:55:23) ThorinDP2: *hides under Abel's dom table*
(21:55:24) Dboy2029: I plan to make them fanfic characters.
(21:55:32) Lady Vulpix G: Ah.
(21:55:40) ThorinDP2: I made one of those once
(21:55:47) ThorinDP2: a gray fox sage
(21:55:47) Ramsey6587: I've never made a fanfic
(21:55:56) FireKatKid: never have, and don't plan to. characters take me a while to make >.>,
(21:56:00) Dboy2029: Lina is the sole survivor of her warrior tribe... her tribe was slaughtered by a humanoid vampire.
(21:56:05) ThorinDP2: I've never finished a fanfic, but once
(21:56:10) Demon Mage Zedd: WHO'sS UP for QUATERS?
(21:56:11) JousterLich: Ooh
(21:56:18) JousterLich: Thorin, mind if I introduce you to two other quality fanfics?
(21:56:25) JousterLich: >D
(21:56:33) Dboy2029: Tommy has a sad past: Dark Pegasus killed his parents when he was just four.
(21:56:46) Dboy2029: Tommy's father was a regular being and his mother was a Fae.
(21:56:46) ThorinDP2: huh?
(21:56:49) FireKatKid: :o
(21:56:56) JousterLich: One's called "Nemesis"
(21:56:56) FireKatKid: don't do it thorin!
(21:56:58) ThorinDP2: *is oblivious*
(21:57:14) Ramsey6587: It's bad for your health!
(21:57:14) Janus: .....bwahahahhahhahahahah
(21:57:23) ThorinDP2: well, there could be no tackyer fanfic than mine...
(21:57:24) Lady Vulpix G: I've written many pokemon stories for a game, but they don't involve any characters from the anime,
(21:57:24) Lady Vulpix G: so I don't think that counts as fanfic.
(21:57:38) FireKatKid: hmm. well if the creatures are in it...
(21:57:39) Dboy2029: Um, if anyone is interested, email me at and I'll tell more.
(21:57:51) Dboy2029 left the room.
(21:57:53) FireKatKid: hmm
(21:58:01) ThorinDP2: well, as long as the world is canon, and little frighteningly cute animals can be stored in little red balls
(21:58:17) FireKatKid: heh
(21:58:30) ThorinDP2: air-tight red balls, that shrink
(21:59:17) Lady Vulpix G: And if anyone wants to be scared by the length of my TPM story archive, it's here.
(21:59:37) ThorinDP2: o_o
(21:59:37) Lady Vulpix G:
(21:59:41) ThorinDP2: ._.
(21:59:53) Demon Mage Zedd: *it rains soda fro mth heavens*
(22:00:00) ThorinDP2: gah
(22:00:04) ThorinDP2: wet and sticky again
(22:00:11) ThorinDP2: this'll take hours of licking
(22:00:14) Janus: *drags Thorin into the shower for a cleaning* ():3
(22:00:14) FireKatKid: *blinks and sizzls from the "rain"* o.O
(22:00:15) Ramsey6587: >.<
(22:00:15) JousterLich: Seems to happen to you a lot
(22:00:17) Lady Vulpix G: Though it doesn't include all the stories I've written for that game.
(22:00:23) ThorinDP2: get clean. foxes tonguebathe XP
(22:00:23) JousterLich: And actually, Thorin, licking will generally make it worse. >D
(22:00:30) FireKatKid: hmm
(22:00:35) Ramsey6587: >.>
(22:00:47) ThorinDP2: ah
(22:00:55) ThorinDP2: *is now a showering fox*
(22:01:02) ThorinDP2: is rain supposed to be this warm?
(22:01:12) Ramsey6587: ...
(22:01:12) Demon Mage Zedd: *the its snows pixi sticks stuff*
(22:01:38) Lady Vulpix G: It's only weird if you think about it.
(22:01:41) FireKatKid: o.o, good thing azlan isn't here.
(22:01:44) Janus: *pounces Thorin with soap and 'cleaning utensils'.*
(22:01:52) JousterLich: Actually, Azlan should be here
(22:01:59) Lady Vulpix G: Though it would be cool if Shades were here.
(22:02:02) JousterLich: He and Thorin could clean each other. ;)
(22:02:03) FireKatKid: hmm
(22:02:17) FireKatKid: >.O,
(22:02:25) ThorinDP2: *squirms* get this tube rat offa me!
(22:02:27) ThorinDP2: lol
(22:02:30) Ramsey6587: :o
(22:02:35) FireKatKid: XD
(22:02:40) Ramsey6587: :o again!
(22:02:57) ThorinDP2: and ge thtis weasel outa my pants while you're at it
(22:03:09) Janus: mmmm, pants x3 *scrub scub rub rub*
(22:03:16) FireKatKid: hey Gabi.. you're an APF.. what can permanently stop Janus? O:3
(22:03:47) JousterLich: Isn't it obvious?
(22:03:57) JousterLich: The complete and total corruption.
(22:04:10) JousterLich: Of everything. Once that occurs, his mission is complete
(22:04:10) ThorinDP2: by the way, I am male, even if I lack masculinity XP
(22:04:23) JousterLich: No, you don't 'lack' at all, Thorin. >3
(22:04:32) Ramsey6587: What can stop shonen that is conveniently easy to obtain? should be the question X3
(22:04:32) ThorinDP2: 0.0
(22:04:32) Janus: Yes, you're not lacking at all. *lick lick* :3
(22:04:40) FireKatKid: XD
(22:04:45) ThorinDP2: -.-;
(22:04:48) Demon Mage Zedd: *shakes KK like brithish nanny*
(22:04:48) Ramsey6587: XD
(22:04:52) FireKatKid: @.@,
(22:05:06) Janus: Heh... everyone loves this... until I get them too.
(22:05:22) ThorinDP2: hmmmm
(22:05:27) JousterLich: Nah, Janus
(22:05:28) ThorinDP2: implications, implications
(22:05:29) FireKatKid: i laugh of revenge... except for Thorin, but that was just funny. heh
(22:05:30) JousterLich: They love it even then
(22:05:32) JousterLich: They just deny it. :)
(22:05:40) ThorinDP2: but I'm a modest sexually questionable fox O:)
(22:05:41) Janus: You'd know, eh Jouster?
(22:05:44) Demon Mage Zedd: *shakes KK upside down*
(22:05:48) JousterLich: Very much so. :)
(22:05:53) Lady Vulpix G: Nothing I'd want to see, FKK.
(22:05:56) FireKatKid: @.@ will you stop shaking me!?
(22:06:02) Janus: Shake shake shake!
(22:06:04) Janus: Shake shake shake!
(22:06:08) Janus: Shake your bum-bum~
(22:06:12) Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
(22:06:16) ThorinDP2: (I think he forgot about me!)
(22:06:16) JousterLich: I'll do more than shake it. ;)
(22:06:27) ThorinDP2: *tries to find the exit to this steaming rain business*
(22:06:29) Lady Vulpix G: What will you do now, Janus? Bring your yappity here?
(22:06:46) Janus: *crashtackles Thorin and does STEAMY THINGS OMGWTF™ in the shower*
(22:06:55) FireKatKid: eh.. @.@ my brain.. i's escaping.. *dizzily hides behind Gabi again, since she's the only one who hasn't ever tried to get him yet*
(22:07:03) Demon Mage Zedd: *shakes evernyone plafuly*
(22:07:08) Ramsey6587: *pushes FKK away*
(22:07:14) Ramsey6587: Hey I'm still hiding here >:[
(22:07:18) ThorinDP2: *is wet, violated, and carbonated now*
(22:07:26) FireKatKid: hey, you stole that hiding spot from me. XD
(22:07:27) JousterLich: Heh, FKK. It's normal to get dizzy after something like what you just had happen
(22:07:38) FireKatKid: after being shaked upside down? well yeah... x.x,
(22:07:42) ThorinDP2: *climbs a tree*
(22:07:45) Ramsey6587: :o
(22:07:47) Janus: Wow, you're that stiff, Thorin?
(22:07:47) Ramsey6587: Poor FKK
(22:07:58) Janus: Wait, wrong cabornated.
(22:07:59) Demon Mage Zedd: *shakes mother goose*
(22:08:01) Janus: =D
(22:08:28) Demon Mage Zedd: Anyone got a flamethower*
(22:08:29) Ramsey6587: :o
(22:08:40) FireKatKid: nope. no flamethrowers here >.>
(22:08:49) JousterLich: I've got the equivalent. ;)
(22:09:01) FireKatKid: *blinks*
(22:09:05) ThorinDP2: I'm also up a tree. silly weasil, can't get me now!
(22:09:06) Lady Vulpix G: 22:08:40) FireKatKid: nope. no flamethrowers here >.>
(22:09:11) Lady Vulpix G: We need Shades for that.
(22:09:14) FireKatKid: heh
(22:09:27) Janus: *climbs the tree. He's a ferret, silly, he can do taht :3*
(22:09:35) ThorinDP2: gahhhhhh
(22:09:36) ThorinDP2: no
(22:09:41) Janus: I've got enough flamingness for any flamethrower.
(22:09:44) ThorinDP2: *baps him on the head*
(22:09:44) FireKatKid: yeah, how'd you not know that? o.O
(22:09:45) Ramsey6587: You can always commit sepukku Thorin
(22:10:04) ThorinDP2: nah. that tends to sting
(22:10:13) JousterLich: Janus, Thorin's bapping your head
(22:10:14) FireKatKid: and janus doesn't? o.O
(22:10:35) Ramsey6587: The double entendres are flying around there is so many
(22:10:40) FireKatKid: and how....
(22:10:43) Janus: ooh, Thorin, you know just where to touch :3
(22:10:44) Ramsey6587: I can actually see them forming! x.x
(22:11:03) ThorinDP2: *curls up into a ball* gwah!
(22:11:20) Ramsey6587: whatchoo guys think bout this picture?
(22:11:20) ThorinDP2: I guess this means glom threats won't work on you. lol
(22:11:20) Ramsey6587:
(22:11:28) Ramsey6587: Imma colour it after I ink it.
(22:11:40) JousterLich: BRB
(22:11:41) JousterLich left the room.
(22:11:42) ThorinDP2: kitty!
(22:11:43) FireKatKid: nice pic, ramsey
(22:12:02) ThorinDP2: what happens when you earscritch a bishie catboy?
(22:12:07) FireKatKid: glomping may not work, thorin.. but calling him "cute" may. o.O give it a shot
(22:12:24) ThorinDP2: but he is cute!
(22:12:26) FireKatKid: *hears thorin's question and immediately runs from janus*
(22:12:35) ThorinDP2: um....
(22:12:35) Ramsey6587: Or try to tell everyone about him and make him well know mebbe?
(22:12:43) Ramsey6587: :o
(22:12:45) ThorinDP2: maybe you should test that theory, Janus?
(22:12:48) Lady Vulpix G: Cool.
(22:12:52) ThorinDP2: there's a brning cat over there!
(22:13:01) Lady Vulpix G: @ the image.
(22:13:26) Ramsey6587: ty
(22:13:36) Ramsey6587: Where'd Janus go?
(22:13:40) Ramsey6587: He's quiet :o
(22:13:44) FireKatKid: dare you ask? o.O,
(22:13:54) Janus: *slowly lifts his ears* I just heard the 'c' word... and a peculiar declaration that someone wants to make me popular...
(22:14:20) Ramsey6587: Thorin said it!
(22:14:27) FireKatKid: *points* : I
(22:14:34) ThorinDP2: *blink*
(22:14:35) Ramsey6587: You shouldnt point FKK
(22:14:43) FireKatKid: *with finger, ok ok, sheesh*
(22:14:59) Ramsey6587: They seem to twist that one often unless you specify what youre pointing with >.>
(22:15:26) Janus: *throws a plethora of sharp objects at Thorin* I'm NOT cute >.<
(22:15:37) Janus: *spins towards Ramsey* As for popularity!
(22:15:46) Ramsey6587: o.o
(22:16:02) Ramsey6587: Umm....
(22:16:05) Janus: By the time I'm done with you, you'll be the hottest man on the market. *tackle* *dustcloud*
(22:16:10) Ramsey6587: You should look at mah picture!
(22:16:11) ThorinDP2: it worked! :-D *somehow finds dodging sharp objects preferable to staving off advances from a musk*
(22:16:13) Ramsey6587: Look at it!
(22:16:19) Demon Mage Zedd: SOMEONE HUG MEH!!!!!
(22:16:20) Ramsey6587: *teleports away!*
(22:16:27) FireKatKid: o.O
(22:16:33) Ramsey6587: Yesh. Janus hug Zedd!
(22:16:38) ThorinDP2: *pounces on the tin foil man*
(22:16:42) Ramsey6587: *pushes zedd in front of Janus*
(22:16:43) FireKatKid: by all means >.>
(22:16:59) Janus: *bounces over Zedd and crashtackles Ramsey to the ground*
(22:16:59) Demon Mage Zedd: *blushes*
(22:17:07) Ramsey6587: *teleports away*
(22:17:17) FireKatKid: hmm.
(22:17:18) Janus: *follows.*
(22:17:20) Ramsey6587: Yay laziness and the teleport ability
(22:17:35) ThorinDP2: um
(22:17:35) Ramsey6587: Although I still wish I had learned auto sepukku instead....
(22:17:48) FireKatKid: tsk tsk tsk
(22:17:51) ThorinDP2: I guess I owe Ramsey my thanks?
(22:17:53) Janus: Auto self impalation
(22:17:57) Ramsey6587: Nuh uh!
(22:17:58) Janus: Man, you kink.
(22:18:06) Ramsey6587: It's the killing of one self!
(22:18:12) Ramsey6587: With a bladed weapon!
(22:18:21) Ramsey6587: It's very sharp too!
(22:18:21) Demon Mage Zedd: *falls alseep on Janus with his giant gerth*
(22:18:36) Janus: *replicates self a hundred times ala Naruto*
(22:18:39) FireKatKid: *blinks* well this conversation went from odd to odder in a jiffy
(22:18:44) ThorinDP2: ahhh crap
(22:18:47) Ramsey6587: word
(22:19:03) ThorinDP2: but at least we have gone past wet and sticky
(22:19:09) Janus: to warm and creamy.
(22:19:16) Ramsey6587: Any one ever seen berserk?
(22:19:19) ThorinDP2: @_.
(22:19:20) Ramsey6587: the anime?
(22:19:30) Demon Mage Zedd: *falls asleep on Rams*
(22:19:38) FireKatKid: >.>
(22:19:40) Ramsey6587: *throws zedd at Janus*
(22:20:07) Demon Mage Zedd: *falls asleep on Thorin*
(22:20:07) Janus: *dropkicks Zedd onto Gabi*
(22:20:15) FireKatKid: >.O,
(22:20:17) FireKatKid: run gabi!
(22:20:17) Lady Vulpix G: Hey!
(22:20:28) Lady Vulpix G: *Ducks.*
(22:20:29) ThorinDP2: *feels crushed*
(22:20:34) ThorinDP2: owwwww
(22:20:41) ThorinDP2: damn you and your incredible girth
(22:20:43) Lady Vulpix G: *Growls.*
(22:20:58) Janus: Well it was that or be squashed. *raspberrys Gabi*
(22:21:21) FireKatKid: heh. i vote for you being squished under zedd. it'd keep you busy
(22:21:41) ThorinDP2: tin foil man slept on top of me
(22:21:54) FireKatKid: heh. don't crumple his outfit... >.>,
(22:22:07) Lady Vulpix G: Raspberry! =-O
(22:22:13) ThorinDP2: don't sprain my legs either :-P
(22:22:28) Demon Mage Zedd: Mommy...I want a balloon...
(22:22:30) ThorinDP2: *licks his fur, trying to get the diet coke out*
(22:22:42) Lady Vulpix G: I'd eat it, if it didn't come from Janus.
(22:22:54) FireKatKid: XD
(22:22:58) Janus: A lot of things 'come' from me.
(22:23:13) Lady Vulpix G: I don't want to know.
(22:23:26) FireKatKid: a wise decision....
(22:23:35) Janus: *hits a rimshot*
(22:23:47) Demon Mage Zedd: *nibbles Thorin's ear*
(22:23:52) ThorinDP2: ._.
(22:23:59) FireKatKid: *blink* he likes you.... >.>,
(22:24:17) ThorinDP2: sorry, only vixens at least during this time of the year ^.^
(22:24:29) FireKatKid: hmm. <.<
(22:24:51) Janus: *nibbles FKK's ears* Rowwwwwwwwr.
(22:25:17) FireKatKid: aaaaauuuuggggghh! >.<, stop nibbling my ears!
(22:25:18) Ramsey6587: That means gabi better hide :o
(22:25:23) Ramsey6587: FKK too :3
(22:25:28) FireKatKid: -.-,
(22:25:35) ThorinDP2: nah, I'm docile
(22:25:47) Demon Mage Zedd: *licks his ears*
(22:26:07) ThorinDP2: u.u
(22:26:10) ThorinDP2: *tackle*
(22:26:31) Ramsey6587: So much ebil goin on.
(22:26:33) ThorinDP2: *hides up a tree again*
(22:26:44) Ramsey6587: *pulls out cross* im not afeared!
(22:26:50) Ramsey6587: *hides behind gabi again*
(22:26:52) Ramsey6587: o.o
(22:26:58) Janus: *taps Ramsey on the shouldre* Boo. :3
(22:27:04) FireKatKid: poor gabi... the fox shield <.<,
(22:27:09) Lady Vulpix G: *Wraps tail around Ramsey.*
(22:27:19) ThorinDP2: in an old community I used to be on, we'd post demented chats for all to see :)
(22:27:28) FireKatKid: >.>,
(22:27:34) Ramsey6587: Protect me!
(22:27:38) Lady Vulpix G: In a community I am on, we still do.
(22:27:41) Ramsey6587: *grabs tail* >.<
(22:27:46) ThorinDP2: *blink* nuts. he's a genious!
(22:27:47) ThorinDP2: lol
(22:27:48) Lady Vulpix G: In a topic called Quotes from a Nuthouse.
(22:28:00) Janus: Now I get this funny visual that Gabi looks over her shoulder at me with a wink and a smirk, and I just smirk-grin back.
(22:28:09) Janus: And between us, Ramsey cowers in her big fluffy tail~
(22:28:12) ThorinDP2: a similar thread was also on the community I was on
(22:28:16) FireKatKid: *Blinks* umm... eyeah... heh
(22:28:20) ThorinDP2: it ended up being called The List
(22:28:34) Lady Vulpix G: Hey! I have something called The List as well!
(22:28:34) Ramsey6587: RAWR!
(22:28:35) ThorinDP2: the first post had an NC-17y warning ^_^
(22:28:45) Lady Vulpix G:
(22:28:54) Lady Vulpix G: Funny AIM typos.
(22:29:11) Demon Mage Zedd: *goes on a candy shooting spree*
(22:29:20) FireKatKid: XD if it were king typos, Janus could put his typo of the word "snickers" lol
(22:29:21) Janus: My favourite AIM typo that I've made, is that "the heat is driving my nuts."
(22:29:24) ThorinDP2: the one i referred to is a long list of amusing out-of-context comments
(22:29:30) Ramsey6587: XD
(22:29:31) Janus: My super-typo of all time is that.
(22:29:34) Lady Vulpix G: Lol at Janus's typo.
(22:29:35) ThorinDP2: such as the wet-sticky/licking thing
(22:29:36) FireKatKid: heh. that it is
(22:29:44) Janus: Basically, people.
(22:29:48) Janus: I tried to write 'snickers'
(22:29:53) Janus: And wrote 'amieknif'
(22:30:04) Ramsey6587: ?
(22:30:05) FireKatKid: heh. and noone knows how...
(22:30:06) Ramsey6587: wow
(22:30:08) ThorinDP2:
(22:30:09) Lady Vulpix G: I've seen typos like that one before.
(22:30:13) Ramsey6587: Thats one helluva typo
(22:30:15) Janus: Super Typo.
(22:30:31) Lady Vulpix G: Misplaced hands added to not looking at the keyboard while you type.
(22:30:33) Ramsey6587: It's the saviour of typo kind :o
(22:30:48) Demon Mage Zedd: *fires stuffed plushes at people*
(22:30:58) FireKatKid: *gasp* plushies! o.o
(22:31:10) Janus: *plushifies FKK*
(22:31:20) FireKatKid: *blink blink* not again! >.<,
(22:31:24) ThorinDP2: *pounces*
(22:31:31) ThorinDP2: eeee! fluffy kittyboi!
(22:31:32) Lady Vulpix G: Poor FKK! Mowified, yappified and now plushified!
(22:31:36) FireKatKid: o.o,
(22:31:46) Janus: I've only been yappified, which is nifty.
(22:31:57) Janus: Though "I'm Not Cute, I Swear" could count as a plushification
(22:32:00) Lady Vulpix G: I've been given a cute yappity.
(22:32:16) Demon Mage Zedd: *plushiefies Janus*
(22:32:18) Ramsey6587: I've been yappitied and mowed...sorta....
(22:32:18) Lady Vulpix G: No, that was chibification.
(22:32:31) Janus: Though people called it a plushie quite a bit.
(22:32:34) Ramsey6587: But I'm a ninja so I'm sneaky therefore you cannot prove that I've been mowified :3
(22:32:36) Janus: It does kinda look like one.
(22:32:39) FireKatKid: XD that pic was so funny
(22:33:02) Lady Vulpix G: Mowed and mowified is not the same.
(22:33:04) Janus: FKK's also nominated me for a NABBA.
(22:33:09) Janus: least, I think it was FKK.
(22:33:11) Lady Vulpix G: I've been mowed, but not mowified.
(22:33:12) Ramsey6587: heh
(22:33:13) FireKatKid: O:3
(22:33:30) Ramsey6587: FKK's got a "thing" for you Janus 0:3
(22:33:32) Lady Vulpix G: I think you'd be a good candidate for the NABBA.
(22:33:42) FireKatKid: XD i just wanna see his face if he wins. lol
(22:33:51) Ramsey6587: Psht.
(22:33:55) Ramsey6587: I heard what you said
(22:33:59) FireKatKid: hmm?
(22:34:11) ThorinDP2: *curls up around the FKK plushie*
(22:34:17) Ramsey6587: You were like "he's so hawt omfglolz!" and I was like "dude wtf?!"
(22:34:29) Ramsey6587: And you were like "dude!"
(22:34:30) FireKatKid: *looks up at thorin and blinks* aack! get him off me! >.<,
(22:34:30) Demon Mage Zedd: *sighs*]
(22:34:33) Janus: There's also the best picture ever
(22:34:37) Ramsey6587: And I was like "yo man!"
(22:34:39) Ramsey6587: :3
(22:34:40) Janus:
(22:34:57) FireKatKid: XD hehehe yeah that one. lol
(22:34:58) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(22:35:06) ThorinDP2: that reminds me of Debora, aka Red Mage
(22:35:06) Lady Vulpix G: Where did you get those?
(22:35:12) Demon Mage Zedd left the room.
(22:35:12) FireKatKid: is that why amber drew that Janice pic?
(22:35:18) Lady Vulpix G: Ah, yes, I remember that too.
(22:35:24) ThorinDP2: hmmm
(22:35:28) Janus: *lag*
(22:35:41) ThorinDP2: Zedd left before unplushifying his victim
(22:35:45) Ramsey6587: That pic looks cool but I feel paranoid at the same time >.>
(22:35:50) FireKatKid: -.-,
(22:35:50) ThorinDP2: all the merryer for me :3
(22:36:06) FireKatKid: *whimpers* Gabi, how do you get out of plush mode without the curser? x.x,
(22:36:39) Janus: And the one to which I first referred.
(22:36:53) Lady Vulpix G: I think the curse disappears if the curser goes away.
(22:36:56) Janus: "I'm Not Cute. I Swear."
(22:36:58) FireKatKid: ....yay!
(22:37:10) ThorinDP2: ....
(22:37:14) ThorinDP2: he IS cute!
(22:37:17) ThorinDP2: hmmmm
(22:37:39) ThorinDP2: *weighs his options*
(22:37:55) FireKatKid: *kitten mode, flees, escapes, and blocks janus' ability to summon kitten-abel* :3
(22:38:05) Ramsey6587: w00t
(22:38:10) Janus: *summons kitten-Dan*
(22:38:16) Janus: *who in turn summons kitten-Abel*
(22:38:19) Ramsey6587: hmmmm....*is bored*
(22:38:27) FireKatKid: *raises an eyebrow* kitten-dan? isn't that just meowth? XD
(22:38:29) Ramsey6587: I'll start inking teh picture soon :3
(22:38:36) ThorinDP2: what is Ramsey, and is there an Abil-version?
(22:38:40) Lady Vulpix G: Why would Dan summon Abel?
(22:38:57) FireKatKid: don't ask, gabi. please don't. you won't like the answer >.>
(22:39:32) Janus: Because they're the best of friends in things that Amber and I throw at each other?
(22:39:32) Lady Vulpix G: It's not like Dan to do that.
(22:39:34) Ramsey6587: whatchoo mean Thorin?
(22:39:43) Janus: Because them working together to do things to FKK is much hilariouso?
(22:39:50) FireKatKid: it's not like dan to get bossed by janus either, now is it? XD
(22:40:14) Janus: While lag makes my brain cry?
(22:40:16) Lady Vulpix G: I don't know, I've never seen them together.
(22:40:22) ThorinDP2: witha ltitle creativity, we might be able to sick Abel on you, is all. don't worry abou tit
(22:40:33) Ramsey6587: I can explain everything. Janus doesn't exist therefore his ebil ideas and minions dont exist!
(22:40:41) Ramsey6587: It's all quite obvious really
(22:41:10) FireKatKid: *reverts to normal and tosses the kitten dan and abel away, brushing his hands together*
(22:41:12) FireKatKid: :3
(22:41:17) Ramsey6587: That kind of ebil can only exist in a tortured and twisted mind.....
(22:41:22) Ramsey6587: But whom?
(22:41:35) Ramsey6587: The shadow knows!
(22:41:36) Janus: *shrugs*
(22:41:55) Janus: *pounces FKK himself*
(22:42:20) FireKatKid: ack! >.<, getitoffme! getitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff!
(22:42:23) ThorinDP2: *pounces them both*
(22:42:28) FireKatKid: x.x,
(22:42:54) Janus: Wooo! *swaps places with Thorin and pairs them up, baybee!*
(22:43:15) FireKatKid: >.<, *fricasceés thorin* x.x,
(22:43:26) Ramsey6587: FKK is loving this
(22:43:30) Lady Vulpix G: Is that French?
(22:43:31) ThorinDP2: *does not even know what he did to him*
(22:43:31) Ramsey6587: He's just denying it
(22:43:35) FireKatKid: yes, it's french
(22:43:41) ThorinDP2: but what is it?
(22:43:51) FireKatKid: it means BURNED TO A CRISP pretty much
(22:43:54) FireKatKid: >.<,
(22:44:03) ThorinDP2: you forget
(22:44:10) ThorinDP2: foxes have foxfire ^____^
(22:44:19) FireKatKid: but they don't...control it :3
(22:44:24) ThorinDP2: *is now a burning fox*
(22:44:31) ThorinDP2: damn.
(22:44:44) Ramsey6587: FKK you prolly shoulda chose your element more wisely
(22:44:49) Janus: And people call me a flamer.
(22:44:51) Janus: *rimshot*
(22:45:01) FireKatKid: nah. *tosses thorin at janus* that joke gets old >.>
(22:45:02) Ramsey6587: Almost everyone has some sorta flame resistance
(22:45:11) Lady Vulpix G: *Throws Janus a snowcone.*
(22:45:12) Ramsey6587: Especially Janus. Or so I've heard......
(22:45:20) Janus: mmm, ice cream
(22:45:21) Ramsey6587: >.>
(22:45:22) ThorinDP2: *curls himself around the musk* now you're a real flamer ^____^
(22:45:23) FireKatKid: that's not my only power ramsey. but my others are kinda cruel
(22:45:34) Ramsey6587: Go on.
(22:45:44) Janus: *puts the snowcone on Thorin's head and points said snowcone out to the addict FKK*
(22:45:55) Ramsey6587: I've got the power of man-faye :3
(22:46:08) ThorinDP2: ._.
(22:46:11) FireKatKid: pff. i'm not an addict. XD
(22:46:16) Ramsey6587: And crossdressing but thats a diff story.....
(22:46:19) Janus: *dresses Ramsey up as Faye Valentine*
(22:46:24) FireKatKid: lol!
(22:46:27) ThorinDP2: you make men less manly by adding fairy wings to them?
(22:46:30) FireKatKid: tallest....faye...ever.
(22:46:33) Ramsey6587: :o
(22:46:44) Janus: =D
(22:46:59) Ramsey6587: Sexiest faye ever too O:3
(22:47:05) Ramsey6587: >.>
(22:47:06) FireKatKid: plasma is energy for the body. it has heat in it to make it work. otherwise it's useless. i control that heat. something you don't want to happen. ^.-
(22:47:17) FireKatKid: it's much more in depth than that, but it'd take too long to explain >.>,
(22:47:21) Lady Vulpix G: Speaking of adding wings, why does Lost Lake give everyone wings these days?
(22:47:24) Ramsey6587: My element is ice
(22:47:29) FireKatKid: heh. cause amber loves winglies?
(22:47:30) Ramsey6587: And Ninja
(22:47:38) Ramsey6587: I made ninja into an elemnt :3
(22:47:40) ThorinDP2: plasma is ionized gas. it's also the nutrient fluid that carrys bloodcells
(22:47:43) FireKatKid: isn't she in charge of it now?
(22:47:46) Ramsey6587: *element even
(22:48:06) FireKatKid: when i say plasma, i mean the blood in general. -.-,
(22:48:07) Janus: Hey, Ramsey.
(22:48:10) Janus: PLUNDERED BOOTAY!
(22:48:11) Ramsey6587: yeah?
(22:48:14) Ramsey6587: Nuh uh!
(22:48:16) FireKatKid: hmm
(22:48:20) Ramsey6587: I put a curse on mine!
(22:48:26) Ramsey6587: So no one can get to it!
(22:48:31) Ramsey6587: Cept me! >.>
(22:48:38) ThorinDP2: you would think that cats would be more affinate towards ice
(22:48:41) Janus: pirates > ninjas
(22:48:41) Janus: You like to plunder your own bootay?
(22:48:43) Ramsey6587: wait......
(22:48:43) Janus: You kink.
(22:48:51) Ramsey6587: Thats not what I meant!
(22:48:58) Janus: PWNED!
(22:49:03) Ramsey6587: ninjas will destroy pirates!
(22:49:05) ThorinDP2: bamf, my friend
(22:49:20) Ramsey6587: For there is now an element called ninja!