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(16:17:13) MorpheusMisagi: 'ola senorita.
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(16:17:17) Lady Vulpix G: Hola. :-)
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(16:17:22) Neoleonightz: hey =)
(16:17:26) Lady Vulpix G: Hi all!
(16:17:27) Neoleonightz: im off and on, doing some work
(16:17:29) Neoleonightz: =)
(16:17:32) Lady Vulpix G: Oh.
(16:17:51) Lady Vulpix G: I tried to invite Charlie, but I got a message that said 'not supprted by client'.
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(16:17:57) Danny: hihi :o
(16:18:03) Lady Vulpix G: Hi.
(16:18:20) Lady Vulpix G: Any particular reason why you prefer that SN over the other?
(16:18:36) MorpheusMisagi: because FrictionlessEmu is such a cool name?
(16:18:48) Lady Vulpix G: That could be an answer.
(16:20:36) Lady Vulpix G: Anyway, Ade is gathering DT-related info to put on his site
(16:20:38) Lady Vulpix G: and I was wondering if any of you remembered anything that could help.
(16:21:35) Lady Vulpix G: Like things that happened on the early years, or interesting facts.
(16:21:39) MorpheusMisagi: *arches eyebrow* Seeing as we were it for the longest time? Damn, I knew this wasn't going to be a "remember when we were all 13 and obsessed with Sneasel"
(16:21:58) Lady Vulpix G: Sneasel didn't exist when I was 13.
(16:22:09) Lady Vulpix G: And I was never obsessed anyway.
(16:22:09) MorpheusMisagi: *cough* humor is lost upon you isn't it?
(16:22:33) Lady Vulpix G: No, it isn't. It's just that I tend to answer to jokes. Sorry.
(16:22:34) MorpheusMisagi: I never liked Sneasel, and no, it wasn't around when I was 13 either. Tis a joke, I used random age and pokemon...please, forgive my ignorance
(16:22:45) Lady Vulpix G: What ignorance?
(16:22:48) Danny: lol
(16:23:12) DaSchrek entered the room.
(16:23:20) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Charlie!
(16:23:45) Lady Vulpix G: Reposting:
(16:23:50) MorpheusMisagi: Well, for the Record I am very ignorant of most things...including waht your asking for. I lived in my own AU universe and pretty much was only brought in by conversations with the rest of you, paticularly you-know-who and Yourself
(16:23:51) Lady Vulpix G: Ade is gathering DT-related info to put on his site
(16:23:54) Lady Vulpix G: and I was wondering if any of you remembered anything that could help.
(16:23:58) Lady Vulpix G: Like things that happened on the early years, or interesting facts.
(16:24:11) Danny: hmm
(16:24:32) Lady Vulpix G: Weren't you the first member to join the Dragon's Guild?
(16:24:47) MorpheusMisagi: Yep
(16:24:58) Lady Vulpix G: You must remember something from back then.
(16:25:00) DaSchrek: What sorts of interesting facts?
(16:25:37) Lady Vulpix G: Like places and people, or anything else worth mentioning.
(16:26:04) Lady Vulpix G: I remember you introduced the ice room.
(16:26:17) MorpheusMisagi: *shrugs* I remember that originally it was just a club. No battle ranges or anything. It was basically a fantasy club that existed to give a more swords and sorcery approach to stuff
(16:26:30) MorpheusMisagi: *shrugs* I don't know if I was the first person to write stories, I remember asking if I could and starting on one.
(16:26:54) Lady Vulpix G: Was it then that Scott posted the first Battle Range?
(16:27:49) MorpheusMisagi: If my memory is I said, I don't think I was the first one, But I remember after I asked Scott posted the BR
(16:28:03) Lady Vulpix G: Ah.
(16:28:16) MorpheusMisagi: I also remember that Stamps werent' around for the longest time (looks at Moderator Pidgeot)...the better your battle was, the higher your rank was
(16:28:25) Lady Vulpix G: And released a group of Rattatas for us to train against,
(16:28:26) Lady Vulpix G: and said anyone who was a General of the Dragon's Guild could do the same.
(16:28:32) MorpheusMisagi: *nods*
(16:28:50) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and sometimes you could get stones or other items for writing good battles.
(16:29:04) MorpheusMisagi: Very rarely, you had to have more then one General approve it
(16:29:12) MorpheusMisagi: Does anyone remember the list of generals?
(16:29:40) Lady Vulpix G: The list varied.
(16:29:55) Lady Vulpix G: I was one, and Pidgeot was one too.
(16:30:12) MorpheusMisagi: I was rank at least
(16:30:17) MorpheusMisagi: I know I didn't use it for anything.
(16:30:25) Lady Vulpix G: Yes. Then we became lords.
(16:30:50) MorpheusMisagi: Pheinox, Dragon, Pegasus
(16:30:56) MorpheusMisagi: I remember why we created the tournaments
(16:31:11) Lady Vulpix G: Why?
(16:31:41) MorpheusMisagi: Scott said it was because of arguments on IRC and AIM chat...people were complaining that certain people's lv.2 ratata could defeat lv100 Gengars...etc etc
(16:31:57) MorpheusMisagi: I think it was Charlie who wanted a sort of...Neutral battle.
(16:32:02) Lady Vulpix G: O_O I missed that part.
(16:32:10) MorpheusMisagi: ^_^;; I remember the IRC chats that went like that also
(16:32:42) Lady Vulpix G: Of course, I didn't have IRC back then. I had to get AIM just to be accepted into the Dragon Tamers staff.
(16:33:00) Lady Vulpix G: When I was already a worker at 2 of the 3 ACs that merged into DT.
(16:33:11) MorpheusMisagi: *laughs* I remember that
(16:33:14) MorpheusMisagi: that was just before I left
(16:33:46) MorpheusMisagi: I sometimes wish Ic ould stay longer. But everytime I return, my life gets super-hectic and I forget about it...and then I go "wow, thats fun" and then life gets hectic...
(16:34:06) MorpheusMisagi: Do you remember when ASB tried to shut us down?
(16:34:17) Lady Vulpix G: You can always post once in a while. Some people post like twice a year.
(16:34:38) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, that was a bad time. I fought a lot to keep us up.
(16:34:51) Lady Vulpix G: Suzie even closed our topics for a day.
(16:35:01) Danny: wait when was that o_O
(16:35:04) MorpheusMisagi: *snorts* hey, you weren't in between that
(16:35:14) Lady Vulpix G: ??
(16:35:18) Lady Vulpix G: Who?
(16:35:29) MorpheusMisagi: I mean, you were fighting for it M'lady
(16:35:37) MorpheusMisagi: but if you remember alot of the people playing ASB were also part of DT
(16:35:53) MorpheusMisagi: and Paul and Suzie used to ban them from ASB/DT for a day
(16:36:00) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, I don't know who played/plays ASB.
(16:36:09) Lady Vulpix G: >_>
(16:36:20) MorpheusMisagi: Yea, well I was the head person for ASB...I got banned for like a week
(16:36:37) Lady Vulpix G: Argh. I'm glad that's over now.
(16:36:39) MorpheusMisagi: yea...
(16:37:07) MorpheusMisagi: you know what caused it too don't you? somebody once said that we were going to try and merge ASB and DT
(16:37:22) MorpheusMisagi: since they were 'similar' like we did with the adoption centers.
(16:37:48) Lady Vulpix G: I heard the rumor.
(16:37:59) MorpheusMisagi: Did you ever find out who started the rumor?
(16:38:13) Lady Vulpix G: No, I didn't. Sorry.
(16:38:26) Lady Vulpix G: No one from inside, that's for sure.
(16:38:59) Lady Vulpix G: Does anyone remember anything else? Anything from inside the stories?
(16:39:22) MorpheusMisagi: inside the stories? like the fiction itself?
(16:39:26) Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
(16:39:39) MorpheusMisagi: I remember that originally TR was controlled by a Shadowman
(16:39:50) MorpheusMisagi: turned out by the time of the battle tower scenario, the Shadowman was Scott's "alter ego"
(16:41:14) MorpheusMisagi: I also remember that somewhere along the line. People forgot it was fantasy and we had a odd-mishmash of Modern, Sword Fantasy, and Techno-Fantasy going on
(16:41:44) MorpheusMisagi: so, really, to ask me to remember stuff from the fiction I would have to be told which fiction you were going though
(16:42:08) Lady Vulpix G: Well, it is a mixture of modern and fantastic elements.
(16:42:21) MorpheusMisagi: yeah, but you know what I mean
(16:42:49) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, what do you remember about the battle tower scenario?
(16:42:49) MorpheusMisagi: it started out like I had it...sort of aulden times. Then people wanted it more modern, or were allowed to write it, so it was modern fantasy, then a very few people got into futuristic fantasy.
(16:42:54) MorpheusMisagi: it was actually a good blend.
(16:43:09) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, it was. Still is.
(16:43:50) MorpheusMisagi: Anyway, sorry...I just noticed all I am doing is babbling and not being much help. So I'll shut up and let the others give you real information
(16:44:15) Lady Vulpix G: You're helping a lot. Others can talk if they want. What do you remember about the battle tower scenario?
(16:44:53) MorpheusMisagi: I remember it was the last time we all had Fantasy elements...I know that it pissed alot of people off because it was during that time Scott really pulled away
(16:45:37) MorpheusMisagi: the whole Mirror Room and the fact that Dragonair/Dragonite reached lv 100. Facing the shadowman
(16:45:50) Lady Vulpix G: Indraugnir.
(16:45:55) MorpheusMisagi: yea.
(16:46:21) Lady Vulpix G: Oh, I've just remembered I skipped the Dark Cave scenario on the summary I wrote earlier today.
(16:46:28) MorpheusMisagi: Anyway, I know after that I didn't get picked for Staff because I declined and because of the lingering dislike between asb and dt.
(16:46:33) MorpheusMisagi: *laughs*
(16:46:50) MorpheusMisagi: Oh, I know I was the first person to use Status Dice
(16:46:53) MorpheusMisagi: and it was that battle
(16:47:12) Lady Vulpix G: Ah, yes.
(16:47:28) Lady Vulpix G: Do you remember what was released at the Dark Cave?
(16:47:32) MorpheusMisagi: I was the first person to use alot of shit....
(16:47:40) Lady Vulpix G: Some ancient evil, but I can't remember what exactly.
(16:48:01) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, also the first person to reach 2000 stamps.
(16:48:09) MorpheusMisagi: And the first person to claim a Dratini
(16:48:14) Lady Vulpix G: The 2nd is in this chat as well.
(16:48:18) Lady Vulpix G: Yes.
(16:48:19) MorpheusMisagi: yep.
(16:48:29) MorpheusMisagi: Hmmm...I don't remember Dark Cave Scenario very well
(16:49:06) MorpheusMisagi: I know the Ancient Evil was rumored to be MyuuTyuu...but I don't think that was it
(16:49:11) Lady Vulpix G: Squirtle_flame was investigating and accidentally opened a seal and released something.
(16:49:38) MorpheusMisagi: Yeah. and I remember that in my story and Eevee's story...we sensed it
(16:49:49) MorpheusMisagi: but I don't remember what exactly it was.
(16:49:54) Lady Vulpix G: :-/
(16:50:00) MorpheusMisagi: sorry...
(16:50:06) Lady Vulpix G: No problem.
(16:50:30) Lady Vulpix G: Why is everyone else so silent?
(16:50:35) MorpheusMisagi: *shrugs*
(16:51:08) Lady Vulpix G: Charlie wrote a lot about Team Rocket, and also about Teclis and the Tower of Hoeth.
(16:51:37) DaSchrek: Alot of the things I wrote never really panned out, though, so it ended up only being tangentially important.
(16:51:50) Lady Vulpix G: Not really.
(16:52:05) MorpheusMisagi: are you kidding? Your stories are probably the basis of whats going on now there
(16:52:26) MorpheusMisagi: Certainly more then mine, which effected the scenario's only by showing people values and least yours were in the same primary universe.
(16:52:54) Lady Vulpix G: And your story about the dreams and Teclis were going to turn into the main plot.
(16:53:06) Lady Vulpix G: But we didn't know how to pick it up when you left.
(16:53:16) MorpheusMisagi: *nods*
(16:53:26) MorpheusMisagi: Signifying the death of the Auld Fantasy
(16:53:45) Lady Vulpix G: Well, Ade is trying to bring some of it back.
(16:53:55) Lady Vulpix G: And I'm trying to help him.
(16:54:10) MorpheusMisagi: *smiles* if he does, I would love it...I missed that the most
(16:54:25) Lady Vulpix G: :-)
(16:54:56) MorpheusMisagi: I still need new pokemon, forgot all the ones I used to have during my other brief stints here, because they were way to brief for me to remember
(16:55:07) MorpheusMisagi: and all the others evolved and Mei-Lin reached LV100
(16:55:14) Lady Vulpix G: Your latest character had a snorunt.
(16:55:22) DaSchrek: Now that I'm out of school for a little while, I could see if I can help a bit...
(16:55:23) MorpheusMisagi: ahh, thank you, I knew I could count on you
(16:55:39) Lady Vulpix G: You're welcome.
(16:55:44) MorpheusMisagi: I could help also if you want...
(16:55:52) MorpheusMisagi: now, do you remember what lv?
(16:55:58) Lady Vulpix G: And that would be great, Charlie!
(16:56:36) Lady Vulpix G: 8 or 9, I'm not sure how many levels the opponent you fought gave.
(16:56:54) MorpheusMisagi: *bows* merci
(16:57:09) Lady Vulpix G: I don't know how to say you're welcome in French.
(16:57:21) MorpheusMisagi: well, then gracias
(16:57:30) Lady Vulpix G: De nada. :-)
(17:02:12) MorpheusMisagi: Anyway...what else do you wish to know?
(17:02:15) MorpheusMisagi: and where is Ade's website anyway?
(17:02:40) Lady Vulpix G:
(17:05:08) MorpheusMisagi: *blinks* I found my old file with the Snorunt...but I must had made a mistake
(17:05:38) MorpheusMisagi: it's a lv9 but it has both a move tutor move (Double Edge) and an Egg Move (Spikes)
(17:05:53) MorpheusMisagi: *mutters*
(17:06:03) MorpheusMisagi: anyway...what else do you wish memories of milady?
(17:07:51) Lady Vulpix G: Maybe you got Double Edge at the Goldenrod Tower?
(17:07:59) MorpheusMisagi: I must'uve
(17:08:41) MorpheusMisagi: Well...anything else?
(17:09:00) Lady Vulpix G: I don't know.
(17:09:34) Lady Vulpix G: Doe you (or does anyone) remember when the Sphinx and Oracle games were held?
(17:09:46) Lady Vulpix G: *Do
(17:11:16) MorpheusMisagi: *shakes head*
(17:13:19) Lady Vulpix G: Alright then. I can't think of other questions at this moment, but I think any kind of information could help.
(17:13:20) Lady Vulpix G: I can't think of other questions at this moment, but I think any kind of information could help.
(17:13:26) Lady Vulpix G: Oops! Sorry.
(17:13:44) MorpheusMisagi: Tis Okay, Tis Okay
(17:14:39) Danny: hmm
(17:15:07) MorpheusMisagi: Yey! another person!
(17:16:06) Danny: oracle games were april-may 2001 it appears
(17:19:34) Lady Vulpix G: Yes. Do you remember the place where they were held?
(17:19:58) Lady Vulpix G: The Pegasus Games were held at White Mountain, and most of the others were held at the Gates.
(17:21:59) MorpheusMisagi: Sphinx was held at the gates
(17:23:12) Lady Vulpix G: Which gate?
(17:23:46) MorpheusMisagi: I keep wanting to say Desert but I am not sure if thats right
(17:24:01) MorpheusMisagi: I remember it was held at a gate, because I pointed out that since Pegasus we never left the gates
(17:24:46) MorpheusMisagi: I g2g
(17:24:55) MorpheusMisagi: tell me if you need anymore help Milady
(17:24:57) MorpheusMisagi: *bows*
(17:24:57) Lady Vulpix G: Alright, see you. And thanks for everything!
(17:24:59) MorpheusMisagi left the room.
(17:28:42) Lady Vulpix G: And so the chat goes silent.
(17:29:05) DaSchrek: Ja.