Information taken from:
The Ultimate Pokemon Center

Attack Explanations


These attacks do not Critical Hit.

Current HP amount Damage
33/48 or more 20
17/48 - 33/48 40
10/48 - 17/48 80
5/48 - 10/48 100
2/48 - 5/48 150
Less than 2/48 200


For each consecutive use of any of these moves, the assigned accuracy of the attack is halved every turn:

Uses  Assigned Accuracy
   2  127
   3  63
   4  31
   5  15
   6  7
   7  3
   8  1
   9  0

These attacks also strike first. They go before Quick Attack and Mach Punch.


Total is not 100% due to rounding.

Magnitude, Power, Random number, Probability
4, 10, 14/256, 5.5%


Haze removes all stat modifications, from both Pokémon. Also, from both Pokémon, Haze removes the effects of:

    Leech Seed, Toxic (Doesn't increase any more, becomes regular poison), multi-turn attacks, Mean Look/Spider Web, Curse, Nightmare, Attract, Conversion/Conversion2, Disable, Encore, Focus Energy, Foresight, Mind Reader/Lock-On, Mimic, Perish Song, Transform, Defense Curl
This list needs to be verified.


In the explanation below, the word "user" means the Pokémon using Substitute, or if Baton Pass is used, the Pokémon behind the substitute decoy. Note also that any effects that do not affect the sub also do not affect the user unless otherwise mentioned. In the description, when the sub "inherits" an effect, the effect does not go away or change upon creation of the sub. Explanatory text in italics is uncertain and needs verification.

Substitute creates a copy of the user (called a "sub"), which removes 1/4 of user's max HP. It will fail if user has less than that. The HP removed is given to the sub.

The sub becomes a stand-in for the user and will absorb any damage directed to it. When it absorbs damage equal to or greater than the amount of HP used to create it, the sub will break. Upon breakage, any excess damage is not given to the user.

The sub inherits the stats of the user, (including stat modifications), as well as changes to the user's stat mod values, except HP, and the user's type.

The sub is protected from status conditions, confusion, and flinching (or any effects of this nature) from the opponent during its life, but inherits and must suffer the user's status conditions, (including confusion), that were present before creation of the sub. Which status condions are prevented and/or inherited?

The sub is subject to stat reductions due to paralysis or burns.

The sub is still affected by self-inflicted attacks (damage returned is given to user), status and stat modifications, including Confusion.

Haze will restore the sub's stats to normal.

Damage due to confusion, whether before or during the sub's life, affect the user, not the sub.

The sub will be removed when the user switches except via Baton Pass.

If the user faints before the sub breaks, the sub is removed.

When Pokémon is switched via Baton Pass, the sub retains its HP and damage but inherits the stats, stat modifications?, status conditions, and type of the new Pokémon, as well as any transferable temporary effects.

Following are effects that can happen when the user has a sub out.

Following are attacks that Substitute cannot prevent:
Attacks which can be evaded by increasing evasion: Whirlwind, Roar, Disable, Encore, Spite, Foresight, Attract
Attacks which cannot be evaded: Haze, Destiny Bond, Spider Web, Mean Look, Spikes, Perish Song


Rage adds an additional multiplier to the Damage Formula (called R), which is calculated after the type modifier, and before the random number.

R starts at 1, and increases by 1 whenever the user is hit.

Baton Pass

In the following description, the "user" means the Pokémon using Baton Pass, and the "receiver" means the Pokémon that will replace the user.

Baton Pass switches Pokemon and transfers effects to the receiver.

Other Attacks

Multi Hit Attacks (Doubleslap, Bone Rush, etc.) - The chance of the attack hitting 2 or 3 times is 37.5%, and 4 or 5 times is 12.5%.

1-Hit KO's (Guillotine, Horn Drill and Fissure) - Unlike RBY, Speed is not a factor. If attacker is of higher level than defender, accuracy of these moves are increased by Level Difference/256 [%]. However, if the Attacker is of a lower level than the Defender, these moves have 0% accuracy.

Multi Turn Attacks (Fire Spin, Wrap, etc.) - Attacks for 2 to 5 turns. At the end of each turn, during the time these attacks continue to be effective, the opponent loses 1/16th of their Max HP. Unlike RBY, the inflicted Pokémon can use the Fight command normally.

'Always attack first' moves - If used by both Pokémon at the same time, the one with the higher Speed goes first. The moves 'Protect', 'Detect' and 'Endure' have higher priority than 'Quick attack' or 'Mach punch', and always go before them. Again however, if both Pokémon use 'Protect', 'Detect' or 'Endure' at the same time, the one with the higher Speed goes first.

In spite of the type immunity, Sing can affect Ghost type pokemon, and Confuse Ray can affect Normal types.

Toxic/Leech Seed

If Leech Seed is used while Toxic (or another form of bad poisoning) is in effect (on the same pokemon), the draining power of the seeds will increase just like Toxic does. Each of the attacks will take as much as Toxic would on the turn in which Leech Seed comes into effect, and start rising from there.

If Toxic is used while Leech Seed is in effect (on the same pokemon), both attacks will take 1/16 max HP each on the turn in which Toxic comes into effect, and start rising from there.

If a pokemon that's both seeded and badly poisoned uses Rest, it will no longer be poisoned, but the power of the seeds will continue to increase.

If a badly poisoned pokemon uses Rest and then becomes seeded, the power of the seeds will increase as if the poison were still in effect.

If a badly poisoned pokemon uses Rest and then becomes burnt, the damage from the burns will increase in the same way.