Conversation with BugsyTPM

(15:43:00) Lady Vulpix G: Hi, Soo!
(15:43:23) BugsyTPM: hiya:)
(15:43:50) BugsyTPM: hey, given any thought to Ade's idea of using common sense to interpret moves yet?
(15:44:28) Lady Vulpix G: Sorry, but I can't seem to get what you're talking about.
(15:45:12) BugsyTPM: For example letting any pokemon with teeth use bite
(15:45:28) BugsyTPM: Ade said "just a case of if it seems any pokemon should be able to learn a move just let it"
(15:45:34) Lady Vulpix G: A pokemon with teeth can bite, but can''t use the move Bite.
(15:46:09) Lady Vulpix G: Tara has had a young Eevee bite her opponent once, but that didn't count as using Bite.
(15:46:55) BugsyTPM: I don't get that - what difference does it make?
(15:47:42) Lady Vulpix G: Bite = Dark type move with 60 Base Power and a 10% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. Biting = just sinking your teeth into your opponent.
(15:49:05) BugsyTPM: But in dragon tamers moves don't work like that do they?
(15:49:21) Lady Vulpix G: What do you mean?
(15:49:33) BugsyTPM: The battle range doesn't really count base power - same as levels don't matter as much
(15:50:12) BugsyTPM: like - why more pokemon can't learn focus energy? Anyone can focus their energy
(15:50:24) Lady Vulpix G: Well, you may use a different system as long as the results are still believable, but base powers and levels do make a difference.
(15:50:49) Lady Vulpix G: Because there's more to a move than the words that form its name.
(15:51:16) BugsyTPM: So you wouldn't mind if I had a pokemon focus their energy without buying the move?
(15:52:03) Lady Vulpix G: Anyone can focus their energy. Instantly causing that to give your pokemon a high CH ratio is another thing.
(15:52:48) BugsyTPM: Oh, well I don't ever do that - I wouldn't write about critical hit ratios anyway!
(15:52:55) Lady Vulpix G: A pokemon's performance may improve if they concentrate, and get worse if they lose focus. But that has nothing to do with the moves they use.
(15:53:24) BugsyTPM: That's ok then - I thought you would object if I had someone bite without having the move
(15:53:30) BugsyTPM: or things like that
(15:53:48) Lady Vulpix G: No, you can do that.
(15:54:46) BugsyTPM: right - that makes more sense then. But you know when GT gives out moves, a lot of them are useless because there's no list for them - would it be possible to suggest a use for them?
(15:56:11) Lady Vulpix G: You can suggest moves for the Reward Center (don't go overboard with that, though).
(15:56:55) BugsyTPM: right - ok thanks
(15:57:01) Lady Vulpix G: No problem.
(15:57:49) BugsyTPM: Kassandra just wants to learn every move possible I think
(15:58:19) Lady Vulpix G: I don't doubt it.
(15:59:28) BugsyTPM: haha, she's annoyed at the moment, because I'm doing my latest battle and it's skyla and kirei, not her
(15:59:51) Lady Vulpix G: XD
(16:00:05) BugsyTPM: I've done quite a lot so far, I'll post it soon :)
(16:00:11) BugsyTPM: Alan is in it! ;)
(16:00:14) Lady Vulpix G: I could start writing a battle soon, now that the contest are over and I've posted an update at Expedia.
(16:00:44) Lady Vulpix G: Though the other Expedia workers aren't posting and I haven't talked to them for ages. :-(
(16:00:50) BugsyTPM: ooh yeah
(16:00:56) BugsyTPM: oh! aren't they?
(16:00:59) BugsyTPM: maybe you need some more
(16:01:14) BugsyTPM: I don't understand expedia at all, I was going to join it once
(16:01:27) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, but who would want to take on such a hard and demanding job?
(16:01:56) BugsyTPM: I'm not sure :/
(16:02:05) BugsyTPM: maybe kyle? didnt he used to play?
(16:02:37) Lady Vulpix G: I wouldn't trust him to do that.
(16:02:44) BugsyTPM: Do you know why Dark Dragonite is still a worker at PokeZoo? He never posts there anymore
(16:04:30) Lady Vulpix G: Maybe he should be fired for inactivity.
(16:04:39) Lady Vulpix G: What do you think?
(16:04:43) BugsyTPM: Yeah, I think so
(16:04:46) BugsyTPM: It has been AGES
(16:04:54) BugsyTPM: it seems silly to keep his name there
(16:05:27) Lady Vulpix G: True. Ok, I'll remove him from the list, then.
(16:06:44) BugsyTPM: do you think we need someone else?
(16:08:14) Lady Vulpix G: Not sure. I think what we need is to get around to updating. But now we can wait for the poll results.
(16:08:26) BugsyTPM: Yeah, I was waiting for them
(16:08:39) Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
(16:08:53) BugsyTPM: seems like a good idea
(16:09:47) Lady Vulpix G: Steve's last post, over 2 months ago:
" I'd just like to say, no, you may not have my pokemon, I may be back, may not, that is disrespectful, try earning your position, thank you."

(16:10:13) BugsyTPM: was that his last post on TPM?
(16:10:23) Lady Vulpix G: At least on AC/CC.
(16:10:27) Lady Vulpix G: I never knew what he was talking about.
(16:10:42) BugsyTPM: not sure :/
(16:10:59) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, it was his last post on TPM.
(16:12:02) BugsyTPM: I think that's long enough ao
(16:12:04) BugsyTPM: *ago
(16:12:20) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, it was on September 2nd.
(16:12:40) BugsyTPM: blimey
(16:15:26) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, I'm getting off for now. See you soon!
(16:15:51) BugsyTPM: ok!! seeya ^^