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  Levels and genders of all Expedia Pokemon

Pokemon Trainer Level Gender Nature Ability
Quilava Alexa/Amy 14 Male Docile Blaze
Meowth Ally 9 Female Naïve Pickup
Metapod Amy 7 Female Naive Shield Dust
Omastar Amy 31 Male Quirky Shell Armor
Ralts Amy 18 Female Sassy Synchronize
Starflare (Rapidash) Amy 41 Female Rash Flash Fire
Trapinch Amy 23 Male Jolly Hyper Cutter
Serenity (Togetic) Amy 30 Female Relaxed Serene Grace
Absol Discothèque 26 Female Lonely Pressure
Haunter Discothèque 15 Male Jolly Levitate
Eevee Discothéque 7 Male Timid Run Away
Eevee Espeon12 12 Female Mild Run Away
Golduck Espeon12 30 Male Naughty Damp
Noctowl Gabi 37 Female Modest Insomnia
Mareep Gabi 13 Female Gentle Static
Kabuto Gabi 28 Male Careful Battle Armor
Vulpix Gabi 10 Female Hardy Flash Fire
Girafarig Girafarig 20 Male Brave Inner Focus
Houndour Girafarig 24 Male Rash Flash Fire
Espeon Jay 21 Female Calm Synchronize
Umbreon Jay 21 Male Bashful Synchronize
Swinub Jay 13 Female Lonely Oblivious
Pikachu Julina 15 Female Quiet Static
Gligar Julina 18 Male Rash Hyper Cutter
Squirtle Julina 12 Female Timid Torrent
Onix Karin 21 Male Hardy Rock Head
Sandslash Kyle 24 Male Hasty Sand Veil
Murkrow Kyle 17 Female Naughty Insomnia
Houndoom Kyle 27 Female Bold Flash Fire
Umbreon Kyle 17 Female Serious Synchronize
Qwilfish Kyle 12 Male Lax Swift Swim
Dimitri (Swablu) Kyle 12 Male Impish Natural Cure
Mako (Marshtomp) Kyle 14 Male Hasty Torrent
Slakoth Liang 9 Female Naive Truant
Vibrava Liang 36 Male Calm Levitate
Marshtomp Matt 22 Male Jolly Torrent
Herakles (Heracross) Patrick 17 Male Brave Guts
Hercules (Pinsir) Patrick 16 Male Bold Hyper Cutter
Ayafrog (Poliwag) Patrick 13 Female Jolly Water Absorb
Bagon Rachel 13 Female Lax Rock Head
Aerodactyl Rachel 20 Male Adamant Rock Head
Kwaku (Seviper) Reptilius Pyrus 17 Male Adamant Shed Skin
Alicia (Yanma) Shonta 10 Female Gentle Speed Boost
Ninetales Tyler 29 Female Gentle Flash Fire