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Lingo Plushies and their winners

IlikePokemon;P: (Version 1) Freak, Martyr, Twitch, Myrrhs. (Version 2) Sluggard. (Version 5) Satire, Star.
Lady Vulpix: (Version 1) Success, Elixir, Piranha, Kinetic, Stalker, Luster, Quixotic, Feather, Elephant, Umbrella, Stutter, Zephyrs. (Version 2) Fanatic, Plague, Synonym, Monarchy, Xerxes, Horizon, Tsunami, Symbol (Version 3) Fibulae, Myriad, Exodus. (Version 4) Clepsydra, Sukiyaki, Beekeeper, Nervous, Messiah. (Version 5) Illicit, Basenji. (Version 6) Jazz, Spite, Champion, Aviatrix, Cysts, Psyche, Cowabunga. (Version 7) Instinct, Linux, Pendant, Weapon, Archaic, Explicit, Jay, Memento, Salmon. (Version 8) Eloquent, Revival, Yttrium, Freedom, Syzygy, Roadkill, Artisan, Crucifix, Diet, Outro. (Version 9) Doohickey, Ditto, Afikomen, Martyrs, Pickle, Tails, Diode, Queue, Erratic. (Version 10) Hypoallergenic, Aluminum, Embezzling, Lawsuit, Uncopyrightable, Sublime. (Version 11) Thingamabob, Hauberk, Bitmap, Rigamarole, Bookkeeper, Strength, Trojan. (Version 12) Caduceus, Mesencephalon, Touchstone, Corrupt, Toxicity. (Version 13) Another, Awkward. (Version whatever) Forsaken. (Version 13 Reposted) Happiness, Megiddo, Matter, Tomorrow, Singing, Seventeen, Valkyrie, Asterisk, Oregano. (Version 14) Wonderful, Mononucleosis, Electric. (Version 15) Level, Marijuana, Romance, Syzygies, Cappuccino, Encyclopedias, Shrapnel, Knowledge, Rhodochrosite. (Version 16) Starfish. (Version 17) Flashlight, Intelligence, Phoenix, Autograph, Ocean, Invisible, Cowabunga again, Electrolyte, Professional, Spirit, Word, Whammy, Twilight. (Version 18) Deified, Wallpaper, Thermometer, Succubus, Inconsistent, Armor, International, Aerodynamic, Heterojunction, Incomplete, Skunk, Electrode, Figurine, Legendary, Kimono, Investigator, Knuckles, Subzero, Supercontinent, Unrepeatable, Suspicious, Manifesto. (Version 19) Idea, Capercaillie, Gazebo, Everyday, Intellectual, Archangel, Snowbird.
Zak: (Version 1) Writer, Current, Quartz, Glyph, Karma, Humph, Bubble, Maximum, Mistake, Toolbox, Saucy. (Version 2) Banana, Dreamt, Therapy, Zinnia, Isthmus, Cryptic, Yoghurt (Version 3) Thought, Ukelele, Cynicism, Pepper, Abscissa, Xenolith. (Version 4) Citric, Telltale, Arctic, Polygymy, Myrrh. (Version 5) Sonatina, Isinglass. (Version 6) Synergy, Surreal, Assess, Starts, Symptom. (Version 7) Alleluia, Queuing, Puzzle, Plushie, Sentient, Ax, Sequoia, Anagram. (Version 8) Thrill, Rainbow, Answer, Zenith, Lexical, Promise, Sculpt, Nazgul, Leviathan, Epitasis. (Version 9) Jujutsu, Dialogue, Coconut, Lambda, Kayak. (Version 10) Excess, Illogical, Irregular, Alright, Fantasy. (Version 11) Preview, Anarchy, Flabbergast, Hypertext, Vector, Cornucopia, Behaviour, Wrath. (Version 12) Fungus, Whatever, Cellular, Vendetta, Napalm, Bombshell, Outcast. (Version 13) Seisms, Faraway. (Version whatever) Cheese. (Version 13 Reposted) Quick, Missing, Neither, Paroxysm, Igneous ×2, Utopia. (Version 14) Abstinence, Vigilance. (Version 15) Access, Storytelling, World. (Version 17) Picture, Racecar. (Version 18) Plausible. (Version 19) Ubiquitous.
Whiteangel: (Version 1) Bright.
Gamewizard007: (Version 1) Angel.
HanyouPrincess: (Version 1) Ethics.
Jay: (Version 1) Bivouac, Matzah, Rarer, Sister. (Version 2) Myriad, Willow, Depths. (Version 3) Cellular. (Version 4) Caracalla, Anorexia, Zirconia, Invisible. (Version 5) Anthrax, Taxicab, Jinxed, Equinox, Moccasin, Sushi, Dryer, Shy. (Version 6) Abacus, Phone, Strength. (Version 7) Adjust, Speech. (Version 9) Zealous.
JamieC: (Version 1) Churrs.
Last Exile: (Version 1) Suffix, Eerie, Suspect. (Version 2) Series. (Version 12) Conscientious.
Crystalmaster Mike: (Version 1) Dazzle. (Version 2) Griffin.
Venuskazam714: (Version 1) Oology, Ataxia. (Version 5) Chrome.
Icy: (Version 1) Woolly. (Version 2) Drachm.
Avian Freeze: (Version 2) Unjust. (Version 3) Pyrimidine, Racecar, Spectrum, Unsung. (Version 4) Seeress, Entrée, Quorum, Murmur. (Version 5) Sherbert, Poop. (Version 6) Aeolic, Arrival, Stitch, Mammoth.
Pichu: (Version 3) Shrewd, Tequilla. (Version 4) Fajita, Palilalia, Vulvula. (Version 5) Rear. (Version 7) Plasma, Which. (Version 8) Eternal, Eclipse, Artichoke. (Version 9) Sniper, Instinct. (Version 12) Inspiring, Practice.
Cheesey: (Version 4) Crepe.
Hexae: (Version 5) Muffin, Doom.
Titandude21: (Version 7) Alkaline. (Version 8) Zygote.
Aipom Of Doom: (Version 9) Script, Sphynx, Nothing. (Version 10) Illusion, Redundant, Onomatopoeia, Great, Spaghetti, Ouija. (Version 11) Helluva, Willful, Nonsense, Custard.
Magmar: (Version 12) Isotope, Lullaby. (Version 14) Thrush, Dictionary, Sword, Mythril.
Number1ChanseyFan: (Version 13 Reposted) Solution. (Version 15) Adventure.
mr_pikachu: (Version 13 Reposted) Neither, Caught. (Version 14) Labyrinth, Frizzy, Pregnancy, Recursive. (Version 15) Penultimate.
Blademaster: (Version 15) Quotient. (Version 18) Elevator. (Version 19) Audiotape.
Shadow Wolf: (Version 15) Fantasy, Gallery, Couscous, Vertex, Thanks. (Version 16) Message, Critic. (Version 17) Whatchamacallit, Colossus, Matrix, Hiatus, Xylopyrography, Hidden, Equation, Weirder, Xylograph, Invariant, Anyway. (Version 18) Extract, Camellia, Effect, Stuffed, Server, Quality, Paradox, Dachshund, Absence. (Version 19) Delight, Legendary, Bookmark.
Knight of Time: (Version 17) Lover, Information, Abstract, Fluff, Symmetry, Trick. (Version 18) Ideal, Informative, Comparison, Confluence, Attempt. (Version 18) Sonic, Obvious, Undefinable, Hazardous. (Version 19) Trail.
Mikachu Yukitatsu: (Version 18) Strict, Fantasy, Cheerful, Excellent. (Version 19) Mystery.

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