TPM General Rules

 1) No SPAM. Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are not allowed to be posted on TPM.

 2) Don't advertise. This includes posting on the public forums and using private messages (unless requested).
TPM's definition of advertising is:
Posting for the sole purpose of promoting a forum, website, product or service.
Linking to your own site or material in a discussion where such material would be considered 'off topic'.
Posting a topic just to show off your site.
Linking to other Pokemon main sites.
Linking to your own refferal URL's, whether on-topic or not

Posting links is not considered 'advertising' in the following situations:
A direct link to a page within your site or another pokemon site with relevant information to a topic at hand.
Any site which is not your own and contains something you wish to discuss.

 3) No flaming. While we like to encourage active debates, posting blatant insults or something deliberatly intended to offend someone isn't allowed. If you have a personal problem with another member, sort it out in private (and no, PM-harrassment is not a way of sorting things out).

 4) Do not create gimmicks or extra accounts. Only one account per person.

 5) No posting for the sole purpose of bumping topics. Necroing anything without a purpose for threads over 3 months old = ban. The mods and admins will judge what passes as a decent purpose.

 6) No pornography, graphic violence or other similarly explicit content.

 7) If you think your post is not suitable for some people, include a warning that can be seen before reading it.

 8) Use your common sense: if you know something's wrong, don't do it. The super mods and admins reserve the right to assume you should know better. (For example, if you do something that goes against the spirit of the rules but take advantage of the wording of the rules in order to find a loophole, then you know what you are doing is wrong, and shall be dealt with accordingly).
Should the mod team conclude that you have no common sense, explicit refinements of this rule can be made for you. So if you are explicitly warned not to do something, consider it a rule.

 9) Follow Little_Pikachu's sig rules.

10) Do not reply to spammers or forum trolls. Just report their posts and let the moderators deal with them.

11) What happens outside TPM stays outside TPM. If you have issues on other forums or websites, don't bring them here.

12) Obey the forum-specific rules. Some of the forums have their own sets of rules which must be followed when posting in them (that is, of course, in addition to the rules written here).