Conversation with Friendly chat

(17:47:01) Lady Vulpix G entered the room.
(17:47:36) Wolf1998us entered the room.
(17:47:45) CferralX entered the room.
(17:47:49) CferralX: hi
(17:47:53) Lady Vulpix G: Hi.
(17:48:01) Wolf1998us: hi
(17:48:11) Kuro Denryuu entered the room.
(17:48:15) CferralX: what's up?
(17:48:23) Kuro Denryuu: heh, hi
(17:48:27) BugsyTPM left the room.
(17:48:33) Kuro Denryuu: not much, myself...
(17:48:40) Wolf1998us: not much
(17:48:46) CferralX: ah
(17:48:51) CferralX: i'm listening to musci
(17:49:39) BugsyTPM entered the room.
(17:49:43) BugsyTPM: hi!
(17:49:45) Lady Vulpix G: Oh, welcome, Soo!
(17:49:50) Wolf1998us: hi
(17:50:03) Wolf1998us: i'm probably going to go see racing stripes at 5
(17:50:09) phoenixffadh entered the room.
(17:50:14) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Andy!
(17:50:15) phoenixffadh: Hey.
(17:50:22) Wolf1998us: hi
(17:50:23) CferralX: hello
(17:50:24) Kuro Denryuu: heya
(17:50:44) Lady Vulpix G: 6 people in this chat, all of whom go to TL.
(17:50:52) BugsyTPM: hehe cool
(17:50:53) CferralX: yup
(17:50:58) phoenixffadh: Yea.
(17:51:00) CferralX: i cant wait for Anime Style battling
(17:51:09) Kuro Denryuu: now Danny must stop idling so we can invite him in and shout at him for his inactivity =P
(17:51:16) BugsyTPM: I'll start it soon - amy and andy are you going to play?
(17:51:24) Wolf1998us: dunno maybe
(17:51:33) CferralX: heh
(17:51:36) BugsyTPM: you can adopt up to 10 and its combined with ASB so it's quite different to other stuff
(17:51:45) CferralX: it was interesting i got an e-mail from Ade
(17:51:49) phoenixffadh: I dunno.
(17:51:53) CferralX: course i think it was automated
(17:51:54) BugsyTPM: oh that was me!
(17:51:58) Kuro Denryuu: i haven't spoekn to ade in ages
(17:51:59) CferralX: OOH
(17:51:59) BugsyTPM: i sent that
(17:52:00) CferralX: =D
(17:52:01) Lady Vulpix G: I think he sent it to all members.
(17:52:06) Lady Vulpix G: *Soo
(17:52:10) Kuro Denryuu: i should probably check me email huh
(17:52:11) BugsyTPM: i sent it! i wrote FROM KIREI at the bottom
(17:52:17) BugsyTPM: its just about the ASB
(17:52:18) phoenixffadh: I saw. ^_^
(17:52:20) CferralX: ah now i see it
(17:52:29) BugsyTPM: cos i wanted to give people chance to comment on the rules
(17:52:32) Kuro Denryuu: this song is weird
(17:52:40) BugsyTPM: go on, Andy, you'd enjoy it! and you get to pick anything for your started
(17:52:42) BugsyTPM: *r
(17:52:49) Kuro Denryuu: they sing "she will get eaten up" and I don't know what she's oging to be eaten up by
(17:52:53) phoenixffadh: Mewtwo XD
(17:52:56) BugsyTPM: :O
(17:53:01) BugsyTPM: bahamut
(17:53:09) phoenixffadh: Bahamut ZERO
(17:53:12) phoenixffadh: No weak.
(17:53:29) Kuro Denryuu: microsoft outlook is an idiot
(17:53:38) BugsyTPM: i like shiva, she's sexy
(17:53:38) phoenixffadh: You use it? O_o
(17:53:46) Lady Vulpix G: Then use Thunderbird.
(17:53:46) phoenixffadh: Shiva is a women Soo.
(17:53:48) BugsyTPM: i use thunderbird
(17:53:55) BugsyTPM: yeah i said SHE
(17:54:02) phoenixffadh: And you find her sexy?
(17:54:19) BugsyTPM: yeah! she is sexy!
(17:54:28) Kuro Denryuu: you can find someone sexy but not be attracted to them
(17:54:29) Wolf1998us: no wonder i didn't see it it was in my junk mail... x.x
(17:54:29) Ropercullman entered the room.
(17:54:32) Wolf1998us: moves to inbox
(17:54:38) Lady Vulpix G: Ropercullman?
(17:54:43) Wolf1998us: ?
(17:54:46) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(17:54:49) BugsyTPM: hey ade's logged on now
(17:54:57) Kuro Denryuu: he is?
(17:54:59) BugsyTPM: yeah thats hotmail for you - its spam filter is rubbish
(17:55:03) Ropercullman: who
(17:55:04) Kuro Denryuu: i just saw jay umbreon
(17:55:08) Wolf1998us: *adds to safe list*
(17:55:10) CferralX: sent straight to yahoo for me
(17:55:11) CferralX: =D
(17:55:18) Ropercullman: what
(17:55:20) BugsyTPM: yeah you can, i'm not saying i would DO shiva or anything lol
(17:55:24) BugsyTPM: probably too cold
(17:55:25) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(17:55:37) BugsyTPM: someone's gonna put that in a quote not aren't they x_x
(17:55:41) BugsyTPM: *now
(17:55:43) phoenixffadh: She's warm ;(
(17:55:49) Ropercullman left the room.
(17:55:51) Kuro Denryuu: and you would know how?
(17:55:59) phoenixffadh: My secret >_>
(17:56:03) BugsyTPM: :O
(17:56:05) BugsyTPM: she's MINE
(17:56:10) Kuro Denryuu: just like your late night channel 5 sessions?
(17:56:19) Kuro Denryuu: :p
(17:56:19) phoenixffadh: I love them.
(17:56:26) phoenixffadh: They're not on anymore :(
(17:56:30) Lady Vulpix G: What's on channel 5 over there?
(17:56:34) BugsyTPM: porn
(17:56:37) Lady Vulpix G: Ah.
(17:56:39) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(17:56:47) Lady Vulpix G: Here it's channel 50 something.
(17:56:58) BugsyTPM: do you watch it?
(17:57:07) phoenixffadh: Not exactly, it has a storyline. Five mins of boringness then a sex scene.
(17:57:12) BugsyTPM: andy have you ever seen animal instincts 4?
(17:57:17) Kuro Denryuu: good storyline, there
(17:57:19) CferralX: channel 5 here is ABC
(17:57:21) phoenixffadh: I saw number 2.
(17:57:24) BugsyTPM: haha!
(17:57:26) BugsyTPM: 4 is better
(17:57:31) phoenixffadh: With the camera watching her.
(17:57:39) phoenixffadh: But the man saves her.
(17:58:07) BugsyTPM: lol!
(17:58:09) BugsyTPM: porn is funny
(17:58:21) phoenixffadh: I usually only watch it for one reason >_>
(17:58:33) BugsyTPM: to have a wank?
(17:58:38) CferralX: never thought i'd hear "porn is funny"
(17:58:42) Kuro Denryuu: straight and to the point, eh soo?
(17:58:43) BugsyTPM: ade is actually posting!
(17:58:46) BugsyTPM: lol yeah
(17:58:52) phoenixffadh: How sharp is Soo? XD
(17:58:56) Lady Vulpix G: How did this topic take over "friendly chat"?
(17:59:03) CferralX: dunno
(17:59:05) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(17:59:05) Kuro Denryuu: porn is actually friendly
(17:59:09) Kuro Denryuu: maybe
(17:59:11) Kuro Denryuu: I don't know
(17:59:12) phoenixffadh: It stops cancer.
(17:59:16) Lady Vulpix G: That reminded me of a song.
(17:59:22) BugsyTPM: wanking?
(17:59:26) phoenixffadh: Yea.
(17:59:30) BugsyTPM: in that case, I'll do it right now
(17:59:33) BugsyTPM: it works for girls too, right?
(17:59:35) Lady Vulpix G: No, "porn is friendly".
(17:59:38) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(17:59:52) Lady Vulpix G: The song ends with "hacer el amor con todos los amigos".
(17:59:52) BugsyTPM: oh!! lol *stops wanking*
(17:59:53) Kuro Denryuu: soo isn't it a bit of an inappropriate time?
(18:00:02) Lady Vulpix G: (Make love with all the friends).
(18:00:10) phoenixffadh: Is Soo trying to do something to use? >_>
(18:00:14) phoenixffadh: us*
(18:00:16) BugsyTPM: nah it's cool! let's all do it together
(18:00:22) Kuro Denryuu: er.
(18:00:25) Kuro Denryuu: :x
(18:00:28) phoenixffadh: Sounds good :x
(18:00:40) CferralX: ummm
(18:00:56) BugsyTPM: check out my away mesage
(18:01:00) phoenixffadh: o_O
(18:01:11) Kuro Denryuu: lol!
(18:01:16) CferralX: XD
(18:01:27) Lady Vulpix G: Soo, what have you been taking (other than wanks)?
(18:01:38) phoenixffadh: Happy pills?
(18:01:42) BugsyTPM: dunno, just life in general
(18:01:50) Kuro Denryuu: maybe ade's been drugging her
(18:01:50) phoenixffadh: At least this stops depression ^_^
(18:02:00) CferralX: with some happy pills on the side
(18:02:03) CferralX: =P
(18:02:05) BugsyTPM: nah i'm always like this
(18:02:09) CferralX: true
(18:02:15) Kuro Denryuu: hmm... maybe gabi is making ade drug her so she can keep him all to herself in her drug funded mansion
(18:02:21) Kuro Denryuu: :O
(18:02:31) CferralX: sounds like a soap oprea plot
(18:02:31) BugsyTPM: :O
(18:02:32) BugsyTPM: maybe
(18:02:37) phoenixffadh: This sounds like a GTA4 storyline >_>
(18:03:00) Kuro Denryuu: tpm is just a big soap opera really
(18:03:10) Kuro Denryuu: there's the whole drug mansion circle
(18:03:25) phoenixffadh: Maybe it could be a channel 5 film.
(18:03:26) Kuro Denryuu: and there's the "virtual vagina discharge" if you remember
(18:03:26) CferralX: life is a soap oprea
(18:03:31) CferralX: no scripts
(18:03:36) CferralX: no director
(18:03:50) phoenixffadh: Life is a like a stage. XD
(18:03:51) CferralX: and Gabi is the Matriarchal diva!
(18:03:57) Lady Vulpix G: O_o
(18:04:05) phoenixffadh: Read As You Like It by Shakespeare XD
(18:04:05) Lady Vulpix G: Soo's older than me, actually.
(18:04:11) CferralX: just getting your attention
(18:04:20) Kuro Denryuu: i think i'm the youngest here
(18:04:24) Lady Vulpix G: There are several ways to get it.
(18:04:34) CferralX: yeah
(18:04:35) BugsyTPM: yeah by a few months im older
(18:04:40) CferralX: and i am 26
(18:04:43) Kuro Denryuu: yeah, you could've shouted "OMG HEY GABI LOOK AT ME :OOOO" if you had wnated
(18:04:55) CferralX: i'm more creative
(18:04:56) phoenixffadh: =P
(18:05:00) CferralX: =D
(18:05:20) Kuro Denryuu: chris, you're more creative than what?
(18:06:12) CferralX: than that comment
(18:06:32) BugsyTPM: ades gonna come on aim too in a minuite
(18:06:42) BugsyTPM: lets talk abnout porn again
(18:06:43) phoenixffadh: Cool.
(18:06:48) phoenixffadh: Sounds good. X)
(18:06:59) BugsyTPM: have you seen "the adultress"?
(18:07:00) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(18:07:12) phoenixffadh: I've seen a lot but don't remember names >_>
(18:07:15) Lady Vulpix G: My brother has a lot of porn in his computer.
(18:07:22) CferralX: heh running out of porn movie names?
(18:07:24) BugsyTPM: its so funny, its about this woman who auditions people to have an affair o.o
(18:07:34) Lady Vulpix G: He actually tells me to close my eyes when he's browsing those directories. XD
(18:07:36) CferralX: whatever happened to Sex Story 2?
(18:07:40) Lady Vulpix G: My little brother. :-P
(18:07:45) phoenixffadh: Sounds bad.
(18:07:51) Kuro Denryuu: e.g Kerel...
(18:07:59) phoenixffadh: Did you watch that one with lesbians watching the pool boy? XD
(18:08:02) Kuro Denryuu: who likes talking about hot women in the Dragon tamers as well
(18:08:09) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, but don't mention this to him.
(18:08:26) Kuro Denryuu: i won't. i've never spoken to him anyway...
(18:08:36) Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
(18:08:41) Lady Vulpix G: Amy has spoken to him.
(18:08:45) Wolf1998us: yes
(18:09:00) Wolf1998us: though not lately
(18:09:22) Lady Vulpix G: True, but he still has you on his MSN list.
(18:11:06) BugsyTPM: who's kerel?
(18:11:21) phoenixffadh: Random person #12
(18:11:30) BugsyTPM: in our forums??
(18:11:31) Lady Vulpix G: Kerel is my brother.
(18:11:32) BugsyTPM: o.O
(18:11:33) BugsyTPM: oh!!
(18:11:35) Lady Vulpix G: On TPM.
(18:11:35) Kuro Denryuu: kerel is on TPM
(18:11:40) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:12:21) phoenixffadh: Did we kill the conversation?
(18:12:38) BugsyTPM: oh yeah i ve seenhim
(18:13:00) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and he's been mistaken for you too. :-P
(18:13:01) CferralX: yeah
(18:13:07) CferralX: that and the phone rang
(18:13:09) BugsyTPM: for me? where? o.O
(18:13:25) Lady Vulpix G: Someone told me over AIM.
(18:13:46) BugsyTPM: o.O where did they mistake them for me?
(18:13:51) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:14:13) Lady Vulpix G: Someone who's in this chat.
(18:14:25) Kuro Denryuu: I think they probably looked at the word as a whole and "Kerel" and "Kirei" looked quite similar
(18:14:31) BugsyTPM: oh lol yeah
(18:15:37) BugsyTPM: is anyone wanking to this?
(18:15:51) Kuro Denryuu: i wouldn't imagine so
(18:15:53) phoenixffadh: It's not as interesting as channel 5. XD
(18:15:53) Kuro Denryuu: ;o
(18:15:58) Kuro Denryuu: hey soo
(18:16:08) Kuro Denryuu: where's ade? you said he'd be coming onto AIM! didn't you?
(18:16:34) BugsyTPM: dont you love me anymore?
(18:16:40) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:16:47) BugsyTPM: i think amy is, that's why she's gone quiet
(18:16:52) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:17:02) BugsyTPM: hes coming soon
(18:17:05) BugsyTPM: he's just finishing his wank
(18:17:08) phoenixffadh: Soo is the most interesting person.
(18:17:22) Kuro Denryuu: er, thanks for sharing Soo
(18:17:29) BugsyTPM: ^____^
(18:17:32) Wolf1998us: X.x i'm looking aroudn my board and TL ^^; and tryign not to have my roommate see this convo x.x
(18:17:41) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:17:45) CferralX: too much info
(18:17:48) BugsyTPM: haha
(18:17:49) CferralX: hey Soo..
(18:17:51) BugsyTPM: sorry about that amy
(18:17:58) CferralX: we gnna see more of Cordelia in the rpg?
(18:18:01) CferralX: we kinda miss her
(18:18:07) Wolf1998us: i need to post myself
(18:18:08) CferralX: Lex been getting smacked by his bro
(18:18:08) BugsyTPM: yeah im waiting for ade o help me catch up
(18:18:14) Lady Vulpix G: What RPG?
(18:18:18) CferralX: Pokebabies
(18:18:24) Wolf1998us: hoping to get a post in at somepoint in the near future
(18:18:49) phoenixffadh: Isn't Friendly Chat a codename for Secret Chat or something? :x
(18:19:05) BugsyTPM: gotta go for a bit
(18:19:06) BugsyTPM: bbs
(18:19:10) BugsyTPM: xxx
(18:19:12) BugsyTPM left the room.
(18:19:16) Lady Vulpix G: It actually means only friendly people are allowed.
(18:19:17) CferralX: well, so far we've talked about asb and porn
(18:19:23) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:19:59) Kuro Denryuu: so soo goes, and ade appears...
(18:20:16) phoenixffadh: Like Yami Yugi in Yugioh XD
(18:20:19) CferralX: bbs
(18:20:38) ManachuBoy entered the room.
(18:20:42) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Ade!
(18:20:49) ManachuBoy: Hiya.
(18:20:50) Wolf1998us: hi
(18:20:50) Kuro Denryuu: hey ADe
(18:20:52) phoenixffadh: Are you sure Soo isn't two people?
(18:20:55) Kuro Denryuu: *Ade
(18:21:03) Kuro Denryuu: i'm sure soo is only one person, andy
(18:21:06) Lady Vulpix G: Did you read the invite?
(18:21:09) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:21:19) ManachuBoy: Hell yeah, one's about all I can deal with!
(18:21:35) Lady Vulpix G: ^3@Ade
(18:21:37) ManachuBoy: Umm... actually no, I kinda just clicked. ^^;;;
(18:21:47) Kuro Denryuu: unless she just found a random man off the street and kidnapped him and made him pose as her fiancee...
(18:21:53) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:21:56) Lady Vulpix G: Ah. I said "Friendly chat and maybe some porn."
(18:22:03) phoenixffadh: Some?
(18:22:04) Kuro Denryuu: thanks to SOO AND ANDY
(18:22:10) phoenixffadh: Define "some".
(18:22:18) Lady Vulpix G: Well, Soo's left, so most of the porn is gone.
(18:22:25) Kuro Denryuu: Soo's back online, though
(18:22:28) phoenixffadh: X)
(18:22:39) BugsyTPM entered the room.
(18:22:42) BugsyTPM: hi!
(18:22:46) BugsyTPM: now we're all jhere
(18:22:46) phoenixffadh: Hey again.
(18:22:46) Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back.
(18:22:51) BugsyTPM: thanks
(18:22:58) Wolf1998us: wb
(18:23:08) ManachuBoy: So, apparently we're waiting for you to provide the porn.
(18:23:09) BugsyTPM: hey ade can you bring my archers down[/lazy]
(18:23:14) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:23:15) BugsyTPM: ooh *strips*
(18:23:19) phoenixffadh: GO SOO!!
(18:23:24) Kuro Denryuu: um, Andy...
(18:23:25) ManachuBoy: *runs downstairs*
(18:23:26) BugsyTPM: *licks fingers and rubs nipples*
(18:23:39) phoenixffadh: O_O
(18:23:44) BugsyTPM: lol!
(18:24:01) Kuro Denryuu: er, well Soo
(18:24:07) Kuro Denryuu: that was most certainly interesting
(18:24:15) BugsyTPM: *puts clothes back on*
(18:24:32) phoenixffadh: Chris isn't 16 yet. ;(
(18:24:35) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:24:51) BugsyTPM: hey you dont mind do you?
(18:24:54) Kuro Denryuu: what does that have to do with anything?
(18:24:55) Lady Vulpix G: There are 2 Chrises on this chat.
(18:25:08) Kuro Denryuu: I'm hugely offended by your text stripping Soo >:o
(18:25:13) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:25:29) BugsyTPM: :OOOOO
(18:25:34) Kuro Denryuu: *shouts*
(18:25:37) BugsyTPM: :OOOOOo
(18:25:39) BugsyTPM: ;_;
(18:25:41) phoenixffadh: It might be true and not just text. XD
(18:25:46) Kuro Denryuu: why did uyou want me to shout at you last week anyway?
(18:25:47) BugsyTPM: ask ade!
(18:25:49) Kuro Denryuu: I can't remember
(18:25:59) Kuro Denryuu: but isn't ade getting alchohol for you?
(18:26:04) BugsyTPM: i cant remember either
(18:26:10) BugsyTPM: im naked!
(18:26:16) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:26:17) BugsyTPM: who wants to cyber?
(18:26:17) Kuro Denryuu: i think i needed to shout at danny
(18:26:23) BugsyTPM: pres 45656 if you're a girl
(18:26:26) Kuro Denryuu: soo don't you think ade should know about this?
(18:26:32) phoenixffadh: FF
(18:26:33) phoenixffadh: XD
(18:26:36) Wolf1998us left the room.
(18:26:43) BugsyTPM: ooh i scared off amy!
(18:26:44) Lady Vulpix G: Soo, you scared Amy away!
(18:26:55) Lady Vulpix G: Wolf1998us: oop meant to minimize
(18:27:06) ManachuBoy: Haha, Soo frightens peiople.
(18:27:09) BugsyTPM: sorry amy
(18:27:15) Wolf1998us entered the room.
(18:27:21) Kuro Denryuu: lol, welcome back Amy
(18:27:26) Wolf1998us: thanks
(18:27:30) Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back.
(18:27:37) phoenixffadh: She probably needed to hide this window. X)
(18:27:38) BugsyTPM: i am 26/f/england blonde big tits what u ASL?
(18:27:38) ManachuBoy: wb
(18:27:44) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:27:49) ManachuBoy: Soo you are not blonde
(18:27:54) ManachuBoy: :O
(18:27:54) Lady Vulpix G: You're not blonde!
(18:28:03) BugsyTPM: whatevar!
(18:28:10) BugsyTPM: i dont really have big tits either!Q
(18:28:16) BugsyTPM: what colour is my hair then?
(18:28:22) phoenixffadh: Blue. :x
(18:28:31) ManachuBoy: My vote still goes with 'copper'
(18:28:33) phoenixffadh: Gogo Sonic. XD
(18:28:34) BugsyTPM: dark blonde/red
(18:28:36) BugsyTPM: yeah copper
(18:28:39) BugsyTPM: OK
(18:28:49) BugsyTPM: I'm 26/f/england copper hair biggish tits
(18:28:53) BugsyTPM: that doesnt sound as good
(18:28:56) Kuro Denryuu: we were talking about copper in biology
(18:28:57) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:28:58) Kuro Denryuu: although
(18:29:06) phoenixffadh: Copper is more Chemistry or Physics.
(18:29:13) Kuro Denryuu: not "copper" as in "my friend soo's hair colour"
(18:29:15) BugsyTPM: yeah it is really
(18:29:17) BugsyTPM: lol!!
(18:29:22) BugsyTPM: you shoujld say that next time
(18:29:26) Kuro Denryuu: i know I can't remember why we were talking about copper, I wasn't really listening
(18:29:27) BugsyTPM: so who wants to cyber press 555
(18:29:30) phoenixffadh: FF
(18:29:34) phoenixffadh: =P
(18:29:36) BugsyTPM: who wants to hold hands press 333
(18:29:42) BugsyTPM: who wants to cum press 777
(18:29:49) phoenixffadh: How is that possible?
(18:29:58) BugsyTPM: who wants to have gay sex press 9090909
(18:30:08) phoenixffadh: 999 - Mental Hospital
(18:30:36) Kuro Denryuu: Soo, does Ade know of these outbusts of yours?
(18:30:37) BugsyTPM: (21:23:39) ManachuBoy: 9090909
(18:30:53) BugsyTPM: haha yeah ade
(18:30:55) Kuro Denryuu: gay sex? is there something you (or ade) aren't telling us
(18:31:00) Kuro Denryuu: ?
(18:31:03) BugsyTPM: ADE is BI
(18:31:07) BugsyTPM: ADe is Bi
(18:31:08) phoenixffadh: Maybe Soo is Ade, two girls. =P
(18:31:14) BugsyTPM: yeah!
(18:31:17) phoenixffadh: Or random street girl.
(18:31:19) Lady Vulpix G: And so are you, apparently, if you're offering gay sex.
(18:31:32) BugsyTPM: i am bi
(18:31:35) BugsyTPM: and so is ade
(18:31:35) Kuro Denryuu: but soo, even if Ade is bi, that doesn't change the fact that you and ade want to have GAY sex
(18:31:38) BugsyTPM: uhh arent you
(18:31:47) BugsyTPM: yes i do want ade to have gay sex
(18:31:52) Kuro Denryuu: with you?
(18:31:56) BugsyTPM: no!! lol
(18:31:58) ManachuBoy: Soo, you're weird. @.@
(18:31:58) BugsyTPM: with you
(18:32:05) phoenixffadh: That's sick. :x
(18:32:07) BugsyTPM: ade you're bi arent you?
(18:32:11) Kuro Denryuu: but i'm 15!
(18:32:12) BugsyTPM: with any boy!!
(18:32:13) ManachuBoy: I hereby rename you Kasoomi. :O
(18:32:19) BugsyTPM: oh yeah ok not you then
(18:32:22) BugsyTPM: :O
(18:32:29) Kuro Denryuu: how about the other Chris?
(18:32:30) BugsyTPM: ADE you're gay arent you?
(18:32:39) Kuro Denryuu: i'm sure that's why he's your fiancee, Soo
(18:32:41) BugsyTPM: ade what do you think?
(18:32:47) ManachuBoy: I'm the only gay in the village.
(18:32:55) phoenixffadh: Who uses the word fiancee anymore?
(18:32:56) ManachuBoy: Which will make no sense to non-Brits.
(18:33:02) BugsyTPM: no! I'M the only gay in the village
(18:33:11) phoenixffadh: Little Britain's jokes are crap X(
(18:33:14) BugsyTPM: I use it! what else can i call him?
(18:33:20) Lady Vulpix G: I use it too.
(18:33:43) ManachuBoy: Yeah, that's why they're excellent! It's brain-dead humour which is a good thing, everyone else tries too hard. ;(
(18:33:44) Kuro Denryuu: Ade is secretly Dafyyd (sp?)
(18:33:51) BugsyTPM: yeah!!! he is
(18:34:00) BugsyTPM: ade are you gayer than a gaylord?
(18:34:06) BugsyTPM: are you straighter than a straightlord?
(18:34:09) phoenixffadh: O_o
(18:34:15) ManachuBoy: Soo, you're weirder than a weirdlord
(18:34:26) Kuro Denryuu: i thought that said "wailord" :|
(18:34:28) Lady Vulpix G: I find brittish jokes the hardest to lough at, though I've often laughed while reading Ade's and Soo's posts.
(18:34:35) BugsyTPM: lol a wailord
(18:34:41) Kuro Denryuu: soo is a wailord?
(18:34:47) BugsyTPM: hey im not that fay
(18:34:49) BugsyTPM: *fat
(18:34:53) phoenixffadh: Wailord has so much HP but low Defences and Speed. X(
(18:34:58) ManachuBoy: Soo is only small. :o
(18:35:05) BugsyTPM: my arse has better defense than a raichu
(18:35:09) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:35:10) Kuro Denryuu: wailord is just big, not fat :o
(18:35:17) phoenixffadh: Don't dis Raichu.
(18:35:20) Kuro Denryuu: soo how do you know that?
(18:35:24) Kuro Denryuu: have you tested it?
(18:35:26) BugsyTPM: cos i just do
(18:35:35) phoenixffadh: Earthquake is super effective. ;(
(18:35:42) BugsyTPM: my arse is all powerful
(18:35:49) phoenixffadh: Like Sexnub?
(18:35:56) Kuro Denryuu: wtf is a sexnub o
(18:35:58) Kuro Denryuu: *o_O
(18:35:59) BugsyTPM: what ius that?
(18:36:04) phoenixffadh: It's a Swinub joke X)
(18:36:06) BugsyTPM: is that your code name?
(18:36:09) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(18:36:10) BugsyTPM: oh lol o.o
(18:36:12) phoenixffadh: Yes. :x
(18:36:14) BugsyTPM: thats really bad
(18:36:23) ManachuBoy: Thunderblast would prolly dispute having a lower defence than your arse, Soo. ;o
(18:36:33) phoenixffadh: No such attack.
(18:36:39) Lady Vulpix G: I find it strange that Kasumi hasn't shown up. We've been practically summoning her.
(18:36:42) BugsyTPM: t-blast smells
(18:36:53) BugsyTPM: I'm the only gay in this village
(18:37:04) Lady Vulpix G: Thunderblast is shortsighted.
(18:37:09) ManachuBoy: Sorry, she hasn't actually got an AIM account yet. :(
(18:37:40) ManachuBoy: Why do you say that, Gabi?
(18:37:46) Lady Vulpix G: It will be scary if she does get one.
(18:37:53) Lady Vulpix G: Because she said so herself.
(18:38:00) Lady Vulpix G: In a story by Danny.
(18:38:10) Kuro Denryuu: Adny, Thunderblast is Ade's Raichu
(18:38:25) Lady Vulpix G: She also said it didn't matter because she didn't rely on her eyesight much.
(18:38:29) CferralX: back
(18:38:32) phoenixffadh: Don't use nicknames or I shall unlease Sexnub. ;o
(18:38:33) Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back.
(18:38:34) Kuro Denryuu: wb, Chris
(18:38:52) BugsyTPM: hey invite kassandra
(18:38:53) ManachuBoy: Yeah, I figured as much, weird Raichu physics conter any eye defects easily, huh?
(18:38:53) CferralX: how can Soo and Ade be on at the same time?
(18:39:01) ManachuBoy: Two computers. ;o
(18:39:02) BugsyTPM: we have 2 computers
(18:39:04) CferralX: oh
(18:39:07) CferralX: network
(18:39:07) BugsyTPM: ade ade is naked!!
(18:39:07) CferralX: ok
(18:39:39) ManachuBoy: Is he?
(18:39:42) ManachuBoy: Wow.
(18:39:52) phoenixffadh: Who is this "Ade"? XD
(18:39:59) BugsyTPM: can someone invite kassandra?
(18:40:04) ManachuBoy: I dunno, sounds like a total freak to me...
(18:40:09) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:40:11) CferralX: who is that?
(18:40:11) Kuro Denryuu: none of my adoptees have AIM accounts
(18:40:14) BugsyTPM: ade! yeah he's weird
(18:40:16) Kuro Denryuu: or captees for that matter
(18:40:19) BugsyTPM: he's the only gay int he village
(18:40:22) phoenixffadh: What? :O
(18:40:35) phoenixffadh: Why do you make accounts for imaginary creatures?
(18:40:47) Kuro Denryuu: Andy do you have any imagination? :<
(18:40:54) KassandraTPM entered the room.
(18:40:54) phoenixffadh: No :(
(18:41:00) BugsyTPM: you should adopt a team at tsuyois lair andy we'll open it up soon!!
(18:41:00) Lady Vulpix G: I pity you.
(18:41:01) Wolf1998us: Kovu has an account and Kiara has recently gotten one
(18:41:08) BugsyTPM: you can have anything as your started
(18:41:11) BugsyTPM: *starter
(18:41:11) Lady Vulpix G: Amber has one too.
(18:41:15) KassandraTPM: hi!
(18:41:20) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Kass!
(18:41:22) KassandraTPM: I'm hungry, where is my dinner
(18:41:26) Kuro Denryuu: hi Kass
(18:41:28) phoenixffadh: Is this a joke? X(
(18:41:29) Lady Vulpix G: KassandraTPM
(18:41:33) Kuro Denryuu: what sort of pokemon are you again? o_O
(18:41:38) Lady Vulpix G: Kuro Denryuu
(18:41:46) Lady Vulpix G: She's a Charmander.
(18:41:48) BugsyTPM: she's a charmander!
(18:41:53) milliardotpm entered the room.
(18:41:56) KassandraTPM: I AM NOT A CHARMANDER
(18:42:04) milliardotpm: ?YOU BLOODY WELL ARE!!!
(18:42:10) KassandraTPM: PISS OFF MILLY
(18:42:15) milliardotpm: NO
(18:42:18) phoenixffadh: All I can say is you might have some sort of mental disorder doing this sorta thing. ;(
(18:42:24) BugsyTPM: *strips*
(18:42:30) CferralX: O_O
(18:42:31) KassandraTPM: bloody hell
(18:42:37) ManachuBoy: Prolly.
(18:42:55) Kuro Denryuu: Soo, now I know what you meant when you saifd to Kris "I will strip live on camera!"
(18:42:58) KovuTPM entered the room.
(18:43:00) CferralX: british humor..too...confusing...
(18:43:05) KassandraTPM: hi kovu
(18:43:06) CferralX:
(18:43:10) KovuTPM: hi
(18:43:10) KassandraTPM: can i teach you thunder wave?
(18:43:13) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Kovu. And Milly too.
(18:43:19) phoenixffadh: Soo's striping on cam? O_O
(18:43:24) Kuro Denryuu: well I don't know
(18:43:26) BugsyTPM: i don't have a cam :(
(18:43:28) Kuro Denryuu: maybe Ade's filming it
(18:43:30) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:43:33) BugsyTPM: so I'm just stripping here
(18:43:36) BugsyTPM: and having a wank
(18:43:41) Kuro Denryuu: at the same time?
(18:43:43) phoenixffadh: Lol. So truthful.
(18:43:43) ManachuBoy: Why would I want to share you with the world, Soo?
(18:43:52) AmberTPM entered the room.
(18:44:05) KovuTPM: hi
(18:44:05) BugsyTPM: wank wank wankety wank
(18:44:13) phoenixffadh: Nothing wrong with doing it.
(18:44:20) KassandraTPM: hi AMBER
(18:44:22) AmberTPM: What a phrase to come in to.
(18:44:28) milliardotpm: This is just about to turn into the most confusing chatchat ever. Awesome. >=)
(18:44:29) KovuTPM: dunno
(18:44:29) AmberTPM: Hello, Kass.
(18:44:31) KassandraTPM: do you want me to teach you rock tomb?
(18:44:41) AmberTPM: Sure.
(18:44:53) KassandraTPM: OK!!
(18:44:54) Lady Vulpix G: Pokemon are taking over.
(18:44:55) Kuro Denryuu: Ade, you know who you called Hope of the States a bunch of pissheads - does that mean you don't like soo's cousin? :o
(18:44:58) KassandraTPM: just copy me
(18:45:03) KassandraTPM: you cant do it!! hahaha
(18:45:08) CferralX: hmm? I dunno what you..bzz..
(18:45:12) CferralX: bzz...bzz..
(18:45:16) BugsyTPM: when we met them they were all drunk
(18:45:17) Kuro Denryuu: chris is a bee
(18:45:18) AmberTPM: I haven't seen anything yet.
(18:45:20) phoenixffadh: Pokemon ain't taking over. Just a bunch of bad actors. X(
(18:45:29) CferralX: *draws a ledian pointing an arrow at myself*
(18:45:29) Kuro Denryuu: ohhh, right
(18:45:31) CferralX: bzz bzz
(18:45:39) ManachuBoy: Yeah, he was really cool. But they were a bunch of pissheads, they only left the pub half an hour before they were supposed to be on stage
(18:45:45) KassandraTPM: i thought you said a lesbian!
(18:45:48) KassandraTPM: oops wrong account
(18:45:49) ManachuBoy: last time we saw em
(18:45:52) KassandraTPM: WANT ME TO TEACH YOU FLY?
(18:45:53) CferralX: *flies around and lands on Soo's head*
(18:45:57) BugsyTPM: thats better
(18:46:02) Lady Vulpix G: I already know how to fly.
(18:46:06) Lady Vulpix G: :-P
(18:46:14) phoenixffadh: E = mc^2
(18:46:16) CferralX: bzz bzz? (a vulpix can fly?)
(18:46:21) milliardotpm: I am a good actor I'll have you know! >=O
(18:46:26) Kuro Denryuu: surely charmanders shouldn't be talking about lesbians
(18:46:37) CferralX: bzz?(why not?)
(18:46:41) Kuro Denryuu: soo you are twisting her p[oor little (psychotic by the looks of things) mind!
(18:46:43) milliardotpm: Yeah, leave that for Growlithes and Raichus... >.>
(18:46:48) Lady Vulpix G: If a Charmander can...
(18:46:49) BugsyTPM: oops!!
(18:46:53) phoenixffadh: We're all in the Matrix XD
(18:46:56) KovuTPM: I'm glad that the twins aren't here O.o
(18:46:57) Kuro Denryuu: we are?
(18:46:58) BugsyTPM: hey I am the only gay in this village thank you
(18:47:13) CferralX: bzz? *does a slow motion flip and whips out a couple guns*
(18:47:15) phoenixffadh: No. You just think you are. The Matrix makes you believe you are.
(18:47:24) KassandraTPM: i am not a gay!!!
(18:47:27) KassandraTPM: i have a boyfriend
(18:47:32) AmberTPM: Speaking of twins, has anyone seen the twin Dratini eggs?
(18:47:48) KovuTPM: Yeah that was a surprise to see
(18:47:50) BugsyTPM: oops i'm sat on them!
(18:48:05) BugsyTPM: just rubbing myself on them
(18:48:08) ManachuBoy: @.@
(18:48:08) BugsyTPM: do you want them back?
(18:48:21) KassandraTPM: good luck dealing with that one tonight ade
(18:48:28) phoenixffadh: I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. =P
(18:48:32) milliardotpm: Soo, you've spent way too much time in Sumi's company. Stop. Now
(18:48:37) CferralX: bzz bzzz bzz bzzz
(18:48:45) CferralX: *eturns to sitting on soo's head*
(18:48:53) BugsyTPM: ooh! hi!
(18:49:00) BugsyTPM: are you rubbing up against my hair? o..O
(18:49:00) CferralX: BZZ! ^_^
(18:49:14) CferralX: Bzz?! Bzz bzz
(18:49:18) phoenixffadh: I wish someone would delete me from the Matrix. :x
(18:49:25) KassandraTPM: WTF
(18:49:30) KassandraTPM: i mean HIIII
(18:49:43) BugsyTPM: There's something wanking on my head
(18:50:15) CferralX: BBZ BZZZ! (no i'm not. I'm just resting here. Red hair is comfy)
(18:50:19) Kuro Denryuu: interesting...
(18:50:22) BugsyTPM: ooh! ok
(18:50:26) Wolf1998us: i've gotta go in about ten minutes
(18:50:48) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, I'd better check the stats quickly, then.
(18:50:51) ManachuBoy: This conversation is scary
(18:50:57) CferralX: bzz bzz
(18:50:57) BugsyTPM: soryr
(18:51:02) phoenixffadh: Why do we have like 3 Pokemon here?
(18:51:03) BugsyTPM: who wants to make our own porn film?
(18:51:03) CferralX: gonna go watch a movie in a bit
(18:51:09) CferralX: O_O
(18:51:13) BugsyTPM: PORN!!!!!??? chris?
(18:51:16) phoenixffadh: Porn where? >_>
(18:51:17) CferralX: no
(18:51:19) milliardotpm: Because pokemon are better than humans and don't you forget it!
(18:51:28) CferralX: Jirachi: Wishmaker
(18:51:36) BugsyTPM: oh thats scary
(18:51:37) CferralX: course that does sound like a porn movie name
(18:51:38) milliardotpm: We have access to weapons of mass destruction. ;(
(18:51:38) CferralX: but w/e
(18:51:49) phoenixffadh: milliardotpm: Because pokemon are better than humans and don't you forget it! <--- Just like Serebii said and we owned him =P
(18:51:50) milliardotpm: Like Kass. :O
(18:51:51) AmberTPM: I count 4 pokemon here.
(18:52:06) Kuro Denryuu: today I have posted on Tsuyoi's Lair 5 more times than I have on TPM :o
(18:52:07) KassandraTPM: I'm not like serebii am i?
(18:52:14) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, 2 Umbreons, a Charmander and a Charizard.
(18:52:16) CferralX: nah
(18:52:16) BugsyTPM: yay for the cheese master
(18:52:22) CferralX: i know Joe
(18:52:24) CferralX: he's..odd
(18:52:28) Kuro Denryuu: joe's an idiot
(18:52:32) phoenixffadh: His Movesets suck.
(18:52:35) milliardotpm: Nobody owns me tho!
(18:52:40) ManachuBoy: *coughs*
(18:52:43) CferralX: umm phoenix?
(18:52:45) Kuro Denryuu: he's like "Anythin I say Goes"
(18:52:46) milliardotpm: Piss off, Ade
(18:52:52) BugsyTPM: he lives near my friend
(18:52:57) BugsyTPM: i think he's a bit of a tosser
(18:52:59) Kuro Denryuu: and herandomyl capitalizes his words
(18:53:01) Kuro Denryuu: he is
(18:53:09) CferralX: I did some of the early movesets
(18:53:13) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:53:20) Kuro Denryuu: he deadmined one of his admins for holding a mod meeting WITHOUT TELLING HIM!!!! can you believe it?
(18:53:20) BugsyTPM: *does sexy pouting*
(18:53:33) CferralX: like the first 5
(18:53:36) CferralX: i gtg
(18:53:38) KassandraTPM: WHAT A MORON!
(18:53:41) KassandraTPM: BYE CHRIS
(18:53:41) CferralX left the room.
(18:53:42) Kuro Denryuu: apparently it meant he was trying to take over the forums or something...
(18:53:56) BugsyTPM: *does more sexy faces*
(18:54:00) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:55:06) BugsyTPM: Ade is naked!!!
(18:55:11) BugsyTPM: ade are you gay or bi?
(18:55:17) BugsyTPM: tell me now before our wedding day
(18:55:22) ManachuBoy: Are there no other options?
(18:55:25) phoenixffadh: I only wanna know when women are naked ;(
(18:55:33) Kuro Denryuu: you cannot be straight, Ade
(18:55:40) ManachuBoy: Evidently not...
(18:55:43) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, Andy, my dog is naked.
(18:55:49) phoenixffadh: X( Dammit.
(18:55:54) BugsyTPM: hey I'm not your dog
(18:55:54) Lady Vulpix G: She's female.
(18:56:02) phoenixffadh: Female humans.
(18:56:03) BugsyTPM: She's your bithc
(18:56:06) KovuTPM: i think i'm gonna go talk to everyone later
(18:56:07) BugsyTPM: I'm naked!
(18:56:12) phoenixffadh: ^_^
(18:56:12) BugsyTPM: bye kovu
(18:56:16) KovuTPM: c ya
(18:56:23) Lady Vulpix G: See you, Kovu!
(18:56:27) BugsyTPM: Ade ok you can by straight bi or gay
(18:56:29) KovuTPM: bye
(18:56:30) AmberTPM: Take care!
(18:56:31) KovuTPM left the room.
(18:56:39) BugsyTPM: but if you say straight it means you are gay
(18:56:48) ManachuBoy: I can;t win can I?
(18:57:13) BugsyTPM: ok you can be whatever you want
(18:57:15) phoenixffadh: A good song starts "We all try to be straight, but somethings are left unchanged"
(18:57:16) Kuro Denryuu: of course you can't, Ade
(18:57:18) Wolf1998us: i gotta go myself. Need to get supper i think i'm going to McDonalds
(18:57:21) Lady Vulpix G: Why are you so eager to see your fiancee with someone else, Soo?
(18:57:26) BugsyTPM: whats wrong with being gay? let's all be gay together
(18:57:28) Kuro Denryuu: bye Amy, Kovu
(18:57:30) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, see you, Amy!
(18:57:36) BugsyTPM: I want to plait his hair together with a man's
(18:57:43) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(18:57:44) Kuro Denryuu: just a random man?
(18:57:44) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(18:57:45) Wolf1998us: kovu's gone but i'll tell him that you said bye.c ya
(18:57:48) Wolf1998us left the room.
(18:57:58) BugsyTPM: with long hair!
(18:58:02) BugsyTPM: a long hair man
(18:58:05) BugsyTPM: but he wont let me
(18:58:06) phoenixffadh: I though Ade was a random street man.
(18:58:19) Lady Vulpix G: What do you mean?
(18:58:20) BugsyTPM: i think we scared him off :(
(18:58:21) ManachuBoy: Soo is weird
(18:58:21) BugsyTPM: ade :(
(18:58:25) BugsyTPM: :)
(18:58:33) phoenixffadh: Soo picked him up off the street. XD
(18:58:34) ManachuBoy: And I am. I am a man of random streets
(18:58:37) Lady Vulpix G: What else is new? But she's weird in a funny way.
(18:58:41) ManachuBoy: And I talk gibberish
(18:58:42) BugsyTPM: ^___^
(18:58:49) Lady Vulpix G: I think we're all weird here. That's why we get on so well.
(18:58:49) BugsyTPM: ade tries to make me gay!
(18:58:59) phoenixffadh: Lesbians own.
(18:58:59) milliardotpm: Hands up who thinks we should put Ade out of his misery?
(18:59:30) Lady Vulpix G: Is Ade miserable?
(18:59:46) ManachuBoy: Not to my knowledge
(18:59:59) milliardotpm: I'll make him miserable. >=)
(19:00:02) BugsyTPM: he is always trying to pair me up with our housemates girlfriend!
(19:00:10) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(19:00:18) phoenixffadh: Run away simba :x
(19:00:28) ManachuBoy: I think that'd be Soo who keeps fantasizing about her...
(19:00:45) Kuro Denryuu: i have longish hair
(19:00:48) KassandraTPM: milly you make everyone miserable
(19:00:52) Kuro Denryuu: *is a bit late*
(19:00:52) BugsyTPM: want to be plaited?
(19:00:58) Kuro Denryuu: but i don't know if it's long enough
(19:01:00) Kuro Denryuu: you could try...
(19:01:01) Lady Vulpix G: I have very long hair.
(19:01:01) kasumitpm entered the room.
(19:01:04) phoenixffadh: I have long hair, but I wanna cut it.
(19:01:06) kasumitpm: Whee!!!!
(19:01:16) KassandraTPM: oh god
(19:01:18) Lady Vulpix G: Kasumi got an account! Everybody run!
(19:01:19) ManachuBoy: Sorry. I have now offically gone mad. :O
(19:01:26) BugsyTPM: too much rum
(19:01:32) BugsyTPM: he has his own bar up there you know dont you ade
(19:01:32) milliardotpm: I second what Kass said
(19:02:08) Kuro Denryuu: my hairstyles vary a lot
(19:02:10) kasumitpm: Hey, am I not allowed to be involved in discussions about porn and gayness now? :(
(19:02:28) phoenixffadh: Porn is ok. But no gayness unless it's women XD
(19:02:39) Kuro Denryuu: once i went for the "punk" look and my hair was short and spiky but now it's quite long and shiny :o isn't that fascinating.
(19:02:49) kasumitpm: That's my favourite kind. ;o
(19:04:06) milliardotpm: Sumi kiled the chat. Now Ade is going to scare everyone away with his rampart schitzophrenia. ;(
(19:04:18) BugsyTPM: glad im downstairs
(19:04:21) BugsyTPM: shall i do dinner?
(19:04:23) phoenixffadh: See a doctor, NOW!
(19:04:25) kasumitpm left the room.
(19:04:25) BugsyTPM: ooh shiny!!
(19:04:36) milliardotpm left the room.
(19:04:53) ManachuBoy: Please do dinner, I'm hungry. :(
(19:05:14) phoenixffadh: I filled it some syntomes on the NHS site and they all ended in call 999 NOW! Maybe I am losing my mind. :x
(19:05:44) BugsyTPM: ok!!! dont drink any more before dinner
(19:05:52) ManachuBoy: Now would I? ;o
(19:06:03) ManachuBoy: Nah, seriously, I'll be a good boy.
(19:06:18) BugsyTPM: ok then
(19:06:19) BugsyTPM: brb
(19:06:24) KassandraTPM: HAHA im staying
(19:06:31) KassandraTPM: hey soo really is naked you knopw
(19:06:48) Kuro Denryuu: isn't it rather late to have dinner?
(19:06:48) ManachuBoy: Hmm... I'm not so sure about that.
(19:06:54) ManachuBoy: I know it is! :O
(19:07:19) Lady Vulpix G: 10 PM? My dad never has dinner before that time.
(19:07:27) ManachuBoy: I think we were initially gonna have it around half eight then we logged into AIM instead.
(19:07:32) phoenixffadh: Best info ever: >_>
(19:08:29) Kuro Denryuu: yeah but if you look for "Little_Pikachu" on that site then you get something that some #pbser sent in -_-
(19:08:32) Lady Vulpix G: Where did that come from?
(19:08:36) BugsyTPM: hey you could have made it ade
(19:08:39) BugsyTPM: im sdoinf it now though so wait
(19:11:29) Kuro Denryuu: brb
(19:13:06) Kuro Denryuu: wow, stop having these crazy parties whilst I'm away you guys...
(19:13:47) Lady Vulpix G: Crazy parties? What do you mean? *Innocents.*
(19:14:45) Kuro Denryuu: it was sarcasm, really, since no-one's talking any more
(19:16:53) BugsyTPM: back
(19:17:00) Kuro Denryuu: but Ade's away, now
(19:17:01) BugsyTPM: dinners on its way now
(19:17:06) AmberTPM: Welcome back, Soo.
(19:17:13) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, WB.
(19:17:14) Kuro Denryuu: yeah, wb
(19:17:14) ManachuBoy: Ade is back now
(19:17:22) Kuro Denryuu: wb, Ade :o
(19:17:34) Lady Vulpix G: You both came back together... makes me wonder...
(19:17:40) Lady Vulpix G: ...things.
(19:17:41) Kuro Denryuu: I think I've strained my bicep or something
(19:17:44) BugsyTPM: it takes longer than that!!"
(19:17:53) BugsyTPM: from wanking cheeset?
(19:17:55) ManachuBoy: I was called away by somebody going 'EMPTY THE DISHWASHER!!!111'
(19:18:16) Lady Vulpix G: O_o
(19:18:16) BugsyTPM: yeah and soon it will be "butter some bread"
(19:18:21) ManachuBoy: I'm kinda insulted you'd think it'd take that little time... ;o
(19:18:25) BugsyTPM: come on i do a lot, it isnt much to ask
(19:18:38) Lady Vulpix G: Did I say what I was wondering?
(19:18:49) BugsyTPM: what was it then?
(19:18:57) ManachuBoy: No. I'm still stuck in Sumi mode. X)
(19:19:13) BugsyTPM: are you ignoring my request aboiut bread?
(19:19:28) Kuro Denryuu: Soo: no, I think I might have slept in an awkward position or something
(19:19:32) Lady Vulpix G: I would have said "makes me wonder where you two went to",
(19:19:33) Lady Vulpix G: but I thought "things" would spread the confusion more.
(19:19:48) ManachuBoy: Well it worked, Gabi. :O
(19:19:49) AmberTPM: And it did.
(19:19:51) BugsyTPM: ouch!
(19:19:59) Lady Vulpix G: ^_^
(19:20:10) Kuro Denryuu: geh I hate battling in ASB :|
(19:20:17) BugsyTPM: you wont hate ours!!!
(19:20:25) Kuro Denryuu: I'm going to get mauled by Amy and Tom in the battle's I'm currently in
(19:20:52) Kuro Denryuu: Amy because currently it's my Eevee against her Absol, and Tom because he uses confusing tactics...
(19:21:08) BugsyTPM: is tom cyndaquil?
(19:21:12) Kuro Denryuu: yep
(19:21:17) BugsyTPM: i wonder if he'll play ours
(19:21:21) Kuro Denryuu: well, he's Pichu on TPM now
(19:21:25) BugsyTPM: so far all jhe does is spam
(19:21:28) Kuro Denryuu: he's kinda weird
(19:21:34) BugsyTPM: yeah lol
(19:21:47) BugsyTPM: ade is naked and wet
(19:21:53) BugsyTPM: he has come on the computer
(19:21:55) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, he started by writing his own updates at Expedia and trying to change the storyline.
(19:21:59) BugsyTPM: clean it off!
(19:22:08) ManachuBoy: @.@
(19:22:12) Lady Vulpix G: Which ended up with him wearing a Cyndaquil plushie on his head.
(19:22:25) Kuro Denryuu: well tomorrow I'll end up posting at least 5 times in ASB if I do what I plan on doing
(19:22:34) ManachuBoy: wtf? I'm not sure I even wanna know how that happened.
(19:22:57) Kuro Denryuu: reffing three battles (Amy vs. Becca, Darkfire vs. Kiara and Drade130vs. Chris Watarimono...) and batling agianst Tom and Amy.
(19:23:06) Kuro Denryuu: Tom doesn't seem to respect any rules
(19:23:14) Kuro Denryuu: or at least, he doesn't read them
(19:23:41) BugsyTPM: and our ASB soon!!
(19:23:53) BugsyTPM: who will be your starter?
(19:23:55) Kuro Denryuu: hmm, Becca's posted in the reffing tower
(19:24:04) ManachuBoy: If Tom makes too many more spammy posts at TL I'm seriously thinking about resetting his postcount by way of punishment, he hasn't been the best poster really. :O
(19:24:08) Kuro Denryuu: I don't know, can it be anything asides from a legendary?
(19:24:12) BugsyTPM: yeah
(19:24:16) Kuro Denryuu: Mareep
(19:24:17) BugsyTPM: what were you thinkin of?
(19:24:20) BugsyTPM: ooh cool!
(19:24:22) Kuro Denryuu: can it be specially coloured?
(19:24:29) BugsyTPM: im getting a zangoose i think
(19:24:38) BugsyTPM: I dunno - we're still thinking about that
(19:24:51) ManachuBoy: What, as in black and blue by any chance? ;o
(19:24:57) BugsyTPM: maybe later you can buy a juice or something?
(19:24:59) BugsyTPM: shall we do that ade?
(19:25:26) ManachuBoy: Maybe. I'm sure stuff with constantly be added since we're only just starting out
(19:25:27) Kuro Denryuu: Yeah, Ade, I remember when he was really active on TL he was like "I'm not in the top ten... =(" in the top 10 posters topic, and then he went posting crazy and posted in practically everything he could find
(19:25:42) Kuro Denryuu: and when I subtly accused him of trying to get a high postcount he said I was being mean and harsh :/
(19:25:45) BugsyTPM: yeah lol
(19:26:17) Kuro Denryuu: And probably, Ade :o
(19:26:28) Kuro Denryuu: Thor is the best Mareep evar
(19:26:36) Kuro Denryuu: well, asides from Lightning
(19:26:44) BugsyTPM: mareep the amazing electrical sheep
(19:26:57) phoenixffadh: EQ owns it. ;(
(19:27:06) BugsyTPM: my friend has a snail called lightning
(19:27:29) ManachuBoy: What if it's a flying Mareep with a specially designed jetpack? ;O
(19:27:40) BugsyTPM: what if its a naked mareep wiht a big erection
(19:27:45) Lady Vulpix G: That reminds me of when I first heard rumors about G/S.
(19:27:53) phoenixffadh: Soo is so dirty minded.
(19:27:55) BugsyTPM: you heard rumours about erections?
(19:28:02) BugsyTPM: YOU CAN TALK ANDY
(19:28:07) Lady Vulpix G: No, about sheep pokemon.
(19:28:12) phoenixffadh: I'm not dirty minded one bit. =P
(19:28:13) BugsyTPM: with erections?
(19:28:21) BugsyTPM: YOU ARE WORSE THAN ME!
(19:28:29) BugsyTPM: WHY AM I SHOUTING?
(19:28:31) phoenixffadh: O_O
(19:28:36) phoenixffadh: Worse than you?
(19:28:43) ManachuBoy: At what?
(19:28:56) BugsyTPM: at being a perv
(19:29:01) BugsyTPM: what do you think ade?
(19:29:04) ManachuBoy: I'm none too sure about that...
(19:29:07) BugsyTPM: hey!!
(19:29:07) phoenixffadh: Prove it. :x
(19:29:10) BugsyTPM: im nto a perve
(19:29:25) BugsyTPM: just because i fancy shiva
(19:29:33) Kuro Denryuu: Soo, you're talking about Mareep's with erections...
(19:29:34) ManachuBoy: And many, many others.
(19:29:35) phoenixffadh: She's mine X)
(19:29:39) BugsyTPM: and kuja
(19:29:47) BugsyTPM: hey!! you brought it up
(19:29:50) phoenixffadh: Kuja's on the gay side.
(19:29:50) BugsyTPM: chris
(19:29:56) ManachuBoy: And you're a rabid My Chemical Romace fangirl...
(19:29:59) BugsyTPM: yay!! the gay side is my side
(19:30:07) BugsyTPM: yes i am in love with derwent
(19:30:08) phoenixffadh: He's a man.
(19:30:10) ManachuBoy: I'm kinda dreading that gig...
(19:30:17) Kuro Denryuu: how the hell did I manage to bring up sexually excited Mareep?
(19:30:20) BugsyTPM: yes i am in love with all boys that look like girls
(19:30:21) phoenixffadh: Gay = Kuja likes other men.
(19:30:28) BugsyTPM: hey likes me too!!
(19:30:38) ManachuBoy: Being surrounded by not only you but the umpteen OTHER rabid MCR fangirls you befriended on lj...
(19:30:39) BugsyTPM: i dont know, you're weird
(19:30:39) phoenixffadh: In your dreams :x
(19:30:50) BugsyTPM: hahahaha
(19:30:57) phoenixffadh: Not those sort ;(
(19:30:57) BugsyTPM: girls girls girls and girlboys
(19:30:58) Kuro Denryuu: jay once said I looked like a girl he knows :<
(19:31:30) BugsyTPM: ade wont dress as a girl!
(19:31:35) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:31:40) BugsyTPM: i try to make him
(19:31:41) BugsyTPM: :(
(19:31:43) BugsyTPM: and he wont
(19:31:44) ManachuBoy: No I won't for some strange reason.
(19:31:49) BugsyTPM: girls are pretty
(19:31:53) BugsyTPM: why dont you want to be pretty?
(19:31:59) ManachuBoy: Does not mean I want to dress like them
(19:32:03) phoenixffadh: Girls are pretty, if you're a man.
(19:32:03) Kuro Denryuu: not all girls are prety
(19:32:04) BugsyTPM: everyone should!
(19:32:09) BugsyTPM: girls are the best!
(19:32:21) BugsyTPM: girls in general are better looking than boys
(19:32:33) ManachuBoy: Not exactly denying that
(19:32:43) BugsyTPM: well then! so wheres your problem?
(19:32:54) ManachuBoy: I don't want to dress as one!
(19:33:06) ManachuBoy: >:O
(19:33:06) BugsyTPM: :(
(19:33:07) BugsyTPM: i do
(19:33:11) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:33:12) BugsyTPM: and i want you to!
(19:33:16) Kuro Denryuu: Soo, I think that's fairly understandable
(19:33:20) BugsyTPM: and then we can be all girls together
(19:33:21) Kuro Denryuu: the wanting to dress like a girl bit
(19:33:28) ManachuBoy: Fine. You dress as a girl, Soo. I won't. ;(
(19:33:32) BugsyTPM: :(
(19:33:32) Kuro Denryuu: but there's still me and Andy...
(19:33:34) BugsyTPM: i wont if you dont
(19:33:39) BugsyTPM: ooh you and andy should too
(19:33:44) phoenixffadh: Yea. :x
(19:33:54) BugsyTPM: then we can have a girly orgy
(19:34:03) phoenixffadh: Sounds good. =S
(19:34:15) Kuro Denryuu: I don't see how a masculine orgasm can count as a girly orgy... ;x
(19:34:30) ManachuBoy: @.@
(19:34:31) BugsyTPM: if you're dressed as a girl
(19:34:32) phoenixffadh: Girls get multiple ones X(
(19:34:38) BugsyTPM: silly penises
(19:34:48) ManachuBoy: Hands up who's getting seriously freaked out by this chat...?
(19:34:49) BugsyTPM: yeah i am having 4 right now
(19:34:54) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:34:57) BugsyTPM: press 555 if you have a penis
(19:34:58) Kuro Denryuu: you counted them?
(19:35:09) phoenixffadh: Uh...Uh...Uh...Uh!
(19:35:13) phoenixffadh: 4 XD
(19:35:13) BugsyTPM: haha see you are all girls really!!!!
(19:35:21) Kuro Denryuu: what is really distubring is that none of us guys are responding
(19:35:25) Kuro Denryuu: 666!
(19:35:26) Kuro Denryuu: oh, wait
(19:35:28) Kuro Denryuu: 555
(19:35:29) phoenixffadh: FF
(19:35:31) BugsyTPM: you are a girl too!!
(19:35:32) BugsyTPM: hahaha
(19:35:34) phoenixffadh: Because FF is sexy
(19:35:35) BugsyTPM: you are all girls
(19:35:42) Kuro Denryuu: *bitchslaps Soo* :o
(19:35:44) BugsyTPM: hey!
(19:35:52) Kuro Denryuu: stop calling me a girl then!
(19:35:53) BugsyTPM: ade will you come down [lpease?
(19:35:58) BugsyTPM: whats wrong with girls?
(19:36:01) Kuro Denryuu: nothing
(19:36:02) BugsyTPM: girls are great!!!
(19:36:02) phoenixffadh: Nothing.
(19:36:05) Kuro Denryuu: I just don't want to be one
(19:36:09) BugsyTPM: girls have nice boobs *feels*
(19:36:18) phoenixffadh: I wanna be a girl for a day and do naughty girl things X)
(19:36:19) Kuro Denryuu: not necessarily :o
(19:36:29) BugsyTPM: haha i get to feel boobs any time i want :P:P:P
(19:36:31) ManachuBoy: *comes down*
(19:36:31) Kuro Denryuu: *raises hand*
(19:36:41) Kuro Denryuu: (in response to Ade's previous question)
(19:36:51) phoenixffadh: The hand really goes the other way XD
(19:37:10) BugsyTPM: i want to be a boy for a day to see what its like to have a penis
(19:37:16) BugsyTPM: but then i want to go back to being a girl
(19:37:19) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:37:39) BugsyTPM: girls look better naked
(19:37:45) BugsyTPM: (sorry guys)]
(19:37:46) phoenixffadh: =P
(19:38:16) Kuro Denryuu: ;o
(19:39:01) BugsyTPM: GIRLS!
(19:39:06) BugsyTPM: haha ade go back onlihne
(19:39:12) Kuro Denryuu: woo I'm the second highest poster on Amy's board
(19:39:18) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:39:48) BugsyTPM: not that hard though is it?
(19:39:58) Kuro Denryuu: Wolfsong Admin 7-January 05 77 Cheesey Admin 7-January 05 52 *Murkrow Admin 7-January 05 33
(19:40:06) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(19:40:23) ManachuBoy: Back.
(19:40:32) Kuro Denryuu: Sheik Members 17-January 05 17 Darkfire Members 16-January 05 14 Classy_cat18 Members 14-January 05 13 Pidgeot Members 17-January 05 5
(19:40:38) ManachuBoy: I have now buttered some bread. I am so clever. =)
(19:40:39) BugsyTPM: o.O
(19:40:40) BugsyTPM: hi ade
(19:40:44) BugsyTPM: you are a good boy
(19:40:45) BugsyTPM: patpat
(19:40:51) Kuro Denryuu: *gives Ade a gold star*
(19:40:59) BugsyTPM: ooh cyndaquils on TL
(19:41:04) ManachuBoy: OMFG!!!!
(19:41:16) BugsyTPM: calm down
(19:41:54) ManachuBoy: *coughs*
(19:41:57) ManachuBoy: Sorry.
(19:41:57) BugsyTPM: :O
(19:41:59) BugsyTPM: are you WPM?
(19:42:13) ManachuBoy: I've been in a weird mood all day, did you not know, Soo?
(19:42:14) phoenixffadh: Oh noes not him.
(19:42:22) Kuro Denryuu: lol
(19:42:25) Kuro Denryuu: Soo loves WPM
(19:42:26) BugsyTPM: YES i knew
(19:42:26) BugsyTPM: :/
(19:42:29) BugsyTPM: HEY!!!
(19:42:31) BugsyTPM: i didnt know that
(19:42:37) ManachuBoy: Neither did I!
(19:42:42) ManachuBoy: :(
(19:42:55) phoenixffadh: I live life on the edge, I'm always one step closer to the edge :x
(19:42:59) Kuro Denryuu: well you're questioning whehterh Ade is in fact a scary 15 year old who talks about "ball thingies" =P
(19:43:04) BugsyTPM: the edge out of u2?
(19:43:04) ManachuBoy: I have enough trouble with dragging her away from random members of The Darkness...
(19:43:19) phoenixffadh: What?
(19:43:20) BugsyTPM: not random!!
(19:43:29) BugsyTPM: do you live life on the edge out of the band u2?
(19:43:31) Kuro Denryuu: ew but The Darkness are fugly!
(19:43:35) BugsyTPM: its quite a simple question
(19:43:37) ManachuBoy: Okay, just the Hawkins brothers then...
(19:43:41) BugsyTPM: no they are sexy
(19:43:42) phoenixffadh: Why U2?
(19:43:49) ManachuBoy: Soo hates U2. :(
(19:43:53) Kuro Denryuu: and Kasabian
(19:43:53) BugsyTPM: because there is someone in U2 called the edge
(19:43:54) BugsyTPM: o.O
(19:43:59) BugsyTPM: but i HATE u2 they are cra[
(19:44:08) BugsyTPM: oops someone actually reads my sig yay
(19:44:14) BugsyTPM: ooh i mean
(19:44:15) phoenixffadh: One Step Closer is a Linkin Park song (Best band evar)
(19:44:19) BugsyTPM: yeah i know
(19:44:22) BugsyTPM: but i was making a joke
(19:44:24) Kuro Denryuu: I hate Linkin Park
(19:44:27) BugsyTPM: about you living on a member of u2
(19:44:38) phoenixffadh: LP shows emotions.
(19:44:38) BugsyTPM: i dont like them either, i used to but now i really hate them
(19:44:51) BugsyTPM: they're crap like evansedcenerknernkerese
(19:44:54) phoenixffadh: NO
(19:44:55) BugsyTPM: cant spell taht one
(19:45:03) Kuro Denryuu: Linkin Park = LP = Little_Pikachu
(19:45:06) BugsyTPM: :O
(19:45:07) Kuro Denryuu: Evanescence?
(19:45:08) BugsyTPM: scary
(19:45:11) BugsyTPM: yeah them
(19:45:13) BugsyTPM: i dont like them
(19:45:13) phoenixffadh: Linkin Park are the best.
(19:45:18) BugsyTPM: ADE FANCIES THE SINGER!!!
(19:45:19) Kuro Denryuu: no they aren't
(19:45:21) phoenixffadh: I can relate to their songs.
(19:45:21) Kuro Denryuu: :O
(19:45:21) ManachuBoy: Not sure about 'best band ever' on the LP front but they're definitely up there in the list of bands I like to listen to while I'm writing.
(19:45:41) Kuro Denryuu: Soo loves WPM and Ade loves Amy? :o
(19:45:46) BugsyTPM: :o
(19:45:46) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(19:45:48) BugsyTPM: SCARY
(19:45:55) ManachuBoy: I think I come out better on that deal. ;o
(19:45:55) phoenixffadh: Evernanae whatever sucks
(19:46:00) Kuro Denryuu: as in Amy Lee, not Amy Wolfsong
(19:46:08) BugsyTPM: he fancies both
(19:46:14) Kuro Denryuu: unless there's something you which to tell us, Ade...
(19:46:17) Lady Vulpix G: Who's Amy Lee?
(19:46:24) Kuro Denryuu: The lead singer of Evanescence
(19:46:27) BugsyTPM: she is ugly
(19:46:30) BugsyTPM: and ade fancies her
(19:46:31) Kuro Denryuu: well, the only singer really
(19:46:33) phoenixffadh: She's crap.
(19:46:39) Kuro Denryuu: the guy in Evanescence doesn't sing much
(19:46:56) ManachuBoy: Eh, I kinda like them, they sing about random angst and insanity and stuff, they're the sort of band I listen to and thing 'oh, I was just writing about this... cool!'
(19:47:05) ManachuBoy: bbs
(19:47:09) phoenixffadh: Linkin Park is all I buy X)
(19:47:33) Kuro Denryuu: Linkin Park used to be ok but now they suck
(19:47:41) phoenixffadh: Why do they suck?
(19:47:47) Kuro Denryuu: because!
(19:47:49) Kuro Denryuu: they do!
(19:47:52) phoenixffadh: They don't
(19:47:58) phoenixffadh: I feel for their songs.
(19:48:11) BugsyTPM: yeah i agree with cheeset
(19:48:13) BugsyTPM: *cheesey
(19:48:15) Lady Vulpix G: Cheeset?
(19:48:16) BugsyTPM: they are crap now
(19:48:27) BugsyTPM: hey listen to my chemical romance andy
(19:48:42) phoenixffadh: I'd rather listen to LP live.
(19:48:44) BugsyTPM: their songs all sound the same now and they have issues
(19:48:45) Kuro Denryuu: well I'd rather have my Lacuna Coil, Auf Der Maur, Queens of the Stone Age and Metallica thank you very much :
(19:48:48) Kuro Denryuu: *:o
(19:48:50) BugsyTPM: i HATE live albums
(19:48:52) BugsyTPM: i really hate them
(19:49:06) BugsyTPM: and i hate all those bands you said there!! ade likes them
(19:49:17) BugsyTPM: i like mc fly and my chemical romance and simple plan
(19:49:25) Kuro Denryuu: have you ever heard of Auf Der Maur Soo?
(19:49:35) phoenixffadh: I like Crush 40 because Jun is the greatest guitarist ever.
(19:49:38) BugsyTPM: i think ade might like them so that means i probably dont
(19:49:54) BugsyTPM: not sure though
(19:50:11) Kuro Denryuu: the lead singer (melissa auf der maur) used to be in courtney love's band, hole
(19:50:27) BugsyTPM: oh i HATE hole
(19:50:33) Kuro Denryuu: i don't much like hole either
(19:50:40) Kuro Denryuu: auf der maur are better
(19:50:43) Kuro Denryuu: a lot better
(19:50:49) BugsyTPM: ooh ok I'll listen out
(19:50:51) AmberTPM: Hey, does anyone know how the action command works on AIM?
(19:50:57) phoenixffadh: Jumping down a hole is better. X)
(19:50:58) BugsyTPM: i cant use aim!
(19:51:06) BugsyTPM: are you being rude?
(19:51:15) BugsyTPM: any hole's a goal!!!11oneone
(19:51:26) phoenixffadh: Bottomless pit.
(19:51:36) Kuro Denryuu: anyone played commander keen?
(19:51:46) Kuro Denryuu: there was a bottomless pit in that game which had a bottom
(19:51:51) Kuro Denryuu: kinda defeats the purpose I think
(19:51:55) phoenixffadh: SHE LIES
(19:52:36) BugsyTPM: we gotta go now
(19:52:43) BugsyTPM: talk to you later!
(19:52:46) BugsyTPM left the room.
(19:52:46) KassandraTPM left the room.
(19:53:04) Kuro Denryuu: aww
(19:53:31) phoenixffadh: Linkin Park own'd them =P
(19:56:56) Kuro Denryuu: no they didn't :p
(19:57:23) phoenixffadh: They did.
(19:57:52) Kuro Denryuu: noep
(19:58:13) phoenixffadh: Nothing wrong with Linkin Park.
(20:00:46) Kuro Denryuu: I just don't like them
(20:01:50) Lady Vulpix G: {s drop}
(20:01:53) phoenixffadh: You better not like things like Britney Spears X(
(20:02:36) Kuro Denryuu: of course I don't, Andy
(20:03:01) phoenixffadh: Pop music freaks me out, all happy clappy, like the world's perfect.
(20:03:59) Kuro Denryuu: my cat is shoving her bum in the monitor
(20:04:17) phoenixffadh: O_o
(20:08:09) Kuro Denryuu: well she is!
(20:08:23) phoenixffadh: I hate cats.
(20:09:00) Kuro Denryuu: cats are great!
(20:09:07) Kuro Denryuu: I love my kitty
(20:09:07) BugsyTPM entered the room.
(20:09:11) BugsyTPM: hi!
(20:09:16) Kuro Denryuu: hi again, Soop
(20:09:32) phoenixffadh: Cats scratch and hurt more.
(20:09:34) AmberTPM: WBS.
(20:10:17) Kuro Denryuu: not if you tame them
(20:10:24) BugsyTPM: hiya!
(20:10:27) phoenixffadh: I'm still scared of them.
(20:10:38) BugsyTPM: why ar you letting cats near your penis???
(20:10:46) phoenixffadh: O_o
(20:10:59) BugsyTPM: just use your hand next time! not a cat!
(20:11:37) Kuro Denryuu: um Soop
(20:11:39) phoenixffadh: I have no cat.
(20:11:43) phoenixffadh: :x
(20:11:44) Kuro Denryuu: I certinaly don't use my cat :o
(20:11:45) BugsyTPM: o.O
(20:11:52) BugsyTPM: what do you use?
(20:12:00) BugsyTPM: i wouldnt recommend using a cat
(20:12:03) phoenixffadh: Hand. Duh.
(20:12:42) Kuro Denryuu: i don't actually do it
(20:13:01) BugsyTPM left the room.
(20:14:17) BugsyTPM entered the room.
(20:14:20) BugsyTPM: oops
(20:14:22) BugsyTPM: sorry!!
(20:14:28) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(20:14:31) BugsyTPM: why do you people use cats?
(20:15:08) phoenixffadh: They don't?
(20:15:16) BugsyTPM: oh thats ok then!
(20:15:25) BugsyTPM: i dont wank!
(20:15:29) BugsyTPM: do you guys wank?
(20:15:42) Kuro Denryuu: so you lied when you said HAVING A WANK in your away message earlier?
(20:15:44) Kuro Denryuu: I don't
(20:15:51) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(20:15:59) phoenixffadh: It's normal to. :x
(20:16:21) BugsyTPM: well i used to wank but now i have ade lol
(20:16:27) BugsyTPM: have you never wanked cheesey?
(20:16:30) BugsyTPM: its great!
(20:16:35) BugsyTPM: andy how mcuh do you wank?
(20:17:00) phoenixffadh: Once a day, but then I got depressed and haven't in awhile.
(20:17:07) Kuro Denryuu: i never have because I was always kinda grossed out by the concept
(20:17:31) BugsyTPM: its nice for a girl!
(20:17:47) BugsyTPM: but it might be werid for a bohy
(20:17:52) phoenixffadh: Why?
(20:17:53) BugsyTPM: i think its nice when boys wank though!!
(20:18:03) BugsyTPM: i dont know what its like to ahve a penis
(20:18:23) phoenixffadh: It's normal =P
(20:18:32) BugsyTPM: its not normal for a girl
(20:18:51) phoenixffadh: It could be if they grew one in pubity
(20:19:01) BugsyTPM: yeah i guess
(20:19:26) BugsyTPM: if you wank do you think you're sexy?
(20:19:35) phoenixffadh: No.
(20:19:39) BugsyTPM: oh i do
(20:19:42) BugsyTPM: lol
(20:19:57) phoenixffadh: I never have thought I was sexy because girl don't notice me.
(20:20:31) BugsyTPM: they would if you dressed as kuja!
(20:20:40) BugsyTPM: all boys should do that
(20:20:49) phoenixffadh: They would if you acted gay like all pop stars they fancy.
(20:21:33) BugsyTPM: i like boys with make up and long hair but ade wont wear make up
(20:21:43) phoenixffadh: Make-up? O_o
(20:21:44) BugsyTPM: anyway some girls will like your type!
(20:21:47) BugsyTPM: yeah definiteyl
(20:21:54) BugsyTPM: eye shadow and eye liner is a must!!
(20:22:07) BugsyTPM: you dont want a girl that fancies silly boy bands any way do you?
(20:22:07) ***Lady Vulpix G thinks this chat is really weird.
(20:22:21) ***Kuro Denryuu too
(20:22:37) phoenixffadh: I probably would wear make-up if I wanted to look like Albel. :x
(20:22:45) BugsyTPM: whos that?
(20:22:45) Lady Vulpix G: Then we agree.
(20:22:52) BugsyTPM: make up is nice on boys
(20:23:00) phoenixffadh: He's like Kuja but a cool swordsman on Star Ocean 3.
(20:23:26) BugsyTPM: ooh!
(20:23:29) BugsyTPM: kuja is lovely!
(20:23:30) Lady Vulpix G: I don't like wearing makeup.
(20:23:36) BugsyTPM: i dont either
(20:23:41) BugsyTPM: i like boys to
(20:23:43) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(20:23:45) phoenixffadh: Doesn't it make you look unnatural?
(20:24:09) Kuro Denryuu: only if you put like a shield of of it on or something
(20:24:35) Lady Vulpix G: It shows in any case.
(20:24:41) BugsyTPM: look at my friends only banner
(20:24:47) BugsyTPM: this guy looks sexy right?
(20:25:05) phoenixffadh: Sorry I only find women sexy. ;(
(20:25:27) Kuro Denryuu: add me soop!
(20:25:27) BugsyTPM: but he looks like a guy girls would like!
(20:25:33) BugsyTPM: ok! add me bacl
(20:25:33) Lady Vulpix G: Who's that?
(20:25:37) BugsyTPM: my boyfriend
(20:25:49) Lady Vulpix G: Doesn't look like Ade.
(20:25:54) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(20:25:55) BugsyTPM: it's ville valo
(20:26:07) Kuro Denryuu: anime, boys kissing, gerard way, him, my chemical romance, ville valo
(20:26:22) Kuro Denryuu: Ville's the lead singer of HIM
(20:26:25) BugsyTPM: haha those are my interests
(20:26:51) phoenixffadh: I was disappointed watching channel 3 the other day.
(20:26:52) BugsyTPM: ok you're added - add me back then you can read it
(20:27:52) BugsyTPM: why?
(20:28:00) phoenixffadh: Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams was like 5 in the charts and some crap called Call On Me was 1 or 2 in the charts. Green Day is the best. Girls showing off on pop videos is crap.
(20:28:25) BugsyTPM: lol
(20:28:36) BugsyTPM: green day used to be one of my favourite bands and now i dont like them
(20:28:48) BugsyTPM: i think a lot of people dont like them anymore
(20:28:55) phoenixffadh: Seriously. Like the music not what they do on a video.
(20:29:05) BugsyTPM: i mean the music!
(20:29:09) BugsyTPM: what video anyway?
(20:29:16) BugsyTPM: i dont like the music any more, since they got crap
(20:29:27) phoenixffadh: They didn't get crap.
(20:29:35) BugsyTPM: they did!!
(20:29:45) BugsyTPM: they tried to become political o.o
(20:29:47) BugsyTPM: who wants that?
(20:29:56) BugsyTPM: i prefered it when they sang about wanking
(20:29:58) phoenixffadh: =S
(20:30:03) phoenixffadh: WTF???
(20:30:05) phoenixffadh: When?
(20:30:16) BugsyTPM: Longview???
(20:30:57) BugsyTPM:
(20:31:06) BugsyTPM: that was when i used to like them
(20:31:58) Kuro Denryuu: "masturbations' lost its fun"
(20:32:09) phoenixffadh: I'VE BECOME SO NUMB!!!
(20:32:11) Kuro Denryuu: i remember those lyrics
(20:32:18) BugsyTPM: haha yeaha
(20:32:25) BugsyTPM: that was a good song!
(20:32:38) phoenixffadh: You can't just not like a band anymore.
(20:32:40) BugsyTPM: who cares about george bush when you can have songs about wanking! thats why i stopped liking them
(20:32:58) Lady Vulpix G: O_o
(20:33:29) Kuro Denryuu: you can if you don't like the way a band may have changed, Andy
(20:33:39) BugsyTPM: yeah loads of bands start out good then get crap
(20:33:43) BugsyTPM: or the other way around
(20:33:59) phoenixffadh: Might as well disappear because this world sucks.
(20:34:11) Lady Vulpix G: ?
(20:35:03) phoenixffadh: And if we are just data nothing will have mattered.
(20:35:04) BugsyTPM: are you talkin about green day still?
(20:35:24) BugsyTPM: you should get their album dookie, that is really good. Ade likes their new stuff but idont like it
(20:36:00) Kuro Denryuu: i like their old and new stuff
(20:36:11) Kuro Denryuu: i have like, all their albums in some shape or form
(20:36:18) BugsyTPM: i think they should have stopped by now though
(20:36:26) phoenixffadh: I was talking about the world/universe as a whole. :x
(20:36:39) BugsyTPM: why?? whats wrong with it?
(20:36:45) BugsyTPM: there are loasd of naked women around!
(20:36:47) phoenixffadh: Everything.
(20:37:10) BugsyTPM: is it because i said green day werent good any more?
(20:37:17) phoenixffadh: No.
(20:37:20) BugsyTPM: good
(20:37:28) BugsyTPM: why is it?
(20:37:46) phoenixffadh: We live and work all just to die in the end.
(20:38:01) BugsyTPM: stop listening to evenndnnse! so depressing
(20:38:13) phoenixffadh: I don't
(20:38:15) phoenixffadh: I hate it.
(20:38:20) BugsyTPM: oh yeah
(20:38:28) Kuro Denryuu: I listen to depressing music but I... wait, no, I do get depressed but I'm optimistic
(20:38:30) BugsyTPM: well all whatever you are listening to that's too depressing
(20:38:38) BugsyTPM: yeah im optimistic too
(20:38:46) phoenixffadh: I'm the opposite.
(20:38:55) Kuro Denryuu: Andy, how much HP does a Gold Berry heal?
(20:39:01) phoenixffadh: 30 HP
(20:39:05) Kuro Denryuu: I thought so
(20:39:11) BugsyTPM: ive got a gold berry
(20:39:19) BugsyTPM: do you want it?
(20:39:35) Kuro Denryuu: is it 30 in GSC?
(20:39:48) phoenixffadh: Yea it was only on GSC.
(20:40:09) BugsyTPM: i wonder what it would taste like! a gold berry
(20:40:22) Kuro Denryuu: i will take your gold berry soo if you're offering it :o
(20:40:26) phoenixffadh: I wish it caused instant death. :x
(20:40:33) Kuro Denryuu: hmm, cheery
(20:40:57) BugsyTPM: ok! you can have one for being nice
(20:41:13) BugsyTPM: I'll get ade to take it from my inventory
(20:42:08) Lady Vulpix G: I see Cheesey has brought our Gold Berry talk over here.
(20:42:45) phoenixffadh: Pokemon was fun when I beat my friend's team with a Hariyama X)
(20:42:56) Kuro Denryuu: Yes Gabi, he has :P
(20:42:58) BugsyTPM: what is that??/
(20:43:03) BugsyTPM: is that the bag?
(20:43:07) phoenixffadh: A fat fighting monster.
(20:43:12) Kuro Denryuu: It's a fighting type - It evovles from Makuhita
(20:43:24) phoenixffadh: It's Underused and no one uses it.
(20:43:47) BugsyTPM: yeah it looks likea bag!
(20:44:10) phoenixffadh: It owns :x
(20:44:15) BugsyTPM: i dont use it becasue it isnt cute
(20:44:22) phoenixffadh: X(
(20:44:23) BugsyTPM: i only like cute pokemon!
(20:44:55) phoenixffadh: Pikachu@Cap - Thunder/Thunderbolt/Agility/Quick Attack
(20:45:02) phoenixffadh: Meet Ash's Pikachu.
(20:45:05) phoenixffadh: It sucks.
(20:45:23) Lady Vulpix G: I defeated Ash's Pikachu with a Butterfree in Gold.
(20:45:45) BugsyTPM: haha i used to have a charizard with fire blast, flame thrower, ember and something else
(20:45:59) Lady Vulpix G: I put him to sleep and Returned him into oblivion.
(20:46:00) BugsyTPM: when i was a newbie lol
(20:46:06) phoenixffadh: I did on RBY because I was a n00b.
(20:46:15) Lady Vulpix G: 3 Fire moves? O_o
(20:46:21) BugsyTPM: yeah i was new!!!
(20:46:24) BugsyTPM: i didnt know better
(20:46:32) phoenixffadh: Ruby/Sapphire onwards I'm much better.
(20:46:33) AmberTPM: Well, I do know all those moves.
(20:46:40) BugsyTPM: yeah im good now!!
(20:46:51) Lady Vulpix G: The games work in a different way, Amber.
(20:47:18) Kuro Denryuu: I used to have a Venusaur with Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed and Solarbeam :D
(20:47:25) BugsyTPM: ooh thats a good move set
(20:47:34) phoenixffadh: Stop stealing my uber Venusaur from LG XD
(20:48:16) Lady Vulpix G: I've had at most 2 moves of the same type on my pokemon.
(20:48:28) Kuro Denryuu: and when I first played my blue version I didn't know how to use the pokecenter to heal your pokemon
(20:48:29) Lady Vulpix G: With different power/accuracy/side effects.
(20:48:29) BugsyTPM: ade can do the voice of a bulbasaur
(20:48:38) Lady Vulpix G: Anyone can.
(20:48:42) Kuro Denryuu: so by the time I reached vermilion i had a blastoise at level 43 or something
(20:48:44) BugsyTPM: i cant do it that well
(20:48:54) BugsyTPM: without healed?
(20:48:58) phoenixffadh: It works have two same type attacks for something like Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave.
(20:48:58) Lady Vulpix G: I have a wave file with Bulbasaurs singing.
(20:49:13) Kuro Denryuu: yeah because I just kept training until I fainted and then going to train some more
(20:49:17) BugsyTPM: haha
(20:49:21) Lady Vulpix G: And I heard Soo singing the Jigglypuff song.
(20:49:28) BugsyTPM: hahaha yeah
(20:49:35) phoenixffadh: O_o
(20:49:51) BugsyTPM: i sang in the mic!
(20:49:59) BugsyTPM: i wish i could make a song to everyone in the room!
(20:50:10) phoenixffadh: Was it seducing?
(20:50:19) BugsyTPM: who has a mic?
(20:50:22) BugsyTPM: or sound?
(20:50:25) phoenixffadh: I do :x
(20:50:31) BugsyTPM: ooh talk to me??
(20:50:40) phoenixffadh: No because I hate my voice X(
(20:50:47) BugsyTPM: please? :(
(20:50:56) BugsyTPM: i wont hate it
(20:51:01) BugsyTPM: anyway i hate mine too
(20:51:06) phoenixffadh: Sure you won't ;(
(20:51:18) BugsyTPM: i won't!!
(20:51:21) BugsyTPM: promise!
(20:51:28) BugsyTPM: please!! just say hi or something
(20:51:31) phoenixffadh: And I'm shy.
(20:51:46) BugsyTPM: dont be shy
(20:52:08) BugsyTPM: ooh talk on the mic any way, go on
(20:52:15) BugsyTPM: i wont talk about wanking, really!
(20:52:24) BugsyTPM: anyone want to wank live on the mic?
(20:52:25) phoenixffadh: o_O
(20:52:41) BugsyTPM: type in 333 if you are a girl
(20:52:42) phoenixffadh: Uh...Uh...Uh... Yes! X)
(20:52:47) BugsyTPM: :O *hides*
(20:52:56) BugsyTPM: talk on the mic!!!
(20:52:57) BugsyTPM: go on
(20:52:57) Kuro Denryuu: where is ade?
(20:53:02) BugsyTPM: hes here
(20:53:19) BugsyTPM: he isnt on the other computer cos we only just ate
(20:53:25) BugsyTPM: i think he's going there later
(20:53:57) Kuro Denryuu: ah
(20:54:03) BugsyTPM: willl anyone talk on the mic?
(20:54:24) phoenixffadh: It's haunting how I can't see my own reflection.
(20:54:33) BugsyTPM: :O
(20:54:37) BugsyTPM: talk on the mic!
(20:54:46) phoenixffadh: I suck.
(20:54:52) BugsyTPM: it wont work with my aim! havge you got MSN?
(20:54:57) BugsyTPM: i dont know why it wont work
(20:55:03) BugsyTPM: go on!! just for a minte
(20:55:08) phoenixffadh: O_O
(20:55:31) BugsyTPM: who here has MSN?
(20:55:35) phoenixffadh: I
(20:56:00) BugsyTPM: whats your name on it?
(20:56:12) phoenixffadh:
(20:56:33) BugsyTPM: ooh i'll add you
(20:56:37) phoenixffadh: ^_^
(20:58:02) BugsyTPM: oh it says it cant update my list at the moment o.,O
(20:58:04) BugsyTPM: you try adding me
(20:58:11) phoenixffadh: Ok.
(20:58:13) BugsyTPM:
(20:58:49) Kuro Denryuu: hee hee
(20:58:56) phoenixffadh: Added. ^^;
(20:59:00) BugsyTPM: have i got you on my msn cheesey?
(20:59:02) Kuro Denryuu: i am tying my hair with elastic bands and it is going all over the place
(20:59:07) CferralX entered the room.
(20:59:07) Kuro Denryuu: my msn account is private
(20:59:13) Kuro Denryuu: hey chris
(20:59:14) CferralX: i'm baaack
(20:59:20) CferralX: and i brought preeeeeeesents
(20:59:20) BugsyTPM: ooh cool!
(20:59:24) CferralX: :-D
(20:59:30) BugsyTPM: hey!! why dont you add me cheesey?
(20:59:34) BugsyTPM: hi chris ooh
(20:59:35) CferralX: *gives everyone a present
(20:59:43) BugsyTPM: hey it hasnt put you on my list andy
(20:59:45) CferralX: Cheesey gets Macaroni
(20:59:47) Lady Vulpix G: Thanks, Chris!
(20:59:50) CferralX: =P
(20:59:53) CferralX: jk
(20:59:54) Lady Vulpix G: What do I get?
(21:00:01) phoenixffadh: O_i
(21:00:03) phoenixffadh: O_o
(21:00:05) CferralX: you get...
(21:00:08) BugsyTPM: hey did it work?
(21:00:15) phoenixffadh: I have you.
(21:00:19) CferralX: a life sized stuffed arcanine
(21:00:26) Lady Vulpix G: O_O
(21:00:34) CferralX: ^^
(21:00:35) Lady Vulpix G: It's as large as life!
(21:00:44) Kuro Denryuu: big, then
(21:00:47) CferralX: that'd be cool if someone made a plush that big
(21:00:52) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(21:02:49) BugsyTPM: who what do i fget?
(21:03:01) CferralX: huh?
(21:03:07) CferralX: what ya talking about, Soo?
(21:03:13) Lady Vulpix G: I think she's asking what she gets.
(21:03:58) BugsyTPM: oresebt?
(21:04:02) BugsyTPM: presents!
(21:04:03) CferralX: oh right
(21:04:05) CferralX: Soo gets..
(21:04:09) CferralX: *looks in bag*
(21:04:16) CferralX: porn?
(21:04:19) BugsyTPM: :OOOOOOo
(21:04:20) CferralX: how did this get in here
(21:04:32) BugsyTPM: chris!
(21:04:41) CferralX: *gives it to Soo*
(21:04:41) phoenixffadh: PORN???
(21:04:46) CferralX: umm i guess u can have it
(21:04:53) phoenixffadh: X)
(21:04:55) BugsyTPM: :o
(21:04:58) BugsyTPM: porn
(21:05:02) phoenixffadh: Me > Soo.
(21:05:07) BugsyTPM: HEY
(21:05:11) BugsyTPM: me>soo
(21:05:14) BugsyTPM: OOPS SHIT
(21:05:22) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(21:05:23) BugsyTPM: me>andy
(21:05:27) phoenixffadh: Self-owned
(21:05:30) CferralX: where did Ade go?
(21:06:31) BugsyTPM: hes here
(21:06:36) BugsyTPM: but not on the compueter
(21:06:54) CferralX: ok
(21:11:59) Lady Vulpix G: Strange, I'm lagging at the DMFA chat, but apparently not here.
(21:12:19) Lady Vulpix G: The DMFA chat must have some sort of lag curse. At this time everyone starts lagging every day.
(21:13:42) CferralX: =O
(21:14:48) CferralX: hey Gabi..
(21:15:01) CferralX: the Fantastic Four movie is looking ten shades of awesome
(21:15:10) CferralX: Thing looks cool
(21:15:11) Lady Vulpix G: That's good to hear. :-D
(21:15:20) Lady Vulpix G: I'll make sure to see it.
(21:15:21) CferralX: Torch was shown for a few seconds flamed on
(21:15:30) Lady Vulpix G: ^_^
(21:15:41) CferralX: some people complain Ben isnt as rocky as he should be
(21:15:50) CferralX: but then again Thing wasnt that rocky in 1961
(21:16:23) CferralX:
(21:16:35) AmberTPM: Well, I think I'll leave the computer to Gabi now. See you all later.
(21:17:23) Lady Vulpix G: I think Ben is OK, but Jessica Alba doesn't look like Sue at all.
(21:18:05) CferralX: bye
(21:18:14) CferralX: well, they cant change the cast now
(21:18:24) CferralX: and sue is gonna be invisible for most of it
(21:18:27) Lady Vulpix G: I know. I'm just giving my opinion.
(21:18:28) CferralX: =P
(21:18:31) CferralX: yup
(21:18:32) Lady Vulpix G: :-P
(21:18:55) CferralX: cant wait for July
(21:19:27) Lady Vulpix G: I wonder when it will come up here.
(21:22:50) CferralX: brb
(21:23:15) Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
(21:29:19) CferralX: back
(21:29:21) GuardianLune entered the room.
(21:29:30) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Karin!
(21:29:30) CferralX: hey hey
(21:29:46) Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back, Chris.
(21:29:50) BugsyTPM: hi karin
(21:30:14) CferralX: was just on the phone with my friend, Rose
(21:30:14) Lady Vulpix G: First non-TL member to enter this chat room.
(21:30:20) CferralX: she wanted to be caught up on a Soap
(21:30:31) CferralX: well, that can change any second now
(21:30:38) CferralX: Karin..sign up for Soo's board
(21:30:41) CferralX: =P
(21:31:23) Kuro Denryuu: hey Karin
(21:31:53) BugsyTPM: its Ade's really
(21:32:00) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(21:32:10) BugsyTPM: i sang melodies of life
(21:32:34) phoenixffadh: Soo can sing well.
(21:32:41) Lady Vulpix G: I can testify.
(21:32:57) CferralX: i dont know if i can sing well
(21:33:11) CferralX: but all the ladies i know sing very well
(21:33:13) BugsyTPM: haha i cant sing! but that doesnt stop me
(21:33:14) CferralX: mmmmm...
(21:33:22) phoenixffadh: You can sing.
(21:33:29) Lady Vulpix G: I've heard you sing.
(21:33:32) CferralX: i gotta hear Soo sing
(21:33:37) Lady Vulpix G: We've sung together!
(21:33:39) CferralX: I've heard Gabi sing
(21:33:42) BugsyTPM: yeah!
(21:33:48) Lady Vulpix G: (If we don't count the lag).
(21:33:52) CferralX: something about snowmen and snow
(21:33:58) Lady Vulpix G: The snowmen song, right, Chris?
(21:34:02) CferralX: yup
(21:34:04) Kuro Denryuu: I've only heard stories of Soo's singing
(21:34:09) Lady Vulpix G: The song I made for Danny at Expedia.
(21:34:12) CferralX: still got it i think
(21:34:30) Lady Vulpix G: Cheesey can hear it if he wants. He should know where to find it.
(21:34:44) phoenixffadh: :O
(21:34:47) phoenixffadh: What song?
(21:35:07) Lady Vulpix G: The snowmen song.
(21:35:45) phoenixffadh: When the snowman brings the snow...
(21:35:51) Lady Vulpix G: No.
(21:36:04) CferralX: Gabi has a cute voice
(21:36:05) CferralX: ^^
(21:36:07) phoenixffadh: What's the snowmen song?
(21:36:14) Lady Vulpix G: Thanks, Chris. ^_^
(21:37:06) BugsyTPM: i tried to sing to you cris
(21:37:31) CferralX: yahe
(21:37:45) CferralX: try recording it
(21:37:48) Lady Vulpix G: Seems someone's just had enough/but we two still have a say/
(21:37:49) Lady Vulpix G: since you won't just let us play/here's how you'll have the last laugh.
(21:37:50) CferralX: and sending it as a wav file
(21:37:57) Lady Vulpix G: Up and down you'll have to go.
(21:38:05) Lady Vulpix G: Seek the heat, then find the cold.
(21:38:13) Lady Vulpix G: There you'll be if you're so bold.
(21:38:14) phoenixffadh: Never heard of it before.
(21:38:19) Lady Vulpix G: Let the magma melt the snow.
(21:38:28) Lady Vulpix G: Because it's an Expedia song.
(21:38:56) Lady Vulpix G: And it ended in a chat after Danny vaporized the snowmen.
(21:39:01) CferralX: not the travel company
(21:39:09) Lady Vulpix G: "You have sent us to the sky.
(21:39:15) Lady Vulpix G: Here it's so much fun to play.
(21:39:25) Lady Vulpix G: Floating here we want to stay.
(21:39:33) Lady Vulpix G: See you soon, have fun, goodbye."
(21:39:56) CferralX: i have a friend in the Netherlands who sang a good song for a friend
(21:39:59) CferralX: who died
(21:40:05) CferralX: and she has a good voice
(21:40:13) CferralX: she sang "Heaven"
(21:40:27) Kuro Denryuu: I just listened to the snowman song, Gabi
(21:40:50) Lady Vulpix G: Did it sound like what I wrote?
(21:40:58) CferralX:
(21:41:54) Lady Vulpix G: Nice song.
(21:42:02) Kuro Denryuu: yes it did, Gabi
(21:42:19) Lady Vulpix G: Cheesey, you didn't answer my question. I can take 'no' for an answer, but not silence.
(21:42:24) Lady Vulpix G: Ah, ok.
(21:42:28) Lady Vulpix G: Sorry. :-P
(21:42:44) CferralX: i also like this Jesse McCartney hit
(21:42:48) Kuro Denryuu: ;P
(21:43:03) Kuro Denryuu: I hate my accent
(21:43:13) phoenixffadh: Why?
(21:43:17) CferralX:
(21:43:21) Kuro Denryuu: I dunno, I just... do
(21:45:59) CferralX: anyone want that song?
(21:46:37) Kuro Denryuu: I'm going to bed - night everyone
(21:46:41) Kuro Denryuu left the room.
(21:47:20) AmberTPM left the room.
(21:47:21) CferralX: yeah. the Eastern Hemisphere ppl should be going to bed
(21:47:37) phoenixffadh: It's nearly 1am. =P
(21:48:21) BugsyTPM: yeah its late
(21:48:24) BugsyTPM: LATE
(21:48:28) BugsyTPM: lets all have sex
(21:48:36) CferralX: problem
(21:48:42) CferralX: there's only 2 guys here
(21:48:44) CferralX: i think
(21:48:57) Lady Vulpix G: An orgy?
(21:49:06) CferralX: how European
(21:49:09) CferralX: =P
(21:49:28) Lady Vulpix G: If you scare Karin away she won't want to join your board. :-P
(21:49:28) BugsyTPM: so!
(21:49:40) BugsyTPM: i dont think she does anyway
(21:49:46) BugsyTPM: and we arent scary
(21:49:47) CferralX: she hasnt said a word
(21:50:05) BugsyTPM: i dont think shes talking in the chat
(21:50:43) GuardianLune: I don't really like chats :P
(21:50:56) CferralX: come on they're just like IMs
(21:50:58) GuardianLune: I tend to accept invites and then forget about the room
(21:51:00) CferralX: just with more ppl
(21:51:23) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(21:51:23) Lady Vulpix G: Well, it's good to know Soo's proposition didn't scare you away.
(21:51:32) phoenixffadh: Sounds good. :x
(21:51:34) GuardianLune: o_O;
(21:51:46) GuardianLune: *backs slowly away*
(21:51:58) Lady Vulpix G: Or did it? o_O
(21:52:19) phoenixffadh: Soo's just dirty minded.
(21:52:20) CferralX: woah not the orgy
(21:52:27) CferralX: yeah i know
(21:52:37) CferralX: she's been like this since i met her waaaay back when
(21:52:43) CferralX: but, we like her
(21:52:52) CferralX: she just keeps things interesting
(21:53:04) phoenixffadh: Yea.
(21:54:51) CferralX: gonna go watch Enterprise
(21:54:53) CferralX: ttyl
(21:55:07) BugsyTPM: bye chris!
(21:55:19) BugsyTPM: no porn on tonight andy?
(21:55:21) CferralX: bye Soo!
(21:55:24) phoenixffadh: Nope :(
(21:55:36) BugsyTPM: :(
(21:55:43) BugsyTPM: have you fgot sky?
(21:55:48) phoenixffadh: No.
(21:55:52) CferralX left the room.
(21:56:11) BugsyTPM: :(
(21:56:16) BugsyTPM: you can get porn on there
(21:56:18) phoenixffadh: I want porn.
(21:56:52) BugsyTPM: *does naked tassle dance*
(21:56:55) phoenixffadh: I need to make myself happy somehow.
(21:57:07) phoenixffadh: O_O
(21:57:52) BugsyTPM: do the dance!
(21:58:04) phoenixffadh: What is the dance?
(21:58:22) BugsyTPM: tassle dance
(21:58:42) phoenixffadh: What's that?
(21:58:53) BugsyTPM: put tassles on your nipples and do a dance!
(21:59:08) phoenixffadh: O_o
(21:59:12) phoenixffadh: Interesting.
(22:00:44) phoenixffadh: How far into the dance are you now?
(22:00:52) BugsyTPM: oh i finished it now
(22:00:58) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:01:05) BugsyTPM: want to borrow the tassles?
(22:01:11) phoenixffadh: O_o
(22:01:23) BugsyTPM: *gives tassles*
(22:01:28) BugsyTPM: *covers up!!!*
(22:01:34) phoenixffadh: Covers up? :x
(22:01:43) GuardianLune: *is disturbed*
(22:01:59) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:02:57) Lady Vulpix G: Sorry, Karin.
(22:03:14) phoenixffadh: Soo is just interesting.
(22:03:21) BugsyTPM: intersting ^____^
(22:03:39) BugsyTPM: ade says thats one way of putting it
(22:03:44) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:04:12) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, and friendly too.
(22:04:26) phoenixffadh: At least she's always happy.
(22:04:53) BugsyTPM: aww! you guys are nice to me! *^_^*
(22:05:38) BugsyTPM: hey ade is coming online again
(22:05:40) ManachuBoy: I seriously need in on this convo. :OOOO
(22:05:50) BugsyTPM: :o hi ade
(22:06:10) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:06:11) ManachuBoy: Hi Soo, didn't I just see you downstairs ten seconds ago?
(22:06:13) Lady Vulpix G: Welcome back.
(22:06:16) BugsyTPM: yeah haha
(22:06:21) ManachuBoy: Thanks
(22:06:25) BugsyTPM: you were being mean about me ade!
(22:06:54) ManachuBoy: What?
(22:06:59) ManachuBoy: (01:04:30) phoenixffadh: At least she's always happy.
(22:07:08) ManachuBoy: Just coz I sniggered at that...
(22:07:15) ManachuBoy: :O
(22:07:15) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:07:19) BugsyTPM: hah!! i am always happy!!
(22:07:26) BugsyTPM: you're just jealous
(22:08:03) ManachuBoy: Jealous of what?
(22:08:17) BugsyTPM: of me being hyper and happy naturally
(22:08:56) ManachuBoy: You are unique, I'll give you that. :)
(22:09:09) ManachuBoy: Anwyays...
(22:09:14) ManachuBoy: *anyways
(22:09:19) BugsyTPM: getting back to porn....
(22:09:35) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:09:40) phoenixffadh: Porn where? >_>
(22:10:05) ManachuBoy: Search for it onGoogle, you lazy bugger.
(22:10:14) phoenixffadh: Is that possible?
(22:10:36) BugsyTPM: yeah of course
(22:10:53) ManachuBoy: Well I'd imagine so if you took the parental controls off. Not that I would advocate such a thing, of course.
(22:11:09) phoenixffadh: What parental controls? X)
(22:11:15) BugsyTPM: do you have parental controls on?
(22:11:20) phoenixffadh: No.
(22:11:49) ManachuBoy: Well then if you're having troubles finding porn on Google I can only suggest you be more specific in what you're looking for. :O
(22:12:03) ManachuBoy: Umm, yeah. Let's change the subject
(22:12:09) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:12:11) ManachuBoy: Before I sound even dodgier
(22:12:18) BugsyTPM: what is this? the porn helpline?
(22:12:20) Lady Vulpix G: Or you can use the alternative. Look for cracks and warez and you'll find porn.
(22:12:22) ManachuBoy: Yeah!
(22:12:36) phoenixffadh: LMAO.
(22:13:02) ManachuBoy: It's like, Porn 'r' Us, like Toys 'r' Us only X-rated
(22:13:27) BugsyTPM: there's millions, said geoffrey, all under one roof
(22:13:47) ManachuBoy: Also try and search for Sailor Moon on any file sharing program. You'll find more hentai than you know what to do with. @.@
(22:13:48) BugsyTPM: it's called porns R us porns R us porns R us!
(22:14:06) phoenixffadh: How do spell "Insticts"?
(22:14:13) BugsyTPM: lol
(22:14:16) phoenixffadh: >_>
(22:14:28) BugsyTPM: search for "espeon on espeon action"
(22:14:34) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:14:35) Lady Vulpix G: Instincts.
(22:14:47) ManachuBoy: What happens ifyou do, Soo?
(22:14:54) BugsyTPM: i dunno, I'm too scared
(22:15:03) BugsyTPM: where's that juice you promised me?
(22:15:04) BugsyTPM: :(
(22:15:04) Lady Vulpix G: Nothing shows up.
(22:15:09) ManachuBoy: :(
(22:15:11) ManachuBoy: Sorry Esp
(22:15:22) BugsyTPM: :)
(22:15:22) Lady Vulpix G: What about Meowth on Espeon?
(22:15:23) BugsyTPM: thanks
(22:15:24) phoenixffadh: I got some Espeon on Espeon action X)
(22:15:28) BugsyTPM: :O
(22:15:30) BugsyTPM: wherE?
(22:15:42) phoenixffadh: Visit SPPf and goto the shipping forums XD
(22:15:46) BugsyTPM: :O
(22:15:49) BugsyTPM: i'm an espeon
(22:15:53) BugsyTPM: did you hear me talk?
(22:15:59) Lady Vulpix G: I did.
(22:16:20) BugsyTPM: yaya
(22:16:20) Lady Vulpix G: I even heard you say "Pikachu".
(22:16:28) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:16:40) ManachuBoy: Meowth on Espeon action is far too surreal and dreamlike given the recorded instances of it tho
(22:16:49) Stevolteon entered the room.
(22:16:55) ManachuBoy: Hey Steve
(22:16:57) Lady Vulpix G: Well, you did a good job describing some, Ade.
(22:16:58) BugsyTPM: hi steve
(22:17:00) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Steve!
(22:17:09) BugsyTPM: hello? hello? this is an espeon speaking
(22:17:18) shadesfox16 entered the room.
(22:17:18) ManachuBoy: No it's not. >=O
(22:17:19) Stevolteon: >.<
(22:17:28) Shades: Hello ^_^
(22:17:30) Stevolteon: Espeon speaking this is, mmm
(22:17:36) BugsyTPM: hi! i dont know you?
(22:17:42) BugsyTPM: :O yoga
(22:17:57) Shades: Heh, I'm just a fox that Gabi knows ^_^
(22:17:58) Lady Vulpix G: Hey, Shades!
(22:18:00) BugsyTPM: :OOO
(22:18:04) BugsyTPM: are you Gabi?
(22:18:08) ***Shades pounces Lady Vulpix G
(22:18:14) Lady Vulpix G: I'm Gabi! >:o
(22:18:18) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:18:22) BugsyTPM: who are you on TPM then?
(22:18:29) ManachuBoy: Me is confuzzled
(22:18:32) Lady Vulpix G: He's not on TPM.
(22:18:45) Stevolteon: *gasp* There are people not of TPM?
(22:19:02) Stevolteon: Fie! I shan't believe it!
(22:19:02) Shades: Apparently ^_^;;
(22:19:04) ManachuBoy: Does... not... compute...
(22:19:11) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, believe it or not, there's a world outside of TPM.
(22:19:27) phoenixffadh: Welcome to the real world. :x
(22:19:39) Stevolteon: I know, I have seen it, it's Tsuyoi's Lair!
(22:19:48) Lady Vulpix G: Lol!
(22:19:50) ManachuBoy: Oh yeah, that's that evil thing that hurts if I walk into it, isn't it?
(22:19:56) Shades: Welcome to the jungle *shifty eyes*
(22:20:01) ManachuBoy: Or, alternatively, what Steve said
(22:20:01) BugsyTPM: oh shadesfox where do you live?
(22:20:20) Stevolteon: With the bright light and the smells and the PEOPLE WITH BODIES!
(22:20:35) Shades: In the states ;p
(22:20:41) BugsyTPM: how do you know gabi?
(22:20:55) Shades: telepathic communications.
(22:20:59) BugsyTPM: ooh!
(22:21:05) BugsyTPM: shadesfox you are sexy
(22:21:13) Shades: So they say.
(22:21:20) Shades: Hey gabi, do you think I am sexy?
(22:21:21) ManachuBoy: Wha? There are people out there? Who have real bodies and aren't just random lines of text? :O
(22:21:22) Stevolteon: Soo!
(22:21:27) Stevolteon: Ade might find out!
(22:21:29) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:21:33) BugsyTPM: :O
(22:21:34) BugsyTPM: oh yeah
(22:21:40) BugsyTPM: shadesfox! stop trying to seduce me
(22:21:44) Stevolteon: Yes, it's true Ade
(22:21:51) phoenixffadh: Even outside the internet everyone is just a collection of 0s and 1s.
(22:21:53) Shades: when did I start?
(22:22:01) BugsyTPM: press 758 if you are a hot boy
(22:22:01) ManachuBoy: Oh, she's having an affair with everyone on the planet apparently, what's one more to add to the list? :o
(22:22:03) phoenixffadh: We're just data. :x
(22:22:07) Stevolteon: And you can't kick them out of your chatroom if you find them offensive ºoº
(22:22:18) Shades: I knew it, you are all computer programs aren't you?
(22:22:23) BugsyTPM: hey im not having an afffair!!
(22:22:28) phoenixffadh: Indeed.
(22:22:38) phoenixffadh: Everyone is just a program.
(22:22:40) ManachuBoy: Yes you are, with darkness guy and darkness brother all at the same time
(22:22:44) Stevolteon: I'm not a computer program. Invalid syntax error!
(22:22:47) BugsyTPM: yeah! ^______^
(22:22:55) BugsyTPM: darkness guy and brother together!
(22:23:00) phoenixffadh: I deleted God X)
(22:23:05) BugsyTPM: and anastasie and derwent
(22:23:08) Lady Vulpix G: Oh, yes, I do! Sorry, I was away.
(22:23:19) ManachuBoy: Neither am... *Ade has caused a fatal exception and must be restarted*
(22:23:43) BugsyTPM: he does this ALL the tiome
(22:24:01) ManachuBoy: Nah, it's normally the blue screen of death, you all got off lightly this time!
(22:24:08) ManachuBoy: I think I need a defrag...
(22:24:09) ***Shades giggles and snuggles up with Gabi.
(22:24:25) BugsyTPM: *defrags ade*
(22:24:30) ManachuBoy: :O
(22:24:31) ***Lady Vulpix G snuggles up with Shades.
(22:24:32) phoenixffadh: We are all just data.
(22:24:34) BugsyTPM: SHADESFOX i thought you loved me
(22:24:44) Stevolteon: Soo! Not in public!
(22:24:49) BugsyTPM: oops
(22:25:14) BugsyTPM: shadesfox do you want to do a dance?
(22:25:17) Stevolteon: Tch, people defragging in public. You're not better than apes!
(22:25:22) Stevolteon: Apes with computers!
(22:25:33) Lady Vulpix G: I've just got an IM from Kiyone.
(22:25:44) ***Shades eeps and gets closer to gabi, "Help me! Bugsy is scaring me..."
(22:25:44) BugsyTPM: ooh
(22:25:48) BugsyTPM: saying what?
(22:25:54) Lady Vulpix G: "dumb bitch"
(22:25:58) BugsyTPM: SHADESFOX i love you
(22:26:02) BugsyTPM: why did she sayt htaT?
(22:26:13) ManachuBoy: BUGSYTPM stop cheating on me. :(
(22:26:18) BugsyTPM: oops!!!
(22:26:20) BugsyTPM: *hides*
(22:26:20) Stevolteon: Yeah!
(22:26:23) BugsyTPM: hahaha
(22:26:27) Lady Vulpix G: She always does that.
(22:26:29) BugsyTPM: shadesfox loves you as well ade
(22:26:46) Stevolteon: Stop cheating on Ade. My poor, dear Ade...
(22:26:54) GuardianLune left the room.
(22:26:58) Shades: Ma/me is so confused...
(22:27:01) BugsyTPM: steve stop flirting with ade
(22:27:05) ManachuBoy: We have scared Karin away. :(
(22:27:11) BugsyTPM: good!
(22:27:18) BugsyTPM: she was scaring me lurking and not saying anything!
(22:27:23) ManachuBoy: :O
(22:27:23) Lady Vulpix G: It was probably more than her innocent mind could take.
(22:27:32) Stevolteon: I could hear her taling
(22:27:32) BugsyTPM: its always the lurkers that you have to watch
(22:27:39) Stevolteon: Unless that was the Pixies...
(22:28:25) ManachuBoy: What happens if you don't watch the lurkers?
(22:28:28) BugsyTPM: steve are you naked?
(22:28:34) BugsyTPM: they implode
(22:28:41) Stevolteon: Me Steve? No!
(22:28:47) BugsyTPM: :(
(22:28:49) BugsyTPM: you should be!
(22:28:53) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:28:54) BugsyTPM: ade likes you best that way
(22:29:03) BugsyTPM: is anyone here naked?
(22:29:07) Stevolteon: Really, I shouldn't, trust me on this
(22:29:07) BugsyTPM: press 111 if you're naked
(22:29:17) phoenixffadh: 255
(22:29:22) ManachuBoy: Soo come to bed, I'll be waking up beofre you at this rate and I have no intention of sleeping any earlier than 4am anyways.
(22:29:22) BugsyTPM: 111
(22:29:26) ManachuBoy: 666
(22:29:30) BugsyTPM: oh no!
(22:29:34) BugsyTPM: 666!!!
(22:29:37) BugsyTPM: thats the devil
(22:29:40) phoenixffadh: Devil's number.
(22:29:41) BugsyTPM: yeah im tired
(22:29:41) Shades: 644
(22:29:49) phoenixffadh: 255 is so much sexier.
(22:29:53) Stevolteon: 1471
(22:29:55) BugsyTPM: damn i'm the only one who's naked and i was only pretending
(22:30:05) ManachuBoy: I'm waiting for your call and I'm ready to take your 666 in my heart.
(22:30:09) BugsyTPM: NO!!!
(22:30:11) BugsyTPM: no 666
(22:30:13) ManachuBoy: If indeed those are the lyrics#
(22:30:23) ManachuBoy: Valo is very hard to understand sometimes
(22:30:38) BugsyTPM: no that isnt right
(22:30:53) BugsyTPM: "I'm waiting for you Soo and I'm ready to take your body in my arms"
(22:30:56) Stevolteon: Valo? Sounds like some kind of angelic velcro
(22:31:17) BugsyTPM: its the man in my friends only banner
(22:31:24) BugsyTPM: he's my sexy lover
(22:31:34) ManachuBoy: No, he already mentioned a Soo in one song, two is just greedy!
(22:31:41) Stevolteon: Still sounds like angelic velcro
(22:32:14) Lady Vulpix G: Whatever that is.
(22:32:30) BugsyTPM: ade is having a wank
(22:32:34) BugsyTPM: i can see him
(22:32:35) ManachuBoy: It's, like, velcro, only... uhh... uhh... Steve, plz explain...
(22:32:39) Stevolteon: Simple, it's what angels use to keep their clothes on
(22:32:52) Stevolteon: And more importantly, their halo
(22:32:56) Lady Vulpix G: Do angels need clothes?
(22:33:03) Stevolteon: Velcro... halo... valo
(22:33:08) ManachuBoy: If Soo could see me I would have dragged her to bed by now. ;(
(22:33:08) Stevolteon: Of course!
(22:33:09) Shades: Only the guy angles, the girl angels... reow...
(22:33:17) BugsyTPM: there should be a law against Valo wearing clothes
(22:33:22) ManachuBoy: @.@
(22:33:23) Stevolteon: You can't have divine messengers conjuring naughty thoughts!
(22:33:32) Shades: And why not?
(22:33:51) Stevolteon: Because they're supposed to embody all that is pure!
(22:33:53) Lady Vulpix G: Because then people would get distracted and not get the message?
(22:33:55) Stevolteon: And such
(22:34:06) Stevolteon: Besides, angels don't actually look like humans
(22:34:13) BugsyTPM: hey everyone have a wank and then type 555 if you come ok?
(22:34:22) phoenixffadh: 255
(22:34:26) Stevolteon: Cherubim, for example, look like rings of fire in the sky
(22:34:29) BugsyTPM: ooh a near miss there
(22:34:35) phoenixffadh: O_o
(22:34:37) Shades: 755
(22:34:38) BugsyTPM: did you nearly come but not quite?
(22:34:51) phoenixffadh: FF is a number. :x
(22:34:58) ManachuBoy: There should be a law against engaged girls obsessing over the following... *coughs* Ville Valo, Gerard Way, Kilik and Nightmare from Soul Calibur, half of The Darkness, anyone in a band wearing eyeliner...
(22:35:02) BugsyTPM: ooh shadesfox - a slippery customer who just missed out on coming as well
(22:35:03) ManachuBoy: 666
(22:35:08) ManachuBoy: again
(22:35:17) BugsyTPM: not that close ade
(22:35:18) ManachuBoy: Soo is scary.
(22:35:24) BugsyTPM: ADE what the hell kind of shitty law is that?!!!!
(22:35:26) ManachuBoy: 999
(22:35:29) phoenixffadh: Kilik is a town on Final Fantasy X and X-2. :
(22:35:35) Shades: BugsyTPM: Unfortunately, I don't do that in public... *shifty eyes*
(22:35:37) BugsyTPM: ooh a town of sex?
(22:35:39) ManachuBoy: I'm phoning for the police
(22:35:42) Stevolteon: Language, Soo, there are Adeys present.
(22:35:43) phoenixffadh: No.
(22:35:47) ***Shades picks up gabi and takes her to the back room.
(22:35:51) BugsyTPM: :O
(22:36:10) BugsyTPM: You forgot Kuja fom your law
(22:36:15) BugsyTPM: so I can still perve over him
(22:36:21) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:36:28) BugsyTPM: shadesfox, you are a pervert!
(22:36:29) ManachuBoy: Oh yeah, him too. >=(
(22:36:34) BugsyTPM: shadesfox?
(22:36:36) phoenixffadh: Kuja is a monkey X)
(22:36:36) Lady Vulpix G: Wow, I didn't know this chat had a back room! And to think that I created it. O_O
(22:36:42) BugsyTPM: NO! kuja is sexy!
(22:36:43) Stevolteon: You lay down the law, Ade!
(22:36:51) BugsyTPM: can I perve over Gabi?
(22:37:00) Shades: BugsyTPM: thank you ^_^
(22:37:02) phoenixffadh: Haven't you seen Kuja's tail? He's a monkey man.
(22:37:10) Shades: and Gabi, I made it now just for you ^_^
(22:37:22) BugsyTPM: I love his tail! think what he can do with it
(22:37:25) Lady Vulpix G: Aw, thanks! *Kisses.*
(22:37:39) Stevolteon: Aww, so much love in the room ^_^
(22:37:50) phoenixffadh: Can you feel the love tonight...
(22:37:51) Shades: Indeed there is ^_^
(22:38:01) ManachuBoy: Eh, I'm gonna log off now, I really wanna do some writing before I go to sleep. >:O
(22:38:03) BugsyTPM: lets all have sex togehter
(22:38:06) BugsyTPM: yeah me too
(22:38:08) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:38:09) BugsyTPM: im gonna wriet
(22:38:15) BugsyTPM: andhen go to bed and dream of wakning
(22:38:18) ManachuBoy: You're going to bed!
(22:38:18) BugsyTPM: oops
(22:38:21) Lady Vulpix G: Are you going to write the scenario?
(22:38:22) phoenixffadh: Lol.
(22:38:22) BugsyTPM: yes sir :(
(22:38:29) BugsyTPM: bad espeon - cover your gem :(
(22:38:40) Lady Vulpix G: Soo talks to herself now!
(22:38:57) ***Shades giggles.
(22:38:59) BugsyTPM: ade makes me cover my gem if I'm bad :(
(22:39:03) Stevolteon: Only way she can be guaranteed of an intelligent conversation
(22:39:05) ManachuBoy: Yeah, I've got that to write, I'm halfway through my current RBG and I've also got a fantasy story I'm working on to do. On top of that, I've got access to my Inner Circle files again... @.@
(22:39:18) Lady Vulpix G: You've said that many times, but I've never seen him do it.
(22:39:35) Lady Vulpix G: Wow! I wish I could write as much as you do.
(22:39:48) BugsyTPM: put me in bed!!!
(22:39:49) BugsyTPM: :(
(22:40:13) Stevolteon: Any particular one?
(22:40:20) ManachuBoy: I wish *I* could write as much as I intend on doing! I'm in the middle of a random spell of not actually needing much sleep so I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts. :o
(22:40:26) Stevolteon: *puts Soo in flying monkey bed*
(22:40:28) BugsyTPM: ade can ypu put me in bed?!!!
(22:40:31) ManachuBoy: OK. Anyways, see ya all later#
(22:40:48) ManachuBoy left the room.
(22:41:13) BugsyTPM left the room.
(22:41:20) Lady Vulpix G: That's the 2nd time I've heard Ade talk about spells of sleeplessness. What's he up to?
(22:41:34) Lady Vulpix G: Or is spell a common term to refer to insomnia?
(22:41:41) Stevolteon: He's reallt Father Christmas
(22:42:25) Stevolteon: He stays up at night practicing with chimneys
(22:42:51) Lady Vulpix G: And the spells?
(22:43:35) Stevolteon: He's a witch, too
(22:44:10) Lady Vulpix G: So, sleepless witch Father Christmas, is it?... Interesting.
(22:45:34) Stevolteon: Yep. Remember to thank him for your presents, or he'll put a curse on you!
(22:45:55) Lady Vulpix G: But I don't get any presents!
(22:46:29) Stevolteon: Well, you should be safe from curses too then, unless Ade is mean, but he doesn't seem to be
(22:46:56) Shades: does he have candy too?
(22:48:07) Stevolteon: Yes, but you should never take it from witches, even if they are Father Christmas too
(22:48:16) Lady Vulpix G: Apparently no one knows the answer to that question.
(22:48:24) Lady Vulpix G: Ah.
(22:48:33) Shades: Sound advice... but it still doesn't solve my candy problem.
(22:49:07) Stevolteon: Go to
(22:49:30) Stevolteon: Old style British sweets, available online!
(22:49:35) phoenixffadh: Gtg, see ya everyone.
(22:49:39) Shades: bye.
(22:49:55) Shades: whoops, font got messed up...
(22:50:08) Lady Vulpix G: Bye, Andy!
(22:50:15) phoenixffadh: Bye.
(22:50:19) Stevolteon: Bye
(22:50:37) phoenixffadh: Good night everyone.
(22:51:01) phoenixffadh left the room.
(22:51:56) Lady Vulpix G: I'll be getting off too. My thesis partner is coming over in 9 hours. Tomorrow will be a hard day.
(22:52:33) Stevolteon: Good luck
(22:52:35) ***Shades nods
(22:52:38) Shades: good luck on that!
(22:52:43) ***Shades hugs gabi.
(22:52:47) Lady Vulpix G: Thanks.
(22:52:52) ***Lady Vulpix G hugs Shades.
(22:53:19) Stevolteon: Bye