Conversation with PokeBeachWebsite

(15:27:57) PokeBeachWebsite: Hiya Gabi
(15:28:05) Lady Vulpix G: Hello.
(15:28:21) PokeBeachWebsite: Why were you offended by the satire?
(15:29:05) Lady Vulpix G: Because it's blatant racism, there's nothing funny in it.
(15:29:17) PokeBeachWebsite: Ok, where is it racist?
(15:29:52) Lady Vulpix G: Hasn't it been pointed out enough yet?
(15:29:57) PokeBeachWebsite: Nope
(15:30:05) PokeBeachWebsite: everyone just says its racist
(15:30:15) PokeBeachWebsite: no one says why
(15:32:32) PokeBeachWebsite: well?
(15:32:43) Lady Vulpix G: Many people have pondered and have complained to why Asians are such horrible drivers, but no one ever seems to come up with a solution to this ever-increasing problem. It is my belief that it would be for the best of all people who have to drive if we simply did not allow Asians on our streets, revoked all of their licenses as well as the ones who currently have them, and then shot the ones who made an attempt to illegally get into a car and use our roads. China is the world’s largest breeding ground for Asian people, producing the most people out of anywhere else on the planet, so why not kill off some of them and stop them from massively breeding and creating an Asian invasion here in America? This would be a good solution because not only would we be getting rid of dangerous drivers who kill innocent and supreme Americans, but we would also be killing off idiots who obviously lack any knowledge since they cannot follow the laws of the road, thus eliminating ignorant people from the human gene pool.
(15:32:55) PokeBeachWebsite: yeah
(15:33:06) PokeBeachWebsite: but that is supposed to be funny
(15:33:08) PokeBeachWebsite: not racist
(15:33:14) PokeBeachWebsite: If it were racist
(15:33:15) Lady Vulpix G: But it's racist and not funny.
(15:33:21) PokeBeachWebsite: I would had made fun of them physically
(15:33:34) PokeBeachWebsite: Gabi, its not racist
(15:33:39) PokeBeachWebsite: Give me a specific sentence
(15:33:43) PokeBeachWebsite: then explain why its racist
(15:34:29) Lady Vulpix G: Every sentence in that paragraph is racist. Pick any.
(15:34:37) PokeBeachWebsite: You pick one and explain why
(15:34:38) PokeBeachWebsite: please
(15:34:58) Lady Vulpix G: It is my belief that it would be for the best of all people who have to drive if we simply did not allow Asians on our streets, revoked all of their licenses as well as the ones who currently have them, and then shot the ones who made an attempt to illegally get into a car and use our roads.
(15:35:14) PokeBeachWebsite: Yes
(15:35:17) PokeBeachWebsite: for a satire
(15:35:24) PokeBeachWebsite: that would be my ridicoulously stupid solution
(15:35:34) PokeBeachWebsite: in Swift's it was to eat babies
(15:35:46) PokeBeachWebsite: and to use their skin as clothes
(15:35:52) Lady Vulpix G: Ok, but no one would take that seriously.
(15:36:04) PokeBeachWebsite: EXACTLY!
(15:36:08) PokeBeachWebsite: Thats what satire is all about
(15:36:11) Lady Vulpix G: While you've said things some people are doing in reality.
(15:36:12) PokeBeachWebsite: its supposed to be stupid
(15:36:21) PokeBeachWebsite: In reality?
(15:36:29) PokeBeachWebsite: People are taking away licenses of asians and shooting them?
(15:37:14) Lady Vulpix G: People are saying Asians (and any other group depending on who's saying it) shouldn't have the same rights as them, and even that they ought to be killed.
(15:37:23) PokeBeachWebsite: Umm hello!
(15:37:29) Lady Vulpix G: Stupid people indeed, but real stupid people.
(15:37:43) PokeBeachWebsite: Thats EXACTLY what you are supposed to think
(15:37:48) PokeBeachWebsite: My gosh
(15:38:11) PokeBeachWebsite: if everyone (no offense) doesnt know the same about satire as you, then my gosh
(15:38:16) Lady Vulpix G: You know... You're the only one who seems to have no idea of what a satire is.
(15:38:20) PokeBeachWebsite: no wonder they are all overreacting
(15:38:24) PokeBeachWebsite: Ok
(15:38:27) PokeBeachWebsite: tell me what one is
(15:38:46) PokeBeachWebsite: and you seem to be forgetting
(15:38:49) PokeBeachWebsite: paragraph 4
(15:39:00) PokeBeachWebsite: thats where the author's true opinion gors
(15:39:03) PokeBeachWebsite: -goes
(15:39:04) Lady Vulpix G: A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.
(15:39:12) PokeBeachWebsite: You so coppied that
(15:39:35) Lady Vulpix G: Yes, because I thought you'd trust a dictionary definition better than my own view.
(15:39:40) PokeBeachWebsite: Oh
(15:39:42) PokeBeachWebsite: No
(15:39:46) PokeBeachWebsite: I want what YOU think it is
(15:39:51) PokeBeachWebsite: Here is what I think
(15:40:02) Lady Vulpix G: Let me answer first.
(15:40:05) PokeBeachWebsite: Ok
(15:41:03) Lady Vulpix G: What I think is that it's a funny piece of writing (or at least supposed to be funny) that ridiculizes some bad or stupid aspects of people or society.
(15:41:10) PokeBeachWebsite: Yes
(15:41:13) PokeBeachWebsite: that is what it is
(15:41:23) PokeBeachWebsite: What I am sattirizing is
(15:41:40) Lady Vulpix G: If you were making fun of racists, that would make sense. But instead you're taking their stance.
(15:41:53) PokeBeachWebsite: Everytime I get on the road, I always hear people accusing drivers of being asian, but that fact is that they are almost never responsible for accidents
(15:42:15) Lady Vulpix G: Well, that doesn't sound like what you've written at all.
(15:42:15) PokeBeachWebsite: So then I satirized that we should just kill them all
(15:42:47) Lady Vulpix G: No, that's not satirizing. That's just taking the position of the stupid ones to the extreme.
(15:42:55) PokeBeachWebsite: No
(15:42:58) PokeBeachWebsite: you are wrong.
(15:43:15) PokeBeachWebsite: You are supposed to take their side in the satire
(15:43:22) PokeBeachWebsite: and totally make it to the extreme
(15:43:26) PokeBeachWebsite: WHICH IS WHAT I DID
(15:43:39) PokeBeachWebsite: But no one seems to get that for some reason
(15:44:18) Lady Vulpix G: Is that what your teacher said? Because most satires are not that way. At least they leave it clear that the author is ridiculizing the people who take that position, not taking that position himself.
(15:44:31) PokeBeachWebsite: Actually
(15:44:44) PokeBeachWebsite: our teacher only gave us a packet on Swift's satire
(15:44:52) PokeBeachWebsite: briefly went over what satire is
(15:45:01) PokeBeachWebsite: then just told us to write one and that it was due Friday
(15:45:08) PokeBeachWebsite: and then she said
(15:45:26) PokeBeachWebsite: that if our parents did not say that we would be sent to the office for writing that, then we did not do it right
(15:45:47) PokeBeachWebsite: So I figured you had to make it as evil as possible
(15:45:50) Lady Vulpix G: Then I think you should do some research and look for other satires in order to get a better idea of what to write.
(15:45:56) PokeBeachWebsite: I did
(15:46:00) PokeBeachWebsite: I read like 4
(15:46:06) PokeBeachWebsite: and one had a ton of racism
(15:46:11) PokeBeachWebsite: it was on Mexicans
(15:46:18) PokeBeachWebsite: and how they are overpopulating the world
(15:46:36) PokeBeachWebsite: and that we should all stop it by either shooting them or not allowing them to have sex at all
(15:46:52) PokeBeachWebsite: So you see
(15:46:59) PokeBeachWebsite: even if I wrote it wrong
(15:47:07) Lady Vulpix G: Someone else did too.
(15:47:09) PokeBeachWebsite: Its not like I was trying to be evil or anything
(15:47:19) PokeBeachWebsite: I just wrote what I thought I was supposed to
(15:47:35) Lady Vulpix G: OK, I understand you were not trying to, but that's what it came out as.
(15:47:49) PokeBeachWebsite: I must had said that in like 3 posts
(15:48:15) PokeBeachWebsite: But everyone just runs up and attacks me and makes me out to be a horrible person who is only trying to start trouble
(15:48:30) PokeBeachWebsite: and still
(15:48:38) PokeBeachWebsite: they continue to do it
(15:48:54) PokeBeachWebsite: But no
(15:49:06) PokeBeachWebsite: OMG! ITS NOT SATIRE ITS RACIST OMG!
(15:49:12) Lady Vulpix G: Make it ridiculous enough for people to know you don't mean it.
(15:49:17) PokeBeachWebsite: I did
(15:49:21) Lady Vulpix G: You didn't.
(15:49:21) PokeBeachWebsite: I thought I did
(15:49:28) PokeBeachWebsite: I made it ridiclous in that
(15:49:32) PokeBeachWebsite: we should shoot them all
(15:49:38) PokeBeachWebsite: I thought that was ridicolous
(15:49:43) Lady Vulpix G: Some people actually say those things.
(15:49:50) PokeBeachWebsite: But not me
(15:50:06) PokeBeachWebsite: and what they say
(15:50:09) PokeBeachWebsite: is ridicolous
(15:50:22) PokeBeachWebsite: so that can count as being ridiculoius
(15:50:24) Lady Vulpix G: Make absurd indirect connections to explain why Asians are responsible of all the evils in the world or something like that.
(15:50:31) PokeBeachWebsite: o_O
(15:50:33) PokeBeachWebsite: Ummm
(15:50:40) PokeBeachWebsite: I in no way was going to that
(15:50:45) PokeBeachWebsite: People are reading into it too much
(15:50:53) PokeBeachWebsite: Look at paragraph 4
(15:50:56) PokeBeachWebsite: Gabi, look there
(15:51:01) PokeBeachWebsite: read it
(15:51:05) PokeBeachWebsite: that is my true opinion
(15:51:20) PokeBeachWebsite: and that is exactly what Swift did, too
(15:51:31) PokeBeachWebsite: he put in his satire his own opinion as stated by someone else
(15:51:36) PokeBeachWebsite: then bashed it
(15:51:40) PokeBeachWebsite: as I did
(15:52:30) Lady Vulpix G: It's not a satire if people can take it seriously. And it's not ok to post either.
(15:52:42) PokeBeachWebsite: I didnt know it was bad, okay Gabi?
(15:52:54) Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
(15:53:03) Lady Vulpix G: Just don't keep defending it.
(15:53:07) PokeBeachWebsite: Do you think I would turn in something to my teacher if I didnt know?
(15:53:13) PokeBeachWebsite: -like that
(15:53:50) PokeBeachWebsite: This coming from a guy who hates cussing
(15:53:54) PokeBeachWebsite: I mean, come on
(15:54:05) PokeBeachWebsite: Everyone makes it sound like I am just being a raicst jerk
(15:54:24) PokeBeachWebsite: and they dont listen to what I post
(15:55:15) Lady Vulpix G: What does cussing have to do with anything?
(15:55:19) PokeBeachWebsite: Nothing
(15:55:21) PokeBeachWebsite: I am just saying
(15:55:29) PokeBeachWebsite: I dont tolerate a lot of bad things
(15:55:39) Lady Vulpix G: Hitler never cussed.
(15:55:39) PokeBeachWebsite: so if I had known that my paper was totally racist
(15:55:46) PokeBeachWebsite: I wouldnt had turned it in
(15:55:53) Lady Vulpix G: Ok.
(15:56:01) PokeBeachWebsite: but ya know
(15:56:06) PokeBeachWebsite: know one listens to what I post
(15:56:14) PokeBeachWebsite: I posted like 3 times everything I am telling you
(15:56:21) PokeBeachWebsite: but no one listens and they still attack me
(15:56:46) Lady Vulpix G: I did read it.
(15:56:57) PokeBeachWebsite: ok
(15:57:39) PokeBeachWebsite: Oh, and also
(15:57:41) Lady Vulpix G: That's why I said I understood you didn't mean it, but it was wrong, so stop defending it.
(15:57:49) PokeBeachWebsite: I am not defendin it anymore
(15:58:01) PokeBeachWebsite: you showed me and told me why its racist
(15:58:04) PokeBeachWebsite: so I see now
(15:58:16) PokeBeachWebsite: I will have to go talk to my teacher on Monday
(15:58:20) PokeBeachWebsite: before she reads it
(15:58:37) Lady Vulpix G: Alright.
(15:58:41) PokeBeachWebsite: And also
(15:58:51) PokeBeachWebsite: oh nm
(15:59:17) PokeBeachWebsite: So now what?
(15:59:25) PokeBeachWebsite: They wont listen to what I say
(15:59:30) PokeBeachWebsite: if I told them
(15:59:33) PokeBeachWebsite: what I told you
(15:59:35) Lady Vulpix G: Now we move on with our lives.
(15:59:39) PokeBeachWebsite: lol
(15:59:40) PokeBeachWebsite: yeah